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February 27th, 2005, 5:30 PM
((WARNING: The ending is a cliff hanger. If you cannot bear to not know what happens next, please turn away.
Pardon for the bleeped out curses. When I originally wrote this story, I had them in, and I didn't want to take them out.))


This is my fate and I choose to keep it this way. My story isnt about some happy-go-lucky teen that earns herself a mate with a snap of her fingers. No, my story is much darker. Its about betrayal, forbidden love, and transformation.


All lives start somewhere. I was part of a wolf pack. My parents (human or not, this question still ponders me) had disappeared and I was taken under a female wolfs watch.
I grew up not learning how to read and write, but how to hunt and tear flesh off deer bones. I handcrafted a spear, making the head out of stone. Oh the meals I brought back! I was almost the alpha! I ran around in the nude, unknown of clothing. During winter I snuggled with my pack and their warm fur. Alas, I held a secret within me, which I thought was natural for my kind; How mistaken I was.
During full moon, I needed no pack to keep me warm, nor did I need my spear to hunt. I looked foreword to these times, gazing longingly at the sky with my green eyes.
Also unlike my kind, I understood wolf-tongue. I communicated with them, making life easier then a normal person would. I actually enjoyed my life, though some (if they dared) would state: How could you live with these mongrels? They are brutes and the planets deserves to rid of them! and I would snap back: Hell-beasts such as myself find them rather charming compared to the boastful human species. And I would pause, taking in their expression. Then I would state: Why, if you lived among them, you would most defiantly agree. Thus leaving them stunned. They are unknown of the fact that their Poodle or Collie has the blood of a wolf running in their veins.


Now to begin my story: though my tale is not one you may find pleasing, nor is it happy, you may listen at your own will. I do not care which side you take: Fredricks, the towns opinion, or Mine. I am merely telling you to listen to, my story, not to take sides. My opinion as I learned, doesnt matter much.

Tongaa took me hunting. He was the alphas pup, a good strong wolf with a powerfully built structure. I was fifteen, obviously the oldest in the pack. Many of the pups, as well as the new alphas, looked up to me.
We were following a deers scent, when I heard a noise that seemed to wake the whole forest. I jumped, and Tongaa leaped into the air, snarling.
Darn, thatll scare off all the prey! Tongaa growled. I could clearly see that he was shaken by the noise. I placed my spear on the ground, and crept off towards the noise, Tongaa following.
Kerra, do you know what made that noise? he inquired. I didnt reply. I pulled a branch back, and what I saw made me rigid with fear and awe. They stood tall, their paws long like twigs, yet two times as thick. They wore extra skin upon them, and carried a large, shiny branch. I let out a gasp of surprise. These were not alien creatures, but a reflection, a mirror image.
Unfortunately, they heard my gasp. One noticed me, along with Tongaa and alerted the other creature.
Dont move. One said. I recoiled with shock; I understood its words! The one who had spoken put the object to eye level. The hairs on the back of my neck prickle uncomfortably as he pointed it towards Tongaa. I heard a click and a loud shot. I jumped as something whizzed passed my ear. Then, I heard a blood-curling howl, and something drop to the ground?
Dare I look? I thought. I dared. I cried out loud, the sight horrible to my eyes. A bloodied hole was shot strait through my dear friends forehead. Blood dripped between his eyes, now blank with the lack of life.
The creatures approached me, and suddenly, I felt vulnerable. I was there weaponless, lack of protection from a pack-mate, and nude.
Its okay, the beast is dead. One said, its voice attempting to sound soothing.
Quiet, the other said, Cant you see shes still scared? Scared? More like terrified out of my wits. My insides churned like a river after rain.
One offered me his talon-like paws. Are you homeless? I made out. Barely understanding, I nodded. Unsure, I took his talon, and a sense of security wafted through my body. He looked about one full season older then me, tall and proud. His eyes were a deep blue, and his hair was the color of bark. His eyes scanned my body, then averted. I felt his embarrassment, but I didnt understand why.
We should get her some clothes. The other one said.

Clothes were like an extra layer of skin. They felt smooth against my body. The creatures cut my hair so it reached my shoulder blades instead of sweeping the ground. I was enjoying myself, until one attempted to put what resembled wood on my feet. I kicked one in the face, and the other rolled on the ground, laughing. Not knowing why they were laughing, I joined in. I felt as though I discovered my true place.


I learned how to speak. At first, it felt weird, like sucking on pebbles, but soon it became easier. In fact, I talked so much that I became somewhat of a pain.
I learned what humans were, and was surprised to discover that I was one. I also learned, hands, feet, and many other words. My caretakers names were Dan and Fredrick. One night, about a few weeks or so after we met, toil me about a horrible monster that lived in the forest. They said that it feasted on infants, and lured men away from their spouses, tempting them with their feminine bodies. Then under full moon they transformed into horrid beasts. Many say they resembled wolves, thus earning their title as She-Wolf. The She-Wolves bit the victim on the neck, their saliva making its way into their bloodstream, which turned them into beasts as well (The male form is called a Were-Wolf). They frolicked under the moon, pleasing each other anyway they thought was necessary. They became mates, their offspring beasts as well.
I gasp and they both laugh at my horror, dancing around the campfire. What they didnt know was that I was the beast of Hell they were talking about. My gaze took a fearful glance at the sky, and to my horror, a plump full moon was hidden in the shadows of the clouds.

Beast of the D***ed:

I-I have to go, I stuttered, turning to leave. Fredrick paused from his frolicking to grab me. I winced, but did not know why.
Kerra, wait, he said, his eyes sparkling with laughter. Dont you want to hear what they do to the stolen infants? They force-feed them the moonlight until their eyes are vacant. Then, they drink their blood until it is a shriveled carcass left to rot.
I cry out as I felt my skin prickle. Before, I wouldve rejoiced, but now the feeling was frightening.
Kerra, what- he was stopped short as I transformed. My back arched, fur grew everywhere, and my clothes tore. My face grew long and wolf-shaped, gleaming teeth stuck out oddly from my jowls. I couldnt help it, I howled. A chorus of howls replied; my pack. Dan stumbled back, running towards the town. Fredrick, run! he screamed without turning back. But Fredrick did not. He stroked my silver fur, and I whimpered uncontrollably. I was forced to walk down on four legs, and looked up at him. A tail stuck out oddly, and then I fully formed into a wolf. Fredrick tumbled back, looking in awe at my shape.
Bite me, he whispered, What are you waiting for? Bite me? Its what youre supposed to do. BITE ME! I recoiled at his sharp words, and he broke down into sobs. Turn me into a beast, destroy my thread of hope. Its what you planned all along isnt it? I gave you my heart; I pined for you, and your beauty, and was gracious to teach you. But you are evil, pure evil. Do what you came here to do, and bite me!
I was taken aback by his words, and felt a deep pining for him as well. I wished to press my flank against his body, lick his face, and make me his own. But I couldnt I was a beast. The town now hated me for all Ive done, Dan wants my head, and Fredrick hates me. I shook my head, and turned to run, hearing the yells of the town and the screech of a baby. As I was about to run, a hand stopped me. It was the same hand that reassured me everything was all right, the same hand that murdered Tongaa, the hand that I longed to hold in my own.
I wish to be like you, Fredrick said, his voice calmer, I wish to be with you. Bite me so we could frolic forever in this d***ed forest. I love you.
And I looked at him with my wolf-like eyes, looking into his eyes of love and grief. If I bite you, theres no turning back. I said.
He paused, and then replied; I know.

February 27th, 2005, 7:09 PM
Wow, this fan fic is amazing! =D Seeing as I adore wolves, I am very attached to this fic already. You have done a wonderful job with punctuation and such, and not to mention the detail that you put into your work, it's really good. ^___^

Kerra is such a sweetheart. <3 She sems so kind and loyal, all she wants to do is be loved yet live freely. She has the true spirit of a wolf. I also love how you created the She-Wolves to contradict with the male Were-Wolves, it adds a really neat touch to the story. ^^

I have to say I was so sad when Tongaa was killed. ;o; Even though we only had a few minor moments to get to know his character, I still felt tears well up as he was shot by Fredrick.

Great work WG! ^____^ I hope you continue this fan fic, for now I'm addicted to it! XD


February 27th, 2005, 7:19 PM
Oooh! A beautiful cliffhanger! <3

I love how you divided this chapter, though the arrangement made me a bit confused at first. xD; THe writing was just beautiful! xD


February 28th, 2005, 2:31 PM
Thank you very much! I love this writing piece, and I am unsure about making a sequal. I like ending in cliffhangers!

March 13th, 2005, 2:34 PM
I Put up a new poll so people could rate it. I want to see what others think about it!

March 14th, 2005, 4:06 AM
Wonderful story ^^ i have a strong love of wolves, which is why it appealed to me so much :3
The idea of a she-wolf being able to live normally among both wolves and humans is really interesting ^^ i'm looking forward to the next entry!

愛Forgotten Angel愛
March 14th, 2005, 4:35 PM
you should really make anonther! it is so good, and i love wolves, so thats a double bonus! im dying to know what happens! (although if you don't it's still awsome!)

March 14th, 2005, 5:08 PM
I almost forgot it was okay to double post here. o.0
Great job I guess, and I think there should be a sequel, it's not enough, just not. Please..? I'm waiting and won't leave until you do.

March 14th, 2005, 9:06 PM
What? O.o; So this story was a one-shot? ;_;

I hope that you continue~ n_n;

March 15th, 2005, 3:42 PM
Even so, this was a wonderful one-shot. n_n I have voted in the poll and I really think there should be more chapters to this fic, seeing as everyone who's read it so far has thoroughly enjoyed it. ^^

Still a great piece WG, I hope to see more work from you! =D


March 27th, 2005, 3:04 PM
I am sorry that people are longing for it to be a continued series. As you might have figured out, I am a writer who yearns to become an author. Once my stories get published, I may make an extended version of it, explaining her past. Maybe I will continue. WHat the future holds for me is unknown. For now, yes, it is a one-shot.