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February 27th, 2005, 3:00 PM
Know its a bad title for this fic but oh well, enjoy!


I never knew who were my parents or how I became, all I knew was I was found on a log floating by the shores of Mossdeep where Steven found me. Steven was not a foster parent or stepfather but kin, someone who was my mentor at times like teacher to student, or at other times; family. Yet I didnt know too much about him, about his personal life but I understood exactly like him with pokemon, it was he Steven who gave me a name-Oceania from my bright shining purple eyes almost as seablue as my hair. As close as we were he did not want me to go to school instead he homeschooled me and took me out of it when I was 10 (kids can get out of school at age 10 to become pokemon trainers) I never cared for school either for someone had to collect rocks, fossils, and seashells and those became my hobbies. I was too much into dreaming than to learn about equations, algebra, and things. But all that changed one day from the eight years he took care of me from when I was 4...

One day I came home from collecting seashells at Shoal Cave and Steven wasnt home, there was no note, no anything I was startled Steven always left a note even if he was in a hurry, sometimes I couldnt even read it, but there was always a note. He must of been in a big hurry I thought maybe he didnt have time and I went to sleep in my bed refusing to cry, for if I cried I must have believed something was wrong and something was...Four days went by and Steven never came I had no more food in the fridge and had to spend Stevens money, still I refused to cry. Soon I knew I couldnt stay here any longer, I had asked everyone in town if they saw Steven leave that fateful day or have even seen him, all shook their heads. So I decided to leave Mossdeep and look for Steven, I had no money except 5 dollars and that would not be enough so I decided to stowaway.

Chapter 1 A bright sunny summer day was upon Mossdeep after the horrible storms in the spring, merchants and local shopkeepers sold their goods in a marketplace by the sea to attract tourist and local passengers from the cruise ships that traveled there every year. People of all types came, some seasick, some traveling poets writing about festive times, and whatnot. Among them was a girl with a red visor keeping the sun from her deep violet eyes; everyone was cheerful except her. She had sadness written over her whole face and wore a deep frown, her eyes looked onto the ground as if she was in deep thought, and she-Oceania was. She pushed her way though the crowd and many people stared at her, one pokemon trainer who couldnt stand her rude ways said, Hey! Watch it! And looked into her eyes. She glared at him with a look that would fry him into a deep crisp and went deeper into the crowd. The trainer stared in her direction and went back to what he was doing.
The girl-Oceania went to the dock and went near the S.S. Tide a cruise ship that had the easiest storage system the ship didnt have sailors guarding the cargo, which was easy to stowaway in. She had found that out by pretending to look on a map of Hoenn, pretending to be lost, of course she couldnt get food on the ship, it would be too hard but she could steal some from the back of local grocery shops, they left food that was expired and she took the freshest ones. Sometimes if she was lucky she would find rare candy and things on the ground and she would sell those for food and equipment like a pokenav and maybe buy a pokemon at the local petshop. She snuck past some sailors talking about how to sail the ships and why were they always full of trainers this time of year. The Hoenn League where every trainer goes and tries to win that splendid cup, one said.
True, but the Hoenn League doesnt start until September and its only the beginning of July right now, another retorted.
The Silver Conference then for it starts 2 weeks before the Hoenn League, another stated, It also takes 2 weeks to get there too.
Yep, must be it, a well-built sailor stated. Oceania climbed into the cargo of the gigantic cruise ship and looked for a barrel or something to hide in, she spotted a pretty big barrel maybe big enough to sit in and it had a hole on the top which she could get air from. Oceania ran quickly to it and tried to open the lid but it didnt budge. Trying furiously to open the lid 3 more times, Oceania kicked it the fourth time the stupid thing didnt budge and then she pushed it on the floor. There was an Ow, sound from within the barrel and was followed by something dropping to below inside the barrel. The lid fell off and Oceania peeked inside... Boo, the figure said. Oceania screamed her dark blue hair flying. The figure had stood up to his full height his spiky brown hair looked like it had sawdust in it and he had an amazed look. Youre not a sailor, why I bet youre just like me a stowaway, he said laughing, Sorry spot taken. And he climbed back into the barrel.
What! You MEAN I tried to lift that lid of FOR nothing and had to deal with you?! Oceania had an outraged expression on her face.
I guess, the boy looked a bit confused and added, Since you knocked me out of my barrel you have to help me put it back to its original position.
What, I could just report you to the captain of the boat.
Then why are you here? the boy said testy like.
Well... Oceania faltered
The boy sighed, Here Ill make you a deal if you promise to not tell the captain Im here, Ill let you share my hiding place and have a little of my food.
Oceania didnt have too think. Yes, she said grinning.
Well introductions, Im Corneth Bladesworth, the boy said holding out his hand.
Oceania Stone, Oceania replied shaking his hand. Oh yeah and how are we going to fit inside that barrel together?
We arent Plan 2 is one of use hide inside my big luggage bag I have next to the barrel. Corneth pointed to a humungous bag by the barrel.
And what else is in it? I bet its holding something else, Oceania said.
Yeah it is its holding food and some other stuff.
SO Im going to go into it?!
Uh, no I am, Corneth retorted.
Then HOW AM I going to get food?! Oceania yelled.
Shhhhhh. I figured it out when the sailors put all the luggage in we can do anything we want in here, just not make too much noise. And Corneth rolled his eyes, You never stowed away have you, have you?
No, Oceania said and narrowed her eyes when have you?
Never mind that, he said the sailors are coming we gotta hide. And he put the barrel to its original stand. Get in, he ordered.
But I cant climb, Oceania sighed.
Ill lift you, and quickly grabbing Oceania he stuffed her into the barrel closed the lid and jumped for the luggage bag, he quickly got in and closed the zippers and stopped when he reached his head.
Oceania had been doing much worse Corneth had thrown her in in a big hurry and she had landed on her back she made sure she hadnt broken any bones and fell asleep. Meanwhile the sailors packed the remaining bags that hadnt been packed yesterday and went away, the announcer announced that they were starting the ship and said, Next stop Olivine, Johto. But Oceania was asleep by the time she heard it. And with a bizzz sound the boat left into the sunny horizon taking Oceania with it...

February 28th, 2005, 1:03 AM
Thats really good. I can't wait till the next chapter is posted! I haven't read a fanfic is ages, and I'm glad to start up by reading a good peice.

February 28th, 2005, 8:07 PM
Yeah, keep it up! It'd be really neat if you could touch it up a bit literarily but it's a great read to me as it is. I also look forward to seeing the role of Pokemon in this story.

(I like that the character met another human before a Pokemon, I think sometimes it's cliched when, mere paragraphs after leaving home, a main character happens to stumble across some random Pokemon and they hit it off and the person asks the Pokemon to come along with them; very plot-device-y.)

Really like the characters too; you haven't tried to overdevelop them in the first chapter and you do provide a nice background and framework. The name Oceania was a risk well worth taking IMHO as it doesn't sound overdone when you take into account the person who named her and the circumstances of her introduction to that person.

I look forward to further installations! :D

March 1st, 2005, 7:09 PM
:P *Gives all readers cookies* Thanks for replying!And pidgeot500 Oceania WILL get herself a pokemon and I will overdevelop there personal traits, Corneth is already a pokemon trainer and Oceania will become one, people will find Oceania's attitude a bit intense and a little hotheaded...As for Chap.2 I just started it, my teachers are reloading me with homework so I will have it(Chap.2) finished on Wed.-Fri. And ash_misty4ever I hope you do enjoy my fic!

March 2nd, 2005, 7:44 PM
Man this story is great I like it alot keep up the good work