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February 20th, 2005, 2:08 AM
Well, this is just a lil fic of mine. Its a ghost story, cause I feel like it! Bwahaha. I hope you enjoy!


Shadowhill Inn...

"Mooooooom, out of all places, why do we have to stay here?!" Nick whined, sticking his hands in the pocket of his dark red hoodie. His usually brown spiked hair was no matted and flat against his head, and he was cold, tired and drenched. Nick's grey-green eyes examined every inch of the hotel in front of him, in disbelief of his parent's choice in vacation spots.

The place was run down, and looked as though it was going to cave in at any given moment. Shutters hung loose from the windows, flapping about in the strong gust of wind, and every now and then a cunck of crumbling brick would be swept away by the heavy rain the stung Nick's body. Vines crawled up the walls of the ancient building, making it look even more eeire than before.

They had to drive through a narrow winding path that was surrounded by large gnarly trees that arched over the path, sheilding them from the rain for a few minutes. Moss cascaded down from the branches of the trees, blowing around in Nick's face. He couldn't believe what his parents was forcing him to go through.

"Nick, hush. We'll only be here for a few days." His mother, Tonya Miller, said, placing a hand on his shoulder and steering him toward the hotels steps. His little sister, Kayla, and brother, Andrew, followed them, while Nick's father brought up the end.

"Oh, cheer up, guys! This is a chance for you to explore, to have fun!" He said cheerfully, his brown eyes twinkling with amusement. He loved going to old places such as this... hotel, if you could call it that. Louisana was one of Ryan Miller's favorite places in the world. Nick couldn't believe they had dragged him out here for this.

Andrew pulled on one of Kalays dark brown braids, acting like he was looking around whenever she glared at him. "Mommy, Andrew won't leave me alone!" She wailed, swating at him. Andrew was a trouble maker and pranker, even at age seven.

"Andrew, leave Kayla alone. Come one, lets go. The rain looks as though it might start to flood the area."


"H.... hello?" Mr. Miller asked, looking in all directions. Clouds of dust swhirled around the family's feet, causing Kayla to cough. She clutched her stuffed dog tightly, with the other hand attached to Tonya's leg. Andrew was already checking the place out, running here and there, determining what he could get away with in this place. Nick hung back, gazing at a grime covered window. He felt something watching him, so he hurried to catch up with his father.

A large chandilier swayed gently above them, making Mrs. Miller a bit nervous. She pushed the kids along, now taking place at the rear with Kayla.

"Welcome..." A cold voice said, startling Nick. He jumped, turning around to face an elder man that was staring at him intently. The mans bright blue eyes were magnified behind his glasses, and he was strangly thin. And old. "I suposse you'll be staying for a few days, no doubt?"

"Yes, we would like to stay for a few weeks actually." Mrs. Miller said, smiling brightly. Kayla hid behind Tonya's legs, holding Tuffy harder than ever. Nick was about to say she had said days, but he didn't want to get into an arguement.

"Mommy," She whispered, "A boy told me this place isn't safe..."

"Shhh, Kayla, your fine. And if you squeeze Tuffy too hard his head will pop off."


"no buts. We're staying."

"Well, let me get some rooms ready. James!!!" The man yelled, sounding younger than he looked.

A scrawny boy came into the room with his head down. "Follow me." He muttered, turning before anyone could catch a glimpse of him.


"These are your rooms." Was all James said, before starting to turn and walk away.

"Wait!!" Nick shouted running after him. He followed the boy, eventually catching up to him. "So, do you work here or live here?"

James looked up, and chills ran down Nicks spine. The look James gave him might have been one of anger, jealousy, or both. What did this boy have against him?

"Yeah. Peter is my grandfather." Was all he said before turning on his heel, and leaving Nick with a sence of fear and curiousity.


Hokay, not all that good, but it'll get better, I promise. ^_^ I hope you enjoyed chapter one!


crazed flareon
February 27th, 2005, 1:05 PM
It was VERY interesting, and very good job!

February 27th, 2005, 9:01 PM
>> ...How is this scary..? It was well written, but you said it was a ghost story..

February 28th, 2005, 3:16 PM
Uh, its just the first chapter.... It'll get better, I promise!! *gulps*