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February 19th, 2005, 8:41 PM
Rating: PG-13 for slight swearing and some violence.



Lavenders Prologue

Not much thought was ever given to the small and insignificant town of Lavender, which lay silent in the looming shadows of the Rock Tunnel. But that was reasonable, for it was one of the smallest towns of Kanto. It was a spec compared to the grand cities of Celadon and Saffron, its tiny houses cowering under the shade of the metropolises towering skyscrapers. The town itself was of no grand spectacle, having nothing but about fifty homes, a Pokemon Center, a Poke Mart, other shops that were of no real importance, and no Pokemon Gym. The only thing worth seeing, and the only thing that made Lavender Town different from the other small villages of Kanto, was the ominous Pokemon Tower. The tower was a great mystery to travelers, for it was the only reason as to why they visited the irrelevant town, but was not so to the towns villagers. The villagers, in fact, ignored the Pokemon Tower, and acted as if it had ceased to exist. Only those whos Pokemon had passed through deaths door visited the graveyard. Other than that, it remained empty for most of the year, becoming older and duster with each passing day. Only some people troubled themselves with keeping the Pokemon Tower decent, though, the other villagers saw their work in vain. The Diggers, as they were called, tried to calm the spirits of the dead Pokemon, while still cleaning up the tower day after day. But, the Ghost Pokemon from the tower could not be held back by the Diggers, and raged through the town, frightening the townspeople and causing chaos. Because of this, each family was required to own a Noctowl, Hoot Hoot, or any Pokemon capable of keeping the Ghost Pokemon at bay. The Pokemon would be in the possession of the eldest child, but would also be part of that same family. If the Pokemon, which was called the Atuk, died, the familys newest born child would chose the Atuk from a number of Ghost-Hunting Pokemon. They would acquire it from an old woman of the village, who bred these Pokemon, and gave them to the villagers for free. Other rituals and ceremonies were created to keep the people safe. Many people found these rituals unnecessary, but others said they were important to the repelling of ghosts. So enough, these ways were enforced through out all of Lavender Town, and for hundreds of years had kept Lavender safe from all ghouls, demons, and ghosts. As the years went by, most rituals were forgotten as the modern century came up the foot steps of Lavender Town. But, someone else was also walking up the steps of the town. It was the Soul Hunter.


The Childrens Prologue

Night. Darkness. These were things that ordinary children were afraid of. Most children tried to not give much thought to them, but those who inhabited Lavender Town were different. We all lived in the city of the night, the city of darkness. There was no escaping it. There was no where we could run where we would be safe from the shadows, the darkness that crept over our small town. None of us really understood why the darkness surrounded our town, our family, and especially us. We all envied the children of other cities who did not have ghosts at their door every night. Our minds were soon shrouded with the same shadows that cloaked our town. We were ignorant, stupid, and most of all, confused. Our parents never really told us much of the ghouls and ghosts. All they told us was to not bring any attention to ourselves. They told us not to communicate with any of the spirits that walked our town at night, even if they were Pokemon. We were forbidden to visit the Grand Graveyard, but that did not stop the bravest of us. But then again, the bravest of us were usually the most ignorant.

Author's Note: Chapter One will be posted soon. Also, criticism is appreciated.

March 6th, 2005, 9:08 AM
Its good I like it..... plz continue

March 6th, 2005, 10:34 AM
There's not much I really say on prologues so I'll remain commentless for this review heh. Real review starts chapter one.

But anyways, I like where you're going with this fic. I too forgot there was a Lavendar Town 'til I read this fic believe it or not. o.0 I loved how you explained the rituals to keep away demons and ghosts and I wonder how the Soul Hunter comes into play.

The children's prologue reminded me of the book Anthem for some reason. I think its because you wrote the children as one unit instead of seperate individuals . . . Anyways though, nice use of emotion for them. Ignorant, brave . . . they also seem like empty shells too. =/ I'm odd, I know.

I do suggest putting in more paragraphs so it's not as clumped up together like that though. =/

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