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February 26th, 2005, 12:52 PM
You make a member of the Organization. You also choose one of the available numbers. You have to say what they look like (face stuff like hair & eye color & hair style), what their weapon is, what element(s) they specialize in, what element(s) they're weak against, their gender, a description of them and what their card (the one you would get when you defeated them) would do. You can't take the number of organization members, whether they're dead or not.
List of available & taken (and who weren taken by) organization #s:
1-18. Taken by characters in the games (all empty spaces from 1-18 will most likely be filled in KH2)
19. Shinin (me)
20. Available
21. Available
22. Available
23. Available
24. Available
25. Available
26-100. Available
(the list will be updated as people join)

Weapon: A double-bladed sword with long, black blades that have sharp points on all parts of it instead of just the tips of the blades like regular swords. Can be spun to create wind & small tornados.
Specialized elements: Wind & heal
Elements weak against: Thunder, ice & fire
Appearance: Normally looks mad. Has brownish red eyes, and shortish hair that is spiked with the spikes facing forwards.
Description: Shinin spends lots of time training with his sword. He is very violent.
Card info: Name: Swordsman
What it does: Raises power, swing speed & CB recovery by 3 grades. Immune to Wind. Weak against thunder, ice & fire. Lasts 30 cards. CP: 99.

February 26th, 2005, 1:23 PM
Ya Know This Would Really Belong In The Other RP Section *Report*
but Ill Join I LOVE Kingdom Hearts
Weapon:A Blade With Jewels Going Down The Middle Of The Blade,If He Is Using It And He Taps On One of The Jewels Its Attack Will Rise
Specialized Elements:Ice,Water
Elements Weak:Thunder,Grass/Nature
Looks:Purple Hair Going Down To His Neck,Red Top With A Black Pair of Jeans With It,Nike Sneakers He Dresses Differently So Sora Wont Know Hes A Bad Guy
Description:Hes A Guy With Alot of Cool He Colected By Alot Of Swordsman Hes Pretty Friendly And Has Lots Of Friends
Card Info:Name:Collecter
What It Does:Raises Your Attack Twice As Many Power As The Number Of Your Card Your Using

February 26th, 2005, 1:41 PM
It's not an RP, it's a create-a-something.

NOTE: You don't have to go in number order. So if someone was just 24, you don't have to be 25, you can be 26 or 49 or whatever you want it to be.

February 27th, 2005, 7:45 AM
Ya Know This Would Really Belong In The Other RP Section *Report*
Heh...I would be able to see the report if Gmail was working right now. <<
It's not an RP, it's a create-a-something.
Hmm...true...Other Roleplay or Fun time in PokLand!? *moves*

March 1st, 2005, 7:42 AM
Well Hope That Lots Of People Join