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February 21st, 2005, 10:59 AM
Aloysia stood still. Still enough to be mistaken for a stone carving of a warrior. She stood, her drawn katana in hand, her dark eyes narrowed. On the edge of her village, on the egde of the forest, she watched the leaves blow in the wind as rain fell, making soft noises as it hit, and slid off of her armour. She stood when the others slept; she was a one man army. Unless...the odds were greater than one to four. Then was when she needed back-up.

Her gaze cold enough to freeze anyone unprepared in their tracks, Aloysia's hard gloves were slick with water, though her grip on her beloved sword stayed the same. Unbreakable.

Neverending was this war, between the villages. She had been born into this world a warrior, and she was sure to leave this world on the battlefield.


Unmoving, she knew who it was. Aubrey.


Aubrey moved to Aloysia's side, staring into the woods as well. The rain matted his dark hair to his forehead, and he was without his armour or weapons.

"Come inside. We've got scouts. I don't want you to get sick."

"Save your false concern for someone who cares, Aubrey."

He moved in front of Aloysia. Quickly, Aubrey reached up and snatched her beloved helmet from her head. Aloysia's eyes widened, and her katana came up, the blade at Aubrey's neck.

"Give it back."

"Only if you come in."

"I'll kill you if you don't give it back," she growled in warning.

"Fine, fine," Aubrey muttered as he gently dropped the helmet over her head. "There."

In the short time her helmet was actually unlatched from her skull, Aubrey savoured the chance to see her face. Aloysia was one of the most beautiful females in the village, and Aubrey was the soon-to-be-ruler of the village. People who knew them would think that they were perfect for each other, both being from powerful families, but...Aloysia dedicated her life to protecting the village, after the neighboring viallage attacked...The screams from her family still echoed in her ears, as they were slaughtered before her eyes. The laughter from the man who did it burned itself into her memory, she is unable to forget.

"Please, Aloysia, come in. Get dry."

'Why won't he give up?' She thought to herself. "Fine." She turned stiffly, and sheathed her katana. She headed to her cottage, a small shack near the edge of the forest. Aubrey sped up slightly, and placed a hand on her armoured shoulder.

"Aloysia, why don't you come to my cottage tonight? I will have dinner prepared for you," he tried. She shrugged and stopped, before looking over at his home, which was larger than her own, and more luxurious.

"Fine." Her voice was hard, cold. She had been void of emotion since forever, since she was a child.

Moments later Aubrey led Aloysia into the dwelling, and snatched her helmet from her head, making the woman growl.

"Hey now, calm down. Get that armour off, you're inside."

Aloysia rolled her eyes, and began unlacing her armour, gently placing it on the floor. Aubrey helped, by removing her shin guards. Aloysia's dark emerald eyes burned into Aubrey's, strangely they looked alike. As children they were friends, and Aubrey looked up to Aloysia's strength, though he was to be the next leader. They both had black hair, though most of the villagers did; except the old. Aloysia and Aubrey shared a strange trait; they both had beep emerald eyes. A few others did, too, but most people in this village had black eyes. Everyone had pale skin. They varied in heights, though the avergae for a male was six feet even, and for a female, five and a half feet. Aloysia was unusually tall, at five foot, ten inches. Aubrey was six foot even.

"Are you hungry?" Aubrey ushered the, now, unarmoured woman to the solid oak table in the cornerof his dwelling. Aloysia shook her head, but Aubrey never took 'no' as an answer from her. Aubrey forced her into a seat, and stepped over to the roaring fire in the fireplace. Pulling a pot from the stilts in the fire, he sat it on the table, and set a wooden bowl before each of their seats, with beautifully carved chopsticks. With a wooden ladle, he quickly spooned some stew into each of their bowls; it had potatoes and carrots, as well as some beef in it. It steamed, and Aloysia reached across the table, to the small bowl of salt. She grabbed a pinch, and sprinkled it over her stew. Aubrey did the same. They ate their stew quietly, though Aubrey watched Aloysia eat.

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February 21st, 2005, 11:19 AM
Intresting. Is this about the Forest of Fear? Its pretty good, so far. Can wait to see more, Ciera!! ^_~


February 21st, 2005, 12:57 PM
It started out as my Forest of Fear post, but I changed the name ^^

I couldn't pass up the oppourtunity to write a story on it, lol.

February 21st, 2005, 1:02 PM
I noticed. Thats a good idea. Can't wait for the second chapter!!^_~


February 21st, 2005, 3:45 PM
The previous night it had rained. It was still raining as Aloysia's feet touched the cold wood floor of her cottage. Her armour was neatly laid out on the floor to dry, and her clothing was hanging on a short line in the corner. What the shocker was, was that she couldn't remember how she got here. One thought came to mind. Aubrey.

Aloysia quickly threw on a fresh pair of bottoms and a fresh top, over her knickers. She pulled on her boots and strapped her dagger to one of her thighs, and her katana to the opposite one. She pulled on her wrist bands, and her shin guards, as well as her helmet and breast- and back- plates. Pulling on her gloves, the woman burst out of her home, and ran to the next nearest cottage; Aubrey's.

"Aubrey! Open the door!" She beat on the door with her fist, until he opened the door. He was wearing black shorts, socks, and a loose, no-sleeve shirt. His hair was a mess. Aubrey quickly beckoned Aloysia into the larger dwelling as some of the light rain was blown onto him by the wind.

"It's cold, and it's early, and why are you in your armour? Geez, don't you ever take it off?" He collapsed on a small wooden chair, and looked up at Aloysia.

"How did I get home last night?"

"I took you. You should consider dieting, it would-"

"Shut up! Aubrey, my necklace is gone," Aloysia practically shouted, as her hand flew up to the base of her neck, where the snow coloured jewel on the silver chain was absent. "It's gone!"

"Woah, now, I didn't take it. Don't think I did, I wouldn't do such a thing," Aubrey looked genuinly concerned. "Besides, I didn't know you could be so attached to something..."

Aloysia dropped to her knees, and looked under his dining table. Removing her helmet and flinging it across the room, she frantically turned it cottage upside down, searching for her trinket.

"Where is it?!" Her eyes were tearing now. Aubrey stood up and stepped over to his chest. He pulled a fresh shirt out of the chest and put it on over his nightshirt, and Aloysia paused for a brief moment as the male sluggishly removed his night shorts, replacing them with his black bottoms. She immediatly went back to searching.

"Has anyone been here since last night? Well?" Her voice squeaked. Aubrey shook his head.

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Broken Hearts
February 21st, 2005, 6:40 PM
Really creative..^^
I noticed you were a good roleplayer as well as a great fan-fic writer ;)

February 22nd, 2005, 5:53 AM
Thanks. -hugs- I try, I really do, lol.

February 22nd, 2005, 6:08 AM
"No one, Aloysia. Perhaps it is at your own home?" He tried, he really did. He stood and picked up her helmet, and held his hand to her. She took it and stod, snatching her helmet from his hands.

Grabbing Aubrey's hand tightly, Aloysia dragged him from his dwelling; and to her own. She kicked open the door, and her armour flew from her clothed body to the floor.

Aloysia impatiently dropped to her knees, and searched; under her cot, under the table, everywhere, until...

"I found it."

Her gaze flew over to Aubrey, who was hunched over near the fireplace, which was missing it's fire. In his hand was a silver chain, with a jewel. In an instant, she was next to Aubrey, reaching for her necklace.

"Thank you, oh, thank you, Aubrey!" Her arms found their way around Aubrey's neck, and it surprised him. Aloysia stood and clasped the necklace behind her neck, tears welling in her eyes. She left her armour on the floor as she headed for the door, Aubrey at her heels.

Moments later, the two were walking, or dodging, their way down the crowded market street. Their village was much more...properus, than their neighbor. Often, merchants from another village would sneak their way in, and sell their items.

"I'm hungry. Are you hungry, Aubrey?" Aloysia seemed to be in a much better mood now.

"Yes, very."

As the words escaped his lips, they were corraled behind a cart, by a small girl. Wyll.

"Hello, Wyll!" Aloysia hugged the smaller girl.

"Hi..Aloysia..I can't..breathe..."

"Oh! I'm sorry!"

"Hey, Wyll. How've you been?" Aubrey leaned against the wall of the building behind the cart, and Wyll smiled up at him.

"I have been fine, Aubrey. It's nice to see you again." Just because Wyll was smaller, didn't necessarily mean she was younger. She was a few years older then both Aubrey and Aloysia. She liked to prove how she was wiser than the two, always.

"I hear you two are hungry? I shall cook for you!" Without a second thought, Wyll ushered Aubrey and Aloyisia into the cottage. She sat them down and started a fire in the fireplace.

February 22nd, 2005, 12:59 PM
Moments later, Wyll had steaming plates of vegitables set out on her table. Setting out sets of wooden chopsticks, the woman sat down across from the other two.

"Wyll, where's Henri?" Aubrey ventured. Aloysia stayed quiet, picking at the broccoli that was on her plate.

"That man's outside sellin' all sorts of stuff. I made that pack-rat toss out all of his junk! He said he'd rather sell it, how silly. If he doesn't sell it, he has to get rid of it!" Wyll laughed. Her laugh wasn't hollow, as Aloysia's was...Oh no, quite the opposite. It was full of joy, and she laughed with her heart. She didn't force herself to believe something was funny. She just acted on impulse...

"How has he been?" Aloysia attempting to halt the woman's laughter with a question. She feared she was going to be sick.

"He's as fine as he ever was. Oh, by the way, I was wonderin', when will you to finally get married? It's the only thing them old ladies at Lana's jewel stand will speak of! They's waitin' for you, Aubrey, to go up there and buy miss Aloysia a pretty ring! Or maybe a necklace. Maybe a bracelet!" Wyll cracked up again, as Aloysia gagged on her carrots. Aubrey snickered.

"Yes," he began, jestingly, "when will you take my hand in marriage, lady Aloysia?"

"Shut up..." she growled, quietly. She didn't like joking about such things as feelings and families. Born into war, death in war. She would not die with children to continue her blood. She would not risk it. Especially when it came to Aubrey.

February 22nd, 2005, 3:27 PM
"Oh? Did Aubrey and I touch a nerve? Lighten up, honey!"

"I said shut up, Wyll."

'Sorry,' Aubrey mouthed as he grabbed Aloysia by the elbow, and drug her from the cottage.

"Learn some manners, Aloysia! Wyll is our friend, you are in no position to be rude!"

She growled, and pinned Aubrey to a wall of a cottage they were walking by. She drew a knife, and held it at his throat, not being gentle at all. Pausing in between each of her words, Aloysia spoke between clenched teeth, "I said shut up."

"Ok, ok," his voice was paniked. "Just...move your knife..."

The woman did as such, and turned on her heel, leaving a startled Aubrey against the wall, watching her back as she stormed away.

Later that evening, the sun shone bright. It had been a long, long time since the sun went down for more than two hours at a time. Aloysia's windows had thick, dark brown curtains covering them. She laid on her bed, staring at the ceiling. She wore close to nothing, besides a small pair of panties, and a top that hardly kept her bosom back. A male would consider her beauiful; she hides herself behind her helmet, her armour.

She sat up suddenly. Grabbing her knife, Aloysia stood and stepped over to her door. She was distracted from sleep by her thoughts, and distracted from her thoughts by sleep. Though, in the middle of all of her thoughts, she heard a knock at the door.

Silently, she waited.

"I know you're there." Aubrey's voice was a liferaft from her island of thoughts and fears. She opened the door, and Aubrey hurried his way in. Sheathing her knife, she set in on the bed as he locked her door.

"Aloysia," he sounded frightened, "they're coming."


"They! The Grynos!" The Grynos were the current inhabiters of the neighboring village to the west. Awful people. Hated those who were different. They were the ones who eliminated Aloysia's family. She, of all of the villagers, hated them the most.

February 26th, 2005, 12:28 PM
Yayness, more chapters!! This is pretty good. I noticed a few mistakes, but nothing bad enough to kill the story. I am really getting hooked on this fic... O_O Keep it up, Ciera!!

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February 26th, 2005, 2:29 PM
Oooh, this fic ish good! <3 I already really like Aloysia, even though there's been but a few chapters so far. ^_______^ I love the overall plot of the fic. It has quite a sense of danger to it. ^o^

I love how you have the excitement build in one area, and then fall in another, it gives the reader great anticipation when reading your story. ^__^

I would like to recommend typing your fics in a word processing document. That way you're able to spell-check your work before posting it here. ^^; There were only a few minor mistakes, so it's really nothing to get too worried about.

Well, so far so good Ciera! Keep up teh great chapter! ^.~


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Wow, I should really post again. Hehe. No worries, I'll post some more soon.