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December 26th, 2003, 4:38 PM
Chapter One: The Undercover Operative

Blizzard's story is a long one indeed. Now let us go back to the beginning, when he was just a normal trainer like Ash, Misty, and even Brock...

It was the morning of Beko Miyako's 13th birthday. He woke up to the cry of an Eevee. Now, Beko was fascinated with Eevees and the ways they evolved. He loved how Eevees could evolve 5 different ways. In fact, he devoted much of his time to the study of Eevees. He loved Eevees so much, he carried 6 of them with him. He wished to evolve 5 into the different "Eeveelutions" as they were called, and for one to remain an Eevee forever. He believed that Eevees might just be the cutest Pokemon ever (even cuter than Pichu!!!) He knew that said a lot, but he meant it.
But back to the Eevee. Now the Eevee waking Beko up was the cry of Shimmer, the Eevee he pegged to be an Espeon someday. "Good morning, Shimmer..." he stated sleepily.
"Beko! Good to see you again! Will you feed me and the rest of the Eevees?" Shimmer replied. Now, Beko had taught all of his Eevees to talk, just for the sake of better communication. Beko took out 6 cans of Pokemon food, filled up 6 bowls, and happily watched his friends chow down like there was no tomorrow. When they were done, they all cried, "Happy 13th Birthday, Beko!" at the same time.
"Thanks, you guys..." he muttered, satisfied with his little friends. Just then, Beko's mother came in.
"Beko? A man wants to see you."
"Oh boy! What about, Mom?"
"It's your father, dear. He has a present for you."
"Oh? What is it?"
"Come down and find out, son."
"All right. Come on down, everybody."
Beko and all 6 of his Eevees went to the front door. "Hi, dad," Beko said happily.
"Hi, son," Mr. Miyako replied. Now, Mr. Miyako had secretly joined Team Rocket, and was on a mission to capture his son for experimentation. However, neither Beko nor his mom had a clue about the operation. "Come on, I'll drive you to where your present is."
"My present's somewhere far away?"
"Yes, actually, it's at the Team Rocket base."
"Why there, Dad?"
"Because, son, no one would dare steal it there."
"Oh. Okay."
And so, Beko's trip to his destiny began...

Author's notes: How's that so far? Trust me it gets better. Even if it stinks, it'll get better. So stick around, please.

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December 27th, 2003, 1:03 PM
Very nice! It is fine by me!^^

December 27th, 2003, 4:28 PM
Chapter Two: Fire in the Cage

Beko and his father talked for nuch of the ride to the Rocket base. Beko told his father about his passion for Eevees. He also mentioned that if he could be any Pokemon in the world, it would be an Eeveelution of some sort. Beko's father apparently saw light in this fact, using it to gauge how his son was to be experimented on. Mr Miyako muttered, "So you want to be an Eeveelution, Beko? I'll make sure you get your wish, yes sir."
"Dad? Did you say something?"
"No, son, just thinking out loud."
"Oh. Dad, do you think it's possible for humans to become Pokemon?"
"Why don't we have you test that, son?"
"Eh? What's that supposed to mean?"
"Nothing son. Another loud thought."
"Okay." By that time, the father and son duo had reached their destination.
"Wow... it's even bigger than I thought."
"Uh-huh. So, son, feeling tired?"
"Dad, I just got up."
"I know, I know. But you need to wait about 24 hours for your present."
"Stop asking questions. Now, let's get you to bed."
"Whatever, Dad..."
Mr. Miyako took his son and used a tranquilizer dart on him. Beko fell right asleep.
"Good work, Agent Miyako." Beko could faintly hear a woman's voice as he fell into a deep slumber. "Looks like you got your son after all. After this, you're promoted. At least, I'm sure you will be." And guess who the voice belonged to? Jessie! Yes, THAT Jessie. You know, the idiot one? Her partner James walked into the room. "Guess I was wrong about you, Teko. You're pretty deft after all."
"Yes James, it's the kid's birthday and I used it to my advantage."
"Meowth! Congrats!" Jessie and James' Meowth came into the gathering. Of course, Beko was too fast asleep to notice. "Taking your own kid on his birthday! Now that takes guts! Gotta hand it to ya, ya did great."
"Thanks... I think."
"What's wrong, Teko? Having regrets?"
"No... it's just... what would Rika think? She's so skittish, if I even mention Team Rocket, she'll faint."
"Maybe ya married the wrong girl."
"I'm not sure. Anyway, let's get busy."
And so the 4 Rockets began working on Beko. Indeed, the process was horrid. But believe it or not, 24 hours later, the result was thrilling. At that time, Beko woke up, to his surprise, in a cage. "What gives? Dad? Dad!" he yelled frantically.
"Beko? You're alive? Oh good; it worked."
"Huh? What worked?"
"Jessie, James, Meowth, get in here! He's awake, and I think you'll like the results!"
"Results!? And who are..." Suddenly it hit him. He had met Jessie and James before. And now he knew that he had been conned into the clutches of the Rockets. But he figured that wasn't the worst part, no, not the worst part at all...

Author's Note: You know what's coming next, probably. After all, I explained what Blizzard is... but don't let that keep you from waiting for more!

December 27th, 2003, 4:59 PM
Chapter Three: Start of A New Blizzard

Jessie, James and Meowth hurried over to where Beko was being held. Beko looked at them, startled. "You... let me go!" He gnawed at the cage bars, but to no avail.
"You're so silly... don't you know it's metal? The only way you could get out is to..." Suddenly James pushed Jessie down. "You idiot, you almost blew it all!"
"Meowth! Say, you look different somehow..."
"How?? How?? Answer me, for Pete's sake!"
"Hmm..." Meowth held a mirror up to Beko's face. The moment Beko saw his reflection, he gasped. "Is... is... is that... is that me?" he questioned. He saw not his human face, but the face of a Flareon, snow white in color. Beko quickly did an anime drop. Then he headbutted at the cage doors. "Let me out! Let me out right now, you vile heathens!" Beko was quite furious by now.
"Not a chance! Until you burn your way out of here, you're ours! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!"
"Well, thanks for the escape trick."
"Gahh! Boy, I'm an idiot!"
Beko used a Flamethrower attack, then bent the cage bars just enough to break loose. "Try and catch me now, losers! Ha ha!"
"Get him, Teko!"
"I can't..."
"Gahh! Why not?"
"Oh, fine. Come on, Rockets!"
The four of them set off in their balloon, trying to catch the wily and quick Beko, who ran like his paws were on fire. Suddenly he bumped into a little girl (who looked to be about 11), which quickly halted his dash. "Sorry!!" he said, sounding hurried.
"Huh? Who was that?" She looked around, but saw no other person.
"Down here!"
The little girl wheeled around and, seeing Beko, jumped startledly. "Oh... um, it's okay... I guess."
"You guess?"
"Well, was it an accident?"
"Yea. See, they're after me..."
"Who's after you?"
"Team Rocket."
"My daddy works for them..."
"Really? So does my dad..."
"But you're a Flareon! Your dad can't work for them."
"Look, Mandy... ever wonder if somehow you could be a Pokemon yourself?"
"Yea... lots of times... oh no, you're not saying..."
"Yes. I used to be human."
Mandy jumped back in amazement. "Really?? You're not lying, right?"
"Like I would lie about something this important..."
"True... but..."
"So can you do anything or not?"
"Well... I could always be your trainer..."
"You'd do that?"
Mandy smiled, nodding her head. "Sure! I'll keep you from those heathens. Honestly, why would someone do that to an innocent kid..."
"You got me stumped."
"So I have. I think I'll call you Blizzard."
"What kind of name is Blizzard? I mean, I'm a Flareon..."
"Yea... but you're white like snow..."
"Oh. Well, in that case, I like it. Blizzard it is then."
"Eevee!" A gold Eevee came running up to Mandy. "Eevee eev? |Who's this?| she uttered.
"Hi, I'm Blizzard!" Blizzard said emphatically.
"Eevee eevee vee? |Why are you white?|
"Long story, besides I'm not in the mood to talk about it."
"Eevee. Eevee vee." |Oh. I'm sorry.|
"Oh, I don't mind... I just..."
"It's okay Blizzard. Oh, this is Rose, my other Pokemon."
"Nice to meet you, Rose."
"Eevee!" |You too!|
And so Blizzard and his new friends began their expedition to places far and wide...

Author's notes: Okay, okay, I did two chapters in a 1/2 hour... but for good reason! Why? Because I'm nice.

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December 27th, 2003, 5:03 PM
Very funny Blizzard
*Imangines he is in a blizzard doing nothing.*

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Are you having fun in that blizzard? Lol...

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wowwww!!! hey make an Vaporeon named Mirage and he is sandy brown

December 29th, 2003, 1:41 PM
Chapter Four: A Chance Meeting

Blizzard, Mandy and Rose were all walking down the path to Viridian when they happened upon a wild Ninetales. It appeared to be hurt very badly as it quivered near a tree trunk. "Whoa... talk about damage," Mandy commented.
"I'll go see what's up." Blizzard replied.
"Look. I know what to do. Just give me a shot."
"Okay... but don't hurt him."
So Blizzard walked over to the Ninetales, and nudged him. "You all right?" he asked.
"Yea... just... just let me get on my feet." He got onto his feet and pawed at Blizzard. "You can talk too?"
"What's with that?"
"So suddenly it's weird to be a talking Pokemon? I have 6 Eevee friends of mine who can talk, thank you very much."
"Sorry... I didn't mean it like that."
"I'm Blizzard. What's your name?"
"Blizzard... how odd."
"Excuse me? What's that supposed to mean?"
"You're a Flareon, right?"
"Yea. So?"
"Odd that a Flareon would be named Blizzard... of course you are white like winter snow."
"I asked you what your name was."
"Oh, of course... pardon me. My name is Coals, because I'm black with orange spots."
"Nice to meet you... say, what happened?"
"They got me... and changed me..."
"Don't tell me you were human once too!"
"No, no... they just changed my fur color... how silly to think that. Unless..."
"Oh, dear... I'm sorry."
"No, I just..."
"Hey, Blizzard!" Mandy called. "Come on!"
"I must go, Coals..."
"Wait. Can I come with... with you?"
Blizzard looked shocked at this statement. "You... WANT to come?"
"Yes... my pack... they abandoned my because of my fur color."
"Wow. In that case let's go talk to Mandy."
Coals and Blizzard went over to Mandy. She looked a little surprised at Coals, then replied, "So... he wants to come?"
"Yes... he does," Blizzard said sternly.
"It... would be nice," Coals added.
"Well... okay! Come on, then, um...."
"Right. Come on Coals, let's go."
"Say, Blizzard, ever know a human named Beko Miyako?"
"Yea... I'm Beko. Why? Wait a minute... did I have..."
"Yea, you had a Ninetales before it got stolen. That was me."
"No way! I've been looking for you all over!"
"Well, mostly..."
"Great to see you, buddy!"
"You know him, Blizzard?" Mandy questioned.
"He's an old friend," Blizzard responded.
And so, with Coals in tow, the group arrived at Viridian. They stopped at the Pokemon Center, and Blizzard and Coals talked about old memories...

January 19th, 2004, 4:01 PM
Chapter Five: What's A Requiem?

As the trio of friends walked into the Viridian Pokemon Center, Coals and Blizzard were talking up a storm. Mandy looked frazzled by all this and finally just yelled for them to shut up. Everyone in the Pokemon Center looked at her weirdly, like she was some freakish little girl.
"Sorry, but can you PLEASE keep it at a whisper? You're driving me insane!" Mandy told her two friends.
"Sure thing, Mandy!" Blizzard replied.
"We're sorry to have bugged you." Coals answered solemnly.
After these apologies, Mandy pulled out an ocarina of sorts and played a soothing melody. It was a slow-tempoed song, one that soothed you from the inside out. It was almost like Lugia's Song, except... it seemed more like a lullaby.
"She's not playing The Requiem of Fire, is she?" Blizzard questioned.
"I'm afraid so." Coals answered.
And with that, both Blizzard and Coals fell asleep on the spot. Mandy grinned, whispering into a phone, "I got them, daddy. I'm at the Viridian Pokemon Center. Meet me outside, okay?". She smiled, looked at the two Pokemon, and said, "Wait till you see what's in store for you two..."
And she smiled, for she was about to...

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And nice story Blizzard, I can't wait for more!

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Chapter Six: Officer Jenny's Accident

Blizzard and Coals were fast asleep on the Pokemon Center floor. Suddenly a shrill whistle stirred them from slumber. "Wake up, fur bags!" Officer Jenny's voice boomed throughout the Pokemon Center. All eyes turned to her... something was different. Not just personality-wise, but appearance-wise too. What was different, though, will not be unfurled just yet. First, let's pan to Blizzard and Mandy, who were discussing the origin of the Requiem of Fire.
"It began just less than 25 years ago..." Blizzard began. "A young boy named Teko, who so happens to be my father, used the song to calm the legendary Ho-oh, who was rampaging and causing a mess of things in Pallet Town. Oh, what a hero young Teko was... his name spread throughout Kanto... he was a legend, he was. He says he passed on the song to the mother of a Mandy Shroce (pronounced Shroh-cee) which I assume is you. By the way, a requiem is a hymn or composition for the dead. It was used to ensure that the spirits of Fire Pokemon who passed on would have eternal peace in their resting spots. It also causes Fire Pokemon to enter a deep sleep, one only awoken by either a blowing whistle, or any contact with water." Blizzard paused, then said, "Do you understand, Mandy?"
She nodded. "Yes. My mother did mention this song had historical meaning..."
"And now you know." Just then Coals ran behind Blizzard, quivering. "Guys... seriously, you guys..."
"What? What's wrong, Coals?"
"Officer Jenny... she... she's... got four legs!"
"What are you talking about?"
"Turn around. Now."
Blizzard and Mandy turned around to face Officer Jenny. Mandy fainted, while Blizzard looked dizzy. (You know the centaurs, upper body that of a human, lower body of a horse? Well, Officer Jenny was... well, sort of an Arcanine-taur. Ask me for a picture if you're still confused.)
Blizzard snapped out of his confused state. He trotted up to Officer Jenny, stared at the four legs she had, and looked up to her. "Officer... Jenny?"
"What it is, furball?" She snapped.
"Is... that you?"
"Who'd you expect?"
"What... happened?"
"Let's talk about it outside." She started out the Pokemon Center doors, and Blizzard followed. She explained that she had been captured by Team Rocket and experimented on. She recalled that one of the leaders of her experiments was Teko Miyako. "You mean... my father?" Blizzard asked, stunned.
"Beko? You're Beko Miyako?" Officer Jenny looked just as stunned.
"Yes... long story. I'm sure the same for you."
"No one takes me seriously, with my freakish appearance and everything..."
"You're still just as great to me." Blizzard looked like he was pulling a Brock move on her.
"Thanks... I'm sorry for calling you a furball."
"Don't mind it." Blizzard turned away, and rubbed against Officer Jenny's front left leg. She sat down and Blizzard jumped in her arms and licked her face. It was the beginning of a new friendship... but what no one knew was that...

Author's Edit: Cliffhangers are fun! And how do you like my new avatar? I made it entirely in Paint.

February 10th, 2004, 11:29 AM
Author's Notes: Did I do okay with the legend? Because I'm not sure what you think.

Chapter Seven: The Beam Heard 'Round the World
As Mandy, Coals, and Officer Jenny walked down Route 1, on the move to Pallet Town, Blizzard sat in Mandy's arms, his ears twitching as he thought. "Jenny? Can I ask you something?"
"Sure, Blizzard, what?"
"You seem pretty young to me... is it true?"
"Well, if you consider 17 young, then yes." She smiled as blades of grass crunched beneath her paws.
"Only 17, huh? Hm... Mandy, just how old are you?"
"Me? Oh, I'm uh... 13."
"Really? But you only look 11 or so..."
"Yea, well... looks can deceive, Beko."
"Oh, I'm sorry, Blizzard..."
"I don't mind, really... but-"
"Hey, Beko, I'll race you and Officer Jenny to Pallet. Mandy, you can ride on Officer Jenny's back, can't you?" Coals interjected.
"If it's okay with her... Jenny?"
"That's fine." She nodded to Mandy as she got on.
"Ready... set... go!"
And so the three pals raced like their paws were on fire. Blizzard seemed like he was going faster, but really Officer Jenny was beating him by a longshot... suddenly, all three stopped as they passed Beko's house.
"What was that?" Blizzard pointed his paw toward something in the sky.
Meanwhile... up in the Rocket's balloon above our heroes...
"Jessie, there they are! There they are, Jessie!" James seemed excited.
"Hush up, James; they'll hear you!" Jessie warned.
"Meowth, drop the net!" James ordered.
"Meowth! Can do!"
And with that he dropped a Pokeball of Teko's. It contained a Dragonair. Teko ordered his Dragonair to use Hyper Beam on the four figures below. She obliged, and when the Hyper Beam hit, our heroes went flying. Where they went flying to... is where our story continues for another time. Rest assured, our friends will have quite the adventure, wherever they go...

To be continued in "Diaries of a Legend"...

Author's notes: I only did Diaries of a Legend before this story intertwined with it. Be on the lookout for new adventures with Blizzard, Mandy, Coals, and Officer Jenny. Must dash! *runs off to write a new entry into his other story*