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Brian Powell
March 3rd, 2005, 5:16 AM
That Pesky Pichu!

In a Team Rocket base, the familiar trio were scrubbing around the floors of the corridor near an office. Yep, you guessed it. They were Jesse, James and Meowth, and as usual, one of them had to open their mouth.

I dont why we have to the scrubbing instead of doing a real job, James complained.

Cos, pea-brain, Jesse muttered back. The boss has had enough of us trying to catch that twerps pikachu coming from my view its the fault of you two!

James and Meowth became shocked of her criticism. Hey! Meowth shouted. At least were da ones doin ALL da hard work while someone just sits on her lazy behind and bark orders!

Before Jesse could make a comeback at that remark, obviously being angered by that, a voice stopped their arguing. Hey!

The trio turned to the voices attention. What? they shouted in an annoyed tone.

Hey! Chill out! said the man, also in Team Rocket uniform, only he was wearing black with a hat shading his eyes. Just wondering if you guys saw this Pichu running around?

The trio became puzzled. No, Jesse replied. Why would you want to look for a Pichu in this building?

That little rat ate my lunch! the grunt snarled angrily. When I find that little creep, Im gonna bust his head in!

As he politely walked passed his teammates while grumbling angrily, the trio continued scrubbing the floor, somehow forgetting their argument. They soon noticed a little baby mouse walking passed them, making black footprints on the floor, much to the trios shock.

Aw, great! Meowth complained. He left dose black markins!

It doesnt matter, Meowth, James replied as he dipped the brush into the bucket. Its just a baby pokemon, besides we havent scrubbed this part yet.

Yeah, but Meowth said but he became even more shocked as he saw James unnoticeably scrubbed some black paint on the floor. DAH! James! Jesse! Look!

His two human comrades looked at what James did and the jaw of their mouths dropped to the floor and bounced back to normal. Dat little critter mustve switched buckets without us noticin! Meowth yelled.

Pichu stuck his tongue out, taunting the trio. Cmon back here, you twerp! Jesse snarled as she grabbed the bucket with the paint in it, attempting to hit Pichu with it. But she accidentally stepped on a banana skin and began skidding along the floor while Pichu escaped.

She rammed into wall next to a door and accidentally spilt the paint all over herself. As she took the bucket off her head, she and her teammates heard a familiar voice that they feared the most.

A man in a red tuxedo with a face shaded in the shadows walked around a corner. It turned that it was the boss of Team Rocket. Jesse, without being noticed, zoomed next to her boss and instantly pretended to be his shadow.

The boss, without noticing her, mumbled various things as he came to his door to his office and opened it. As he entered and closed the door, Jesse let out of small sigh of relief until the door quickly opened again and accidentally slamming onto her.

What? When did this happen? the boss yelled into his cell phone. Ill be there right away!

He slammed the door shut and hurried away. Jesse became incredibly dizzy and fainted with the paint that was covering her now printed on the door and wall.

Meanwhile, James and Meowth were chasing Pichu with mallets in their hands / paws. After spending some time chasing that little rat, James and Meowth decided to split and go into different direction in an attempt to catch Pichu out.

As Meowth stopped to at a corner to look round, Pichu sneakily slipped a Pichu dummy on the cats tail and quickly ran away.

A few minutes later, Pichu stopped running to take a breather, Meowth looked round another corner and spotted Pichu sitting on the floor. Gotcha now, Pichu, Meowth whispered.

As he slowly walked round that corner, James was coming round that same corner and spotted Pichu but it turned out to be a fake and he slammed his mallet on Meowths tail that had the Pichu dummy on it!

Meowth let out a loud scream in pain and then reacted by scratching Jamess face like an angry cat. Pi he he! Pichu Pichu! Pichu squeaked, which meant. He he he! What dummies!

With that, he playfully ran away.

After minutes of recuperating, they decided to set a trap for the little rat. First, they had to find a hole of where Pichu would be hiding if it wasnt stealing food from them. In no time at all, they spotted a small hole in a wall, indicating that it was Pichus mouse hole.

They drew an X on the floor and placed an anvil on it. They then tied a rope around the heavy objest and managed to lift it up using a hook on the ceiling for leverage while hiding around the corner. Meowth, being creepy, placed a small piece of cheese on the cross for Pichu and tapped on the mouse hole and quickly zoomed back to his teammates to help them hold on to the rope.

As expected, Pichu came out of his hole and saw the cheese and began drooling at it, but he also spotted a foot around the corner, immediately seeing it as a trap. So, it zoomed back into the hole and came out holding a pizza box.

The Rocket saw what Pichu was holding and became curious of what it was. They began to smell something delicious coming from the box.

Ah James moaned in a pleasant way. Pineapple, ham, cheese
Pepperoni, pepper, tomato Jesse continued.
Not to mention anchovies Meowth said while drooling uncontrollably.

Pichu quickly replaced the cheese with the pizza box and zoomed back into his hole. Coincidentally, a siren sounded, indicating that it was

Lunch time! the trio yelled as they ran to the pizza box completely forgetting of what they were holding onto as the anvil crashed right top of them, creating big holes on each incoming floor!

A few hours later, everyone of the Team Rocket base was called up to go the roof of the base. There it is! the boss yelled. The legendary Zapdos!

His flunkies were standing in line behind him as they each held a bazooka gun each. In particular, Jesse, James and Meowth who were bandaged and stitched up caused by their mishap in their trap earlier on.

That pizza box had nothing in it! Jesse snarled in thought. Not even a crumb!

Suddenly, a Wobbuffet released itself from her pokeball and yelled out its name, catching the trios attention. Wobbuffet! it cried.

Dont you start! Jesse snarled, unaware that Pichu was in the scene.

The little mouse spotted a piece of rope on the floor and looked at Wobbuffet.

Meanwhile, the Lightning Bird pokemon was soaring through the sky as it screeched suspiciously at Team Rocket. Get ready to aim! the boss ordered.

His flunkies did as he commanded as they aimed they bazookas at Zapdos, while Wobbuffet looked down on Pichu while it was motioning that it wanted Wobbuffet to hold the rope.

Curious of what Pichu wanted to do, Wobbuffet grabbed hold of the rope. FIRE! the bosss voice shouted. Everyone did as he instructed as they fired out their bazookas, which were small spears with ropes tied to them.

The trio turned to Wobbuffet as it was still holding the rope and wondered what the rope was tied to. After a few seconds, they finally knew that the rope was tied to one of the spears.

WOBBUFFET! they cried as they tried to get the blue blob to let go of the rope but as they grabbed it the spear dragged them along with it!

Almost all of the spears missed the legendary pokemon but one of was able to wrap around Zapdoss leg, but it managed to escape and flew away along with the trio and Wobbuffet that was hanging on to the rope!

Come back with my pokemon! the boss yelled.
Sorry, boss! But were flying off again! the trio cried.
Wobbuffet! the blue blob cried.

Elsewhere, Pichu was sitting comfortably in his mouse hole as it heard the screaming of the trio and gave a small sigh. Pichu! Pichu! it squeaked randomly, which meant, I like those guys.

So, what do ya guys think? R&R please!

A/N: This one-shot is inspired by a famous cartoon duo, if anyone can guess you get a free cookie!

Lily Knight
March 3rd, 2005, 11:24 PM
Its good
Cann u do a longer 1

March 5th, 2005, 5:37 PM
Yay! You brought your collection of TR one shots here! (BTW, It's FlamingRuby from SPP)

Jerry the Pichu is still as hilarious as ever!

March 5th, 2005, 6:06 PM
A nice, light-hearted fic that I enjoyed reading. :) I haven't read a humorous TR fic in ages and you wrote yours not too badly either.

Some mistakes both sentence and grammatical wise but nothing too major. Watch out for those misplaced modifiers though. Some misuse of comma usage (lack thereof really) that made sentences run-ons.

Ellipsis weren't really needed in a few parts but meh, that's just me. ^_^;

You did nail down the characters pretty well though (which I what I liked most about this fic). Pichu was a pesky thing wasn't he. ;) Jesse, James and Meowth were IC, always getting into trouble. Those bad TR agents. =P

So overall, pretty good if you ignore some of those grammatical errors heh.

LaTeR dAyZ!

Brian Powell
March 8th, 2005, 6:40 AM
LilyKnight: Thanx, I'll do my best.

Hi EmeralSky (or FlamingRuby), I'm still working on the next Jerry/TR fic and other TR One-shots.

Breezy: I think I'm relying on MS Word too much. I found the Rocket Trio a little bit weird but in a humorous sort of way. BTW, you'll be seeing more of these.