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July 27th, 2013, 4:20 AM
This thread is all about RTS units (infantry, aircraft, and so on...).

So what are your favorite ones and why?
Also tell us about your least favorite ones, and why you dont really like them?

Any unit from any RTS game is welcome ^_^

Mr. X
July 27th, 2013, 11:34 AM
Sins of a Solar Empire

Least Favorites


The reason I hate these is simple - They are AA frigates. I prefer to use Carriers. These things chew right through Strikecraft and open my carriers to attack from light frigates which make real quick work of them.



My favorite Carrier. At max level, it can carry 13 squads of Strikecraft - Enough to turn Starbases into scrap. Even better is it's ultimate ability, Anima Tempest, spawns an additional 60 strikecraft split across all current squads.

Another ability increases how many squads of Strikecraft the Carrier can carry. I've included this the above squad total, but this ability gives it a additional 3 squads.

It's other abilities increase the effectiveness of energy weapons (Decreases recharge time) and suppresses enemy strikecraft (Pushes them away from the ship, rocketing them far away and causing moderate damage)


This game is unique in that you design the units that you'll use. While you can decide to use prdesigned units, none of them are very effective - To get a real effective unit, you'd have to build it yourself.

Still, these are my more favorite designs.

Ion Speeder, Kurathi

This design was one I made thanks to luck. I was very lucky finding these miniaturized ion cannons when exploring a planet.

Anyway, this a (very) fast support corvette. The Ion Cannons allow to it disable enemy ships with minimal effort. While it can't destroy enemy ships, these cannons are rather weak, they can stop them from doing anything... like firing its weapons, or moving. I generally have these units grouped with my Carriers - have the Speeders disable enemy ships and then let the bombers make quick work of them.

Phase Hunter Elite, Terran

I run two diffrient varients of this, one using phaser turrets and the other fusion turrets (Phasers are more energy efficient, fusion is stronger but less efficient) With how the turrets are positioned, they are able to break through a ships shields in one attack and right through the armor, and quite a few various modules, on the second attack.

After a couple of tests against remnant ships, this cruiser quickly became my main combat cruiser. I generally group these with their Fusion varients.

July 27th, 2013, 11:58 AM
I have played a lot of RTS games, and these are the units i use a lot and always use in my builds:

Stalker (StarCraft 2): A Protoss tier 1 unit that has one of the best upgrades avalible named Blink, which allows the Stalker to teleport a small distance away from its location, which is useful in lots of situations. Its early access makes it a solid and tough unit.

Maurader (StarCraft 2): And this Terran unit the the counter for the Stalker. Cheaper and stronger than the Stalker, Mauraders pack a big punch. Upgrades makes them even better. It cant hit air though...

Juggernaut (Tiberian Sun): This unit literally saved my butt in games. Its a mobile artillery unit that mainly is used in offensive ways, but its also useful as a base defence. Juggernauts can soften up the attacl and the base defences can clean up the mess.

V3 Launcher (Red Alert 2): This one outranges every base defence in the game, its rockets can be shot down though and its really weak so it dies easy, but they pack a giant punch.

I also tried out units i totally dislike:

Colossus (StarCraft 2): This big Protoss walker unit has one major downside: It can be hit by anti-air amd it doesnt hit air units, so anti-air aircraft can easily kill it. The unit is weak and the damage is not as useful for the late game.

Terror Drone (Red Alert 2): Only one reason: It dies easy and the Repair Depot can kill this Soviet drone with ease... Waste of money imo.

The list will be larger, im on phone atm and typing isnt good at all

July 27th, 2013, 12:10 PM
I don't really play any RTS games other than Starcraft and I don't even play it that often. But I do like the Terran Goliath because it has pretty decent anti-air and anti-ground. Though I also like Terran Valkyries because of it's anti-air capabilities.

Yup, that's about it > 3<