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August 28th, 2013, 10:12 AM
Hello everyone !

I want to say I don't really speak good English, I'll start the lesson this year. So forgive me if I write wrong. I really want to come here because I want to talk about Pokemon with other people. (And I make the effort of don't use a translator so this is not easy to write, but I use a corrector.)

My "passion" for Pokemon start when I have my first Pokemon game, Diamond. I know a little the Pokemon universe via my sister and the Anime. After I play many Pokemon versions : Platinium, Heart Gold, White, Green leaf and Emerald. I didn't play all Pokemon game already but I'm stopped for the old version of the graphics and especially the colors. I don't play Black/White 2 because I'm frustrated by the "two games after two games" I really want a version like Pokemon Gray. The next pokémon game which I would play will be certainly Pokemon X, I have pre-ordered this version.

Outside the official Pokemon game I play Hack Rom, the latest I have played is Glazed Version. ( A really good Hack Rom, I can't wait for the final release.) I really like to discover a new region.
Finally I will talk about me, I live in Belgium, my first language is French. I'm a girl, yes girl and video game is possible x). I should not come here while I do not speak English but I really wanted to share what I like !

I finished my introduction, i you have a question don't be shy ~~

Ps : I am sorry for my bad spelling, grammar and all that one can imagine, but I have really difficult and hope I use a good corrector.

Ps2 : Juste ici ma présentation an français pour ceux qui parlerait la langue de Molière, elle est plus complète et surtout mieux écrite x) :

Bonjour tout le monde !

Je tiens à préciser avant de commencer ma présentation que je ne parle pas très bien anglais, je ne vais réellement commencer des cours que cette année ( J'ai essayé d'apprendre seule mais je trouve que c'est compliqué sans quelqu'un pour vous corriger.). Mais je tenais vraiment à venir ici car je voulais laisser mes impressions sur divers sujets et me tenir au courant des derniéres informations. Et puis c'est toujours plus sympathiques de partager une passion avec d'autres personnes. :)

Ma "passion" pour Pokémon a débuter quand j'ai eu mon premier jeu de la "série", Pokemon Diamant. Je connaissais déjà un peu le jeu avant par des membres de ma famille et le dessin animé. J'ai tout de suite adoré ! Par la suite j'ai joué aux version, Platine, Coeur d'or, Blanc, Vert feuille et Emeraude. Je n'ai pas encore fait tout les jeux pokemon mais je suis assez rébuté par le graphismes des anciens surtout le manque de couleurs. Je n'ai pas non plus fait Blanc/Noir 2 car je suis frustré que ce soit deux jeux qui soit sorti et non un seul (Pokemon Gray). Le prochain jeu officiel que je feras seras surement Pokemon X, je l'ai déjà précommandé et j'attend la sortie avec impatience.

En dehors des versions officiels je joue beaucoup aux Hack rom, je suis complétement fan quand je découvre des nouvelles régions. Actuellement je viens de finir la démo de Pokemon Glazed et j'ai adoré !

Pour finir je vais parler un peu de moi, je vit actuellement en Belgique mais plus pour très longtemps. Ma langue natale est le Français, on a tenté de m'apprend le néerlandais à l'école mais je n'y comprends rien x). Comme dit plus haut je vais commencer les cours d'anglais cette année. Je ne devrais peut-être pas venir ici sans parler anglais mais je pense que c'est comme de l'immersion donc ça ne devrait pas être mauvais.

Voilà J'ai fini ma présentation, si vous avez des questions n'hésitez pas ~~

August 28th, 2013, 10:30 AM
Hey there Haliya, and welcome to Poke Community. I'm THZ or just Zero you can call me either name it wouldn't matter. I have played a few rom hacks but I've never completely finished any of them at all. If you wouldn't mind telling me how the one you played was, I wouldn't mind listening =]. New to the forum and I don't have alot of friends yet so hopefully we can continue talking.

August 28th, 2013, 10:44 AM
Oh nonono, your English is alright! It's awesome that you are taking some English lessons later on, but it's forums that help you so much on your English! Translators kinda boost your knowledge, but once you read posts like these, you'll understand the language better and pass as much exams as possible. :D

Welcome aboard, nonetheless! I'm Megan! Seems like you played almost every game out there with the exception of Black 2/White 2. I didn't get to play those games either, but I really want to though! I will someday. :3 Fortunately, we have sections that have discussions of every generations, from the old to the new! You'll never run out of things to do here. There's also ROM Hacking (like you said!) as well as art, roleplaying, and discussion that expands from the gaming world. :)

I know you'll do great in your English course soon. I wish you the best of luck! Keep practicing your English because it's really better, and I hope to catch you around sometime! ^__^ See ya :D

August 28th, 2013, 10:46 AM
Welcome To the Community Haliya!! I played a few Hacked Roms too, but i barely finish 1 of them except "Ash Gray". Anyway Nice to meet you :).

PS. I have a question, what is your favorite Pokemon Type??? (eg. Water,Fire,Grass etc~)

August 28th, 2013, 11:51 AM
Thanks you all for your reply !


About Glazed : Is, no doubt, the best Hack Room i have played. So much good idea is in, and is really complete. The best, i think, is the two region in. I can't write a critic now because she is un Beta but when the final release is coming i hope we can talk about. =)
Me too, I have finished just two or three Hack ROM. But is difficult to finish because a lot of Hack room is full of bugs or in beta.


Thanks, I do my best when I write in English so I'm happy to read this reply :D. I would not fail to visit every forum.


Thanks and nice to meet you. My favorite type is ... I think it's Steel because he have a lot of resistance and steels Pokemon are really cool *o*

Precious Tears
August 28th, 2013, 11:56 AM
Hello, welcome to pokecommunity Haliya!
Don't mind too much about your English.
I mean it by even your English is not that good,
please don't be afraid to speak for what's in your mind.
It's a great chance to improve your English by making friends here!
Staffs and members are generally kind and willing to help,
so you may ask them questions through Private Message or Visitor Message if you need help!

Make sure you read the rules, other then that please have fun and see you around!