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February 10th, 2005, 7:09 PM
Well, here's another fic that I'll be starting. But, this will be a mini-series of maybe twenty-two chapters [my mini-series could actually be a story, >_>] This is an Adventure/Comedy fic, although it's more adventurous. Pokemon speak in this fic, because no humans aren't the characters of this fic. But, chapters won't be very long; they'll elevate from 4-7 pages, although a few might be long. Chapter I is NOW 6 1/2 pages, so it will a bit of time to read and review, will it? ~^ Well, I'll shut up now and post Chapter I. ER&R! Also, I'll still do my current story, Bloodstained Swords, but updates of this will be regular just like BS{RE}.

~Sunfire & Mudburn: The Mini-Series~
~Chapter I: The Peculiar Pair~The white sun burned with intense power as a creamy-colored Pokmon sprinted across the grass prominences. The large vicinity was rather quiet that morning, everything being in close serenity. However, the creamy fox-structured creature disturbed every matter in the surroundings, plant life suddenly awoke to the morning. Sparkling pink blossoms danced quietly to the mild, whispering winds, their bulbs blooming with sure beauty. Bees began floating into the area, making great contact with the flowerbeds pink blossoms. The emerald grass blades began sweating water, small droplets being soaked into the healthy ground. The dark silver clouds began disappearing mysteriously, their usage of water showering completely used out from the previous night.

Now, nothing was visible in the light cerulean skies except for the burning white sun and a light cobalt snake-like creature. The dragon creature emitted dazzling white sparkles from his sky path, the sparkles creating a silvery lining to create a picturesque photo in the high atmosphere. Meanwhile, the fox-structure, nine-tailed Pokmon continued to dash across the meadow, running wildly, happy to be free. The placid wind blew against her body, although her current momentum dared not to decrease. Not ever a small percentage was deducted from her overwhelming speed; nothing could stop her pride and elegance from letting her run this freely. The light blue snake Pokmon watched over her carefully, soaring down to see why she was running.

The creamy-colored fox was known as a Ninetales. However, she wasnt called Ninetales - she was known as Sunfire. Sunfire just loved the fact that she wasnt possessed by humans; she thought of them as threatening killers who would only capture her for her gleaming, lavishing coat. She was highly intelligent for her age, and she loved to run. The beautiful fox was a gifted runner for sure, and she thought about everything as a gift, a pure blessing.

Sunfire traveled throughout the Johto Region, helping other Pokmon with their problems, and actually using her fire powers to help keep abandoned creatures from dying in the wild. She provided trainers with these Pokmon; it was rather easy for her. Sunfire could use her intelligence to judge a human, and judge to see if theyd qualify for the right Pokmon. She knew every human wasnt bad; the fact that she had witnessed so many of her kind being shaved and killed for their fur gave her negative thoughts about the human race.

Keeping her current momentum to regular rates, Sunfire glimpsed around. At the current moment, she was on a mission; to find food. It wasnt very easy for Pokmon to find food where trees didnt grow much, so shed have to hunt down her food. She was hoping to get find some fresh Granny Smith apples, but the probability would be only a small percentage. So many people liked those sweet, bright green apples that they were even rare to find in the wild anymore!

Those dang creatures love my applesgood thing Im practically the only Ninetales who eats apples. Well, at least I think I am the only Ninetales who eats apples, let alone Granny Smith apples, Sunfire murmured.

Sunfires quick speed began decreasing greatly, her eyes browsing the area. A whiff of fresh fruit made contact with her smelling senses; she walked over towards a blueberry bush, fresh blueberries high in both aroma and satisfaction. Sunfire lifted her mouth and nibbled on the bush, a few blueberries falling into her mouth. She silently chewed on the blueberries and successfully swallowed them. The creamy-colored Ninetales deeply enjoyed the pleasurable taste of the fruit, craving for more.

Then, there was the carefree, mischievous Dragonair. With his elongated, lightblue tail, with rattlesnake beads on the end, this Pokmon loved who he was. Dragonair was a proud dragon; he was also glad he was being possessed by any humans. After seeing so many dragons becoming missing, with some being killed, he dared not to take a chance with befriending suspicious humans. There were only certain human beings that he thought of as the nice breed; those were the humans that gave him food, sometimes allowed him to sleep in their homes. However, with his impish ways, he would leave their homes with something wrapped in his tail.

Many Pokmon knew him as Mudburn, since he loved to use his fire-taught attacks on the mud to create such beautiful artwork. As of how he achieved this technique was rather difficult to explain to others, but most Pokmon didnt care at all. They just wished that Mudburn had developed a more confident attitude about life and wasnt so carefree about things. The only reason he was so laid back was because it made him feel he belonged. Being the dragon that he is, most creatures would expect him to be completely loyal, trustworthy, and kind.

However, he wanted to give the world a new taste. A taste that couldnt be tasted because of his silly actions, malicious plans, and definitely his superior attitude. As Mudburn accelerated down towards the ground, he noticed another Pokmon visible, actually the only one that was in the meadow vicinity. Studying the fox-like creature with his careful black eyes, the silly Dragonair continued his way down nearing the land at higher and higher alacrity. He began perceiving that another wild Pokmon was picking fresh blueberries from a random blueberry bushhis blueberry bush!

What the hell? What is this vanilla ice-cream fox doing with my blueberry bush? Its mine, mine, mine! Mudburn yelled, You multi-tailed animal, time to pay for eating my blueberries!

Within seconds, the wild lightblue Dragonair picked up even more rapidity, soaring down towards the grassy plains with elegant confidence flowing throughout his entire body. He had his personal stuff in this meadow; the bush was apart of his personal belongings. That was his food source daily if he hadnt gone stealing meat from a distant grocery store.

The creamy-colored Ninetales curiously gazed up; she witnessed a constant-growing shadow that enveloped her body from above. She then realized an angry-looking Dragonair was soaring towards her at such an incredible velocity. Sunfire promptly jumped out of the way, the Dragonair not noticing how fast the creamy-colored fox disappeared and crashing straight into the grass. A large spot was imprinted in the grass, the dizzy Dragonair trying to get back into his normal posture. Mudburns body vibrated hardly; his body did that whenever he felt any sense of dizziness in his head.

Mudburn shook his head, seeing a vicious-looking Ninetales snarling sharply at him. He concluded that this was the same Ninetales that was previously picking and eating blueberries from his personal blueberry bush.

Oh, dont start nothing you cannot finish, homebra, Mudburn stated.

Oh, believe me, your probability of succeeding in this battle is at a little chance. This Ninetales likes her meat fresh and burnt, so I suggest you proceed the other direction and soar back to where your originated from, Sunfire opposed.

The wild Dragonair seemed very angry by her actions; he could already tell this was a sophisticated, female Ninetales that had her act together. Her choice of words was actually amusing to him, but he dared not to laugh at the moment. The expression on her face appeared to be flawless. He couldnt defeat it, nor challenge it. He sadly stuck his rattling tail upward. How could he have defeated such an intelligent Pokmon like her? Sure, he would have the advantage in battle, but who knew what surprises this lavishing fox could generate. Sunfire studied the opposing Dragonair, watching his movement of his rattlesnake-like tail. She concluded that he gave up; he must of known he couldnt start nothing with her if he wouldnt finish it correctly.

I surrender! Please, please dont turn me into one of those spaghetti meals. I have someone to take care of! Mudburn begged.

Sunfire knew she would gained the advantage of the situation - she had the opposing Dragonair completely scared of her. Now it was time to toy around with him or her; she didnt know what gender Dragonair was, so why guess?

Oh, I cant turn you into a spaghetti meal? How about those Ramen Noodles, can I burn you into those? My burning temperature could have a high chance of chemically reacting with you. And who exactly do you take care of, you have a family? Ill burn them, too, Sunfire proposed.

Well, I take care of three people; me, myself, and I! And, Ill never be considered to become your meal. Now, youve ticked me off - the mischievous Dragonair! Prepare for your last battle! Mudburn spoke.

Fine by me. Oh look! Another Ninetales! Now well gain the advantage and well definitely win, Two is always better than one, Sunfire yelled.

Mudburns eyes widened as he shot his head behind him, trying to find the other Ninetales this one detected. He shot his head in different directions; he wanted to find this other milky-colored fox before hed be attacked by this one. Nothing was visible in the open meadow except for a few blueberry bushes, himself and the growling Ninetales. Sweat began dripping down from his face; he couldnt battle against two Ninetales at the same time, that would put him at a clear disadvantage. Mudburns body began shaking in fear; Sunfire had gained the proper advantage.

Now it was time to unleash the first attack. Mudburn continued looking around as he slithered on the grass, his head shooting in various directions. He just knew that another Ninetales was present in the meadow prominence; the intelligent buttery-tinted fox had informed them that there was! Then again, could she be trusted? How did he know that she actually told the truth to him? He then realize she tricked him; this was a more clever fox that loved to get the benefit moderately fast. He turned around, slithering back to where his blueberry bush grew. Now, the original Ninetales had disappeared!

Ninetales! Where did you go? Mudburn barked.

Mudburn dared not the move around this time; the vanilla-colored Pokmon could strike at any, exact moment. The silly Dragonair then heard the burning of flames in the land. He looked around him, only facing a whirlwind of dazzling scarlet fire. The tornado burned with explicit excitement, the flames glowing a crimson tint brightly. Orange sparkles were emitted from the fiery whirlwind; they began crashing on the ground, instantly burning a few random grass blades. The attack was known as Firestorm; one of Ninetales special, new techniques. The Firestorm attack neared Mudburn, burning everything in its path. A burned pathway was visible on the grassy grounds, which caused devastation to Mudburn. This personal home was being destroyed by this man-eating fire fox.

Unfortunately, as it crossed over the Dragonairs blueberry bush, the Firestorm attack completely burned the shrubbery.

Mudburn gazed in horror, a sense of both anger and sadness wrapped around his beating heart. The lightblue rattlesnake slithered quickly, evading the burning tornado quite easily. Gaining enough yards between the Firestorm attack, Dragonairs rattlesnake tail began glowing a bright jade tint. Power began to gather all it its mouth as Dragonair blew out a tongue of emerald flames, making the attack blast straight into the Firestorm attack. Both attacks collided in a matter of seconds; both flaming attacks were fighting to remain flawless. However, Mudburns attack gained the profit.

Since the Dragonbreath attack was a mixture of dragon and fire power, the draconic power would definitely help beat the Firestorm. Luckily, it did; only the opposing Ninetales were visible, standing exactly where the Firestorm attack corrupted. Sunfire blew out a stream of blazing carroty-tinted fire. Mudburn detected the attack quite easily; the Ninetales had just used a Flamethrower attack. Mudburn sprung into the sky and soared back down, his horn glowing a bright white tint. He then tackled Sunfire, the horn doubling the attack power. The milky-colored fox slid back on the ground but jumped up, tackling Mudburn right back.

The silly Dragonair was impressed; this Ninetales was not only sophisticated and intelligent, but powerful as well. Just as Dragonair was about to attack, he watched in amazement as the Ninetales opened her mouth. A ball of golden and scarlet flames began expanding in her mouth as she blew out of the ball, the attack forming into a star-like figure. Dragonair wasnt corresponding with this attack quite well; it moved just as fast as its user, Sunfire the Ninetales. The star-figured fire attack stuck the light cobalt rattlesnake, knocking the dragon-type Pokmon back, his back laid on the grass. Mudburn was defeated. He now wondered why he took a chance with this Ninetales if he was going to be defeated in the outcome?

The outcome of the typical battle has blew in my favor. Sunfire said, Now it is time for me to deliver the next release of blows. Now its time to deliver the questions to receive the appropriate answers.

Mudburn didnt move a muscle on the grass. He was completely exhausted from the mysterious attack. As the sun burned brightly, Ninetales coat shined with explicit scenery, Mudburn noticing the Ninetales coming towards him. The glowing nature enveloped her body, creating a white shadow that could seen from miles away. Sunfire stood over him, glaring straight into his eyes. She wanted to find out exactly why he tried to attack her from the skies. She knew he had to have some sort of purpose as to why; she wanted to find out if it was on purpose or by mistake. As Mudburn looked around, he noticed something shocking. With the blazing attacks coming after him, they destroyed the meadow. All of the blueberry bushes had been burnt to their maximum levels, no blueberries in sight. Mudburns land was vandalized by this Ninetales! He began crying; he was a little hurt that his land experienced so much pain. Sunfire noticed this but ignored him; she wanted her answers here and now.

So, you wild Dragonair, whats your name? Sunfire asked.

Mudburn quickly stopped crying, a beaming smile lifting his mouth. My name is Mudburn! And Im not one of those intelligent Dragonair; Im more detailed and more threatening. You? Mudburn questioned.

The names Sunfire. Thats all you need know about me for right now. The next question iswhy did you attack me? Sunfire asked, growling angrily.

Well, you were eating off of my blueberry bush. Thats one of my properties, if you havent noticed from the pile of mud to the right of it. Go ahead, look over there and youll see what I mean, Mudburn proposed.

Feeling shaky about Mudburns proposal, she decided to go along with it. The buttery-colored fox dashed hurriedly over to where the blueberry bush used to be, extending her head down to gaze at what Dragonair mentioned. Looking down carefully, she noticed a pile of hardened mud, carved with the stating, Mudburns Property on it. She now felt guilty; she was attacking a Pokmon that was only protecting his property. She walked back over to the silly Dragonair, who was humming a jingle inside of his mouth.

He knew hed win the battle either way; but now his food source was gone. Mudburn would definitely have to steal from other Pokmon and the human beings in order to survive properly. He didnt want to travel around because he would become lost in new places, and taking that risk wasnt apart of his plan to survive. Sunfire looked down, hurt that she destroyed his land and his food source.

Im terribly sorry for the misunderstanding; I am the one who attacked you for no reason. And I destroyed your land, and Im sorry for that. Now, I would commence chat, but I must leave immediately. I must continue my traveling, Sunfire told.

Before Mudburn could respond, the nine-tailed fox began picking pace in her speed, disappearing into the distance. The wild Dragonair thought for a moment and decided that he wanted to plot revenge on Sunfire. After all, she did destroy his land and his nice blueberry bush. But where did she go? Shocking thoughts popped into his head; Sunfire had moved too fast for his eyes to keep up. He knew a Pokmon couldnt run that fast in less than three seconds! What she captured? Did he lose her? He came to a pure conclusion - he lost her. He lost an intelligent Pokmon.

Oh no, I lost Sunfire! Mudburn murmured worriedly.

He began looking around for her; but there was nothing to look around except for open, dirty land. She had an interesting name; that was one thing he could compliment and remember about her. Sunfire was a rare name these days, and he met someone with that name. He soared around looking for her but stopped; she tricked him yet another time.

Are you trying to stalk me? I know Im beautiful, but it cant be that serious, Sunfire said.

No, I would never stalk you. I like being stalked, though. Anyways, where are you going? Mudburn asked.

Somewhere you arent. Why do you ask? Sunfire questioned.

Um, I want to come with you! You can show me where I can get food from, because apparently, you burned my blueberry bush! Please, can I come? I dont want to steal from anymore humans, nor Pokmon anymore. Please, I want to go with you! Mudburn begged.

The wild Ninetales thought about it for a second; someone like him couldnt be trusted. However, she thought of the Dragonair being alone in the land. She knew something was wrong if hed have to steal food from both people and other Pokmon. And, she did disturb his land by eating his blueberries, attacking him, and destroying his land, his home. But what was she thinking?

Why do you want to come? Sunfire asked.

Well, my cousins brothers son lives in that abandoned Cerulean Cape, and I dont know where the hell that is. I can go and live with him so I can eat food there. Can you guide me there? Mudburn asked politely.

She silently nodded her head, Mudburn lifting his lips with a pure smile. It was about time hed be traveling with someone to get to there; now it was time to have the time of his life with her. Sunfire would of felt guilty if shed said no; he needed to eat without stealing from others. She just hoped Mudburn wouldnt be a handful of silliness and trouble.

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SIlverwing: Chibi is bored, so she will review.
Shut up Silverwing, why'd you have to follow me here, it's bad enough you plague all of my posts at Serebii.
*Cough* Anyway, felt like dropping by, just as funny reading it a second time, although I believe you fixed the erros billy5772 pointed out. Heh, well I'll review here as well, cause this site doesn't have 00ber amounts of reviewers of doom like Serebii. Keep it up, Ry ~^


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SIlverwing: Chibi is bored, so she will review.
Shut up Silverwing, why'd you have to follow me here, it's bad enough you plague all of my posts at Serebii.
*Cough* Anyway, felt like dropping by, just as funny reading it a second time, although I believe you fixed the erros billy5772 pointed out. Heh, well I'll review here as well, cause this site doesn't have 00ber amounts of reviewers of doom like Serebii. Keep it up, Ry ~^

~Chibi~Thanks Chibi. Glad to see you here, also. I really hope a few more reviewers will come and review this story. Meanwhile, I'll go ahead and read your story, since I am bored. Sunfire will come as well. ^_^ Thanks again, Chibi! I really appreciate it! Chapter II is up for some fixing before coming here. Must fix errors Billy5772 pointed out at SPPf.


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February 19th, 2005, 5:52 PM
Oh, look. Here's Chapter II to Sunfire & Mudburn, the mini-series. Well, what's more to say? This chapter was about 5 1/10 of a page...I know, a little short. But I told you all, these chapters will be between 4/7 pages. Some might be longer, it depends on what is being covered in the chapter. Um, ER&R!
Chapter II: Menacing Terror [Part I]Sunfire and Mudburn sprinted across the destroyed meadow, hoping to soon leave the area soon. After their moderately abnormal introduction with one another, they were now traveling together. But only for one reason; the creamy-colored fox felt dreadful that she attacked the silly Dragonair, when he was simply defending his territory. Hopefully, they would reach the Cerulean Cape soon so she could drop him off and continue her usual pattern across Kanto. Sunfire felt she was sidetracked by this; she felt like a fox nanny. But she couldnt just leave him out in the open to let him starve to death! After all, she did burn his only source of food that kept this alive for this long, so how could Sunfire leave him? That would make her feel even more guilty than she did now.

Then again, he could survived on his own because hed obviously been doing it without her!

Mudburn, on the other hand, didnt care that he was traveling along with her. He just wanted to eat food from his family member, Dragonite, who lived in the now abandoned Cerulean Cape. The Cerulean Cape lied in the northern part of Cerulean City, where Sunfire hoped to reach in about a month or two. After all, they were only in the beautiful meadow before Pallet Town! The milky-tinted fox creature just didnt want to have this Dragonair around her much; he seemed so carefree about things, and always carried on about how she destroyed his land ever since she did it. She knew that she was wrong for doing it, but he seemed to be stressing it to her at the moment. Sunfire began slowing her pace, turning to the right. Mudburn still traveled forward, continuing to speak towell, himself.

So, the point is that you destroyed my land, and I wont forget this. You came and ate my berries, you attacked me, and destroyed my blueberry bush. I just cant believe you did so. You have some nerve of committing this crime, and you should definitely be ashamed of yourself. You come in my life, interrupting things and destroying land, Mudburn carried on.

His slick, lightblue body glided easily on the grass blades as he sustained speaking about the incident that occurred earlier. He just couldnt get it out of his head; this creamy-tinted fire fox just had to disturbed his life. The wild Dragonair was so happy, so carefree, so wild. Now, he had nowhere to live. His home was damaged by Sunfire - the beast of ruining lives. Mudburn cocked his head to the right, noticing the intelligent Ninetales walking east. Surprised, his speedily slinked in the same direction to catch up with her. Sunfire turned her head back, seeing Mudburn had noticed her quick disappearance. She then sprinted down the meadow, her velocity increasing with high amounts. The silly Dragonair had to increase his momentum as well. Otherwise, he was going to lose Sunfire again and hed be stranded in some deserted land that used to belong to him.

Hey, dont leave me! I cant live on my own anymore without you, please dont leave me! Mudburn begged.

The wild female Ninetales decreased her current speed and impatiently waited for the male Dragonair to catch up to her. As the fire fox edgily lingered, Sunfire gazed into the burning white sun. Twin thin, silvery clouds crowded the skies, their solid sparkling lining visible to all. However, the rays struck straight through them, the sun shone a lozenge hardness. In the distance, a few large olive-colored Pokmon were evident, picking apples from the tall growing trees. Their stalwart, rock bodies stood out from the entire land itself. Their scaly purple bellies were being filled with fruit, their long tainted, olive-tinted tail swinging with satisfaction. Sunfire carefully studied the Pokmon; she could clearly see that they were Tyranitar.

Tyranitar werent friendly creatures, but with her intelligence mixed with positive chat, she could convince them to give her food. However, there was trouble along the way. In order to reach the inhabited routes, theyd have to go through the everlasting, peaceful Pallet Town. Humans existed in this small town, but how bad could it be? Looking back, she noticed Mudburns rattlesnake tail wrapped around a weave basket. But something was wrong. The silly Dragonair appeared to be scared, and white smoke started building up behind Mudburn. She closely squinted her golden eyes, seeing exactly why Dragonair was moving at a high momentum. In the distance, a wild Nidoqueen was chasing after Mudburn, a sense of pure ferocity painted on her face. Roaring with such rage, the wild Nidoqueen continued her stifling pursuit.

Run, Sunfire, run! I have a wonderful basket, and she wants it back! Run, ****it, run! Mudburn yelled.

Sunfire knew she wasnt going to run from an opposing Nidoqueen. Just because she appeared bigger, harder, and stronger than Dragonair, that didnt mean that Nidoqueen could defeat her. Mudburn skidded right past Sunfire, springing into the warm high atmosphere and beginning to soar, the basket still in his possession. With modishness and high tempo, Mudburn began hovering over the peaceful town area, watching Sunfire intently from a safe distance. As the wild, dangerous Nidoqueen neared the creamy-colored fox, she suddenly stopped. Nidoqueen wistfully gawked at the wild Ninetales, watching her carefully with her black eyes.

Um, have you seen this stealing Dragonair? He stole my basket. Nidoqueen asked angrily, I think he knows you; I can tell. Now, tell me where he went!

What is it to you? Your normal posture was better than the exact introduction you gave me less than two seconds ago. Now, leave Mudburn alone, Sunfire stated.

Oh, whats it to me? You are supporting a stealing Pokmon? How dare you! Nidoqueen yelled.

No, Im not protecting him. Your attitude is what catches my deep attention. I dont like it, now I suggest you go away before your current advantage is lost against me, the creamy-colored Ninetales demanded.

Nidoqueen weighed the odds of her losing against Sunfire; she was already part ground-type, so she would have the likely chance of winning the battle.

Nidoqueen shot her mouth open, a growing, golden energy ball forming rapidly inside. Sunfire had to take the risk; it wasnt the fact that Dragonair stole her this Nidoqueen, but the rock queens attitude bugged her to death. Sunfire ran with unambiguous speed and tackled the wild Nidoqueen, immediately stopping her attack. As she stood over the wild ground-type creature, her sparkling golden eyes began glowing a darker scarlet tint. Nidoqueen stared into them, but the attack had no effect on her. The rock queen punched Sunfire with her right fist, Sunfire moving her head to evade the blow. The buttery-tinted fire beast then released a long tongue of scorching, scarlet flames. The stream of blazing fire blew against Nidoqueens body, the Pokmon getting up with explicit speed and running away.

Another predictable engagement flowing in my deep favor. Sunfire proposed, Now, it is time to commence a little chat with the dragon adolescent
Mudburn the impractical Dragonair ascended down to where Sunfire was standing, which happened to be in Pallet Town. The place was rather silent and still; no humans were present in the town at the moment, which was a sheer surprise to Sunfire. Mudburn wouldnt care; the more humans, the more food and other items to steal from them.

The intense sun now changed from a glowing white to a more effective carroty pigment, the hot rays flowing sinuously into the peaceful Pallet Town. A glass laboratory was constructed flawlessly on a single mountain, a golden flight of steps leading from the laboratory down to the main surface of the town itself. A couple of picturesque homes were arranged on the brunette crag, built to the left and right of the laboratory. The Oak trees leaves were scattered throughout the ground as Mudburn and Sunfire made their way through the town, the leave creating such vibrant noises. Sunfire stepped on the crunchy leaves, breaking the ruby and emerald leaves to smaller segments.

A howling wind was current in Pallet Town, the breezes blowing everything around. Houses began sweating raindrops around and on their glass clean windows, Sunfire concluding that it might have rained here the previous night. A path of sparkles were emitted from the wild Dragonairs tail, although his current movement dared not to increase, nor decrease. Flocks of black birds crossed over the town, chirping loudly as they flapped their wings slowly. Dragonair noticed this and began wondering when he would get his wings. Sunfire peered around corners of small stores, making sure no humans were present in the town. It appeared as though everybody was gone.

Sunfire, do you think Ill ever get my own set of wings? I mean, I dont have them now, but when will I get them? Mudburn asked.

The buttery-colored fox was surprised that a Dragonair didnt know that when it would evolve, they would grow a set of small wings. However, she thought for a second; this Dragonair was definitely different from the others. For one, Dragonair didnt steal from other Pokmon, because they thought of stealing as a pure crime. However, Mudburn was used to stealing in order to live. But, it seemed to have grown on him, kind of like a habit. Stealing from a random Nidoqueen was proof that Mudburn loved the steal. Second, Dragonair werent named such interesting names; most people were fascinated by the regular name itself. Yet, this silly dragon-type creature was named Mudburn, for what reason wasnt apparent to Sunfire. The creamy fox returned to Mudburns obvious question.

Well, Mudburn, you will get wings once you evolve into a Dragonite. But, you already have the ability to fly, so why need wings? Sunfire questioned.

Well, wings can cut other Pokmon, and I could use them to steal more items from Pokmon. Thats why I asked. Now, another question; how were you named Sunfire? Why were you named Sunfire? Mudburn asked.

He was asking a lot of questions, but Sunfire was delighted that he presented a few questions that barely anyone knew. Enduring their way through Pallet Town, Sunfire began to verbalize upon her name.

Well, it is simple, Sunfire stated, I was named Sunfire because I help other Pokmon around this region who need help. I usually travel around the region, and Pokmon say that whenever the sun comes out, you can find me. And since I am a fire-type fox, they named me Giftfire. I, however, didnt like the name at first. I thought that it didnt suit me, until people noticed I had golden-colored eyes. Thats when they changed my new name to Sunfire, since my eyes reminded them of the golden sun. Now, what about you? Why were you named Mudburn?

Oh, isnt it obvious? People named me Mudburn because I use my Dragonbreath attack to create artworks with mud. I learned the technique on my own, and I use it to my advantage. I enjoy this name because people dont know what it means. Isnt that wonderful? Anyways, the technique was rather simple for me to do, since I love to play in mud. I just then used Dragonbreath by accident, noticing I created a work of art. Thats how my origin goes, Mudburn avowed.

Quite interesting. Now, lets go ahead and make our way to the route. Well be closer to the Cerulean Cape, and well be able to get some apples, Sunfire proclaimed.

Picking up their speed, both the wild Dragonair and Ninetales raced through the tranquil town, the thought of food on both of their minds. To be honest, the milky-colored fire fox was quite hungry, and apples would be a great lunch for her to consume. She didnt care whether or not Mudburn liked them; she liked them and she was hungry. That was all to it. And when she was starving, nobody would stop her. As they departed Pallet Town, Mudburn thought for a moment. What exactly were apples? The name wasnt clear to him, but he thought of them as some sort of food. But he just had to find out now before he was forced to devour them. After all, he wouldnt want to eat anything he hadnt heard before, would he?

Sunfire, what are apples? Mudburn asked.

That question directly made her stop dead in her tracks. The wild Ninetales couldnt believe that this wild Dragonair didnt have to clue as to what apples were! She froze and shook for a moment - the question threw her off track. Of all things that were awkward, this silly Dragonair didnt know what apples were.

What are apples? What are apples, you ask?! Ninetales yelled, Apples are the best food to ever be grown! They are delicious, sweet, bitter, cold, shivery, anything you can imagine! Cmon, Ill show you where we can get some!

You will? Yeah, time to eat some apples! Mudburn roared.

Racing out of Pallet Town, the duo suddenly made their way into yet another route. The dragon-type Pokmon suddenly felt a vibration of sensation traveling throughout his entire snake-like body. A sense of crave danced on his mouth, his mouth watering. Mudburn wanted to try these apples, since they sounded great to eat.

Gazing around in the open area, Mudburn noticed that a herd of scaly olive beasts were eating some sort of fruity material from the trees. The amicable district contained fresh, emerald grass, a clean, pleasant smell drifting around the area wonderfully. With the orange sun burning brightly over the open surrounding, it seemed that the temperature rose to higher amounts. Trees, however, subsisted in the beautiful route, growing fresh emerald apples on them. A painted, wooden white gate surrounded the route, acting as a shield to protect the wildlife outside the route from extending into the open vicinity. Sunfire stepped forward, her delicate nose sniffling the air. The fresh aroma of growing apples could be detected. Mudburn saw these Tyranitar sharing a basket-full of emerald balls, devouring them with ease. The Dragonair was completely disgusted with their actions.

What are those? What those tall, grumpy things are eating, what are they called? Mudburn asked.

Those are simply called apples. Like I have presented to you earlier, they are quite tasteful. They come in scarlet, light red, emerald- Sunfire started.

Those are apples! I knew it; time to steal them! Im hungry, and I dont have to time to be sitting here! Mudburn declared.