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oni flygon
February 12th, 2005, 10:24 AM
Hiya...this is just a small piece of writing that I made while I was bored...
Not one of my best pieces of literature...but I'd like to share it to everyone.

Comment and criticisms are welcome... so...please tell me what you think of it after reading it. ^__^

Writers Block

Frustration made me slam my fist on the table. The desktop shook with intense fury passed down to it and the pencil on my hand snapped into two. Ignoring the pain the splinters caused on my palm, I gritted my teeth while glaring down at the blank piece of paper. It has been an hour or two ever since I sat down on this desk. After listening to an album or two from some bands and drinking three cups of coffee, I soon concluded that I had what I feared.

Writers block.

Woe is me, I thought to myself while covering my eyes. How could I receive a curse so evil and so hellish? Its as horrible as any slow and painful death. It drags your day slowly and painfully while leaving your mind blank. It makes something you love turn into something that you hate.

How could my mind be empty? How could ideas suddenly run out from my mind? Thinking used to be the easiest part of writing. A plot can be simple, I reassured myself. A simple plot can be flexible depending on the way you write it, I recalled my friends words. However, I just sighed while keeping myself calm.

I let out a frustrated sigh as I looked down at the palm of my hand. Two or three splinters were lodged into it and the wounds were starting to bleed. I threw away my broken pencil to a pile of crumpled and balled up paper that was once the trash basket, stood up, and walked towards the bathroom where I washed my hands and painfully removed the splinters.


After five CDs and seven cups of coffee, I was really frustrated because I couldnt seem to conjure up a decent plot. On my paper, I wrote notes. There are some things scrawled on the paper with my desperate penmanship and there are some things that are scratched out.

Okayso theres a kid called Peter and he has special powers and he likes this girl called Mary but Mary likes Ted and

Hackneyed, I muttered to myself while scratching out the plot. Theres something better than this that I havent thought up yet, I thought to myself. The lead in my old fashioned pencil was flattened as my hand moved sideways, completely blotting out the plot. The lead on my paper was thick and dirtied the side of my hands. I sighed again, and then crumpled the piece of paper that didnt quite yield anything and threw it at the pile of paper on the corner.

My roommate is going to hate me when she sees this, I grumbled while taking out another clean sheet of paper from my drawer. As one song ended and while I gulped the last drops of coffee from my mind, a small spark of inspiration seem to have occurred in me. It would be a story about a guy and a girl. Theyre relationship together would be the boyfriend-girlfriend type. Yeah. Then one night, they find themselves kissingbut then the girls best friend catches them. But wait. How would the conflict end then?

Argh! I almost banged my head against my desk but I had enough of my own will to stop myself from finally drowning in insanity. Calm down, I whispered to myself. Its not over yet. So I picked up my pencil and started writing down the plot.

A guy is dating a girl but he could never get intimate or really close to the girl because of the girls best friend, which is also the girls roommate. It would be a short story, I thought. I scratched my chin, thinking slowly on how it would end.

It turns out that one of the girls roommates was spying on them and was using the help of her other friend. That other friend was somewhat sabotaging that boy from one date. So when the couple was getting rather intimate with each other after a date, the friend calls the other roommate and then calls the girls best friend who comes in and catches the two. Could be but theres one plot hole. What about the other roommates friend? Shouldnt he or she first introduced somewhere in the story? Yes, but when? If I place this friend on the first part of the story, it would be horribly predictable. And yet, if I placed this friend on the last part of the story, it would just be corny because the readers comment would just be Oh so thats why.

I pretty much concluded that I placed this friend on the last part of the story and just give out hints that hes stalking the couple somewhere in the middle of the story. In the end of the story, the girl and her best friend get into an argument about this and then soon find out to what was happening. Of course they get angry at the other roommate and her friend who just laugh about it. So yeahthe best friend promises that she wouldnt interfere with the couples relationship anymore.

It sounds reasonable to me and so I began to make the characters. The boy would be this serious type of a person with light brown and spiky hair. Someone with sharp green eyes. The girl would be this cute shy person with long blonde hair tied up to a pony tail. She would have cute and sparkly blue eyes. Her best friend would be this girl with long dark brown hair and the other roommate would be a girl with blue hair and her friend would be a boy with short dark hair.

I smiled deviously as the song that was playing entered its guitar solo. Then I realized that I was freed from my Writers Block. I looked outside and saw that it was raining. The rain was pretty strong and so were the winds. Shame, I thought to myself. I always loved the rain and it always gave me inspiration. Maybe it did this time.


February 12th, 2005, 11:23 AM
Nice short story, it really exaplains what all writers go through at some point or another, concerning writer's block and how hard it is to come up with proper plots that aren't cliqu.

The setting was great, in a dorm living with a roommate having music played in the background for a sence of concentration, playing a few cd's, it just seemed so authentic. Seeing as how its a one-shot about writer's block, the length seems to be fine because it ended in a way that would make sence slowly, and not abruptly.

Great one ^^.

February 18th, 2005, 4:56 PM
Ooh, this was a wonderful fic! I despise writer's block. XD I adore the part where it says "How can my mind just run out of ideas?" That sentence is so true, and I've never even contemplated it before. ^^

Really, how can someone with such vast creativity; able to concoct masterful pieces of writing, and suddenly have no clue as to where to begin? I also adored the ending. ^^ I loved how he looked out of the window and saw the rain pouring down, thinking that this time, the rain had yet again answered his call for inspiration. <3 It just gave me an enlightened feeling. ^^

Awsome work Oni! I really enjoyed this short story, well done! ;D


oni flygon
February 18th, 2005, 5:09 PM
Thanks for commenting! ^__^

Well, not all short stories are about actions and etc... >.>
Well, I'm open for more comments and criticisms! ^^;;

February 18th, 2005, 10:23 PM
Wow, onii-tan~! Just wow. :33 Ang galing, galing talaga! X3

A delight to read, very well written, unique, and it makes sense [well, of course~ xD]. What more can you want?

Okay, I'm not a great reviewer, so all I can do is say I love it~! Everything is just nearly flawless. =3 Besides, LT and Kelsey-chan has got the constructive criticism/praise part all covered. xP

HnnGreen, Yellow, Blue, Crystal, and Gold/Red~? Maybe it's just me, though. X3;

oni flygon
February 19th, 2005, 9:51 PM
Salamat, Mari! (lol parang sinasabi ko "Salamat Mare") XD

And yeah...the plot that my character in the story made up is actually a real fanfiction that I made which is "Roommates" ... if you remember..XD

February 19th, 2005, 10:06 PM
[xD Ngayon ko lang napansin yon.]

That's why the plot sounded so familiar~! :33 I couldn't put in mind why. X3;

February 23rd, 2005, 3:02 PM
Ooh, love it! xD; I really loved how you captured the main character's thoughts of frustration. It's something that every writer (Or wannabe writers like me, lol.) has or had.
It's just a really refreshing story to read about Writer's Block, and you could really symphatize with him. xD;

The ending was superb! xD Though I think I spotted an error? >.>;

Theyre relationship together I think it should be Their, ne? Though I'm not the best at English grammar. xD;

oni flygon
February 23rd, 2005, 3:08 PM
Hmmm...that's true... >.>
Must be a random lapse... I type with my eyes closed just to get the imagination going... and sometimes spell check doesn't get it and all... o-o