View Full Version : What is the name of the thread that had the most posts made by you?

February 13th, 2005, 10:43 PM
Mine is......... *checks* 'The dumbest thing you have done in the game'

February 13th, 2005, 10:49 PM
I'm not so sure if it's true but these have been where I post a lot
"What are you listening to?"
"The Umbreon Fanclub"
"The deathbyalice Fanclub"
"Ash/Satoshi Fanclub"
"The New Umbreon RP"
My fanclub

February 13th, 2005, 10:59 PM
Seriously, I have no idea. O.O;

Though I do post alot in my fanclub, oodles of RPs, and et cetera. n_n;

February 13th, 2005, 11:00 PM
I mean a thread made by you.

February 13th, 2005, 11:21 PM
If the thread was started by Me - Its Pokemon ThunderStar - ModRecommended

Other than that - The Daily Chit Chat.

~ CC

February 13th, 2005, 11:39 PM
The Re-Return of the crush thread - I used to anyway ^-^ For awhile. But now I'm getting my old position back. XD I've also made a lotta posts in the DCC [Daily Chit-Chat].

February 13th, 2005, 11:49 PM
I would say "Pokemon-Trainer Fusions Requests" (My sprite request thread) and Th Official Brock Fan Club(The club I made for Brock Fans XD)


February 13th, 2005, 11:53 PM
I think he means threads you made that attracted the most attention. XD

As for me, I created the pets thread, and it's now up to a good 2.3k replies... So, I'd say that one. ^^; XD

February 14th, 2005, 1:02 AM
A thread that was made by me that has the most posts was The Fakemon Club. It had 97 posts in it. I have only made 197 threads out of my 2000+ posts.

February 14th, 2005, 1:08 AM
Mine is the deathbyalice fan club, it has more posts than my game thread but less views

February 14th, 2005, 5:53 AM
Aah! xD, finally, i was waiting for this kinda thread xD, but maybe my fanclub, ive posted almost 300 there XD

Sorye HK
February 14th, 2005, 6:14 AM
It's either got to be the pokemon battle sys thread, or the general game dev help/requests thread.

February 14th, 2005, 7:33 AM
Uhh..Dark Pikachu got banned?
Ok that was off topic.. ^
Well I would say its my fanclub or fan-fic..can't decide...

February 14th, 2005, 7:52 AM
For me, it would most likely be my sprite thread that I made a while back...

No wait, it would be that for certain, since I've made only a handful of threads so far, and none were as popular. n_n;;

Mr Cat Dog
February 14th, 2005, 10:20 AM
Probably Simple Questions in RSE. I like to help out n00bs and stuck members alike ^_^ I should have a halo around my head or something [/gloat]

February 14th, 2005, 5:40 PM
let's see... I think it's the only thread I've made xD
"Font/font color in posts" (It was a poll, lol)

With my old account, it was my sprite thread (but taht's long gone, and I don't think anyone here knows what my old account is xD)

February 14th, 2005, 6:55 PM
Likely the "Modding/De-Modding Members" thread. ;x

That's all I can really think of. o_o It's got almost 1.5k replies, which isn't all that much compared to some other threads, and only a handful of people can actually see it to confirm that. XD;; I don't create many threads, though, so blah.

February 25th, 2005, 9:24 PM
Isnt it simple? DCC i made 99.9% of all my posts there ^^

Shining Mew
February 26th, 2005, 8:19 AM
Ive made the most posts in the DCC thread.... most amazing thread ever XD

February 26th, 2005, 8:24 AM
Dcc is probably it.I got 300+ post sin the thread.

February 26th, 2005, 8:26 AM
For me Daily Chat Chat 1300 posts and counting.Also my fan club.

February 26th, 2005, 8:56 AM
uhh... my first banner shop? (only 20 pages, compared to DCC, that's nothing XD)

February 26th, 2005, 9:20 AM
Do you have a crush on anyone at PC? (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=2984&highlight=crush)

The old crush thread~! Almost 1000 of my posts were made in there...

EDIT: Oops, didn't read the thread before replying. XD In that case...Shana's fanclub (The Star(member) Fanclub), has the most posts by other people in it~