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June 27th, 2013, 7:21 AM
Good morning PokeCommunity!
My (user)name is Bumi, but feel free to call me Raziel. I'm a nineteen year old college sophomore from the east coast of the United States. I hope to be a conservation police officer (or game warden) someday, or a National Park ranger, or an ecologist. Naturally I have a love of animals, which is why I'm currently working on my associates in science.

I've been playing Pokemon on and off for several years now; my first game was Pokemon LeafGreen for the Gameboy Advanced. Now I own Leaf Green, Fire Red, Ruby, Soul Silver (given to my boyfriend), Diamond, Platinum, and Black. It was my boyfriend Levi who introduced me to this place, so you'll probably see the two of us around together most of the time. While he's interested in breeding Pokemon in general, I'm only interested in breeding for the purpose of creating the "perfect" Pokemon for competitive play.

Hope to see you all around!

Starlight Wind
June 27th, 2013, 7:31 AM
Hi Raziel! Your username is so 'Earthly' to the fact that Bumi means Earth in my native language. It's nice to see you finally join PC. So your boyfriend invited you here? I think it's nice as well. I wonder did you visit Battle Center yet? This section focuses on battling competitively. I hope you have great time here!

June 27th, 2013, 7:31 AM
sup babe. give me kisses pls.
I love how you made this thread week(s) after we joined. You're so weird.

June 27th, 2013, 7:42 AM
@Wind Heart: Oh, really? To be honest I got the name from a character from Avatar: The Last Airbender. He was an earthbender though, so they probably knew what the word "Bumi" meant. I had no idea it had a meaning in another language, though. I haven't been to the Battle Center yet! I do intend to look around, even though I don't have a competitive team myself. I'm still in that "breeding" stage, and I've stubbornly been doing everything myself, the legit/legal/clean way in-game. It's taking a long time, haha.

@Levi: Levi pls, we're in public. ;w; /gives kissus. And yeah. I was being lazy... I've been lurking around though.