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June 28th, 2013, 11:07 AM
Just starting here. Been a long time poke lover and looking forward to see what this has to offer

June 28th, 2013, 11:56 AM
Just starting here. Been a long time poke lover and looking forward to see what this has to offer

Hi Thyplosion

Welcome to the pokemon community.

Well, the community have a lot of interest things, but all depend on your preference. Some nice things you can find here are the following:

1. TRADING SECTION. I must start with the section that i love XD. The TRADE SECTION. In that intereset part of the forum you can request a pokemon for the IV gen or the V gen; you can make a quick trade or if you have enough pokemon for offer, you can put your store or check the store of others to see if you find some good pokemons.

2. BATTLE SECTION If you're looking for tips about competitive battles, or you are looking for a challenger, in this forum you can request a quick battle or some tips of people very experiment in that área.

3. POKEMON BY GENERATIONS The forum have a special section for every generation of pokemon, since the 1 gen until de VI gen (you know, things like what do you expect for this come in generation).

4. EMULATION AND HACK ROMS. If you're tired of see the same history in the pokemon games, you can look here for a refresh stories created by people that love pokemon, or if you're someone that like to make hack roms, you can request here help, you can make questions, or if you're more advance, then you can give tips to people with less exp.

5. OFF TOPIC SECTION. Besides of pokemon, you have other interest, so here you can find clubs of many things, like videogames, or anime, etc. In that part you can talk about tecnology or other nice topics.

6. GAMES SECTION Sometimes you only want to chat with someone or play in easy games, well, here we have a section like that.

So i guess if you explore all, its hard you get bored :P, besides, i think the best part of this community its without a doubt the people; the members here are very nice.

So, feel free to explore.