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February 10th, 2005, 3:24 PM
*sits inside of a gyradoes and a type writter comes flying in and you hear a giant mob outside yelling something about not finishing a certain fanfic*
:( Sorry about not finishing the fanfic in the old thread (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=18183&highlight=misty+eyed) I got this giant case of writers block on that story (which always seams happens 1/2 way threw the second part of my fanfics) I am really sorry about that but I've got the second part done and know exactly what I'm gonna have happen for the third so it won't take forever. Well I'm gonna post the first part today and the second part either later today or tommaro.

Time to slap a disclaimer on this, I don’t own Pokemon or any of the characters that are in it, the only thing I do own are any characters that I might introduce into this and the concept for this story

Just a Little Misty Eyed Part 1
An 11-year-old raven haired boy that has a hat on and his faithful pikachu on his shoulder are walking threw the woods. He is accompanied by a 13-year-old girl with blue-green eyes and orange hair that is pulled up into a ponytail on the top left of her head. Suddenly 3 older girls came, one with medium length red hair and the other two with long hair that is blonde on the one and blue on the other, and begin to drag the girl that was accompanying the boy away. He screams, “Misty!” and begins to run after them but he’s not getting any closer and the girls are slowly drifting out of sight.
The boy we saw walking threw the woods woke up drenched in sweat in his sleeping bag. Nearby are his friends that are all still sleeping. His friends are a pikachu that is sleeping on a branch in a nearby tree, a brown spiky haired boy, a girl that has brown hair that almost reaches to her shoulders and normally has a red bandana on her head, and her brother that has navy blue hair that barely reaches to his neck and wears glasses.
Why do I keep on having these dreams? I didn’t think I’d miss her this much Ash thought while digging in his backpack, in search of a towel to wipe away the sweat.
The brown haired boy awakened, revealing that his eyes look squinty even when he’s awake, and said, “Are you ok, Ash?”
“I’m ok, I just had a bad dream,” Ash said wiping the sweat off his brow.
“Do you want to talk about it?” the brown haired boy asked.
“No that’s ok, Brock.” Ash said.
He’s been acting strangely ever since Misty had to leave to watch the gym while her sisters went on a trip Brock thought, then laid back down and went to sleep.
Ash laid back down and thought I miss her so as a few tears ran down his cheek and he fell back to sleep.
He woke up to the smell of breakfast cooking. Brock had donned his pink frilly apron. Everyone was already up drooling over Brocks cooking. A pikachu jumped down from a nearby tree onto Ashes head.
“Pikapi,” pikachu said.
“Hey buddy,” Ash said somewhat quietly to pikachu.
“Is it done yet?” the girl asked.
“Be patient May,” Brock said.
“Patient isn’t in her vocabulary,” the young boy said.
“Knock it off Max!” May said angrily.
“So Ash, What do you want for breakfast?” Brock said over the bickering.
“I’m not hungry,” Ash said dully.
The bickering stopped, as everyone became concerned.
“But you never miss a meal,” Max said.
This is worse than I thought Brock thought then said “,You have to eat something.”
I don’t want them to be worried “,I suppose I’ll have some French toast,”Ash said.
“Good,” Brock said with a little smile crossing his face and returned to making breakfast.
Maybe I should tell them about all these dreams I’ve been having and how I’ve been feeling awkwardly down all the time, no they wouldn’t understand, May and Max don’t even know her. What should I do? Ash thought.
“Breakfast is ready,” Brock said and handed everyone their plates of food.
“This looks delicious,” May complemented and dug into her food.
“Thanks for the breakfast Brock,” Max said delighted and also dug into his food.
“Pika pika!” pikachu said gleefully eating it’s pokechow right beside Ash.
“Your welcome,” Brock said then looked over at Ash who was mostly just playing around with his food, taking a bite here and there.
Everyone finished after just 10 minutes except for Ash who was still there eating for another 10 minutes. Pikachu sat waiting patiently for its trainer to finish his food. Meanwhile his friends were over having a little meeting.
“I’m worried about Ash he’s been acting odd lately,” Brock said.
“What do you thinks wrong?” May asked.
“He won’t tell me, but he’s been having bad dreams too.” Brock said
“He has?” Max questioned.
“Yeah I woke up last night and he was drenched with sweat and said that he had a bad dream, he‘s been acting slightly odd ever since Misty had to leave and go watch the gym for her sisters and it‘s worsened as time went on.” Brock said.
“Who’s Misty?” Max and May said in unison.
Brock explained about how Ash met Misty and how they became really close friends, and by the time he was done with the story Ash was done with his meal. Ash walks over to where they were sitting and said “Hey guys, What are you talking about?”
“Nothing!” May said quickly in a kind of nervous voice
“OooK, pikachu and I are going to go for a walk.” Ash said and took off down the path.
“That was smooth,” Max said sarcastically.
“I didn’t see you jumping at the chance to answer his question!” May said.
“Stop it you two,” Brock said ,“Now back to the problem, what do you think the problem is?”
It’s really obvious that he really likes her a lot but it’s his secret so I shouldn’t bring it up May thought and said, “He must miss his good friend, Misty.”
“That’s what I was thinking too,” Brock said.
“So what should we do?” Max asked.
“We need to keep his mind off Misty,” Brock said.
Meanwhile Ash only walked far enough away that he was out of sight and sat against a tree stroking the pikachu on his lap. What should I do? My friends must be worried about me because I’ve been acting strangely. I can’t get Misty out of my head. I just keep thinking of her and missing her so. I’m so confused...What should I do? Tears ran down his cheeks. Pikachu looked up at the crying Ash with a look of confusion and worry.
“Pika pika pikapi?”pikachu asked.
“Don’t worry about me pikachu I’m fine,” he said to calm the worried pokemon while wiping the tears away. Then he headed back to the camp.

A/N: I hope all that haven't read this yet enjoyed it^^ and that all who read it and had to wait and wait to no avail can forgive me. Oh and this is the first and actually still only aaml fanfic I've written so far *evil writers block*

February 11th, 2005, 1:29 PM
Part 2
Ash got back to the campsite and his friends were sitting around. “How was your walk?” May asked.
“It was fine,” Ash said forcing a smile to cross his face.
“Let’s go swimming, I saw this great place just a little ways that way,” May said pointing to the right.
Water? No! Don’t mention somewhere with water Brock thought then trying to think of a way to pretty much cancel out what she just said.
A bunch of flashbacks of Misty swimming with her water pokemon flooded into Ashes mind and it was all he could take to keep from falling to his knees, I have to stay strong or my friends will worry. He had a dazed look on his face during this time.
“That’s a great idea May! We should go swinging threw the woods like a bunch of aipom,” Brock said.
“I didn't, "May began saying but was cut of by Brock.
“You didn’t bring any bananas to help you impersonate an aipom that’s ok we don’t need any,” Brock said and began to drag May and Max off into the woods and you see Brock in the distance swinging on a branch.
“What’s going on Brock?” May asked, “You know perfectly well I didn’t say swinging.”
“Exnay on the water mentionay,” Brock whispered while making his hand flat and moved it back and forth in front of his neck. “Misty grew up in a water pokemon gym and all of her pokemon are water types.”
“Oh, oopsie,” May said then began to swing on a branch herself. “Max get up here and swing too!”
“Ooohh...” Max groaned then climbed up onto a branch himself.
Ash and pikachu just looked on, and what a sight it was, he cracked up laughing.
“Common let’s keep this up,” Brock whispered.
“You have got to be kidding!” May said hoping down from the tree and put her hand on her hip.
“Common It’ll cheer up Ash,” Brock said.
“Ok I’m in, this is kinda fun.” Max said smirking.
“Ok but if someone sees me...” Brock began to go over to Ash monkey style, with Max and May behind him. Ash saw them and began to roll on the ground from the laughter. When they got close enough they all began to say, “aipom pom.” Tears ran down his cheeks from laughing so hard.
“Ok I’m done making a fool of myself,” May said very quietly so only Brock and Max could hear then she said out load, “Isn’t it time for lunch?”
Brock looked at his watch and said, “It’s one o’clock! Lunch was an hour ago.”
Brock donned his pink frilly apron and began to cook right away. Ash wiped the tears of laughter off his face and got up to go wait for lunch to get ready. May handed Brock a few logs to put in amongst the red coals and blew on the hot coals, and the logs caught fire.
“Brock, what should we do after we eat to keep Ashes mind of her,” May whispered
“I’m not sure, you try to think of something while I cook,” Brook whispered back. She sat down on the log between Ash and Max. She thought about it for a few seconds, but couldn’t come up with anything
“Lets go for a walk while Brock cooks,” maybe I’ll think of something along the way.
“Ok, as long as we’re back to eat while the foods still warm,” Ash said.
“I’m not sure if,” Max started but abruptly got an elbow in his side, “ I mean I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t love to go on a walk on this lovely fall day,” he said rubbing his side.
“Ash, you lead the way,” May said then Ash, with pikachu on his shoulder, and Max started down the path, but May didn’t follow, “I’ll think of something to do.”
“Be careful ,May, last time I was here to make up for what you said last time and it turned out fine but remember I’m not there to make up for what you say on your walk,” Brock said a little worried.
“Don’t worry Brock, I’ll be careful of what I say,” and with that she bolted off to catch up with Ash and Max.
They walked for a bit and Pikachu hopped off of Ashes shoulder and jumped into a bush, “what are you doing, Pikachu?” A baby zigzagoon came running out of the bush alongside Pikachu.
“It’s so cute, I have to have it,” May said, “ Beautifly go!”
“May no!” Max said but May was to caught in the moment to hear what he said.
“Beautifly use gust,” May said, Beautifly flapped it’s wings and a large powerful current of air came. A linoone ran in and grabbed the baby and jumped out of the way of the gust attack. An older zigzagoon ran in and took the baby from the linoone and started checking it to make sure it was ok. Linoone was growling at beautifly and May viciously. Pikachu ran over to linoone and tried to explain to him that May just gets overly excited when she sees cute pokemon and in response linoone said that as long as she doesn’t try to attack the baby again then we’ll just let it go. Pikachu turned and gave a little smile to let them no that everything was ok now.
May held up a pokeball and said, “beautifly return” and beautifly went back into its pokeball. She walked towards the baby with the 2 linoones watching her very carefully. She kneeled down and said, “ I’m really sorry I attacked you like that I...I just can’t control myself when I get around cute pokemon .” The baby looked at her for a bit then got up and climbed up her arm and licked her face to show her that all was forgiven. May gave it a little pet. The parent linoones now seam at ease.
Ashes stomach rumbled and he said, “ We better be heading back, Brock will be getting worried.”
They bid there new poke-friends a farewell and headed back to camp.

A/N- I hope you enjoyed part 2,it's a tad odd and quite different from part one. Tell me what ya think of it^^.

Asura Nirosuki
February 18th, 2005, 2:32 PM
that seem really good for a start. but in my opion don't have them all trying to make him forget her. one look with Brendan in the story and may feeling the same way as ash. they could [maaaybe] talk about that you know?.just dumb advice.

Asura Nirosuki
February 18th, 2005, 9:04 PM
hi agian are you logout? do you do feedbacks? other then the things i said before i still like the story cause it has a plot in it.[thumbs up]

February 18th, 2005, 9:22 PM
Um, maya miyazono? You do know how to edit a post? You're not supposed to double post. (AKA posting twice in a row)

Being a fellow crazy AAML fan, I like it! Everything seems alright except one thing. Could you not refer Ash as a plural? I'm pretty sure in the show there's not more than one Ash right now! (Ash is = Ash's, not Ashes!)