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February 10th, 2005, 4:40 PM
Here's a poem I did a few minutes ago about war...Or something like that XD

Wars of Destiny
When we fight we fight to protect,
But what comes to those who regret?
Torment awaits us, who cannot deal with the choice of destiny,
Those who hear that one voice of destiny.
A child? A mother? All of the lives that were lost within the fire
Fighting to protect his loved ones, fighting to protect their dreams.

Protecting the dreams of the ones we love,
Does this give us right to kill?
What becomes of those who die?
The ones who died had dreams as well,

The ones who died had family as well.
Do we fight and take their dreams so we can have ours?
The just cause of war could not be made right by the cause.
They fought to protect their loved ones, just as we fought.

We were the same? We were different?
I could never answer myself; the riddle destiny had given me,
The one truth that I could not flee,
The one truth I saw as he stood there and pleaded

I fought he fought, I laughed he laughed,
We were copies of each other fighting for the same absolution that would never come.
We bleed the same blood for our family, and friends, we were the same.
He was my enemy and I was his, we had different ideals, and our humanity was forsaken.

I was faster then him, had I not been, his would be the mind riddled in pain and not mine.
I watched him suffer I brought him this pain.
He lay there in the last moments, thinking of what?
Friends? Family? He died to protect the same things I did and we were the same

He fought to serve a leader and we were the same
He fought to live another dayand died in the rain
The war of destiny came and went, the one soul I never forgot still haunts me today,
He lost his hopes, his family, friends, dreamsand I felt nothing then, I feel numb now.
He lost his destiny, I lost my humanity

February 10th, 2005, 4:42 PM
=D I love it Bunny!
It shows how war sucks and shouldnt really exist >>;;; Apparently you put much work into it~
=3 I hope to see more of your work!


February 10th, 2005, 4:50 PM
Wow... its hard to say much about a poem so deep, with the conflits related to war, such as "Why are we doing this?", "What do you hope to accomplish?" and so on. You definatly put the true feeling of war with the regret and remourse that many soldier's feel, of course I personally never been apart of it in anyway but I can imagine that, that sort of feeling is always felt when a solider kills the "enemy".

This really asks the question, "War; what is it good for?" because in the end nothing is accomplished except sadness that it had to happen.

February 10th, 2005, 5:02 PM
wow, that poem is just amaizing
you really put alot of thought in to it.
it's really touching somehow >>
I can't exactly explain it...

February 10th, 2005, 5:09 PM
Wow, Bunn-Bunn. o.o Why must you hide your talent from us until the last minute when we all get writer's block? XD *huggles*

Well, this poem is actually spitting my ideas of war right back at my face. XD For when I see mercenaries and troops getting ready for battle, I think of who they're fighting.

I think about how the opposing side is thinking of the exact same things that our troops are. We're all the same. Fighting with the same goals in mind: the safety of our family, friends, and pride. We ruthlessly attack our enemies as though they are nothing but mind-numbing savages that must be killed.

We tend to think only of our hopes and dreams, and not the dreams that our enemies have. For we are all one in the same. This just goes to show how not only inhumane war is, but how immature it is as well.

Always fighting, never talking things out. We must always kill and kill alike. In my opinion, we are no different now than we are from our primitive ancesters millions of years ago. -_- It's horribly sad, really.

Your poem brings out all of these characteristics as to how foolish humans could be. If only America's mush-for-brains President could understand this.

Awsome job, Jorge! Me loves this poem! <3<3<3 *glomps*