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August 30th, 2013, 5:27 AM
I'm sort of suspecting this club will either be closed or no one will post in it but I'll still give it a shot! (If I have posted in the wrong area of PC then please move my thread instead of closing it). :3

So basically you get a picture of your avatar (if you can't then just describe them like "second face and first hair") and post it here, with his\her details (name, class, partner, level) below! It'll be fun to see everyone's taste in characters! :D I don't know how many times I deleted my file because mine wasn't perfect, but I finally completed the game with the avatar below!
Sorry for the quality!

Name: Misa

Class: Hero

Partner: Chrom

Level: 17 (I would have gotten higher if leveling a Hero wasn't so tedious).

I know your avatar is always really OP but my character above was a beast! Especially paired with Chrom or Tharja, my best friend. c: Also, Morgan was pretty damn good as a Grandmaster with Rally Spectrum.

Some of you may want to add more details about your character, so feel free too! Have fun!

August 31st, 2013, 2:50 PM
Here's mine! Sorry for the tiny image, I think I resized it a little too much perhaps:


Her name's Janna because that's my real name. I always use this MU look when I play as it's my very favorite. She's a Grandmaster right now; I reclassed her through many classes to get good skills like Galeforce and the like. Don't remember her level. :'<

August 31st, 2013, 3:25 PM
I'm really addicted to this game right now, I have over 130 hours in this game now @_@ (According to my Activity Logbook)

Levels don't exactly determine how powerful your character is in this game as you can use the seals over and over to max your stats.

Now's the time to show off my generic as **** character with the generic name that the game gives you. Only thing slightly different is the eyes.


I suppose I could've married one of the children, but I don't regret the decision because Noire and Morgan are still powerhouses.