View Full Version : Skiing or Snowboarding?

March 4th, 2005, 3:40 PM
Which would you rather do? For me, I haven't done either one of them before, :P, but I'd like to learn how to snowboard though. :P

EDIT: Dang, I forgot to add the Poll before submitting, oh well. :P

March 4th, 2005, 3:41 PM
i prefer snowboarding, i live next to a mountain and go a couple times a year and i actually find snowboarding easier than skiing

March 4th, 2005, 3:52 PM
Neither. Too... cold... and I'd be too freaking scared ><

March 4th, 2005, 3:54 PM
cold, not really once your out there for a while you dont feel all that cold, and yeah its scary sometimes one of my friends has broken so many bones while snowboarding

March 4th, 2005, 3:59 PM
I'd rather snowboard, but I don't do either
even skiing scares me xD

The Fallen
March 4th, 2005, 3:59 PM
I've tried both, but im afraid to keep sking ause of the splits lol.So boarding is better either way though.So I snowboard ^^.

March 4th, 2005, 4:17 PM
o_o I've yet to try snowboarding, but I have a few friends who have and they say it's hard to get the hang of. That's not even taking into consideration that they all came back with a ton of bruises. XD So... I think I'll stick to skiing. ^^;;

;_; I didn't go skiing at all this year, though. *sniffles*

March 4th, 2005, 4:33 PM
Skiing. I don't think I could ever get the hang of snowboarding. x_x;
Although I wish I could go downhill skiing. I've never done it before. done cross-country though. That's hard. x_x;

March 4th, 2005, 4:36 PM
My only experience with skiing was as follows:

It was a field trip, so first they tried to teach us all the important stuff in about half an hour before we hit the hills. So, I didn't retain it all too well.
First trip down the hill: Eh...I didn't know how to turn or stop. I was going down really fast, ran over my friend and then hit a fence. It was one of those plastic orange construction type fences that look like the rings they use in Coke packages, so I didn't get hurt.

But yeah...

And I have no experience with a snowboard. So neither for me.

Eon Trainer
March 4th, 2005, 4:49 PM
i snowboard but im not so good...
really if u got paid a penny everytime i fell in 1 day, ud be living in a mansion lol

March 4th, 2005, 6:21 PM
I added teh poll for you~ <3

Anyways, I've never tried snowboarding, but skiing is fun. n_n

*pretty pony*

March 4th, 2005, 6:32 PM
I added teh poll for you~ <3

Thank You. :D If it's not too much trouble, could you add a 3rd option? "Haven't tried either". Thanks. :)

March 4th, 2005, 6:37 PM
Ok, done so. xD Thank you for asking me. =D

March 4th, 2005, 7:12 PM
Snowboarding rules~! X3

It ish a tad harder to do tricks on snowboards rather than on skis. Anything challenging is fun for me~! :3 And I often drop the poles whenever I ski, so it's sort of like snowboarding anyways. ^____^