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March 3rd, 2005, 2:19 PM
A dark thread:
Bullets pierce this broken dream, fearce and swift they come.
Allyways dark and damp.
Blunt souls they sit and watch as anger builds up inside.
Black tears,horrid fears, are bottled up for pride.
Tugged and pulled, warn quite dead, sitting is a single thread.
A peice of string about to fling from it's tie.

Fragmints of air sit and stare at the coming darkness.
But a pierce of light, shining bright, breaks the endless beyond.
Ties of fate pulled together as destiny calls their name.
Now more than ever they need to stay together and let their love proclaim.
The presence of force estranges the weary, sit on your throne,
what's your theory?

The waters red, the grass is black, the trees are blue just like you.
A single ring upon the string breaking the bond of ties.
Lexie waits, crippled fates, blank awnsers now.
Pastures of green,waterfalls they stream, out of the beams of light.
Portraits of glass seep up the moisturized air.
Let it be known, the swan has flown, but she still has a pair.

This one last thread looks black and dead from these eyes.
Try as I might it won't snap, only those tied in it hold the fate,
as the sun takes a nap.
The moon it shines glistening so brightly. I will not take this pair lightly.
As anger builds my pride lifts, displaying in plain sight.
Decaying ashes of burnt scratches, tightening as they might.
The fridgid air brings a cool night stare. This place is untidy!
When will we be together? Will it be in the bounderies of forever?

For:Lexie,I love you.

March 3rd, 2005, 2:36 PM
I know her!! I'm going to show her this poem!! And the others... >=3~ XD