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December 15th, 2003, 1:14 PM
Mmmmm... Ever Since I've Had Kay-Chan, Everything Is A Bit Chaotic... I Think Kycra Is A Bit Jealous... And Jordans Getting Edgy... Now I May Never Get A Flygon U-U' Kaylan, let him go see his mommy!

Oh... I Haven't Expalined Have I? ^-^

Kaylan Is My Blaziken. He Is My Strongest Pokemon. Kay-Chan Is My Azurill. His Parents Chou Chou and Ying Yang (Both Marills) Named Him After His Two God-Parents, Kaylan And Chin-Chan. Chin-Chan Is A Chimecho. He Is Always Happy And Smiling. Chin-Chan Is One Of Ying Yang and Chou Chou's Best Friends. They Felt Kaylan Should Be His Other God Parent Because He Is Good Willed And Strong. They Want Kay-Chan To Grow Up Happy And Stong Like His God Parents.

This Causes Havoc Because Now That Jordan Has Evolved Into An Altaria, He Doesn't Get As Much Training Attention. Now He Keeps Winding Everyone Up. Now I Am Very Annoyed. Kaylan wants Kay-Chan To Stay In My Party. He Is Very Attatched. I Want To Put Kay-Chan Into The PC. Kaylan Has Never Been Out Of My Party And Doesn't Want To Start Now. So That Means Kaylan And Kay-Chan Stay In My Party. I Need Jordan To Fly. I Need Nobbi (Rhyhorn-come-Rhydon) To Dig and Rock Smash. I Need Kycra (Kyogre) To Dive And Scale Waterfalls. Now Kycra Is Jealous Because Its Best Friend (Kaylan) Doesn't Hang Any More And Hangs Out With Kay-Chan. Oh, And I Need Jezpa (Linoone) I Need To Surf And Cut. U.U I Had To Chuck Piffelumps (Wobbufet) From My Party. I Needed Her To Search For Latias!!! Oh Well, I DO Really Want To Train Felitia Jnr (Bagon) And Strata (Trapinch) Into Salamence And Flygon! *sigh*

Oh... I Just Can't Wait Till I Get A Pichu... :dead:

My my...

*is escorted away by the nut house*

December 15th, 2003, 1:20 PM
Err, a nice story, but doesnt have anything to do with the real game. If you want to make a roleplay or fanfic, do so in the correct areas. ^_^;