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Raichu Master
March 24th, 2005, 8:32 AM
Here's how this will work. When the rp starts, anyone who wants to join has to do so here, so we don't spam up the thread. Also this is where I'll list all the profiles of all the characters, financial updates will also be here to. If check the first post frequently for updates.

All Out of Character discussions/comments go here, DO NOT post them in the rp itself.


Name: James Avilexxus
Gender: male
Age: 21
Birthdate: 19th summer
Profession: Supermarket Manager
Family: Do you have any family in Moondrop Valley? no
Likes: Hats, girls, running, spoons, pizza (mexican) and hope
Dislikes: His depression, things that remind him of his past, people pretending to be his friend when they really dont care, Weopans and seafood
Home/Shop: Runs the local supermarket, which sells the tools and seeds needed, as well as buys the food from the farmers.
Personality: Either depressed or happy, as his mood fluctuates
Appearance: dark red hair, tall, skinny and not very muscular but not weak either.
Story: After breaking up with his now ex girlfriend, he left were he lived, taking only a few objects, and kept driving till i ran out of fuel. Guess where that was.
Belongings: a hat, a spoon and a rake. And some clothes too
Skills: Either makse the people around him happy, or sad. Depending on his mood. has a higher than average intellegence and is good at drawing.
Inabilities: Has below average social skills, not very strong
Hobbies: Drawing, going out places
Heart Rates:
Money: Start with 2500g


-name: Teresa
-age: 17
-gender: female
-birthdate: 1st spring
-profession: Farm Hand
-family: do you have any family in moon drop vally? no
-likes: drawing, martial arts
-dislikes: lovey-dovey stuff(cant stand to watch a kiss)
Home/shop: Work for a farmer (you're choice) and lives on his/ her property
Appearance: sholder length blonde hair, red vest, black baggy pants, black shirt, black fingerless gloves, blue eyes
Story: not much, she basicly grew up, then her parents were killed, then, she trained herself for protection
Belongings: pineapple seeds, all three kinds of apples. A bunch of cloths
Skills: can fight, and easily win, but really dosnt really use it much
Inabilities: shes very, VERY short(about 4'3)
hobies: likes to walk to the lake, and stay there for a long time
Heart rates:
money: 1500


Name:Takuya Magera
Birthdate:2nd Winter
Profession: Farmer
Family: Do you have any family in Moondrop Valley? Nope
Likes: The beach,Curry,Boxing,Jogging,Working-out
Dislikes: Lazy people,Self-centered People,Cold food,Being with alot of people
Home/Shop: Live and work on a small farm on the outskirts of the village
Personality:Very outgoing and cooperative,Likes alot of attention
Appearance:Tall,Dark brown wavy hair,Wears long bue baggy jeans and has army-looking boots,He also has a earring in his left ear and a pendant with the letter E on it,Also has a white tank-top
Story: Being abandoned at the age of 13,Takuya fended for himself and had to do everything he could in order to survive,But all that changed when Takuya stumbled upon this town he was taken in by a family and since then has grown up loved by another family Takuya still wonders why his old family did such a thing...
Skills: Boxing also Building Houses and Climbing (you know rock climbing and stuff)
Inabilities:Not able to see very well,hes losing his vision
Hobbiesretty much my skills
Heart Rates: Note: At the beginning only family members go here and in only Orange (also another test, I won't tell you what the heart colors mean!)
Money: 3000

Mine will be the last profile posted, when mine is posted, then you know it's time to begin