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June 30th, 2013, 2:07 PM
Hi, I'm Bobith. I've been lurking here for a long time, and finally decided to make an account and hop into the community. Looking forward to meeting new people, learning new things, and having some good battles.

June 30th, 2013, 2:20 PM
Oh my gosh your avatar brings back so many memories. xD; I trained a Shuckle in the G/S/C days and even soloed the Elite Four with him. Surprised I was able to since I was only nine or ten, but it was such a thrilling experience. One of these days I'll probably try and do that again.. he's such a tank and is fun to use as a wall. Taking enemies down did take a while but it was one of my best Pokemon experiences.

Welcome to PC, Bobith! Great great great to meet you.

A battler, are we? Nice! :) The Battle Center (http://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=234) houses all battle-related discussions and I do recommend checking it out sometime. It's the ideal place to get your teams rated as well and even has its own Pokemon Showdown server for the regulars. I dare-say it's our most active offsite chat client so getting involved in that is quite worthwhile. You'd be able to meet a lot of cool people and have some fun battles with the people here. Events are hosted in the Battle Center every once in a while, too, so you've got a lot to look forward to as a battler. Have a favorite tier? I prefer Little Cup, random battles, and probably NU. Randbats are the best though since it's always fun to see what Pokemon you'll get, ehe. Had a few battles with a friend through Showdown recently and it reminded me how fun it was.. so I really do need to get involved in them more again. Too bad my randbat luck seems to be pretty poor.

Have a great time here though, Bobith! Crossing my fingers that you'll end up enjoying PC. Delve into other places like X & Y or perhaps Pokemon Trivia, or the off-topic boards if you've got an eye for those, though it's ultimately up to you in the end. You seem like someone who would fit in well since you give me the vibe of a fun yet mellow kind of person. See you around, read the rules, and if you ever need anything at all, just drop myself or another staff member a message. :D

June 30th, 2013, 8:54 PM
I have to say, nice avatar you have. Not often we get Shuckle fans here.

Welcome to PC, Bobith! I remember how defensively strong Shuckle is in battle although his stats aside from Defense/Sp. Defense are lousy, but with the right strategy he can be pretty annoying to face in battle. And if you joined for battles, PC is a good place to do so, since we have a pretty large battling community. Not as big as the ROM hacking community but still has a lot of members. Cirno showed you around the Battle Center section, and also you should come to our Pokemon Showdown battle simulator sometime, I'm Daikenki over there so come say hi if you decide to pop by.

I do hope you enjoy what other stuff PC has on offer, like the Pokemon gaming sections, the off-topic boards or even the clubs. If you ever need assistance, just ask those staff members in the blue, orange or red and they should be able to help. Have fun and if you ever need a friend, just leave a VM on my profile anytime! Have fun here!

- Hikari10