View Full Version : Thoughts on CoTDs in general

July 25th, 2013, 5:16 AM

1.They offer us some insight on the Pokemon World in an interesting way at times.

2. Now and then, they have nice personalities along with their Pokemon like Katharine and her Gothita.


1. They often waste time that COULD have been used to develop our main characters and maybe an overarching storyline.

2. Their episode follow a formula that I think doesn't bear repeating since everyone here practically knows it by heart. Even with slight variations, it become predictable like in Johto's dreaded filler hell or DP with a year without badges.

I think I've made my point. How about you guys?

July 25th, 2013, 7:23 PM
Forgive me if this sounds stupid what does COTD stand for?

July 25th, 2013, 8:12 PM
CotD generally stands for "Character of the Day". They're just a character that features in one or two episodes and gives the main trio something to do for a filler ep.

I don't mind CotDs themselves. It's nice to see that others have their own things going on in this world- not everyone travels, not everyone has the same goals, etc. And it kind of reminds us that yeah, Ash & co are travelling across all sorts of places meeting all sorts of people who have different lives and different problems that they sometimes need vagabond children to solve.

My main problem with CotDs how they are used. As you said, the plot of CotD eps are very predictable and uh. Not interesting. The CotDs themselves tend to be flat and only there to provide setting exposition. Like, if you look back on CotDs... how many names can you remember? They don't make an impression really. And as shown in BW, the writers are fully capable of rolling out a memorable character and not developing them at all. Perfect for CotDs! Why don't they use that?! And certainly they can work on character interaction and have a CotD be part of or a catalyst for developing the main cast.

So yeah. The real problem with CotDs is the execution.

July 25th, 2013, 8:22 PM
Oh I see, anyways there were a few interesting COTD's who I would've liked to have seen more of, like A.J. from Kanto. He was pretty cool and I was dissapointed that Ash never returned to him for a rematch like he said he would.

Some COTD gym leaders like Lt. Surge were also pretty good.

My most disliked COTD would be Tobias, mainly because he came out of nowhere to curb-stomp Ash and somehow managed get his hands on not one but TWO legendary Pokemon. That's a primary example of how NOT to do a COTD.