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March 5th, 2005, 9:15 PM
Someone save me from t3h b0r3d0m!!!!! *runs off, screaming*

Yeah, okay, I'm here, posting yet another of my fics- actually poem parodies as I like to call this story- out of boredom if you didn't catch the hint above. Hoenn Poems is basically my old hatred (it died down though) against people who like to copy my crappy HLBMA (for some odd reason I do not understand). Remember when all those Ru/Sa game plots took over ff.net a few months back?

Yeah . . . I think the first poem though is based off my hatred off Hoennshipping (which was one of the reasons why I hated ru/sa journey fics). Enjoy I guess lol.

Edit: Excuse me for not saying this early, but there is more than mild language in this fic (gotta take your anger out somewhere lol) and I do know how to avoid the swear filter too.


Like a river to an ocean,

From the shoreline to the sea,

I am connected to you,

You set my spirits free.

Your dark-blue eyes they sparkle

when you smile, when you laugh,

But when your eyes direct at me,

All I can say is, "Crap!"

I love the way your hair blows back

when your stand against the wind.

Your smile is a mile wide

which always makes me grin.

But I hate the way you treat me,

Like I'm a piece of shit,

You throw punches at me,

You give your tantrum fits.

I don't know why I love you

when you don't love me back.

You call me hateful nicknames,

And think I'm high on crack.

So I try my best to please you,

By giving you things and stuff,

But in thanks, you slap me hard,

But I haven't had enough.

Remember when I told you

that I want to be more than friends?

Wow, your eyes got big and scary,

And your forehead turned all red.

So in return you kicked me,

Right square on the shin,

Wow that really frickin' hurt!

That has got to be a sin.

But yet I'm still in love with you,

Though you like to spit in my face.

You call me a crazy, white-haired freak

and also a disgrace.

Do you still have that flower

that I gave you that special day?

When you told me to get a life,

And told me to go away?

I also remember when you told

the police you had a stalker,

Wow, I almost peed in my pants!

Dang, that was quite a shocker.

This one I remember very well,

When you told Blaziken to attack,

Admittedly, she got me good,

I almost broke my back!

Latios, I just recalled,

when you pushed me in the mud,

But I think of it as a sign,

A special sign of love.

Perhaps I am just jealous,

For one day you will be gone,

Let it be a decade from now,

Or tomorrow's dawn.

So when other boys are around you,

I tackle them on the grass,

I punch the daylights out of 'em,

I kick their bony ass!

But you don't even thank me,

For all the things I've done,

You DO kick me in the balls

and all I say is, "Fun..."

So now I feel a hatred,

Buried deep inside my chest,

Oh wait, that's just probably just some gas,

Never mind, I lied I confess.

You say that you don't love me

and you try to push me away,

But I think you really like it,

And that's why I always stay.

I think she really likes me,

I really hope she does.

"Why?" you ask curiously.

Well you see. . . Because?

People call me obsessive,

But I tell 'em to piss off.

I'm gonna bow down to my shrine,

so go away, sod off!



LaTeR dAyZ!