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August 16th, 2013, 9:45 AM
Hi there!

I'm from Germany as you can read on the title, so my english might be not so awesome, but I try best! ^.^

I have been playing Pokemon since I'm 5. (I couldn't read, so I trained my Squirtle up to level 30 at Route 1 :D)

At least I bought all Pokemon Games, which were available in Germany (except the Ranger, Dash and Park, Wii and Gamecube Editions)

About myself: I'm 16 years old, smaller than the average ,_, and pretty good at school(i know no one cares :D) I really like Rom-Hacking! I have been hacking for 3 years now and i learned a lot, so if someone needs help feel free to ask me :) I prefer a gameboy instead of playing on a computer. I like listening to Dubstep, Electro and Metal. Who else?
I love the english language and I'd like to emigrate to America one day. I have some relatives in America, which is very practically for me because they would offer me one of their houses (they got 4!) , in which i could life in.

If there is any bad english, please let me know!


August 16th, 2013, 9:59 AM
Aww, that's okay if your English is not too good. Usually forums are the best way to learn English...including this one! But to me, your English is pretty well written I must say! Welcome aboard, Anothernic! <3

Haha wow, Squirtle in Route 1 at L30? That's actually some dedication there tbh! I usually take my L5 Pokemon to Broke before I battle, but I had Bulbasaur when I started. xD & Yay for preferring the gameboy! I have Silver, but I neeeed a game boy to play it and getting a game boy would relive alll my childhood memories <3

ROM Hacking...interesting I must say. We do have a laaarge section just for that. Are you interested in hacking a ROM? Because we have everything you need just for that. Tools, tutorials, and so much more. <3 Help is also available if you ever get stuck though! We have questions/answer threads just for you to read. :)

Best of luck, and have a wonderful time here okay! See you around!

August 17th, 2013, 7:54 AM
I really prefer playing on the actual systems myself; it's a lot better than emulators and the like. I still have all of my old Pokemon games like Red and Blue.. though my brother lost the GBA SP charger so I can't play them. :'< It's totally amazing that you're from Germany though, I'm almost a little jealous! I do hope I can visit one day!

Oh, and welcome to PC, Anothernic. ♥

Hacking for three years is a really long time so it does seem like you're very knowledge in that regard. There are a lot of new hackers joining the forum every day that are always looking for a little help, maybe you can help them out if you stumble upon them. :) I used to want to hack a long time ago but eventually realized that I preferred playing hacks rather than making them, hehe. I played a lot of big hacks like Shiny Gold and Ultra Violet but nowadays I like exploring the entire forum since there is so much to do here. You're going to love PC, I know it! Have you browsed around yet?! How has your stay been so far? :D You can discuss anything Pokemon-related here from trading/battling to the TCG, though we also have many active off-topic sections for music, movies, video games, and the like.

And oooo why not join the language fanclub (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=300377) here? English is a lovely language and I'm sure you could share your love for it there. Can discuss any other languages as well so it seems to me like you're going to fit perfectly.

Cheers and have a great time here! I hope you've been adjusting well so far and if you have questions, just contact our lovely moderators!

August 18th, 2013, 11:38 AM
Thanks alot for all the hearts <33 :D
@Meganium: I'm already hacking a rom at the moment, but it always fails because of too little motiviation so it's slowly progressing. The is also in german so no one of you will probably play it. I must say the community makes the most beatiful impression ever (compared to other forums >.>) Well, it always makes me feel happy when someone says that my english was good :>
For me a NDS is a gameboy too xD But I most enjoyed the Advance SP!
Hack Tools? Yeah, I already knew that before but most of them dont fit with german roms and i'm very inexperienced in researching. =/

Thanks a lot :)

@Cirno Yeah, in my case a gameboy includes all handheros (haha i dont know if you english guys know this notion) (=NDS, 3DS, GCB, GBA/GBA SP) :D
There is no reason to be jealous, living in Germany is nothing special. I don't like Germany :x

Oh yeah, Shiny Gold is really amazing, i enjoyed playing it!
Soo, the forum seems pretty cool to me now, there is a lot stuff I didnt know before, so thanks for telling me this :)

Again, excuse if there was any bad english :)

Anothernic ♥