View Full Version : to everyone who thinks of boxing as a brute sport

July 9th, 2013, 1:44 AM
holy crap ! i used to think this too , i was like you all...

but i just watched this video and holy crap ! its so pretty , like i got tingles down my spine during parts of it , not the kind of tingles you get when something really badass happens but when you look at something strange and beautiful. you go "oh ! i've never thought about it that way before but it makes sense."


does anyone here follow boxing ? i want to get into this. what are ssome other videos / boxers like this one ? (preferably on youtube)

thanks for reading my post

July 12th, 2013, 1:29 AM
Definitely much more to the sport than most people think. Check out fighters like Mayweather and Kostya Tszyu and read up on the sport here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boxing . Consider taking a few boxing classes too, really helps further your understanding of boxing.

July 23rd, 2013, 11:10 PM
I never really cared for boxing, yet this topic grabbed my attention, because my mom randomly ranted to me about how violent and stupid she thought boxing was.

Seeing Ali dodge those blows looked like something I would see in an anime. :P Very talented. However, the fact that this is a montage with (lack for a better word) soothing makes me think I would not enjoy watching the actual sport on television. In an actual boxing match, I would imagine that we wouldn't just be watching the elegant dodges, but also the less-than-elegant punches. Instead of this soothing music, we'd be hearing the crowd scream.

July 25th, 2013, 8:31 PM
Despite what most people think, Boxing isn't about standing in a ring and getting the **** beat put of you. Besides, have you people never watched Hockey? Rugby? MMA? Boxing is hardly what you should be complaining about, if you really must.
Seriously though, coming from a boxer, it's really great fun. If you can handle it.

abarai's got the right idea, you should also check out more of Ali's matches, too. That man was amazing. Another guy you should check out would have to be Chuck Wepner, who went 15 rounds in a fight against Ali. He was also the inspiration for the popular Rocky movies.

July 25th, 2013, 9:25 PM
Haha leave it to muhammed ali the sway the hearts of people! He is one of the graceful types of boxer which looks more artistic than violent. Boxing that that time was more beautiful though. The likes of rocky marciano, sugar ray robinson and joe louis would have the same presence I think. Good luck trying to get footage though since they might be over 60 years old! Watching documentaries about them might broaden your knowledge Some popular boxers these days include Manny pacquiao, Mayweather (although i'm not a fan of him), nonito donaire and joe calzaghe. It might be worth it to check out Mike Tyson while your at it, although his fights display more the destructive side of boxing. (He;s not all fun and game like he was in the hangover y'know!)

Captain Gizmo
July 29th, 2013, 8:30 PM
I practice boxing myself, I don't like it when people say that contact sports are only for brutes. It's way more than just going in the ring and beating up your opponents. I would say, do the sport yourself and you'll think differently after a few sessions.
Great boxers like Ali, Pacquiao, Mayweather, De La Hoya & Tyson are my favorites. But Ali's style of boxing is the best imo. His fluent and speedy techniques are always amazing to watch.