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July 15th, 2013, 11:33 AM
Hello, normally I go by the name Leotamer, however some else seems to have it around the pokemon community. I am normally rant, hate everything you say, and is generally annoying, and I hardly care if I make typing errors if I don't catch them while I am making them, or a short time afterwards.

I am only sorta of a pokemon gamer, only of my earilest gameboy advance games was Fire red, and I have played the series kind of and on with Emerald. HeartGold, Pearl, and White. I am going ahead and saying it now, Gen 2 is my favorite generation and Gen 5 was my least favorite. I love Gen 2 design, and the Gold/Silver games was some of my favorites of the video game, and I love most of the designs.

I really dislike Gen 5 because I feel like it could of been a great game in my eyes, having really good pokemon design wise, and fun pokemon for the story. The infinite tms and doctors outside of the pokemon center were excellent choices in my eyes. However, I really hate the first gym, and on principal whenever I do the first gym, I do not allow myself to use the monkeys. I find that to be hand-holding at its worst, all most like game freak picks a pokemon for your party. It is a very dumb gimmick, as Game Freak pretty much forces you to use the monkeys. The puzzle was fine, and even arguable helpful, but the idea that you need a pre determinated pokemon to beat a gym is just ridiculous to me. It is awful hand holding, I wouldn't mind the monkeys being given away, they have done with this several pokemon before (the hitmon family is one I am most familiar.) Giving you a pokemon in wild grass that is strong against the gym is one thing, flat out saying you need to have them to progress and no matter what starter you pick you need them.

I will keep my complaints about dream world to myself, because it is very possible I am just an idiot, but I will say that is kind of dumb that you must use a computer, I have a stable internet access and computer, but I still never bothered trying to get it to work, it would be nice if they had a DS Dreamworld App.

There is also Cheran and Blanca, I hate these characters. I really hate Blanca. She drags you around like a freaking dog. In the city with the electric gym, you would think you would want to take your time and look around, but then Blanca takes away your ability to move and than you watch that long dialogue with her dad, and in my opion it was boring. The character isn't likable to start with, and when her problems are solved by someone else, while you just want isn't very fun, and it isn't like it is a big plot twist, it just seems more shoe horned in than anything. And then there is the consist required rival battles. Blue/Gary felt like a good rival, you fight him once at the start of the game to introduce you to the controls, in BW you battle both of them because hey, isn't hitting tackle over and over again fun kids? You probably can count the number of times Blue battled you on your fingers, while you probably could count the number of minutes till the next rival battle with Cheran and Blanca. I even like the main plot of Pokemon BW, the bad games were threatening, able to be easily hated while still having redeeming factors, and overall some one the better teams. I even like N, and fell like he is a good rival, Cheran and Blanca are just pains in the neck.

My favorite pokemon out of the trios is, Articuno is my favorite bird because he helped be beat Drake in Firered, leading to the first time I won the game, I believe. Entei is my favorite of the guinea pigs as one he looks awesome and his move was pretty good (the one with the unknown) and I am disappointed that Dream Entei has never been seen since then, and I really want my plant mech Celibi from the movie to show up some where else in the pokemon universe. Groundon is probably my favorite out of the weather trio, mostly because of his design. I really don't have opipions for the other trios.

The only shiny pokemon outside of the stories that every got was a shiny ponyta, and that is where I get my new name for. I also really like Bellasum and Ursaring, because one of my favorite pokemon slide show series, but from where they was popular was Misdreavus525s Pokemon Total Drama series and they was my favorite characters from that.

I have only recently got in to the Card game, although I have tons of hand-me down cards from my cousin, I never really knew how to play the game, so I mostly stuck to yugioh, but recently I have been playing the card, and been enjoying it now that I know how to play.

Now, for anyone who read all of this, I feel sorry for you.

July 15th, 2013, 1:46 PM
Well, I understand where you're coming from. Many of us have different opinions about Black & White. I personally liked it because of the ending plot, but I'm not going to argue. xD But I do think the two characters did ruin it for me...just a little.

Nevertheless, I welcome you to the forums! Articuno is my favorite Pokemon out of the legendary type. I love its color and the fact that it's a large bird. I gotta have it on my team no matter what! :D

Since you're interested in the card game, you're in the right place. :D We have a section just for that called the Pokemon Trading Card Game section. You can discuss card packs, rare cards, or...if you play the card game, you can discuss strategies, tips & tricks and more. You can even conduct battles via skype, which is a great feature. :D Check it out if you have the chance.

There's also the many gaming sections out there, especially 5th and 6th generations. You'll love it here, and you'll have fun! See ya around, and don't hesitate to ask questions <3

July 15th, 2013, 5:57 PM
Welcome Man! Im glad to see you are comfortable with sharing your opinion!

July 16th, 2013, 2:05 AM
Hey there ! Welcome to PC!

I can understand your opinion man. You don't have to like everything about Pokemon and that's fine. :) Personally I love Black & White and Gen V. The Pokemon have pretty unique designs if you ask me and I think the story is the best one yet. It really moved me.Honestly I'm the opposite, I thought the scene with Bianca and her dad in Nimbasa City (city with the electric gym) was one part that touched me alot even if it was long. Elesa's speech is probably one of my favorite quotes from the game. Though yeah Bianca herself I wasn't too fond of, she was pretty annoying. I liked Cheren though. I thought the concept of the first gym was unique , but yeah getting the monkey made it pretty easy. N's probably my favorite character of the whole game! He actually has some logical thinking going on the especially in the anime. So yeah see, everyone has their own opinion and that's okay!

Gen III is my personal favorite , but I love Gen II as well. I remember playing Gold version as a little 8/9 year old it really takes me back. Johto has some really cool Pokemon as well and the region was neat cause it connected to Kanto and I love that you can explore it in those games and get 16 badges! If you ever want to discuss Gen 2 , then look no further to Metal & Color Generation Gaming (http://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=36). You can talk about Gen 1 games there as well.

I have to admit, I'm not really into the card game much anymore. Though I still buy the cards now and then but it's mainly for the artwork. There's some really neat art on the cards and sometimes my opinion on a certain Pokemon's been changed by some artwork on some of the cards. I have considered getting back into it though. There's a version online now and that definitely makes it easier. Try our Trading Card Game (http://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=14) section, you'll like it. There's discussions ranging from certain packs and decks to getting tips and tricks on how to improve to showing off custom card creations. As Meganium said you can even arrange battle via Skype!

Well I'm gonna stop bugging you for now. I hope you enjoy your stay here and have that you stick around! The [mod[moderators[/mod] here are really nice so don't be shy to ask them questions. Have fun! See ya!

July 16th, 2013, 3:07 AM
Whoa i'm like reading a novel but it's okay to share your opinion and I think it's kinda hard to remember 5th Gen Pokemon names! I'm hoping that Pokemon X/Y Gonna be awesome. By the way welcome to the club dude! Wohoho!

July 16th, 2013, 12:07 PM
Aw, I adored Cheren and Bianca. They got a lot more tolerable in the sequels though, I'll admit, and at first they annoyed me somewhat. They weren't really difficult as rivals until the very end of the game.. but their characters were pretty cute and I liked how involved they were in the story this time around. Generation 2 was amazing, I'll agree. :) My only real issue with Johto was Silver since I felt like he wasn't handled very well. He was a great character but his stealing of Professor Elm's starter could have been expanded on a lot more rather than entirely forgotten about.. though that's just me, ahaha.

As for Dream World.. I've only ever used it once and forgot about it entirely afterwards. It's a pretty neat little thing but very forgettable in my eyes. An app would have been quite cool, now that you mention it! I'd have used it a lot more.

Welcome to PokeCommunity though, and don't worry about the ranting! We understand. But psh, no need to feel sorry for us if we read all of this. It's a nice way for me to burn time and I don't read enough books.. so maybe this makes up for it, ehe.

But anyways, if you're into the TCG right now than be sure to peek around our Trading Card Game board, yeah? :) We could use more card game fans over there and there's even a neat little game you can play called Card Collab Collecting (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=298374)! That's basically a game where you post a card of the Pokemon next in the Pokedex after the person before you and give it a rating based on its appearance, moves, usefulness, and etc. Seems like it'd be a great thing for you if you're just getting into the Pokemon TCG! There's also the wonderful Metal/Color Gaming, as suggested, for any generation 2 fan. You might also like the Advance Generation Gaming (http://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=164) board for discussions related to R/S/E and FR/LG, though that's just a suggestion going by what I read.

Have a great time here and be sure to stick around! You'll be appreciated here regardless of what kind of person you are, we're all quite awesome on PC. If you have questions, just give me a holler and I'll answer as soon as I can. :D

July 16th, 2013, 1:10 PM
You know, I have joined several forums before (Not sure if I should list) And I think this is the first time I ever got a response to one of these introductions.

I would like to clarify, currently I have a lot of old cards but because there is no around me to play, I have been playing the online version. Mostly against the computer while I get use to the game.

Also, want to know a fun fact, if you get a level 15 Purrlion you can clear the the first gym with a bit of difficulty, the problem is that getting to level 15 on your Purrlion is very hard when you don't have many trainers to train with. This go around, I beat the first gym, and I have still not got my monkey, at all. You know, what to know how the first gym could of been really cool, if you could choose which one you battled for the badge, defaulting with the one with the same typing as your starter. I think could of been really cool, instead of the rock, paper, scissors game that have to play with them, where you got to go fetch paper just to deal with rock, and throw away the paper right after that.

Currently, I have been roaming around the RP selection, trying to find some good RPs (The other forum that I go on with an RP selection kind of has a pretty bad selection. I really don't want to say what that forum is now.)