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August 12th, 2013, 1:06 AM
Hello guys i'm mechvenom i hope i can have fun in the pokecommunity forums

August 12th, 2013, 3:49 AM
Hey there MechVemon! Welcome to PC dude!

I'm curious to know you, tell me about yourself! I can tell from your posts you're into ROM Hacking , but anything else. I can also assume you're into art to some extent since you posted in Art &Design. Have you considered posting any art yourself? It's easy to set up a gallery here. Even if you're not the best artist, you can easily learn from other artist here. People can comment on things you post in your gallery, giving you tips and such on how to improve. I posted my gallery a few weeks ago and I've gotten so much help on how to improve and so much positive feedback it's crazy! People here are just nice like that. :3 This forum is very massive so be sure to explore around some more.

I can tell by the images in your signature, you like Pancham and it's evolution. Same! I was really happy when I learned that there was gonna be a more real looking panda Pokemon. I know people say Spinda is a but, but it doesn't look like a proper one to me so I'm really happy they made Pancham. Plus Pangoro just looks really cool and beastly, the coolest of all the bear Pokemon in my opinion! Alot of the Pokemon for Generation VI, look really good in my opinion. The best ones we've had in a while. Gen V had some unique ones, but they top those. I'm so stoked for X and Y! They look very promising. I'm assuming you are too so if you ever want to discuss the new on the games or speculate any possible features , you can do that in the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y (http://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=256) section. With all the new we've been getting , particularly the Mega evolutions recently, alot of people are there always.

But anyway! I hope you enjoy yourself here. If you ever need anything just contact a staff member in blue, orange, and red. They're really nice and helpful so you can come to them for anything forum related. See you around posting, making friends, and having fun!

August 12th, 2013, 2:38 PM
I'm also curious to know you as well <3 I mean, you seem like a pretty cool person. Don't be shy! We all want to get to know you and possibly become your friends! :)

Welcome to PC, btw! You just met AWsquared, and you just met Megan, which is yours truly. We're both Pokemon fans just like you, and you are in for a great treat here at the community. We have a wide range of discussions such as the games, the anime, and we have stuff for you to do as well, like roleplays, ROM hacking, game creation, and much much more. :D You will never ran out of things to do here, and well, you'll meet so many people that want to be your friend. <3

Hopefully you can get yourself settled here and hopefully you read the rules as well. The staff members in bold blue, orange, and red are always around if you have any questions or concerns! They are extremely helpful and always around!

Anyways, lovely to meet you, and hope you stick around! See ya <3

August 12th, 2013, 7:33 PM
Hi there mechvenom! It's great to meet you, welcome to the lovely forum that is PC~

Looks like you're going to meet your third friend now.. myself! How have you been faring so far? Enjoying the forum? Any places in particular you like to look around in? You didn't really write much for us to reply to but nonetheless we all want to make sure you have a great time here. If you'd like to chat with our amazing members you're free to contact us anytime, or if you need help we're more than happy to assist in whatever way we can as well. n~n; There are so many sweet members here and you're in for a very great journey. Like Meganium said, you can try out some roleplays, maybe trade or battle, discuss your favorite games (doesn't have to be Pokemon!), and so on. We're an addicting forum, I'll tell you that.

Cheers and have a lovely time exploring! <3 We're always around to provide suggestions if you're not sure where to post but from the looks of things you're already settling in well. Friends are right around the corner as well (you can contact anyone who posted to talk anytime as they're all wonderful people).

Have a blast on PokeCommunity and see you around! (*´・v・)