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July 6th, 2013, 7:42 PM
Hello! I'm Rainy Garden of Fire, and I've returned from inactivity. Well, in the old days, I was in the Trade Center forum for quite some time...and if not, then I'd be in the Pokémon Trivia/Forum Games forum. And I've returned because of the Trade Center...I've returned to Pokémon as well, and filling the Pokédex...that's definitely a target and a reason to return to the Trade Center. Well, I don't see anything else to talk about...so I guess I'd say goodbye...and see you soon!

July 6th, 2013, 8:14 PM
Oh hey! I remember you! Welcome back Rainy!

It's been months since you've been here, but I've seen you around. Unfortunately I don't remember talking to you. But doesn't mean that can't change. You can VM me if you like! You came back at the right time too , cause our Get Together is happening right now. Just singing up for a few events and I think you should get back into the gist of things. You've probably noticed all the changes to the forum since you were last here. Some of the forums in Off-Topic Discussions were renamed and rearranged. Many mods left staff and new ones were promoted. But off course we're still the same lovely community so that's what matters!

So I hope I can see you around again. You might want to read the rule again in case things could of changed, but they're likely the same. Either way just in case you don't break any rules look them over. :) Have fun posting once again!

July 8th, 2013, 5:18 PM
Oh hey, welcome back, Rainy! Always wonderful to see older members returning. Very happy to have you back! :) I don't really remember you either, but you didn't join very long ago so it won't take long to get adjusted to things once again.

The Trade Corner is still a very good place to be. There are so many friendly faces there and it's more than worth it to return and post around there. :D; You're probably already familiar with it so I'm sure you won't need many suggestions in that regard, but if there are ever any issues, you're free to message tabor62, twistedpuppy, or Mac. Those three do a wonderful job at handling the TC and are more than happy to answer questions you may have. There've been a few shifts in moderators over there in the last year so you're probably seeing some new faces now. Not to worry though, for they are all great. And since X and Y are coming soon there'll be even more of a reason to trade.. so you're in for a treat for sure. I'll probably run to get the other two starters as soon as global trading is available in the game, hehe. What game are you playing right now? I'm still trying to achieve all my goals in Black 2 before the release of the sixth generation.

Anyways, moving away from the trading topic, be sure to check out the forum games boards as well! From what I've heard those places are also quite tight-knit and really fun. I'm just glad to see you've already delved into so many things, including the Get-Together, as people like that get the most out of the forum. Make sure to explore around the entire forum so you don't miss out on fun things! The off-topic boards are also great and very active so those guys should be taken into account as well, despite listed towards the bottom. So outside Pokemon chatter, you can also discuss music, movies, video games, technology, and other neat things.

Hope you have an amazing stay here, Rainy! Great to meet you.