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oni flygon
February 10th, 2005, 3:13 PM
Since I've been making so much poetry lately, I think it's good that I make a thread for all of them...

Here's one that I recently wrote:

Fallen Angel

My wings mock me as they cease to function
Vertigo envelopes my head as I plunge
Down from the heavens, I come like lightning
My own existence, they meant to expunge

Down through the clouds and through the atmosphere
Theres nothing I can do as I fall headfirst
My sins made me an unholy being
Was my own existence meant to be cursed?

We are not supposed to feel any emotions
But what is this that I feel in my chest?
It wasnt my fault but I couldnt help it
Thats how someone like me became unblessed

He didnt punish me but my kin did
I was suddenly an outcast in their eyes
They turned me down because I was different
They didnt have to listen to my cries

So here I am the fallen angel
Cursed by my own society, such shame
The vices where one couldnt understand
How could I ever take away the blame?

My useless wings are stripped away from me
The halo of light on my head has disappeared
What were once gleaming clothes are now rags
The death that is below is what I feared

I closed my eyes as I continued to fall
Is there someone out there to catch me?
I couldnt scream as my stomach felt sick
Is there anyone who could answer my plea?

Before I knew what was happening
I felt her arms lift me up and hug me
I opened my eyes to see her blue eyes
I held her tight as we both smiled with glee

My feet are weak as I stood on solid ground
But her love suddenly made me strong
What actually is love? What is desire?
She told me that the answers are in a kiss


Comments or criticisms?

February 10th, 2005, 4:36 PM
Oooooh, this is such a wonderful poem Oni! ^o^ This poem kind of ties in with your other recent poems. <3<3

Now, this poem made me think of being an outcast to sociaty. There seems to be nowhere where you can possibly fit in. You wings have been clipped and you are cast into an upmost Hell.

You search for the strength yet keep falling, you call for help but either no one hears you...or no one listens. So, you feel that fate has been decided as you plunge into fiery depths of betrayl and defeat.

Then, you are saved by a glimmering angel, who strength and love bring color back into your world. Even though no one else can accept you, her love is strength enough for you to go on. <3

Shweet job Oni, me likes what me reads. XD *glomps*


February 10th, 2005, 5:06 PM
awesome, I don't know about you but from reading this poem, I got an understanding of a perfect person making a mistake. This was nicely written, and I look forward to more of your work.

oni flygon
February 11th, 2005, 9:53 AM
Thanks for commenting! ^__^

Here's another one. (1/24/05)


I hear the song echoing in my mind
While I lay here in a state of depression
The rhythm, the melody and the words
All seem to find the right expression

The song was boring into my mind
Its about the useless things in regret
On things that you wished you didnt do
Its also about someone you want to forget

Time moves on, the song goes
You cant stay down there doing nothing
Because if you couldnt rise from your woes
It doesnt make you part of the living

And then it dawned in me
That the universe is vast
There are still many things to do
Aside from looking at the past

Agitation, fear, and paranoia
All disappeared from me at that moment
And immediately I felt new feelings
Happiness, freedom, and anger were evident

Suddenly I felt free like the wind
It was as if Im free from my own chains
Sadness was gone and I was happy
And inside, I couldnt feel the pains

As the song ends, I felt new
The last strumming of the guitar
Was just so beautiful to hear
Even though I have this unbearable scar

My broken heart was mended
Every piece fitted in place
I stood up and stretched my arms
Even with a wide smile on my face

oni flygon
February 14th, 2005, 5:37 PM
We can double post like the fanfiction forums, right? O_o Here's for Valentine's Day! ^__^

Love Is A Mystery

Love is a very mysterious thing
It can be this warm feeling inside
A feeling of longing or happiness
Or something that is so hard to hide

Love can be the sun whereas it shines
Down at two lovers sitting together
They would be holding each others hands
Today under such a fine weather

Love can also be the rhymes in this poem
Its every word escaping my lips
Sweet like nectar from a beautiful flower
Soft like cotton through my fingertips

Love can be the weight of a human heart
Its the guide that leads my soul to her
Love can be anything in this world
Its also the thing that makes my spirit stir

Love can bring down the strongest man ever
It can bind that man in loves strong chains
Love can make that man weak and powerless
But it can also take away his pains

And yet love can also be so cold and so cruel
When one longs for someone, they become loves fool
What exactly is love? One might question
Is it a feeling or is it an obsession?

When these questions are left unanswered
We could only ask ourselves: What is love?
To me, love is a very vast mystery
It could be or could not be the things above