View Full Version : How do you feel about 'interactivity'?

Miss Doronjo
June 9th, 2013, 12:23 PM

And I mean your feelings specifically about video game interactivity, which includes the Wii Motion, the Sony Move, and the Xbox kinect. And some other consoles that I may have forgotten.

How do you feel about the ability to have your video game respond to how you move? Do you like the video games that involve interactivity? Do you prefer interactivity over video games that only require a controller? What video games that involve interactivity do you own?

Feel free to share your thoughts.

June 9th, 2013, 12:55 PM
I never really cared for motion controls, as I don't really want to become too interactive with the game. I usually play game as a way to relax, and motion controls just force me to move around, which doesn't really relax me at all. Plus, motion controls are usually unreliable and never beat a normal controller.

Things such as second screen controllers (Wii U) and built-in trackpads (PS4) are innovations which don't feel like a tacked up gimmick and don't change the gameplay so drastically for it to be irritating.

The only real motion controls I'll ever like are tilt controls due to how intuitive and accurate they can be when done right.

June 9th, 2013, 5:36 PM
I personally hate the whole motion vibe games are going with. Especially with sport. If I wanted to play tennis for example. I would go play it. Not turn on my consoles. Some I guess are ok but I barely use the touch screen on my DS other than if I am forced to. Same as on Vita. Unless I have to use them I will always just use normal controls.

June 9th, 2013, 8:27 PM
It's okay if you don't feel like going outside or on rainy days. But you still have to go outside. :P

I'm more attached to the Wii (not Wii U) since you have the best of both worlds. I never liked the Kinect. I know you can control the games with your whole body, but the idea of it just creeps me out. I prefer remotes and controllers to interact with. I play dancing games and sports with a remote than with my whole body.