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March 5th, 2005, 7:59 PM
Disclaimer: Nope! Don't own it!
Genre: Suspense (and light romance)
Rating: PG - PG13 (in later chapters where the cussing really kicks in >=D)
Summary: What would you do if you had two choices between love and friendship, courage and fear, and life and death? One boy doesn't have to wonder; he has to fight against it. The question is though:

Is it still a sin if you had to kill to protect those you love?

Um, since I can't seem to find the thread of this fic, I decided to post it again *laughs ebilly*. I meant to post a revised version of it anyways since the previous description such t3h monkey balls. Is that alright? If not, go ahead and close mods.

It is a sequel to another fic so some things might not make sense. Later on, the prequel is explained in better detail but until then, you're screwed. =P Nah, you just might be a tad confused on a few parts. Basically, all you need to know is that the trainers fought against Maxie and they won.

Mind you that this fic does start out slow and you tend to wonder when the fic gets any interesting but ja. Just stick with it and enjoy!

By the way, I had to seperate the author's note from the story since character limit here is only 20,000 - 21,000 and I wrote a 22,000 character chapter. x_X

March 5th, 2005, 8:00 PM
Chapter One:
The boy smiled as he laced fingers with the girl, the strong scent of roses filling the air, creating a tranquil and romantic enviornment for the two lovers. Cuddling, the boy and girl felt the warm wind hug them in its loving embrace as they hugged each other. But even with the girl of his dreams in his arms, the boy couldn't help but worry; worry about what the future had in store for them, worried for where his life was going and worried mainly for the girl.

Because even with this pretty little picture painted on the outside, he could feel terror trying to bubble its way out . . .

"Brendan Birch? Hey B boy, are you with us? Speak Bread Head, speak . . ."

Brendan Birch, Pokmon Champion in the making, snapped out of his daydream and glared at his partner through crimson eyes. Trying to ignore his ashy-white hair that tickled the back of his neck (making the use of his bandana meaningless), the boy laid down on the grass, dirtying and wrinkling his black and red sweater that matched perfectly with his pants.

"Must you do that?" he asked, annoyed.

"Sorry, but you were spacing out on me," May Maple replied as she smiled innocently. Brushing back a strand of mahogany hair that made its way to her face, the girl trainer rested her head on top of Brendan's stomach, her sapphire eyes watching her lightly tanend fingers fiddle with an empty Pokball. Putting the Pokball away, May tugged down on her red t-shirt and adjusted the black biker shorts on her hips. "Art thou remember thy meeting today?"

"Okay, okay, no need to talk all . . . Shakespear on me," the white-haired trainer groaned. "I don't see why we need to be here! I'm sure Walter can plan a surprise party by himself!"

Gazing into the endless blue of the heavens dotted with white, puffy clouds, the boy trainer rested his head on open palms white. Smiling cheekily, the sun beat down upon the two, its rays planting chaste kisses on the sweet smelling grass. The grasses danced amongst the wind, their music, the chirping of the birds.

This was the tiny town of Verandturf and what a fine town it was; a relaxing place for both Brendan and May to meet up with Wally, another friend, ally, and rival of theirs.

"Oh come on Brendan. Don't you want to help plan a surprise party for Wanda, Wally's cousin?" May questioned as she sat up and rolled over near Brendan's head to play with his snowy-white hair.

"Seeing as we don't really know her, why not!" Brendan retorted sarcastically.

"Brendan . . ."

"Okay, fine. I'll help the little pip-squeak out seeing as we're probably the only friends he's got."

"Ha, don't flatter yourself Birch, I have more friends than you can count," a voice from behind them piped up.

"So that's like. . . five?" Brendan sat up and turned his head, a smirk quickly tugging at his lips. "Nice to see ya again Wallace."

Wally, or 'Wallace' as Brendan like to call him, only rolled his emerald eyes and pocketed his hands in his khakis. The wind (which was the reason why Verandturf was so famous to begin with) blew up the collar of his clean, white button-up shirt. Kicking the ground, the boy only smiled boldly at Brendan's comment.

"You do know you just made fun of yourself right?" Wally remarked. "Oh, and nice to see you too Brandon. Very nice."

The rivalry between both boy trainers has ceased to a stop in most cases but, in the end, the two couldn't help but make fun of each other. Perhaps it was to give them self-confidence and to provoke the other trainer into giving up. It worked both ways really for when trying to make the other lose, they had to fight to prove themselves winners.

At least that's what May believed. She didn't believe that one of the boys wanted to bring the other down but instead boost their egos and confidence.

Though, she couldn't help but roll her eyes. "Knock it out you two."

"But we haven't even started arguing yet!" Brendan whined.

"Trust me, if you guys do, I don't think you'll ever stop," May stated dully. "Anyways, about this surprise party for your cousin Wally. What should we do for it?"

". . . Hmm? Oh! Oh yeah!" Wally cut off the glare contest between the white-haired trainer and him and smiled at May. "As you guys know from the viv-gram I sent you, Wanda's birthday is coming up. I want to surprise her with a party-"

"Hence the words 'surprise party'," Brendan interrupted.

"-because she helped me teach me the basic of Pokmon even though she, like my aunt, wouldn't let me go out on a journey," Wally finished as he sat down Indian-style in front of Brendan and May. "So, will you guys help me?"

Brendan made clucking noises by hitting the roof of his mouth with his tongue as he rested a finger on his chin, thinking. "We do have to train for the Hoenn League though," Brendan remarked, trying to get out of party planning. Admittedly, the boy was a lazy bum despite all the training he's done.

May lightly punched Brendan on the arm playfully, amused by his attempt of getting out of the surprise party. "That's in like a month Brendan," May retorted back. "I'm helping and if you were my boyfriend B Boy, you would too!" Eyes narrowed, the girl bore daggers into her boyfriend's eyes, trying to intimidate him.

"Dammit! She got me with that 'if you were my boyfriend' line again!" Brendan groaned, slapping a hand on his forehead. Sighing, the boy ran a hand through his hair nervously as he tore his eyes away from May's. "Okay, fine I'll do it, but not for you Wall Leak, but for my one true love, May!" He reached over and sat May down in his lap.

May giggled and laid her head on Brendan's shoulder, her glower soonly dissolving away because of this.

The green-haired trainer couldn't help but shuddered at the sight. It was true that he did use to like May but even then, since he got over his little infatuation, he found it odd to see his two best friends groping each other. "The cuteness of you two as a couple disgusts me sometimes." Wally rolled his eyes. "But thanks for helping I guess." The emerald-eyed trainer pulled out a notebook from his backpack. "Okay, so we're going to need invitations for guests, figure out who Wanda knows so we can give those invitations to them, get party decorations, get a cater or whatever their called, and this whole mess of crap! So . . . who wants to be in charge of any of these? I've got food!"

"I'll get the guest list!" May shouted.

"Then that leaves Brendan with party decorations!" Wally noted, scribbling it down on his notebook. "It'll be easy for him to blow up the balloons since he's already an air head."

"I'm only right here ya know!" Brendan complained, glaring at Wally from above May's head.

"Oh, do you want me to say that louder then?"

"Okay, let's get to it then, we only have two weeks!" May jumped out of Brendan's lap. "I'll be going around town so see ya guys later!" and with that, the girl trainer walked up to the nearest house and entered.

"Great, I'm stuck with the loser," Brendan groaned as he stood up. "Let's go to Mauville then that way, we can get rid of each other faster!"

"For once in my life, I agree with you," Wally stated. "beside that entire PMS May thing."

"Damn. Straight."


"Okay Birch, we've only got a few hours before we've gotta meet up with May," Wally stated, checking the time on his watch. "So when your done with everything, meet at my house alright?"

Brendan nodded. "Okay."

And with that, the two boy trainers took off in different directions.

Head darting back and forth in somewhat of a frantic search, the boy began to window shop. "Where to get party supplies, where to get party supplies?" Brendan repeated out loud. "Rydel's Bike Shop? No. The Casino? No. The Mauville Gym. I doubt it. Hmm . . ."

The white-haired trainer looked around as he past a secluded part of Mauville. The area was casted with the silhouettes of cloud's shadows, creating a dark and haunted look. Worn down, second-rate shops covered the area and old newspapers littered the already dirty, asphalt ground.

The boy was rather confused by this, wondering if he ever passed this area before. "Hmm, funny, I don't remember ever going into this part of town before," Brendan murmured. "It's like it just . . . appeared out of no where. That's just freaky."

The boy trainer walked down an alleyway when a movement from the corner of his eye caught his attention. Curious, Brendan walked down the alleyway, a lump of fear growing in his throat. Mentally, the boy slapped his forehead because of his stupidity.

"Curse my curiosity!" Brendan muttered to himself. "Wow, that made me sound . . . old. Or something along those lines anyways."

From around the corner of an old fast food resturant, a voice, tinged with that of malciousness and evilness muttered, "I've been waiting for you Mr. Birch . . ."

"So?" Brendan replied absentmindedly, unaware that a voice from who knows where spoke to him.. He slapped a hand on his mouth soon after.

'Crap, now I'm going to get killed because I was sarcastic!' Brendan thought, ashamed. 'What a way to end your life . . . Shit, even I'm sarcastic in my mind. I hate my genes.'

The voice though only laughed, surprising Brendan. "Mr. Birch . . . It has been awhile since I've last seen you hasn't it?"

"I wouldn't know seeing as I can't see you myself," Brendan replied cooly.

"How idiotic of me, not letting you see me!" the voice laughed as he stepped out into the shadows. Simpering, the stranger patted down the his slick hair as if it went askew as he viciously glared at Brendan, his eyes hinting that of hatred and . . . amusement? "Remember me now Brendan my boy?"

The boy was confused by the message written in the stranger's eyes let alone who exactly the stranger was. Then reality slapped him in the face. "Maxie!" Brendan growled. "What are you . . . how the hell . . . I'm calling the police!" The boy trainer flicked out his PokNav only to get it knocked out of his hand and stomped on by the former Team Magma Leader.

"You wouldn't dare call the police on your deal pal Maxie would you?" Maxie laughed mockingly.

"Well I can't now seeing as my PokNav is busted!" Brendan retaliated sharply, stating the obvious. "What the hell are you doing back here? I thought you would be dead by now! Or at least dirty . . ." he noted, noticing that Maxie was rather clean for being on the run for three months. His clothes were still clean with the acception of a few smudges. Perhaps the long, black trench coat that Maxie wore over his Magma uniform kept him clean. Where he got this quote was another myster Brendan couldn't solve.

"Ha, you underestimate me Brendan, surely you would know that I, leader of the infamous Team Magma, would have several tricks up my sleeves to stay alive and be on the run from those annoying pests called policemen."

"I . . . er . . .hmm . . ."

Maxie only smirked in return as the boy's hesitation. "Now, have you heard of this Wally Wood character? I'm pretty sure you have."

"What about him?" Brendan questioned, hands shoved in pockets. Never would he let the Magma leader think that he was intimated by him. He would act cool and pretend that his re-apperance did not affect him.

"Now I want you to think back. Back around a few months ago to around the annual Pokmon fair here in Mauville City. . ." Maxie trailed off. "Do you remember Brendan?"

Brendan smiled, remembering the first time he kissed May. "Yeah, yeah I do," he stated, a goofy grin forming on his face.

"Now, can you tell me what happened when you crashed into the building during the fair's formal dance?"

Brendan immediately frowned. "Well, llike you said, we crashed into the building, I fainted I guess because I remember I was laying down in May's lap, and then we went outside and we er . . . we um-"

"Tell me, who battled against me that one fateful night?" Maxie demanded.

Brendan blinked twice. "Wally Wood?" he answered hesitantly.

"Very good Birch!" Maxie spat out roughly. "It's good to know you're paying attention. Now, I don't like this kid, probably as worse than you use to. And do you know why I hate this kid Birch?"

"Because he . . . defeated you?"

"Exactly! He defeated me! This puny, green-haired trainer defeated me in front of hundreds of people! Do you know how embarrassing that is to be defeated by him?!"

"I wouldn't actually," Brendan replied cooly.

Maxie only growled as paced back and forth in front of the trainer, his temper rising. "No, if it weren't for him, the world could of been at my mercy and in the palm of my hands. But yet, he somehow defeated me with that stupid Gardevoir of his! If only . . . if only-" The former Team Magma Leader stopped walking and stared at Brendan, a smug smile forming on his face. "Why yes. . . yes, that could work!"

"Do I dare ask what will work?" Brendan inquired, bewildered.

"How much do you hate this Wally character?"

"Enough to despise him but not enough to kill him."

"Why isn't that's ironic."

"Oh? And why is that?"

"Because I want you to kill him for me."

The boy trainer let out a snort at Maxie's demand, taking it lightly. "Ah, we all wish for things that we know are never, EVER going to come true don't we?" Brendan, about to walk away, was pinned down by the neck by Maxie. He squirmed uncomfortably, trying to get out of his grasp but he was rewarded with that of a tight grip on his neck. He began to sputter and cough, slowly loosing his breath.

"You don't get a choice if you want to or not," Maxie glared coldly into the white-haired trainer's eyes. He released his grip on Brendan just enough so that he could talk.

"And if I refuse?" Brendan whispered in a hoarse, gloweing back at the former Team Magma Leader.

"If you refuse?" Maxie raised an eyebrow. "The thought hasn't crossed my mind! Surely I would think that you would happily kill your rival."

Brendan managed to kick Maxie back to release his grip on him. "You're dead wrong then!" he barked, rubbing his neck gently.

"Dead wrong, how ironic again!" Maxie laughed.

"Why can't you do it! You're the one that hates the boy with your heart and soul!" Brendan stated angrily, continuing to rub his neck. Despite his lack of breath, Brendan's voice seemed to get louder with every word spoken out of his mouth. "That is, if you have a heart or soul."

"I don't like getting my hands . . . dirty without having a reason of doing so," Maxie retaliated. "Kill Wally for me, you stay alive."

"I'd rather die than kill my friend!"

"Ah, you didn't let me finish." Maxie waved a finger at him. "Kill Wally for me, you stay alive. But if you don't, you two both wind up dead. Is that clear enough?"

Brendan growled but stayed silent.

"Good! Now let me make this harder for you. If you don't kill Wally, you die, he dies and a person close to your heart dies as well. Now, who is this person close to your heart you ask?"

Brendan glared daggers at the Magma Leader, his fists clenching together in hatred.

"This person would be your loving girlfriend. That's right! May Maple!"

Brendan stomped a foot on the ground, demanding the Team Magma Leader to stop. Eyes narrowed into that of hatred, the boy shouted, "You hurt one hair on her head and I swear I will-"

"What?" Maxie interrupted. "Kill me?"

"Evil little bas-"

"I would watch that tongue of yours Mr. Birch, you never know when it's going to get you into trouble. Be glad that I'm giving you two choices you little brat!"

"Well, lucky me then!" Brendan retorted sardonically.

Maxie only smirked and walked past Brendan and into the fog that clouded the bare streets of the desolate side of Mauville. "Two weeks Mr. Birch, two weeks." And with that, he disappeared yet, his words kept repeating in Brendan's ears.

"Somehow," Brendan started, "I don't think those words are going to be leaving me anytime soon . . ."


The sun had already set behind the Verandturn hills as both Brendan and Wally made their way back home, one happy and almost skipping down the road and the other gloomy, head lowered, arms swinging at his side.

Despite the sadness that Brendan dispelled, the weather counteracted his mood. Like almost all days in Verandturn, the night was mysterious yet beautiful, the silver rays of moonlight shimmering down on objects lucky enough to stand in its presense, the stars winking down on those who glance upward toward him.

"So how did things go?" May asked as she spotted the two boy trainers down the road.

"Great!" Wally replied cheerfully, showing May two bags filled with food. "Snack stuff, the usual stuff at parties. How did things go for you Bread Head?"

"Hmm . . . what?" Brendan was dazed off. "Oh, uh yeah, things went great, I got streamers and I ordered balloons in advance and . . . yeah."

May looked at him worriedly. "Are you okay B Boy, you look kind of tired." She placed a hand on Brendan's forehead, checking for a fever.

"Yeah, it's getting pretty late and I've been kinda tired from shopping," Brendan lied, daring not to tell May his little 'talk' with Maxie.

"Oh . . . if you're sure then." May took her hand of Brendan's forehead but couldn't help but look at him concernedly still.

"It is getting late," Wally agreed with Brendan, noting the full moon. "Let's go inside, my aunt and uncle must be worried." The green-haired trainer fished out his house key and unlocked the door, finding only the kitchen lights on. "Shh everyone," Wally warned. "Okay, I'm going to be sleeping in my room while you two can have the living room. I don't care who gets the couch but no making any . . . gross noises alright?"

"What do you take us for?" May asked, bewildered by what Wally said.

"Hey, you'll never know what I meant by 'gross noises'," Wally remarked. "It could be perverted or not, it's all up to you!" He smiled cheekily, winking at the girl trainer. "Good night!" Wally entered his room and shut the door behind him.

"I call couch!" May laughed as she ran past the white-haired boy and jumped onto the couch.

"Whatever . . ." Brendan sighed as he walked over and laid his sleeping bag on the floor next to where the girl trainer was sleeping.

"Hmm? We usually argue about who gets the couch or bed or whatever," May pointed out. She eyed her boyfriend worriedly. "What's wrong B Boy?"

"Nothing," Brendan remarked as he got into his sleeping bag and closed his eyes, trying to forget the fateful events that happened today.

"Are you sure Brendan?" May asked again as she unrolled her sleeping bag on the couch.

"It's NOTHING May, don't worry it," Brendan replied through clenched teeth. Although he didn't want to admit it, he was seriously getting annoyed by his girlfriend's annoying concern for him.

"Seriously Brendan," May replied, "are you-"

"I said it was NOTHING!" Brendan snapped, finally losing his cool with the girl trainer.

May stayed quiet and laid down in her sleeping bag on the couch, her eyes stared at the ceiling. "I love you B Boy," she whispered shyly.

Brendan licked his lips and sighed. "I love you too May."


Three hours later, the white-haired trainer tossed and turned in his sleep, Maxie's words haunting him in his dreams. Annoyed, he sat up and ran a hair through his hair, his nose wrinkled, his eyes narrowed yet again.

"Latios, what am I going to do?" he whispered to himself.

Pushing and getting up from his sleeping bag away from him, the boy trainer stood up and walked over to the kitchen. Paranoid, Brendan turned around every few seconds as he pulled out a drawer. Finding nothing but spoons, he slammed it shut, frustrated.

"One of these drawers must have a knife!" Brendan complained, opening another drawer.

Luckily - or unfortunately depending on which side you''re on - Brendan found a knife in the next drawer, its sleek, silver blade glinting in the moonlight. Pulling it out, he sighed as he looked at his reflection in the sharp kitchen knife. Was he willing to kill his friend in order to save his other friend not to mention girlfriend? How strong was his love for her anyways?

The white-haired trainer turned around and gazed at the beauty of May's sleeping form. It was at that very moment when he realized that he would do anything for her.

Brendan took in a deep breath as he walked over to Wally's room, knife in hand. Slowly, he placed a hand on the doorknob and turned it . . .

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Um . . . you do know that this fic has already been ff of the week right lol? o.0 I know its revised but it's basically the same fic.

Edit: Yup, on the week of November 16, 2004 was when it first became ff of the week.

I do know of a few one-shots that I think deserve some recoginition. ;)

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As long as it's up here, might as well get an update in. =P

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon. But if I did, I would then. But I don't hence the disclaimer.

Read, review, and enjoy! (reviewing not required o'course)

Chapter 2:
It felt as if he were captured in between a rock and a hard place. He knew how he got there, he knew what he had to do to get out, but why was it so hard to do so? Surely it wouldn't be hard to push the rock over or break the hard place right?

The boy didn't know; he was quite clueless at the moment. Perhaps he was just having a bad day. Perhaps he was just over thinking again. Or perhaps the rock and the hard place were the only thing keeping the boy together in the first place . . .

Brendan poked his head into Wally's room, his ruby-red eyes already adjusting to the darkness. A stream of moonlit shone through the green-haired trainer's room, the only light source in the room besides his alarm clock. This would make things easier to see when Brendan went in for the kill so to speak.

Knife clutched in hand, the boy trainer opened the door a little bit further and trudge his way to Wally's bedside. Was he willing to risk being a murder in order to save himself? Was he being selfish?

Through the open door, Brendan saw May sleeping peacefully on the couch. No, he wasn't being selfish. He was being rather considerate wasn't he? He was, after all, saving another life even though it meant sacrificing someone else's. Surely if Wally knew what he had to do, he would let him do so right?

Raising the knife high above his head, Brendan swung down . . .

Only to stop a few inches away from Wally's head.

"Latios, I can't do this," Brendan murmured to himself as he brought the knife closer to himself, "but I'm going to have to end up doing so anyways. I might as well do it now before it's too late!" Again, the boy trainer brought the knife above his head only to bring the knife back down, closer to him then to Wally.

Sighing, the white-haired trainer exited Wally's room, closing the door as quietly as he could. He walked back slowly to the kitchen and placed the knife safely back in its drawer, knowing that the only thing that knife was going to be doing is chopping up vegetables as it should be.

Climbing back into his makeshift bed, Brendan stared at the white plaster ceiling of the house. Two weeks, two choices, no where to turn, no where to run, and nothing that he could do to prevent it. Or could he?


"Hello operator? Can you give me the number to the Verandturf Police Department?" Brendan asked as he spoke on Wally's Viv-phone. "Yeah, I hear you, nine. . . one . . . one. Got it. But its not an emergency though, I just need to talk to them. What? I should still call 9-1-1 then? But what happens if someone with a real emergency calls and I'm calling them but they can't get- hello? Hello? Well thank you, I always love talking to the buzz tone after all," Brendan groaned as he hung up the phone. Hitting re-dial, he waited impatiently for the operator to pick up. "Hello? Hi, it's me again! Yeah, that's right lady, you haven't given me the number to the police- Hey! Don't hang up on- wait, you just did. I'm going to call your boss! Now, what's his number? Maybe I should call the operator . . ."

"B Boy, why do you need to talk to the police department anyways?" May questioned after she finished her glass of ice cold milk, sighing contently soon afterward.

Brendan froze. "Because just in case we need them, I will know their number," he cooly lied, "but seeing as the number is still 9-1-1, I think we're going to be good."

"Um, alright then," May replied unsurely, leaning her elbows on the wetbar to peer at Brendan in a weird yet loving manner.

"Wouldn't do you much good right now even if you did know the police department's number," Wally stated as he strolled into the room, buttoning up his t-shirt. "Verandturf, Slateport and Mauville police stations are away on business. It seems as though they have found a trail to the whereabouts of former Team Magma Leader, Maxie."

'Wow, Maxie really thought this one out didn't he?' Brendan thought in his head, astonished.

"Personally, I wish I could go with them," Wally remarked wistfully, reaching into the fridge for a can of soda. Opening it, he took a drink and gave out a rather loud burp. "I have some unfinished business with him that I want to well, finish." Eyes sparkling, the boy stared out the window, daydreams clouding his thoughts.

"That's right, Maxie ran away before you could defeat him in battle," May replied as she tore her eyes away from her boyfriend to wash her dirty breakfast plates in the sink. "I'm sure I would want to finish that battle too if I were in your position."

"Seriously!" Wally agreed with the girl trainer. "I was so close! But he slipped out of my grip or however that stupid saying goes! Now I just want to step on him, pound him, kill- where are you heading off to Brendan?"

Brendan, one foot outside Wally's house, turned his head, looking at the green-haired and girl trainer. "Oh, I'm just going to get some air that's all, be right back!" he answered nervously, his eyes darting back and forth so no one could read the truth.

"Okay, but were going to discuss Wanda's surprise party soon so be quick about it!" May shouted cheerfully, oblivious of Brendan's agitation.

"Say it loud enough for her to here it at my mom's house back at Petalburg why don't ya?" Wally retorted sardonically, rolling his eyes.

"Whatever. . . That was too long to be a sarcastic remark I might add!"

Brendan, shaking his head at his friends' bickering, closed the door behind him and sat down on Wally's porch, gazing into the clear, cerulean hue of the morning sky, breathing in the morning rays. What Wally said made him think about killing Maxie. That way, both Wally, May and himself would still be alive and a criminal would get his just reward.

But he knew he couldn't do that. It was against his ethics; his honor. But he knew he couldn't kill Wally either, and besides, even if he did get through with killing Maxie - if he managed to track him down that is - he knew that somewhere out there, the loyal Team Magma Grunts and Admins were alive, ready to strike if he dared strike their leader first. He knew Maxie was smarter than that.

"If Latios made anyone else's life more confusing than mine, I'm sure they would of had their head blown up by confusion by now," Brendan muttered to himself. "What to do, what to do?" Impatient, the boy stood up in a hurry and stomped his feet on the wooden porch, frustrated. "Aw, hell with it, I'm going inside!"

And with that, the boy trainer quickly opened the door only to find Wally and May arm wrestling on the kitchen table. A puzzling sight to see in Brendan's opinion but then again, those two were puzzling themselves. Besides, if they didn't question his weird behavoir today, the Latios knows he's not going to question theirs.

"We're going with pink, green, and light blue since those are Wanda's favorite colors!" May groaned through clenched teeth, her nails digging into Wally's hand to win the arm wrestling match.

"No! Those are girly colors!" Wally whined as he pushed May's arm down further on his side. Despite the fact that one use to be a fragile, little wallflower and the other petite and small, they were putting up a good struggle.

May only smirked, took her other hand, and pushed Wally's hand down on her side of the table. "Ha, I win!" she cheered triumphantly, beaming in pride.

"No fair, you cheated you cheater!!" Wally complained, rubbing his hand with the other hand. Glaring playfully, the emerald-eyed boy stuck out his tongue in an amused manner.

"Never said I couldn't do that!" May retorted, sticking out her tongue right back. "So it's settle! The colors for Wanda's party are going to be pink, green and light blue seeing as those ARE her favorite colors despite the fact that they are 'girly'."

"Which is true by the way!" Wally exclaimed.

"I'm sure it is Wall Leak," May replied, writing down things on a notepad. "Okay, so we got the theme pretty much. We still need invitations, food and to decorate and such. Brendan, you need to go back into town and get those color streamers and make sure that the balloon people blow up pink, green and light blue balloons alright?"

Brendan, absored in the two's interesting conversation, blinked twice, snapping out of his daze. "Huh? Oh yeah, sure," he said absentmindedly. "I'll go do it right now." And with that, the boy trainer opened the door again and left for Mauville, leaving behind two bewildered trainers.

"Is he- did you two have a- how come he was like- what?" Wally questioned, scratching his head cluelessly.

"Don't ask me, I'm just as confused as you are which scares me I might add," May replied, staring at the closed door. A frown emerged on her face and her forehead wrinkled in worry. "He's been out of it ever since yesterday night when we came back from that shopping trip. Do you think something happened to him yesterday Wally?"

The green-haired trainer shrugged in return. "It's possible May, it's possible," he stood up and placed a hand on the doorknob, "but I'm not just going to sit around here and wonder why! I'm going to figure it out for myself!" Wally opened the door and entered the cheery outside world, leaving May alone to plan for the party.

"Okay, that's always cool, leaving a girl alone to plan a party," May stated as she got back to writing down a list of things to do before the party. "You better find out what's wrong with my B Boy Wally. I swear it!"


'Brendan, you idiot! You've got to be smoother than that if you don't want May or Wally to suspect a thing!' Brendan scolded himself from the safety of his mind. 'Okay Birch, from now on, you act the way you should normally act, the way you would be if Maxie didn't threaten you! Okay B Boy? Okay! Rayquaza, I have got to stop talking to myself in my head.'

"Brendan! Hey, wait up!" a voice from behind him shouted.

The white-haired trainer turned around and saw Wally running toward him, one hand waving in the air like a lost child rocketing toward his mother. Rolling his eyes, he turned back around and walked forward toward Mauville City, ignoring the idiot (in his opinion) sprinting from behind..

"You know, it's kind of rude when you turn your back on a kid trying to catch up with you," Wally remarked as he caught up to Brendan. He took in a deep breath of the fresh morning air and exhaled. "So, what's up B Boy? It seems as though you have something on your mind. Anything big? Anything wrong? Are you having a baby? Is that it?"

The white-haired trainer began to panic at Wally's demanding questions. "What!" he replied, paranoid, eye twitcing. "Nothing's wrong, everything is fine, I wasn't threat-" Brendan clasped a hand over his mouth.

'Idiot Birch! What did I tell you about staying cool? Freakin' a!' Brendan scolded again in his head.

"Uh, care to say that again?" Wally asked, confused.

"Oh, nothing! Everything's fine, everything's . . . good," Brendan replied again, this time slowly and calmly. "Just kind of . . . nah I'm good, I'm fine."

"I got it the first time you said you were fine but three times later, whoa buddy!" the green-haired trainer laughed. "Something isn't fine though if you keep admitting that you are fine in the first place."

"I said everything is FINE Wallace!" Brendan retaliated through clenched teeth. "So stop asking already, you're getting on my nerves!"

"Sheesh, just worried about you pally," Wally retorted cooly, pocketing his hands in his khakis. "Your girlfriend is back at my aunt's house, wondering what the heck is wrong with you. Now what am I suppose to say to her when she asks?"

"What I've said to you like, five times already. Tell her that I'm FINE!" Brendan shouted, finally reaching breaking point with the green-haired boy.

"Would you like me to put an emphasis on 'fine' when I tell her too?" Wally asked sarcastically, rolling his emerald eyes.

Kicking the ground to activate his running shoes, the boy darted down the dusty lane to avoid Wally. "Whatever, I have to go get supplies for your cousin's party. I'm out!" With that, Brendan left, leaving Wally behind in his dust.

"You realize that I'm going to figure out what's wrong with you right?" Wally shouted down the pathway to Mauville.

Brendan stopped dead in his tracks and turned his head. "That, Wood, doesn't cease to surprise me. Go ahead Wally, you try and figure out what the freakin' hell is my problem but when you do, you realize that you were better off not knowing in the first place. Your fate was better off being unsaid!"

This left the green-haired trainer puzzled as the white-haired trainer left again toward Mauville.

In fact, this kept Wally deep in thought.

So deep that he didn't realize that a figure crept up behind him, dagger in hand . . .


I need new weapons besides daggers. ^_^;

LaTeR dAyZ!

March 7th, 2005, 5:14 AM
^Yay! Breezy, you got the title Fan Fic of the week! XDD


I really like this story.... so much suspense! I hope you do more revising soon to make it better than the last time! XDD

March 9th, 2005, 9:55 PM
Um, enjoy! ^_^;

Chapter 3:
He guessed that he could explain his choice in an easy logical explanation: he couldn't. Easy enough. He did wish that picking one side over the other was just as easy though, but even with a thousand shooting stars and millions of candles on a birthday cake, he knew that this wish wasn't coming true. Wishes don't come with choices anyways.

He wished they did though. He liked wishing for things. But he knew sometimes wishing wasn't good enough.

Wally was confused, wondering why it was so hard for Brendan to admit what was wrong with his life. He knew the two weren't the best of friends, but they were still close enough; they've talked without starting a fist fight anyways. Wally took that as a good sign from a year or so ago when the mere sight of each other made them go up in heated rage.

Shrugging, the green-haired trainer decided to follow Brendan and took a step forward only to hear someone's breath cut short behind him. Thinking that it was only a Pokmon, Wally took another step forward only to hear the same noise again. Frowning, the boy turned around quickly only to find . . .

No one there.

"The heck?" Wally asked as he scratched his head. Unknowingly to the green-haired boy, the figure was still behind his back, turning when he turned, walking when he walked. "You're losing it Wood." And with that, Wally turned back around and walked forward only to hear the padded footsteps of someone - or something - behind him once again.

'Okay, I really think I need therapy now,' Wally thought in his head. 'I keep hearing footsteps yet no one is there. . . or is there someone really there?'

Pondering over this too, the green-haired trainer swiped backwards without turning around, seeing if he could grab hold of the thing that was following him. The stranger was quicker than that though, and merely side-stepped, moving out of Wally's reach.

'Yup, I'm losing it,' the green-haired trainer admitted inside his head and he began to travel forward to Mauville city.

The figure took this moment to swipe at Wally with his guard down. Raising her steely-silver blade, she took a swing at Wally's head, trying to swipe it off cleanly.

"Hey, a nickel!" Wally remarked happily as he bent down to pick it up, resulting in the stranger to swing and miss.

"Dammit!" the stranger shouted angrily in a high-pitched voice, forgetting the small fact that Wally was in front of her.

The figure's yell definitely caught Wally's attention this time. He spun around on the ground and spotted the stranger's tennis shoes. Raising his head, Wally's sparkly emerald-green eyes narrowed in disgust.

"You . . . you . . ." Wally trailed off as he got back up and glared into the stranger's own pair of jade-green orbs, ". . . you're so weird Wanda!"

Wanda Wood, Wally's cousin, laughed as she threw her long, chestnut-brown hair over her shoulder. She grinned at her younger cousin. "Good to see you too Wally," she laughed again.

"Are you trying to kill me!" Wally exclaimed, eyeing Wanda's dagger carefully.

Wanda, in response, bent the 'dagger' backwards and thwacked Wally on the forehead with it. "Not intentionally of course," Wanda replied as Wally took a hold of her rubber dagger. "I had to get you back for that stunt you pulled on me last week with trapping me in Rusturf Cave for three hours."

"I thought it was funny," Wally replied as he 'stabbed' himself in the stomach with Wanda's dagger.

"Ha, let us see how you like it being scared that much, all alone in the dark," Wanda replied cooly, sniffling, taking back her toy dagger and stuffing it in her purse.

"What are you doing back home so early anyways? You're suppose to be at my mom's house for a few more days," Wally remarked as the two cousins made their way back to Verandturf Town.

"I know, but there really isn't much to do back at Petalburg so your mom let me go home earlier," Wanda answered as the two entered the serene town of Verandturf. "Besides, I miss being back home with the sweet-smelling grass, the endless blue hue of the sky and my beautiful and enchanting roses," she sighed before adding, "and of course being with my oh-so charming cousin, Wally!"

Wally shook his head and was about to open to door of his aunt's house when the door slammed open for them. There stood May, notebook clutched in hand, small frown swept over her face.

"Wally," May started, only noticing the green-haired trainer, "we've got a problem with the li-" It was then she noticed that Wanda standing next to Wally, a confused expression on her face. "We've got a problem with the . . . lint! Your washing machine picks up too much lint!" To make a point, May reached into her pocket and pulled out some small balls of cloth. "You need to fix that."

"Uh, I will May, thanks for telling me." Wally rubbed the back of his head nervously, trying to calm down his fidgiting.

"Why hello May, I didn't know that you were staying over," Wanda remarked cheerfully. "Is Brendan here too?"

May nodded. "Yeah, he's at Mauville, getting repairs on his bike," she lied quickly. "Anyways, I too have to go to Mauville and do some shopping. The Pokdolls aren't going to wait at Slateport forever!" The girl trainer grinned and exited Wally's house. "See ya guys later!"

"Later May!" Wally called out as May left the small town.

May waved good-bye to the green-haired trainer and his cinnamon-haired cousin before walking down the path towards Mauville City.


'Latios, what are you going to do Birch?' Brendan pondered in his head as he leaned against a brick wall in Mauville. 'Even if you do tend to detest Wood now and then, you're still his friend. He, after all, did help you rescue May when she was kidnapped by Maxie a few months ago. If he didn't, it's possible that May wouldn't be alive today.'

That would of made things much easier for Brendan, if May died during those past months. He wouldn't be stuck in this sticky predicament, he wouldn't have to kill anyone, and Maxie would of let him be.

Brendan hated thinking selfish thoughts; he had no need to think of them now.

Why did Maxie have to drag May into this mess? Why was he hated so much?

Why were things so complicated?

Brendan shook his head and sighed, pushing himself up from the wall. Better get those errands done before Wally and May both have his head. It didn't though stop him from thinking though about what could of happened and would couldn't of happened.

If May was dead, Brendan sure wouldn't be happy- or be happy before last night anyways. He probably wouldn't of had his first kiss, and he'd probably wouldn't of had all eight badges of Hoenn by now. Heck, he'd probably still be working with his dad if May hadn't gracefully stepped into his life.

He wished he could change time and never of met May. That way, no one he cared about would get hurt. Yeah, he liked the thought of that.

"Wishes are for fools," Brendan muttered under his breath. "I don't have time for wishing, I don't have time to do a lot of things. Two weeks isn't enough time to plan a party or to kill someone."

Brendan never realized how precious time was . . .

Until he had to go up against it that is.

Brendan rolled his eyes and walked down past an alley; he would of kept going if a shadow at the end summoned him with a finger. Curious, Brendan walked down the alleyway, a Pokball in hand and himself on guard.

"Brendan Birch is it?" the stranger asked as the white-haired trainer swiftly walked down the alleyway.

"Perhaps . . ." Brendan said slowly, raising his Pokball to chin level. "You?"

"Your girlfriend should know who I am," the voice replied cooly.

"But seeing as I am not my girlfriend, but the boyfriend . . ." Brendan replied just as icily. "Now, I am Brendan Birch as you already know. Who the heck are you?"

"Call me . . . Archie," the mysterious man answered, stepping out of the shadows. Sure enough, it was Archie, Leader of Team Aqua. Despite the fact that Archie was also on the run like Maxie, he too did not seem filthy but was actually well dressed and in his Team Aqua outfit and long trench coat. Some things haven't changed though for his jet-black beard was still intact.

"Archie, former Team Aqua Leader," Brendan spat in disgust. Sure, he wasn't on Team Magma anymore but he, like Maxie, was one of the reasons why May and he got in so many fights on their travels. "What do you want?"

"Ha Brendan, I am not going to cause you any harm unlike Maxie," Archie growled. "Devious mind that Maxie has . . . honestly-"

"Is there a point to this?" Brendan demanded to know.

"I've got a plan for you," Archie quickly answered. "A plan that will get you out of this mess that Maxie created in the first place. But you have got to do everything I say and I mean everything. If you don't, my plan can totally backfire."

"Thanks, but I think I can figure this out for myself. Even though I'm not on Team Magma anymore, I still would never listen to a Team Aqua Member, especially the leader." With that, the boy trainer turned around and began to walk away.

"Fine, let innocent people be killed because of your foolish pride," Archie remarked cooly.

Brendan stopped dead in his tracks. "You have a plan that will get me out of this?" he asked quietly, his head bowed down toward the ground.

Archie nodded though Brendan couldn't see it. "Yes Birch, I do in fact. It will only work if you do everything I say though."

Brendan sighed and walked back towards the Team Aqua Leader. "Fine," he agreed, "I will do everything you say but it better not hurt anyone."

"Ha, making this tricky eh?" Archie stroked his ebony-black beard. "I enjoy challenges. . . Fine, I will not hurt anyone, not even Maxie. My hand shan't even touch a hair on someone else's head."

"Good. Now what is this plan you have for me?"


May sat down by the lake's edge, one finger slowly dragging circles in the water. The ripples in the water disorientated her reflection before slowly dying out, once again showing her sparkly-blue eyes in the water's border.

'Something is wrong with B Boy,' she thought sadly in her head. 'I wish I knew what though. Maybe I could help him! He's helped me plenty of times, and I just want to repay him back.'

May sighed and laid flat on her back on the smooth, cold grass. The wind played with her bangs, blowing them upward then slowly bringing them down to a rest back on her forehead.

This calm, serene mood would of made May fall asleep if a voice from behind her said in an eerie voice,

"I have been looking for you May Maple."


Anyways, thanks for reviewing as always and LaTeR dAyZ!

LaTeR dAyZ!

March 12th, 2005, 2:43 AM
^Woo hoo! Another chapter revised!

>I hope a lot of people here in PC would read your fic and review it..... it's really good!

March 28th, 2005, 8:13 PM

please update!