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February 14th, 2005, 5:20 AM
Alright.. been told for AGES what a good poem writer I am.. Might as well let more people judge XD... as most of my poems before recent times are suicide/death realted, I will open a website and stick them there, and post the link so if you don't wanna see them ya don't have too.. but I'll post some 'kid' friendly ones now XD (one of my poems is my entry for the Valentine's Day Poetry Contest).

EDIT(2-15-05 10:14PM EST): I opened up a site for my 'Restriced Poems' that I'd rather not post on PC due to younger members, the link is in my sig, and you may comment on those poems her if you want, or you can e-mail me, PM me, or IM me via MSN/AIM to comment that way. I hope you enjoy my poems.

Look on the Bright Side

Don't say you have it bad,
There are more things to look to,
With good comes a little bad,
That is the way of life,
You've got to look on the bright side.

I know your down,
But you gotta get up,
Doing nothing isn't gonna help,
You've got your friends behind you,
We won't let you fall.

Things get worse before they get better,
Just remember that and you'll be fine,
Think of the good and forget the bad,
You'll get better,
Just don't give up.

If you remember there are people to help you,
People who care,
Nothing can stop you,
Nothing can hurt you,
You'll always be on the bright side.

Make A Wish

Sixteen candles on the cake,
Sixteen candles for one wish,
The silence builds as she thinks,
Thinks of her perfect wish.

All her life she wished for others,
Never for herself,
Always wanting people to have more than her,
But not on this special day.

She looked at her friends,
Resting her eyes on one,
Her stomach flips,
Has she decided on a wish?

Closing her eyes she thinks of her wish,
To be with him,
The one she longs for,
To be happy with him and no one else.

She takes a deep breath,
Sixteen candles gone in one breath,
She made her wish,
Now she waits.

She cuts the first peice of cake,
Handing it to him,
Suddenly the cake is on her face,
She aims to hurt him.

But before she can,
He does what she always hoped for,
His lips touched her's,
She blinks in surprise.

"Happy Birthday," he says,
Handing her a small, long box,
Opening it is a bracelet,
She gasps at it's beauty.

"I love you"
She cannot believe her ears,
Looking to the remains of her cake,
Her wish has come true...

The Perfect Day

I look outside my window,
I watch the snow slowly fall,
I wonder what this day will bring,
I hope for a perfect day.

Walking along the snow covered road,
I fall onto the ground,
I begin to cry,
You are there to help me up.

You wipe the tears from my eyes,
Tell me that I'm going to be fine,
I look into your eyes,
And everything is alright.

After a day of fun in the snow,
You decide to walk me home,
The close we come to my door,
You hug me closer.

I hug you good-bye,
I turn to walk away,
Only to be pulled back into your arms,
And you kiss me.

My cheeks shine bright against the white snowflakes,
You smile as you hug me again,
I ask you to come inside.
I lived the perfect day.

I have more than this.. I just can't find them XD, lol. And I have a bunch I gotta save to my computer.. lol. So there will be more to come ^_^

February 14th, 2005, 7:30 AM
Well that's actually good..
I like these love poems that I can relate to..

February 14th, 2005, 7:46 AM
I never knew you were a poet, Anna. o_O; Anyway, those are beautiful. Nice job. ^^

February 15th, 2005, 6:13 PM
*bows* Thanks XD, I'm gonna start working on the website for my other poems in a little bit.. In the mean time, some more poems XD

Trapped Within the Darkness

Although the sun shines brightly,
All I see is darkness.
Most people hear birds singing,
I only hear their screeching.
I am trapped within the darkness.

As I look out my window to try to see the sun,
A bright darkness stares back at me and starts to blind my eyes.
Most people hear laughter,
I only hear crying.
I am trapped within the darkness.

I see an outline of a figure,
Shining in the darkness.
He waves to me,
And the darkness starts to fade.
I am no longer trapped within the darkness.

Released Darkness

He realesed me from that darkened prison,
His face always smiling at me.
But one day his smiling stopped, and he dissappeared,
The darkness took him away from me.
I search for the one who released me from the darkness.

I trace my fingers across the picture he left me,
I read the letters he wrote.
He was my true love,
I must decide if I shall let the darkness take me.
I search for the one who relased me from the darkness.

Once again I am in the darkened room, the shadows creep around me,
As I turn to the window excepting the burning sunlight.
I see my true love once more,
For he fought aginst the darkness.
I have found him, the one who released the darkness.


Everytime I talk to you,
Everytime I think about you,
Whenever I hear your name,
I feel lightheaded and nervous.
I feel the butterflies fluttering,
I cannot help the feeling,
Nor do I want to stop it,
It is so I know I am alive.
You're always there when I need you,
As I am there for you,
Helping each other out,
And the butterflies continue to fly.
They push me to tell you how I feel,
Even if you don't feel that way to me,
It doesn't matter,
It won't stop me from being your friend.