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February 10th, 2005, 4:42 AM
Mwhahahahahaha. Welcome to the Naruto club. I've search Other Clubs and the one other one was pretty much dead. [I know it isn't exactly 31 days, but it's dead] So I decided to start a new one. :D

Here, talk about your favorite Jutsus, Characters, Strongest, Funniest, Stupidest, Loudest [Naruto's asleep :p], Coolest, 'WUTEVA'! Anything to do with Naruto, just don't take it out of the Ramen Boundary. :p

Kage 1/5
Jounin 0/5
Chuunin 0/5
Genin 0/Infinite

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BTW- If you like to RP, have a go at The Hidden Leaf Ninja Academy, link in my sig.