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February 18th, 2005, 12:18 AM
I'm new here and this is my first ever post! Please read and rate on a scale on 1-10! (Don't judge to harshly :laugh: ) (I will post CHAPTERS 2-4 in one minute :) )


CHAPTER 1: The Kid Named Dox; The Start Of Our Journey!

In a very special announcement, Nintendo has made it into a tournament. Each team consists of 4 members. Our team consists of Daniel, a very experienced and tricky player, Blaze, whose team consists of many fire Pokemon. Chris, whose team of Pokemon can defeat nearly all challengers in his way and me. My team can destroy all in my way. Daniel is tall with short black hair. He is the athletic type. He can get a bit cocky at times but he is still a great Pokemon Trainer. Blaze has spiky red hair and it makes him look like Lance of the Elite 4.Most people we meet say he looks cool. He likes to train fire Pokemon and is the proud owner of the three fiery starters of Kanto, Johto and Hoenn. Chris is the most athletic out of the 4 of us. He is tall and he is real good with the ladies. He is the weakest out of us in Pokemon but his contacts make him a valuable team mate. Then there痴 me, Antonio. I知 not the athletic type. I知 a computer genius. I can fix anything about computers but when it comes down to Pokemon, I知 almost unbeatable. I have short, spiky black hair and I知 tall for my age.

I知 waiting for Daniel because tonight, all of my team is having dinner at my place. As I知 waiting for Daniel, I see something peculiar. The alley way around the corner is always empty, except for the usual stray cats and dogs. But there is a boy, about my age with short blonde hair. There is a shifty look about him as though he is waiting for someone. Then I see him take something out of his pocket. It looks familiar But I can稚 put my finger on it. Then it hits me like a ton of bricks. Daniel痴 new Nintendo DS! That痴 why Daniel痴 taking so long! The kid sees me looking at the DS.

展hat池e you looking at, chump? He says with a smirk.

的 know you stole that of my friend! If you didn稚 know, his parents engraved his name into the back! I say to him with a of triumph on my face.

徹kay, if you want it back, come get it! He says with an even bigger smirk.

He runs into the old alley way. I chase him through but even I didn稚 know how dark and disgusting it was. There are overfilled garbage bins everywhere. The smell is putrid, like dead people and I don稚 even know what dead people smell like! It痴 so dark, that you can稚 see anything.

滴ow am I going to find that guy in here?! I say out loud. 滴ey, what a minute. Maybe this can help!

I pull out my GBA SP and turn it on. I use the light as a flashlight to get through the alley way. I知 careful not to step on any cats, dogs or dead rats. As I continue through the alley way, I see many disgusting things such as a dog spewing up and maybe the worst thing of all, 2 dead cats and a dog eating the remains. Then I see the guy. He痴 just sitting there unaware that I知 closing in on him.

展hat a chump, and he thinks that he痴 going to find me in here! The dum hey give that back! He says when I take it from him.

鉄ee ya sucker! I say to him and then I run.

When I get back to the outside of the alley way Daniel is waiting impatiently on the outside.

鉄orryhadgetbackyourDS I say slowly. Then out of nowhere the unknown kid tackles me.

敵ive it back! I stole it, fair and square! Says the kid.

敵et lost, you little punk! Daniel says. He then picks the kid of ground and throws him onto the grass. Did I forget to mention that Daniel has unparallel strength?

徹oooooooowwwwwwwwwww! I値l be back! You won稚 forget the name of Dox! This Dox character says.

溺an. Dox? What a weird name! Oh yeah, thanks for getting the DS back! Really appreciate it! Says Daniel with a look of confusion on his face.

After the encounter with Dox, we go to my house to have dinner. Everyone has been waiting patiently for our arrival. When we get there, we explain what happened to everyone. Know one knew who this Dox character was.

展hat壇 he look like? Said Blaze with interest.

滴e had short blonde hair, he was skinny and he wore clothes that made him look rich. We say to the rest of the team.

展ell, if he tried to steal the DS, there is no way he痴 rich! He痴 probably a common thief who sells the items he steals except this time he got caught. Say痴 the always quiet Chris.

展ell, we better get some sleep. The tournament痴 tomorrow and we want to be at our best. I say to the rest of the team.

添eah, but it痴 only 9:30, so while were up, let痴 activate our Mystic and Aurora tickets we got yesterday. Says Blaze.

徹k. But wait a minute. I need to get our GBA痴. Remember? I put them in my drawer I tell Blaze.

I get up and go to my drawer. I知 about to pick them up when I see a light flashing on the screen. But the next second, it disappeared. I take them, thinking it痴 my imagination. I give them out to my friends and we turn them on. But they wouldn稚 turn on. We keep flicking the switch until we see a light. It flashes and the electricity is gone. It lights up the whole room and we get sucked into our GBA痴!

We travel through a spiral in like, another universe! Everywhere there are pictures ofPOKEMON?!

泥aniel, Blaze, Chris! You seeing what I知 seeing? I say loudly to the team.

典hat depends what you see! Says Chris in his usual comedian way. 的f you see pictures of Pokemon, flashing lights and yellow beams that look like if they hit us, they値l kill us, then, yeah that痴 what I see!

典his is no time to jjjoookkkeee! I say before we fall through the end of this Universe. At least we stopped moving.

填gh What happened, where are we and can we get back???!!! Scream痴 Daniel.

I have a look at our new surroundings. There are large trees, millions of weird bug like creatures around us and there are paths leading in all different directions.

的 thinkWere in a maze. I say quietly.

典hat痴 just great! Were in a maze, in a place we don稚 even know and to top all that, I hear something that is coming this way! Wait, what is that thing I hear? Says Chris, now with a tone of fear in his usually quiet voice box.

We wait quietly, our ears picking up anything, even the breaking of a twig. Then out of nowhere, a creature like none other appears from the woods.

展hat is that thing?! Screams Chris. Why does he have to have a big mouth at the most inappropriate times?

的 know what that is! It痴 a Dragonite! Look at it! Exclaims Blaze. 鏑ook at this as well!
Blaze points to our waist. There on our waists appeared 6 Pokeballs each.

敵o, Kyogre! Use your Ice Beam attack on that Dragonite! Screams Blaze. Then, something none of us expected to happen, happened. Kyogre came out and used an incredible Ice Beam on Dragonite. It was frozen. Before anybody could ask a question I said 迭UN!!! We ran through the trees as far as we could go. Then I allowed questions to be asked to Blaze.

徹kay, Blaze. One, how did you know it would work and two, how壇 you now it was Kyogre?! We asked to Blaze. He was like a hero now.

徹kay, people, settle down. First question痴 answer: I didn稚 know. Second: I had a feeling that surged through my body like electricity. Then I knew it was good old Kyogre! I thinkThat these Pokeballs on our waists contain the Pokemon from our games, Fire Red and Leaf Green! Blaze said quickly.
We were silent for a while thinking how to get out of here. That silence was broken by the sound of that Dragonite.

展e can稚 win without ice Pokemon and I don稚 see a lake or anything around for them to swim in! Blaze said. It seemed hopeless until

展ho said that we need Ice Pokemon? Said Daniel with a smirk. We didn稚 know what he was saying. Then Dragonite came and he looked mad. There was an ancient fury in the eyes of the awesome dragon. His eyes also showed intensity.

敵o, Salamence! Show him who the king of dragons is! Daniel says with a huge smile on his face, explaining what he meant about not needing ice Pokemon.

The two awesome dragons stare each other. We stand in awe of the two dragons, each showing the ancient power of the dragon Pokemon


Master Of Charizard
February 18th, 2005, 12:20 AM
CHAPTER 2: Clash Of The Titan痴; The Return To Home!

The two awesome dragons stare each other down. Knowing Daniel, he probably will wait for Dragonite to make the first move. Just as I suspected, Dragonite went first. The ancient Dragonite let out an almighty Hyper Beam which narrowly missed the fiery dragon, Salamence. It went through the large trees behind Salamence. The Hyper Beam took down tree by tree with its first Hyper Beam. After the Hyper Beam stopped, we counted the trees that were knocked down. 37 all together!

泥aniel, don稚 let that Hyper Beam hit Salamence! I scream out to Daniel.

泥on稚 worry about that! Daniel says to us. 敵o, Salamence, use your Flamethrower!

Salamence takes flight and uses a very strong Flamethrower, which hit痴 Dragonite in the arm. He just shakes it off and takes flight. The two stare each other down and then, they both unleash a devastating Flamethrower attack. There is a power struggle between the two dragons until the two Flamethrower explode throwing flame痴 everywhere! The forest is on fire until Salamence unleashes his Hydro Pump and puts out the flames.

The battle rages on. It seems that none have the dragons have the upper hand. Dragonite charges in for what looks like a charging tackle but Salamence dodges and gets a direct shot at Dragonite痴 back with Dragon Claw. Dragonite let痴 out a piteous moan before hitting the ground at such force, that most of the trees around us have fallen to the ground. We think the battle has been won until Dragonite appears from out of nowhere and uses an attack that seems to power it up. It used Dragon Dance! For the split second that Salamance was in control, it was taken away with one Dragon Dance. They fought more. Dragonite had the upper hand because of the Dragon Dance. It all become clear that Salamence had no chance when he suffered a powered up Hyper Beam which had sent Salamence to the ground at such force that it felt like an earthquake measured at 7.0 on the rictor scale! We went to check up on Salamence when he flew up. He used his Sunny Day attack. The two dragons had taken a considerable amount of damage and it looked like the both of them knew it was the end of there battle. Then Dragonite suddenly unleashed his devastating Hyper Beam.

典his is it, Salamence! Use your Flamethrower with all your might! Said a worried Daniel.

There was an intense power struggle between the two awesome competitors but Dragonite had the upper hand. Hyper Beam was moving in until

笛ust as I expected! Said Daniel. We were all confused. Did Daniel actually expect Salamence to lose? 徹kay, Salamence! Activate your special ability! Intimidate!

Instantly, Salamence痴 eyes turned the colour of the flaming sun. Dragonite was losing his attack power. Almost right away, Salamence was gained the upper hand. Then Hyper Beam broke of and Flamethrower hit the same arm that was hit before. When Flamethrower had disappeared, a shiny burn appeared upon the arm of Dragonite. Salamence knew what to do then. Salamence used his Dragon Claw on the burnt arm of Dragonite. Dragonite fainted and Salamence had won the battle.

鉄alamence, you did great! Return! Said the joy filled Daniel.

敵reat work Daniel! Excellent battle! The team said, congratulating Daniel痴 win until

展ell done. I didn稚 expect you to bet the ancient guardian of this holy land. You have proven that you are worthy Find me and you will be enlightened with why I have brought you here the voice came out of nowhere.

展HAT?! YOU brought us here?! Is this a sick game?! Said Blaze in fury.
There was no answer from the voice.

展hat should we do guys? Follow what however said or go home ourselves? I asked the worried team.

的 vote we find that uh let痴 just call it voice. Said Daniel hastily.

鄭ll in favour Okay, to the voice we go! I tell the team.

We journey through the forest, aware that Pokemon can jump out at us at any time. Many times we thought we saw a Pokemon but it was just the wind. But about 20 minutes later we heard the roar of a Pokemon. Out of nowhere it came with a fury in its eyes.

鏑ook, guys it痴 a Gyrados! Anyone have an electric Pokemon? Said Blaze in hope.

的 got one, but no way an Elekid could defeat Gyrados, even with type advantage! Said Daniel.

典his is my battle! I say to the team, ready for a battle. 敵o, Lapras!

My pride and joy water Pokemon erupts from the Pokeball, ready for an intense battle. But I don稚 think this battle will be long

I order Lapras to use Ice Beam to freeze the lake. The lake is frozen, but so is Gyrados. Half of its body is encased in a wall of ice. I then tell Lapras to use a Thunderbolt. Gyrados gets hit directly, with nowhere to go. Soon after, Gyrados is finished. I was hoping for a tougher battle.

徹kay let痴 continue! I tell the guys.

哲o need to continue. The voice says but, this time it is clear on where it痴 coming from. In front of us is a huge building or monument, to describe more precisely. 添ou may have beaten the ancient guardian of this land, but you have not beaten the champion. In accordance to the scriptures, you must beat the champion. You may use all of your Pokemon in this historic battle. Come forth, Champion of this Universe!!

Then, a gleaming light came hurtling down from the star stricken sky. The Pokemon hits the ground and dirt is covering its identity. We wait anxiously for the so-called Pokemon Champion. It appears and we all look in shock.

添OU歎E GOT TO BE KIDDING?! We laugh at pathetic Magikarp flopping around on the ground.

泥on稚 be mistaken The voice says.

We watch the Magikarp flop around helplessly when Chris says.

展hat痴 it going to do, Hyper Beam us?

Instantly, the Magikarp glowed. It turned into a Snorlax! The Snorlax used a Hyper Beam attack which narrowly missed Chris痴 head. That壇 teach him to shut up.

展hat is your true identity? Asked Daniel politely. We thought he was crazy.
But amazingly, it did. It wasn稚 a ditto. It was a MEW!

徹kay, now how are we going to beat the Mew? Chris Asks.
展e know that its first attack is TransformBut still it can be dangerous祢 say, worried.
鏑et痴 just whup its @##. Says Daniel.
徹kay then! Chris says.

Surrounding us immediately are our Pokemon. 3 Charizards, 3 Tyranitars, 2 Typhlosions, 2 Scizor, Politoad, Elekid, Salamence, Kyogre, Absol, Kingdra, Ampharos, Alakazam, Gengar, Lapras, Metagross, Espeon and Umbreon.

Umbreon use your Toxic attack! Then use Mean Look! Immediately Mew was hit with an intoxicating sludge, slowly hurting Mew. The three Charizards circled Mew from above, whilst Kingdra, Lapras and Politoad circled in the water. Absol used its Shadow Ball and with nowhere to run, it was hit back with tremendous force. It痴 Hit points looked low, so we ordered our Pokemon to attack. The three Charizards used their Blast Burn attacks and the water pokemon hit with Surf and then, it was over.

的mpressive, you have won. As I promised, you will be returned to your home. But tomorrow, expect to be taken back into this world

Immediately, we were travelling through the portal, but when we were back in my room, we didn稚 remember a thing.

Today, I had soccer practise. Daniel and I met at my house to sleepover. When we got there, Chris & Blaze were there.

敵uys, do you remember what happened last night? Blaze asked.
哲o, why? We told Blaze.
展ell, we remember being sucked into a portal, battling with a Dragonite, Gyrados & Mew and then being returned hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Immediately, it felt like a hook had hooked the back of my shirt, and we were being sucked it onto the portal that Blaze talked about! When we landed, we were in shock.

的s it just me, or are we in the room of Pokemon?! Said Chris.
Around us, were 5 PC痴 and 5 beds. Wait, why are there 5 of everything?!
展elcome to the world of Pokemon! My name is Asia. I will explain everything


Master Of Charizard
February 18th, 2005, 12:22 AM
CHAPTER 3: Meet your Pokemon! ; Dox strikes again!

展elcome, to the world of Pokemon. We are in Kanto at the moment. Said a girl of stunning beauty.

展hy are we here? Asked Blaze.

添ou are here to save all of PokeKind! You must start here, in Kanto; you will then travel to the Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, Sevii Islands, Cerulean Cave, Silver Cave and then to Mt. Dark. But, you must start like you start your Pokemon Games. You must start with no Pokemon and then make your way up to the top. Asia said.

鉄o, basically, were following the Pokemon games? I asked to Asia.

添es, oh and I forgot, these are my friends, Toront & Jack. They will help you on your journey. Oh, we got to go to Professor Oak for our Pokemon! He reserved some for us.

We walked downstairs were we found our mother and father, in the game of course. But the strange thing was that our father is Norman, the leader of the Petalburg gym in Hoenn. He explained that he was on a visit here because of the gym being vandalised by someone.

徹kay see you guys! Go Swellow! Fly use back to Hoenn!

Instantly an abnormally large Swellow appeared and flew dad back into the sky. We left home and walked to the Professors house. He greeted us with a choosing of 9 Pokemon.

滴ah! There inside these Pokeballs! Go on! Choose!

Asia went first. She chose a Torchic. Daniel chose Cyndaquil. Blaze chose a Torchic also. Chris chose Charmander. Toront chose Bulbasaur. Jack chose Treecko and I chose Charmander.

徹kay, here are your Pokedexes and Pokeballs! The Pokedex has already got the DATA on all 386 Pokemon! But, on your journey, I ask a favour of youThere are two unknown Pokemon. I ask of you to catch these two Pokemon. Their names are MUNCHALAX and RUKARIO. Now go on! Your adventure awaits you.

We leave the house thinking of many things. Then, it just came to my attention that if we have to journey to all the places that Asia mentioned, our parents will probably think weredead.

鄭sia, what about our world? Our parents, relatives and friends will be worried sick about us! I tell Asia.

泥o not worry about it. Your world痴 time frame has been frozen by my Gardevoir. They won稚 even know.

We walked into the ever familiar Route 1. While we were here, we split up to get in some training. We discovered that our Pokedex has a detailed guide on the Experience Points and Lv Up moves of our Pokemon. After about an hour of training, we met back into the middle. Our Pokemon were still itching to battle. They had grown considerably closer to their trainers also. Meanwhile

撤rofessor, you must have one Pokemon left! The kid says, desperate for a Pokemon.

展ell, I do have one, but it is a bit of a wild one. Oh, well, take it then. Oak says to the unknown trainer. 典his Pokemon is known as Rayquaza. Its current Lv is 21. The attacks on it so far are: Twister, Ancient power, Dragon Claw and Scary Face. But be extremely careful. Oh, and what is your name? I need to program it into the Pokedex.

溺y name is Dox! Dox says. Meanwhile

徹kay, is everyone痴 Pokemon on Lv 10? Good! Let痴 go! According to the Town Map on the Pokedex, we are very close to Viridian City! I tell everyone.

徹n the road to Viridian City (I'm on my way, I'm on the road x2) On the road to Viridian City (I'm on the road) Sings Chris.

鼎hris SHUT UP!!! YOU CAN探 SING!! Blaze screams to him.

展hy don稚 you guys act your age? Says a guy from behind the hedge.

展hy don稚 you come out and say it? Says Chris.

的 know, why don稚 we battle? Says the Mysterious person.

擢ine then. Go, Charmander!

的知 so sorry, but I would like to battle with all of your Pokemon...I know that without a doubt, that Charmander will not be able to withstand the stregnth of my Pokemon. Dox said, with a manic glint in his eye.

滴ow dare you insult Charmander like that! Chris exclaims, fired up, but the team sendsout there starter Pokemon anyways.

展ell teach you a lesson! Blaze snaps to Dox.

Are you sure? Now one can resist the stregnth of...Rayquaza!!! At the outburst of its masters cry, the great serpernt-like creature erupted from its Poke-Ball, creating a mass bursts of lights.

But the Pokemon would not back down. They hit with everything they had; Embers and spraying in every direction but to no avail. With one little Twister, the Pokemon were blown away. They still didn稚 back down, hitting again with the same attack. Rayquaza just sat back and used an Anient Power, blowing them away, and almost causing the Charmanders to faint. The cycle repeated and repeated. But now, Rayquaza was angry. Ancient Power had raised every STAT up by alot. It was ready to deliver the final blow when...

鉄top! Go, Salamence! Said a mysterious character, flying in the sky.

Instantly, the Salamence used its Hydro Pump to blow the Rayquaza away whilst we sneaked our Pokemon back into our Pokeballs. These two dragons stared eachother down but instantly, Salamence used its effect, Intimidate. Rayquaza got so scared that it picked up Dox, and flew very far away.

典hank you Dragon! Long time no see. So hows things going? Asia asked as if these two are long time buddys.

添ou know, the usual. But some bad stuff has been going down at the Dragon Holy Land. Dragons have been stolen. We believe that the culprits are Team Dark! We found their calling card there...Half of a dark ball. A dark ball is a Pokeball which is able to snatch Pokemon of their original trainers. Its a more developed version of the SNAG BALL, used by Team Snagem before they were defeated by two unknown trainers...Oh, and who are you? Dragon said. I think thats here name.

摘r, this is Blaze, Chris and Daniel. I知 Antonio. What is this TEAM DARK you are talking about? I asked to Dragon.

典eam Dark came was first found out about 2 years ago. After Team Rocket got booted out, it was Team Snagem. Then after that, Team Dark came along. This is the worst team of villians that has ever been. This team even kills there own Pokemon for the sake of getting a stronger one! Before any wild Pokemon come, we should go to the Pokemon Center. Your Pokemon are incredibly weak right now because of the beating from Rayquaza. Dragon explained. Instead of walking, Salamence sent us with his FLY attack. But what awaited us would shock us all...


Master Of Charizard
February 18th, 2005, 12:25 AM
CHAPTER 4: Our First Capture; Racing Fever!

滴ow are you? Welcome to the Viridian Gym Pokemon Centre! The only Pokemon Centre which has the all-time famous Racing Fever Arena!! Nurse Joy said, with a Blissey by her side. Wait, a Blissey?!

摘xcuse me, but aren稚 Blissey exclusive to the Johto region? Blaze asks to the Nurse.

添es, but, three years ago, a massive tidal wave hit the Kanto region. It also hit the other regions. Because these places are so close together, many Pokemon got moved to other regions and places. Like now, you can find many low-level Heracross in the Viridian Forest! Near the elite 4, the pathway to the left, you can find low-level Eevee痴, Vaporeon痴, Flareon痴 and Jolten痴. If you池e really lucky, you may find Espeon痴 and Umbreon痴! If you do, please show me one! I will give you a free go at the Racing Fever Arena! Nurse Joy answered.

Nurse Joy healed our Pokemon and again pleaded to us catch an Espeon and Umbreon. We accepted and made our way to Route 22 to fulfil Nurse Joy痴 request. We had to count on luck rather that skill. Bulbasaur used SWEET SCENT to draw out Pokemon. Mostly Eevee痴 and Jolteon appeared but then, Umbreon appeared.

敵o, Charmander! I say intent on capturing my first Pokemon.

Umbreon used sand-attack, blinding Charmander. I ordered him to use leer, lowering Umbreons Defence as Defensive moves are the main STATS of Umbreon. Umbreon used a Tackle attack which was easily dodged. Charmander retaliated with METAL CLAW, knocking Umbreon to the ground. Umbreon was now very angry. He let out a cry which seemed to be communicating with another Pokemon. Suddenly, an Espeon jumps down to deliver a bone shattering tackle attack. Two on One?! That痴 not fair! Charmander wasn稚 giving up though. He used ember over and over which caused Espeon and Umbreon to have shiny burns on them. A well placed METAL CLAW finished them off.

添eah! Charmander, return! Go, Pokeballs! I say in delight. The Pokeballs shake, once, twice, three times, before they are finally caught.

添es, I caught my first two Pokemon! I exclaim.

敵ood work Antonio! Now let痴 go sho------ What is that? Blaze says before he is cut off.

We hear a buzzing kind of noise from above. Down comes a Scyther, one of Blaze痴 dream Pokemon.

典his battles mine! Go, Torchic Blaze says.

Instantly, the fiery chick comes out ready for battle. Scyther痴 incredible speed gives it the advantage. It hit with QUICK ATTACK forcing Torchic back. Torchic replied by using it痴 Peck attack, hitting Scyther with a critical hit. Torchic sensed that it was at an advantage, so it used Ember and Scyther was defeated.

敵o Pokeball!

Once, twice, thrice the ball had shook, and then, he was caught.

敵reat work Torchic! We have got a Scyther!

哲ow can we go?! Daniel said.

Back at the Pokemon Centre...

哲o, I知 sorry sir you can稚 go in. No sir. NO! You can稚. Nurse Joy says, struggling to hold back the mysterious man.

添ou won稚 stop me from obtaining what I want! Mightyena, go! Use Crunch!

哲OOO. It hurts! It hurts! Screams Nurse Joy in pain, but no one was there to help and Blissey was taken down by the mysterious man痴 team.

滴umph. That will teach her to stay out of TEAM DARKS plan! Mwahahahahaha...

Somewhere near the Pokemon Center...

鼎ongratulations on your captures guys, really, I hope I get one Pokemon before I get to Pewter City. I really d--- Nurse Joy! Are you OK, what happened? Daniel said. There was blood everywhere. A large bite mark was visible on the arm of Nurse Joy. It was the source of the blood.

鉄hush, she痴 waking up...

滴ey, what happened, where am I? Oh no, I got to go to the racing arena!

添ou池e not going anyway in this condition! Blissey, take care of Nurse Joy. We値l take care of the nuisance in the arena. I say to Nurse Joy.

Blissey shows us the way to the RACING FEVER ARENA. It healed our Pokemon before we entered. In there was many Pokemon trainers. These trainers had Pokemon that have a high SPD stat.

鏑ast call for entries into the 24th annual RACING FEVER MARATHON which consists of 50 laps around the Viridian Forest. 1st prize is the prized Pokemon LARVITAR.

鏑arvitar! I知 entering! Blaze said. Who could blame him for such an incredible Pokemon?

We walked to the registration desk where we found the receptionist cowering behind the desk. When we asked her what happened, she said that team dark is here. They are after the WORLD CHAMPIONS POKEMON. She informed us that the worlds champion is here because this is the very place and exact date that he had received his first Pokemon, Bagon. His team is full of incredibly powerful Pokemon. That痴 why Team Dark is here.

撤lease, I beg you to win this tournament and take out TEAM DARK! Entry is free for you! Said the desperate receptionist. We took up her challenge. We decided to let Blaze compete since he was desperate and he had a Scyther, the fastest Pokemon that we have so far.

We entered the grounds where we found many fast Pokemon such as Ninjask and Scizor. But one trainer stood out among the rest. He was wearing a denim blue jacket with a skull, team members and admirers around him, asking questions whilst following his orders. His pokemon was also a Scyther, but not a normal one. It looked unnaturally fast and strong, like it had been genetically enhanced. Its physical appearance looked different as well. It was a SHINY Scyther

Half an hour later at the starting line

釘oss, when should we start plan win?

徹n the last lapWe need to focus on the main competitor!

鄭ye aye boss

典he rules are simple! Race round this course! Your Pokemon are allowed to attack the other racers! Everyone ready? 3, 2, 1

A gun shot somewhere and the Pokemon went of. Blaze was doing well, in 4th position. He was comfortable when they had completed the first five laps until he was attacked. A Ninjask attacked him with AIR CUTTER, Scyther fought back with AERIAL ACE. They kept on going and when Scyther used SLASH, Ninjask had fainted and was eliminated. But Blaze & Scyther had fallen back 7 spots, making them in 11th spot, that is until the person in No.1 spot ordered his Charizard to use BLAST BURN. It wiped out every competitor except the two Scythers. Charizard was too exhausted to continue, therefore he was eliminated. On the final lap, it was a battle for first spot, with the Scythers neck-n-neck.

哲NNOOOWWW!!! The boss screamed.

Out of nowhere, millions of bug pokemon came out and attacked Scyther. These bug Pokemon were Butterfree, Beedrill, Dustox and Beautifly. Scyther had fallen back and no referee痴 or officials were dealing with the Pokemon or culprit. That痴 when we took matters into our own hands

敵o, Pokemon! Attack the Bug Pokemon!

One by one, the fire pokemon took down these flying bugs, until four stood left Daniel and Chris took care of these. They both used ember and threw 2 Pokeballs each. Chris had caught his first two Pokemon, Butterfree and Beautifly whilst Daniel caught Beedrill and Dustox

Back in the race, again they where neck and neck. They where nearing the finish line. When they crossed, no one knew who to award it to

的t looked like a tie

鼎ome on, he used other Pokemon to attack the other competitor

滴e, hemI know who the winner wasIt was the man with the shiny Scyther, Mr Dark!

哲o it wasn稚! Hey! What, what痴 this

It looked like skin was peeling off his face. We pulled it off. IT WAS A MASK!!



With that, the so-called Mr Dark was defeated and Blaze had earned the right to own a Larvitar We left the Pokemon centre when two trainers, a girl and a boy, turned up.

滴ey, you! I challenge you to a battle! My name is Wes and this is Rui! Wes said, challenging Blaze to a battle.


典he rules are different. They must be two trainers, each trainer send out 2 Pokemon. So a total of 8 Pokemon are on the battle zone!

的 chooseAntonio!

The battle had begun. I sent Umbreon and Espeon to battle; Blaze chose Scyther and Larvitar, Wes chose Pinsir and Magmar and Rui chose Gastly and Electabuzz. Magmar and Electabuzz started of, attacking Scyther with FIRE AND THUNDER PUNCH. Scyther dodged and used Double Team, then used QUICK ATTACK. They were knocked back, but not out. Espeon used Psybeam, hitting Pinsir with tremendous force. Larvitar used a Rock Slide attack, shrouding the battle field with dust, impossible to see who got hit. When the dust cleared, Magmar was the unlucky one and was ELIMINATED from battle. The others were a piece of cake, but before the final blow was struck, they forfeited.


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