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March 26th, 2005, 2:23 PM
Ok, i've decided to post my fic from serebii here, please tell me what you think! Remember, this is only the first chapter I wrote and isn't good with the length side.
Chapter One: The beginning

"Wake up son or else you're not going to get your first pokemon,"

A man in his thirties said to his son who was apparently sleeping in his bed. The boys name was Matt a ten year old boy who was ready to start his pokemon journey. He wasn't particularly the tallest kid around at the height of 5' 2". His hair color is black with his eyes having a sort of bluish color. At the word "pokemon" he jumped out of bed. His dad just smiled and walked out so his son could get ready. His room is what some people would call "The Dream Room" because he had his very own phone, TV, and his favorite of all, his computer. His bed covers had various fire pokemon on them. Even though his bed was all fire pokemon, you couldn't say fire was his favorite type since the rest of his room like his wallpaper, had water, ground, flying, and grass type pokemon all over.

"I can't believe it!" He said as he pulled on blue jeans and a black t-shirt with a Blaziken on the front.

Before he left his room, he pulled out his favorite hat, a red and blue cap with a Salamence on the front. As Matt ran downstairs and picked out his cereal (corn flakes) and starting eating, his parents started to talk.

"So honey are you ready to go to the lab and get your first pokemon of the Hoenn region?" His mom asked dully, hoping he would stay a little while longer.

"Of course!" Matt said excitedly not catching what his mom felt like.

"Well son when you get him make sure to come back here first, okay?" His dad said.

"Alright I will," Matt said.

"Are you sure that you want to start here in Hoenn instead of Kanto, son?" His dad asked.

"I'm sure of it!" Matt smiled as he thought back to when his dad told him about how great it was to be a Pokemon Trainer in Kanto.
"Now son, you know that I was first a trainer in Kanto?" His dad asked.

"Really?" The seven year old Matt asked.

"Yes, it was fantastic! I started in Kanto and then went to the other regions, Johto and Hoenn where we are at now." Dad said getting a dreamy look on his face.

"I want to go to Kanto!" The seven year old Matt exclaimed.

"You can son, all you need to do is to take a boat to a place called Olivine, then to Kanto's' Vermillion City," Dad said barely able to hold his excitement.

"I want to travel here first where you met mommy," Matt stated.

"Are you sure?" Dad asked, while his excitement deflated.

"Yes," Matt said.
"Well, you should go," His mom sighed with tears in here eyes as she handing him his backpack to put on. (packed with clothes, food, and some extra money.)

"Don't worry mom, I'll be back soon!" He yelled as walked out the door.

As he ran to the lab he started to think of what pokemon to get. The answer popped up in his head as if he knew exactly what pokemon to get all along. With a grin on his face he walked into the lab and went straight to the Professor.

"Why hey there Matt, you ready to get your first pokemon?" The professor asked.

"Sure am," Matt said grinning.

"Ok first is Treeko the grass type pokemon, which is a wood gekko kind of pokemon with green skin, and a reddish belly. Then over here is Torchic, who is a orange feathered, baby fowl fire type pokemon. I would have another pokemon, but my daughter already took him. He was Mudkip the mudfish pokemon that is blue with orange cheeks, and has a small blue thin fin on its head. Also, he was a water type," The professor explained.

"Well thats alright Professor, because I want Torchic!" Matt exclaimed grabbing Torchics' red flamed pokeball.

"A great choice there, if I don't say so myself. Also, here are some pokeballs for you," The professor said as he took about five of them out and gave them to Matt.

As Matt put them on his belt along with Torchics' the professor told him that he needed to get his license. Then once all that was over he gave him his pokedex.

"That pokedex is one of the new ones I made so I want you to test it out for me," Professor Birch said proudly.

"I'll take care of it," Matt reashured.

"One last thing, the professor said. My daughter is eager for a battle, she is on route 103 if you want to battle her," He said.

"Thanks, and I guess I'll see you later Proffesor!" Matt said as he ran out with his new pokemon and equipment.

When he arrived back at his house he opened the door and said as he let Torchic out of his pokeball, "I'm home!"

"Well hi honey, did you get a pokemon yet?" His mom asked sweetly.

"Why yes I did," Matt said pointing to his materialized Torchic on the ground.

Once his mom saw Torchic, her face brightened as she looked at the young fowl.

"Why it looks so cute!" She exclaimed running over and picking up Torchic to look at it closely.

"Torr, Torr, Torchiicc!" Torchic chirped in response.

"Mom, wheres dad at?" Matt asked rolling his eyes.

"Oh I'll go and get him," She said putting Torchic down and walking away.

Matt started looking around the walls of his house and sighed. He knew that it would be a long time before he would be back to his favorite place to be.
With its own entertainment room set aside for him mostly, to the kitchen where he would eat with his mom and dad. A few minutes later, his mom had come back with his dad. His dads look was one of pure happiness to see his son again before he took off.

"Well, is this the pokemon you got?" His dad asked, looking at Matt's Torchic.

"Yes it is," Matt said with glee.

"To think your finally a Trainer, doing what you want to do..." His mom sobbed.

"Ya, well I've got to get going," Matt said.

"Well then, I we'll just talk to you later so you can go. Don't forgot to call us from time to time either!" His mom said losing herself and started hugging her son tightly.

"Actually, I kind of want to look around a bit before I go," Matt said.

Then he ran downstairs to his basement the "entertainment room". He looked around with Torchic in his arms from the old punching bag he always used to get away to at times, to his families fish tank they had, and finally to the soft blue carpeting that made up the whole room.

"I'll miss this place," Matt said as he closed the door.

As Matt raced back up to the door, Torchic was looking at him with woundering eyes, for he could sence his masters feelings.

"Like I said before, don't forget call us," Matts mom said with red eyes.

"Don't worry I won't!" Matt reashured.

"Get going son, make me proud," His dad said.

With that the young new trainer walked out of his house with his pokemon.

"Come on Torchic, lets have some fun!" Matt yelled.

"Torr! Torr!" His pokemon chirped in response as he climbed off of Matts' shoulder.

As Matt and Torchic left town having fun playing his version of "tag" all the way, he started to think that nothing could dampen his spirits as he headed off with his newest friend, and the adventure of Hoenn that was unfolding to be the most trilling one yet.
Matts party:
Torchic: Male

March 29th, 2005, 8:47 AM
Chapter Two: The mysterious daughter of Birch

After training with Torchic for about four hours in the tall green grass, Matt had finally made it to Oldale Town and decided to heal his new pal at the Pokemon Center. As Matt and Torchic looked, they saw a great big building with a red roof and the letter P in between two top windows. Matt walked on through the sliding glass door with Torchic on his shoulder. He walked around and saw a pop machine, snack machine, and then on the other side there were seats with computers near them. Farther on there was a desk with a nurse that had red hair tied up so both ends came together and made a sort of loop on each side of her head, behind it.

"Torchic you need to return now, see you later," Matt said as he returned his feathered friend.

"Hello nurse, could you heal my pokemon please?" Matt asked as he walked up to the counter.

"Why of course, just tell me how many and set them here," She explained sweetly.

"Well I have one pokemon," Matt replied as he handed the nurse the pokeball that held his only pokemon.

"Thank you, it will take just a moment, just sit down and wait please," The nurse said as she turned around to the door behind her and walked through.

"I wonder what would be a cool nickname for Torchic? Blaze, Ember, Flame?" Matt thought as he plopped himself into one of the many chairs in the center.

"No those don't sound good. Torchic deserves a much better name," He reasoned to himself.

"Wait, I got it! Inferno would be a great name!" He exclaimed out loud, suprising some of the residents in the centre.

As he started to think some more, the more he started to wonder what kind of pokemon that would be suitable for him to catch. He kept on thinking, that he really needed a second pokemon over and over again.

"Grass, Electric, Psychic, Water? Hmmm maybe I need to think about this just a little more," He thought.

As he was thinking he was suddenly distracted from his thoughts when a big pink pokemon named Chansey came over with a red flamed pokeball, his pokeball.

"Chansey!" It said giving him Torchics pokeball before it merrily skipped away back to Nurse Joy.

"What pokemon is that?" Matt asked as he reached for his pokedex.

Chansey- Lays nutritous eggs on an every day basis. The eggs are so delicious that they are eaten even by someone who has lost their appetite. Type Normal Found only in the Kanto region.

"Cool! Chansey is from the Kanto region?" Matt asked.

"Yes. All the nurses get Chanseys sent to them so they can get help around the place," Nurse Joy explained.

"Oh, thats pretty cool!" Matt said.

"Us nurses think it is too," Nurse Joy smiled.

"Well, thanks Nurse Joy!" Matt shouted as he walked out of the pokemon center.

"Time to come on out Torchic!" He said happily.

Torchic greeted the young trainer with his usual Torr as he hopped back on his trainers shoulder.

"Hey there buddy I'm gonna call you Inferno now, you like that?" He asked turning his head around to be face to face with Torchic.

"Torrchick!" He said with enthusiasm.

"Well I guess that's a yes," Matt laughed.

"Come on buddy lets go to our first Trainer battle!" Matt exclaimed.

While he and Torchic headed to the daughter Birch told him about, he started
to think that maybe Inferno might not do to well since the pokemon the the professors' daughter had was supposedly a water type. So as he went along he had Inferno train against wild pokemon like Wingulls water/flying type that are small white seagulls with blue stripes. They also trained against wild Zigzagoons the raccoon, zigzagged, striped white, brown normal type pokemon.

Once he got to a clearing he saw a girl around his age with her back turned to him and the Mudkip the water pokemon he was told about out. She was about as tall as him, which was around five feet with brown hair. As he turned to Inferno, he saw the will of battling in his eyes.
With a grin Matt said, "time for our battle buddy." With that said, he walked into the clearing.

"Hey you, I challenge you to a pokemon battle!" Matt shouted.

As the girl turned around and saw him, he could see her gorgeous piercing blue eyes staring into his like they were daggers.

"Fine if it's a battle you want, then it's a battle you'll get. Lets go Mudkip!" The girl yelled confidently.

"Alright then, I choose you Inferno!" Matt said.

"Torr!" His baby chick said confidently.

"Ha! Fire types are weak against water types," She smiled.

"Ya, but does your Mudkip know any water attacks?" Matt asked.

"No, it doesn't matter, we can still win," She said blushing crimson

"In your dreams," Matt laughed.

"Enough of this! We start now!" She said.

"Mudkip use Tackle attack!" She yelled.

"Inferno just stand there and wait," Matt said.

Inferno looked at him like he was stupid but stood his ground.

"Now, jump over her!" Matt yelled.

The girl gasped and said, "no Mudkip stop!"

To late, Mudkip had rammed right into the tree that Inferno had been standing in front of just seconds before. Then Mudkip turned around like he was a drunk trying to find somebody.

"Smart move, but it'll take more than that to stop us!" She yelled.

"Now Mudkip use Tackle again!" She said to a very angry Mudkip.

"Inferno use your Peck," Matt said smiling.

The two pokemon ran at each other and collided. Mudkip got the upper hand though and knocked Inferno back down. Both were now very angry, ready to beat each other into a bloody pulp.

"Tackle!" Matt shouted.

"You to Mudkip!" May called.

Inferno got up again and started running towards Mudkip. Inferno started going faster and faster as he pumped his tiny legs as hard as he could. Then Inferno turned slightly as he jumped so he wouldn't get hurt as bad. Both rammed into each other and started falling back down.

Inferno landed on his feet as he hadn't recived much damage, just like he had planned it. Mudkip landed, but not as gracefully as Inferno had. Mudkip fell down on her side, hard. Mudkip then slowly got back up, not ready to be finished with just yet.

"Come on Mudkip! Growl!" May shouted.

"Don't let that bother you at all Inferno, Peck!" Matt called.

Mudkip dug her feet farther into the ground as she opened her mouth up wide. Inferno ran even faster, knowing it would be over soon. Then Mudkip let out a high pitched growling. Inferno stopped for a second, then kept on going. Inferno then landed a hit across Mudkips cheek. Though he didn't stop there. Inferno hit again, then moved to the other and cheek and pecked twice.

Mudkip cringed in pain, but didn't want to go down. Both pokemon stood there looking at each other, almost daring the other to make a move. Then Mudkip relaxed and fell down in defeat.

"Mudkip, return!" The girl said as she slowly made her way to Matt as he hugged Inferno, congratulating him on the win.

"You did a great job bud, you deserve a rest," Matt said proudly.

"Torr, chic, chick!" Inferno exclaimed as he climbed back on Matts shoulder.

"Wow your a great battler, how long have you been on your journey?" She asked.

"Since this morning when I first got my Inferno," Matt replied as he pat him on the head.

"Same here. By the way the names May, what's yours?" May asked curiously.

"The names Matthew but you can call me Matt," Matt said.

"Ya, well I'm off to Rustburto to get my first badge. What about you, you going to?" She asked.

"Yes I am so I can become the Champion of the Hoenn Region!" Matt exclaimed.

"Same here," May said nodding.

"Well, I guess that we will see each other again?" May questioned.

"Yes how about meeting up in Rustburto in a day, of course after we get our badges," Matt asked.

"Sure, and next time I see you I'll be stronger and beat you!" May said.

"I will to, so don't expect an easy fight. I guess I'll see you then, bye," Matt said.

With that he started to walk off back to Oldale town. After a few battles,
Inferno started chirping and jumped onto Matts shirt. Matt looked closer and saw that he was staring at the Blaziken on Matts shirt. Then Inferno looked at him and back to the Blaziken on his shirt again.

"What, you want to be a Blaziken someday?" Matt asked.

"Chhick, Tor, Tor!" Inferno nodded as he continued his staring.

"Don't worry Inferno, you will be someday," Matt said.

"Chic," Torchic said before looking at the Blaziken again, and jumping back on Matts shoulder.

Then they trudged on throught the grass and dirt they went. After a battle with a Zigzagoon, Torchic jumped back up to Matts shouler, breathing hard. Where he just layed himself down.

"We're here now Inferno, I'll get you all healed up," Matt said as he pointed ahead.

"Torrc," Inferno said nodding.

After a quick walk through a sliding door, he walked through the Pokemon Centre and gave the same nurse Infernos pokeball.

"Back again?" She asked.

"Yes, then going straight to Petalburg," Matt said with certainty in his voice.

After he sat down for a few minutes, the familiar Chansey came to him with a pokeball in a basket. He took it and thanked the nurse as he walked out. Matt walked on and started looking at all the pokemon around him, thinking that he should get a second pokemon soon. But before he could think about that too much he could see a whole group of Trainers together. With that he smiled to himself and took the same pokeball.

"Who wants to have a battle?" Matt yelled loudly for all of them to her.

All of a sudden, they all of started rushing at him at once and thankfully, they all stopped and looked at Matt before running over him. They all parted to let one single kid through.

"I do!" The boy yelled.

Matt could tell that he was the toughest one of them because the others didn't step up, and because he was the tallest and cocky looking of them all with red hair, and a pokeball in his hand. Even though he was only three inches taller than Matt, he still looked pretty big to him.

"Go, Treeko!" The boy shouted.

"Your up Inferno!" Matt yelled as he through Infernos pokeball in the air and watched Inferno materialize from red light.

Then Matt started to focus on the battle, every single inch of the field, didn't find anything to serve as an advantage. Then he looked to see that the Treeko (that looked a little taller than normal Treekos)was to over confident.

"Great, this is going to be easy!" Matt exclaimed.

"Ya your right, for me!" The guy yelled.

"Even though I only got Treeko this morning, we're a strong combination!" He yelled confidently.

"Like Trainer like pokemon." Matt breathed talking to himself.

Then he decided to not respond and looked at Inferno, who Matt realized, was thinking exactly what he was thinking.

("What do you want me to do?") Matt herd Inferno saying.

"Huh? Your talking to me?" Matt asked.

("Finally, I thought it would never happen!") Inferno replied.

"What?" Matt asked.

("For you to hear me,") Inferno said simply.

"How can I hear you now?" Matt asked.

("I don't know, but who cares how at least you can,") Inferno shrugged.

"Ya your right, start this off with a Peck attack!" Matt yelled.

"Treeko use your Absorb!" The boy called.

"Quick Inferno keep jumping around so he can't lock on to you and Absorb your energy!" Matt said.

("Got it!") Inferno responded.

As Treeko was trying to use Absorb, Inferno was jumping around as height as his tiny legs could allow obviously getting tired, but so was Treeko. He was trying to pointlessly use an attack over and over again which would easily take its toll.

"Ok Inferno slowly make your way to Treeko to use Peck, but still dodge the Absor- Beep! bs,"

Beep! Beep!

"Huh? Lets see here," Matt said as he checked his pokedex.

"Hey Inferno," Matt yelled as he found out that Inferno had learned a new move, Ember!

("What?") Inferno questioned.

"You've learned a new move so, instead of using peck use Ember!" Matt yelled.

("Time to turn on the oven!") Inferno yelled confidently as he smirked.

"What? Holy crap! Treeko get out of there," The guy cried desperately.

It was to late, Inferno had finally landed a hit. The Ember had hit Treeko
square in its pinkish colored belly. With that and all the Absorb attacks, Treeko fainted right on the spot.

"Treeko, return!" The boy said disappointed.

"All right Inferno! You did it!" Matt cheered as he walked to pick up his exhausted pokemon.

("Thanks") Inferno said weakly.

"Well buddy, take a nice rest." Matt said, picking Infernos pokeball off his belt.

("Ah, good idea,") Inferno said.

Then Matt recalled Inferno and looked up to see all the people there staring at him open mouthed. The only one who wasn't, was the kid that had the Treeko. The boy then slowly walked towards Matt.

"My name is Chris and I guess I'll be seeing you later, Rival," The boy whispered in his ear as he walked past him.

"The names Matt!" Matt shouted to Chris before he ran away to heal his Treeko at the Pokemon Centre in Petalburg City.

Matt walked past all the trainers and headed off to Petalburg, as he ignored the rest of the silent group. He had two things in mind, get Inferno healed, then he could earn himself a badge....

Matts party:
Inferno: Male
Mays party:
Mudkip: Female

March 31st, 2005, 9:12 AM
Chapter three: Norman, the gymleader

"I thought that May said that the first gym badge I could get was in Rustburto, but I guess not," Matt said to a fully healed Inferno.

("Well then she was wrong, so lets go challenge the gymleader!") Inferno said anxiously.

"No, not yet we need another member on the team,"

("Ya I guess your right,") Inferno replied sadly.

"We can still go visit him and find out what kind of Pokemon he uses," Matt said saying his thoughts out loud.

("Good Idea,") Inferno said.

So Matt walked towards the Petalburg gym and sees that it's humongus. The gym had a red roof with the word GYM painted in big letters on the middle area of the building between two windows. Matt walked into the gym where a pokemon battle was already underway.

"Wah! Those pokemon look strong," Matt said in amazement.

(..."how am I supposed to beat him when he has pokemon like that?") Inferno asked doubtubly.

"I don't know lets just go watch," Matt said.

As he picked Inferno up and went up in the bleachers, he was even further amazed by the pure skill of the gym leader and the challenger, who both looked like they had a lot of experience and knew exactly what they were doing.

("Do you even know what those pokemon are?") Inferno questioned.

"No, but I'm about to find out," Matt said flipping his Pokedex out and pointing it at one of the Pokemon.

Delcatty- the cat pokemon, Delcatty is the evolved form of skitty which are used as pets.Type Normal "Now for the next one." He said pointing the Pokedex at the other pokemon.

Vigoroth- The monkey pokemon even though its evolved forms are lazy this pokemon is quite energetic, Vigoroth is the evolved form of Slakoth.Type Normal

("How am I supposed to beat a pokemon like them?") Inferno asked again looking scared now.

"Ah, come on lets finish this, I've got a challenger waiting," The gymleader said

"Fine Norman, Delcatty use Double slap!" the girl yelled.

As Matt looked, he could see that Delcatty was a dullish brown color with a puple looking scarf around her neck. Then he looked at the trainer of the Delcatty, Sally. Matt could tell that Sally had a height range close to five feet. She had green eyes with black, nicely brushed hair. She wore tight blue jeans with a regular, bare, pink t-shirt.

"Vigoroth, Slash attack!" Norman called.

The furry Vigoroth started to run at the cat, then dodged before Delcatty could swing. After dodging, Vigoroth jumped right at Delcatty, swiping at the defenseless cat with its left claw. It was an instant knockout.

"Better luck next time Sally," Norman said smirking.

"See you later Norman, back to training for me. For one day I will beat you and raise from just being one of your traiers for the gym, to becoming a great gymleader!" Sally responded before walking through a door and was gone.

Matt then looked at Norman and saw he was a tall six foot man with regular street clothes as well, which made Matt wounder if gym leaders were supposed to dress different then other people or not.

"So your my next challenger?" Norman questioned.

"Yes," Matt replied uneasily.

Norman nodded and then looked at Inferno, as his big, wam, smile slowly turning to a frown.

"How many badges do you have?" Norman asked.

"None," Matt responded.

"None?" Norman asked.

"Yes, and I don't know how I'm going to be able to beat you," Matt said uneasily.

"I'm the fifth gym leader, you need to go to Rustburto where the gym leader Roxanne will challenge you," Norman said smiling.

"Oh thats good, I thought that you were the first gym leader," Matt smiled with relief.

"You should come back when you have four badges." Norman said laughing.

"Alright then, good bye Norman!" Matt yelled running towards the exit.

"See you kid, and by the way, what's your name?" Norman asked.

"My names Matt," Matt said.

"Ok, see you later Matt, and I hope that our battle will be a great one when we finally do fight," Norman said.

("Well at least we don't have to face him now, and get to cream him later on!") Inferno said happily as Matt walked out of the gym.

"Your right, we will cream him once we get our four badges!" Matt smiled confidently.

"So, up for anything to eat?" Matt asked when his stomach started to rumble.

("Heck ya, I'm starving!") Inferno exclaimed.

Half an hour later he and Inferno were back on the trail to Rustburto with full stomachs. While training against wild Zigzagoons and Taillows they decided not to catch them for the team because Zigzagoons were just to weak. They really didn't care about all the Taillows either, the flying/normal type for they were weaklings in their eyes.

A while later the perfect chance came for what Matt desperately wanted. A dog like pokemon jumped out from the bushes and attacked Inferno immediately.

("What the heck, what is this thing?") Inferno asked through a grunt.

"I don't know, just a second," Matt said getting out his pokedex.

Poocheyna- the wolf pokemon. This pokemon is considered strong and devious. While its run away ability lets it easily run away if it thinks that there is no chance of winning. Type Dark

"Alright this is our chance Inferno!" Matt said with glee.

("I know, tell me what to do,") Inferno said urgently.

"Ok, use Peck attack then follow it up with an Ember!" Matt called.

("Here it goes..") Inferno said as he ran up and hit Poocheyna rapidly on the head, which caused the wolf to to howl and then tackle Inferno.

"Hang in there Inferno, Ember!" Matt yelled.

("Anyone ready for cooked dog?") Inferno asked slyly.

("I'd like to see you try it bird brain!") The dog suddenly bursted out with a loud bark.

This made Inferno angry and caused him to put more power into the attack. The dog immediately started to run away after seeing this, but was easily hit with the fireballs and fainted.

"Here it goes!" Matt said throwing an empty pokeball at the dog.

The pokeball landed on the Poocheyna, sucked him in and rattled once as Matt held his breath, twice as Inferno stepped closer, and tree times as they both stepped closer to the pokeball before he herd, ding!

"Alright Inferno we did it, we caught a Poocheyna!" Matt said as he started to dance around.

("Glad to see your happy,") Inferno chirped with a grin.

"Well, time to come on out Poocheyna!" Matt yelled releasing the dog.

Poocheyna materialized right in front of Matt, and the dog was in a fighting stance looking ready for battle as he moved to each side, looking as if to say "just try and beat me now" kind of look.

"Well you must have a tough nature," Matt remarked.

("You better believe it!") Poocheyna barked.

Matt just laughed and patted him on the head.

"Alright you two, the woods are coming up ahead, lets get going," Matt said motioning to his two pokemon.

Matts party:
Inferno: Male
Poocheyna: Male
Mays party:
Mudkip: Female

April 3rd, 2005, 8:48 AM
It's really good. It's OK in length... A few things you could change, though:


2. You couldn't travel to Route 103 and back in one day whilst having two battles! Make it a bit more realistic in that area please!

3. Spellings.

4. Don't do exactly like in R/S. It's good, but try to change the plot slightly. e.g. Get lost, discover a new town not on R/S or have Team Rocket/Magma/Aqua bursting in every chapter.

Otherwise, it's great!

April 3rd, 2005, 11:25 AM
It's really good. It's OK in length... A few things you could change, though:


2. You couldn't travel to Route 103 and back in one day whilst having two battles! Make it a bit more realistic in that area please!

3. Spellings.

4. Don't do exactly like in R/S. It's good, but try to change the plot slightly. e.g. Get lost, discover a new town not on R/S or have Team Rocket/Magma/Aqua bursting in every chapter.

Otherwise, it's great!

Ok, thanks. I will change #1 and 2 in the future. It isn't like R/S as you will soon find out with the next two chapters. Though thanks for the review cause now I can post.
Chapter Four: Petalburg woods

We now find Matt deep into the woods, where he walks passed a tree branch and then suddenly something red and furry jumps on his head.

"Ahhhhh! Inferno get it off whatever it is with a Peck attack!" Matt screamed.

The the next thing he saw was Inferno jumping past him and hearing a THUD, the pokemon was off him and on the ground. Matt immeadiatly took out his pokedex and laughed.

("Whats so funny?") Poocheyna asked.

"Listen," Matt said pointing the Pokedex at the thing again.

Wurmple the bug pokemon. This pokemon is very weak, its horn is dangerous for it holds poisons that Wurmples use to protect themselves with. Later on in life, Wurmple can evolve into a Cascoon or Silcoon, even though the chances between getting one is random.Type Bug

"That sounds weird, what are the final evolutions?" Matt asked the pokedex.

The evolution of Cascoon is Dustox the moth and Silcoons evolution is Beatuifly the beatuiful butterfly. The pokedex droned.

"I'm gonna catch that thing then," Matt said.

("You're not serious are you?") both of his pokemon shouted eyeing the bug.

"Yes but it's not for me, it's for my mom!" Matt said defensively.

("What makes you think that your mom will want that?") Infetno laughed.

"Because that "thing" evolves into a butterfly and I know she would like it because she loves butterflys, also it would keep my mom company so she won't be as lonely," Matt replied.

("Ok,") Inferno sighed.

"Now Inferno, use Ember!" Matt called.

("Burn!!!") Inferno said with no sighn of guilt on his face, releasing many tiny fireballs of flame straight at Wurmple.

("No!") Wurmple screached, sending out a String Shot.

The white and silky string was easily set aflame, burning all the way back to the screeching Wurmple. The bug tried to inch away from the rest of the fireballs, but was burned by its own String Shot that burned all the way back to Wurmples body, fainting it.

"Ok that was easy, go Pokeball!" Matt yelled, hurling the enlarged red and white pokeball straight at the bug.

The pokeball hit Wurmple and bounced, opening up to force the pokemon inside. Then the ball closed and shook once, twice, and then stopped altogether with the familiar ding!

("Congratulations, you've caught a pathetic pokemon,") Inferno joked.

"Shut up Inferno," Matt sighed.

("Hey I wanna nickname too!") Poocheyna whined.

"Wha, where did that come from?" Matt asked.

"From the name you gave Inferno," Poocheyna replied simply.

"Ok, let me think for a sec. Your a Dark type so.... How about Shadow?"

("Yes, it sounds so evil!") Shadow smiled slyly.

"Shadow it is then," Matt said.

"Hey you two, ready for some training?" Matt asked suddenly.

("Ya, why?") Shadow asked.

"Because theres a Bug Catcher right there. Hey you I challenge you to a pokemon battle!" Matt yelled trying to get the attention of the trainer.

The Bug Catcher looked like a short four foot kid, with glasses and a net hanging over his shoulder. He looked around suprised to see Matt, as he enlarged a pokeball of his own.

"My name is Ted and I accept your challenge, go Cascoon!" Ted yelled, throwing out his pokeball.

"Go Shadow!" Matt called.

Shadow immeadiately ran in front of Matt, sizing up his opponet. As he did, he growled fiercly, trying to scare off his opponent. Which didn't seem to work since Cascoon just sat there, not really paying attention to the battle at hand.

"Ok Cascoon, start this off with a Poison Sting!" Ted commanded.

"Shadow dodge it and use Sand Attack, so we don't have to worry about another!" Matt yelled.

("Here it comes!") Shadow said easily dodging in and out of the long white strips of poison, as he started running at Cascoon.

"Cascoon quickly, use Harden!" Ted yelled.

("See if you can hurt me now runt!") The Cascoon grunted smiling evily.

("We'll see,") Shadow barked angrily.

"Shadow keep on going!" Matt urged between laughs.

"You must be new with this see, because physical attacks can't hurt
Cascoon after his Harden," Ted said laughing at Matt.

As Shadow stopped and hit Cascoon with sand, you could see that some sand had gotten into its eyes, almost like making Cascoon completly blind and not really able to see.

("Ah, I can't see!") Cascoon wined.

"Well, it's not really physical, Shadow just lowered that bug of yours accuracy, so you must be the inexperienced one here," Matt laughed right back.

"Hmp, I'll show you! Cascoon use your Poison Sting!" Ted yelled.

"Shadow just stand there," Matt yelled.

Matt was right, the attack completly missed! All of them went flying off in every direction, twenty feet from where Shadow was. Some of them hit trees and others just fell into the sand.

"String Shot!" Ted yelled worriedly, only to watch it miss just like the Poison Sting had before it.

"Alright Shadow, finish this off with a Tackle attack!" Matt yelled to Shadow as he started to take off at a run towards Cascoon once again.

Cascoon, use String Shot on that tree branch!" Ted cried out desprately.

Cascoon tried to send out a String Shot, but Shadow had already hit Cascoon, for he was already to close to miss. Then Cascoon just rolled back from the attack, defeated.

"Fine then, go Silcoon!" Ted called.

"Nice job buddy, lets have Inferno take this one." Matt said as he congratulated Shadow.

("No.") Shadow said as he denied being returned back to his pokeball by the red light.

"If you really want to...ok you can battle," Matt said as he gave up.

("Yes!") Shadow barked happily.

"Silcoon use your Poison Sting!" Ted yelled.

"Shadow, dodge!" Matt called.

("Can't, just realized that I can't move, i'm hurt,") Shadow said.

"Way to go!" Matt yelled sarcasticlly.

("Sorry,") Shadow whimpered as he took the full force of the attack.

"It's ok Shadow, return!" Matt shouted.

("No! I still want to battle!") Shadow persisted as he used the remaining energy he had and dodged the remaining of the bombarding and collasped back on the ground, fainted.

"Shadow, Shadow, Shadow," Matt sighed as he returned him to his pokeball.

("Finally, I get some action! Right?") Inferno asked as he jumped off from where he was on Matts shoulder, acting like he had been ignored for hours.

"Yes Inferno," Matt said.

("Oh ya! Go me!") Inferno cheered.

"Your really weird, you know that right?" Matt asked as he smiled.

("Hey! Take that back!") Infeno yelled affended.

"Just start this off with a Peck, then finish it off with Ember Inferno!" Matt said, sure of his victory.

"Silcoon might be weaker then my Cascoon, but your still not going to beat her that easily! Silcoon use your String Shot!" Ted called.

("Here it goes.") Silcoon said in a high pitched kind of squeal.
"Inferno dodge it and continue on!" Matt yelled as Inferno dodged the string and pecked Silcoon on the head.

("Ow, ow, ow!") Silcoon complained.
"Now Silcoon, String Shot!" Ted called confidently.

This time though, the string hit true and wrapped around Inferno, and his beak suprising the chick. Inferno looked around, as he squirmed and squirmed, trying to inch free.

("Ah, help would be appreciated!") Inferno yelled worriedly.

"Ha! Now Silcoon use your Poison sting!" Ted yelled.

"Inferno, just concentrate on pecking the string. Then once you get it off, meet the Poison Sting with your Ember!" Matt shouted.

Within seconds, Inferno had Pecked the string off his beak and sent tiny fireballs straight at the Poison Sting just in time. The two attacks collided, but the Poison sting was sucked up by the flames and sent right towards Silcoon where she was set aflame.

"Silcoon, no!!!!" Ted yelled concernedly.

("You better believe it!") Inferno chirped triumphantly.

Once the dust that was kicked up from the attack was blown away, Silcoon was there laying down with swirls in his eyes. Leaving one triumphent looking Inferno.

"Ehh, Silcoon return!" Ted said in disguest like it was the worst thing in the to happen.

With that, the kid walked off saddened, deeper into the woods.

"Nice job Inferno, you were excellant," Matt smiled, congratulating his pokemon.

("Thanks,") Inferno said smugly.

("Ya Matts right, you did do pretty good,") Shadow remarked, as he got himself out of his pokeball.

("No doubt about it!") Inferno smirked.

"So whats going to happen when you lose? Matt joked.

("Well, that is never going to happen!") Inferno chirped.

"I guess we should get going then, come on you two," Matt called to his pokemon.

As the three of them continued down the path while training against wild Wurmples, Cascoons, Silcoons, and some Shroomish all the way, Inferno and Shadow were fighting on who was the strongest.

("I'm the best!") Shadow said.

("No i'm the best, I've been on this team longer then you, and have had more battles!") Inferno chirped angrily.

"Tell you what, Matt yelled frustrated, sine the pokemon were starting to get on his nerves. How about you two have a battle and find out who is the strongest?"

("Thats a great idea!") Shadow barked.

("Definitley,") Inferno agreed.

"It's settled then, Shadow and Inferno will fight each other to prove who is the strongest. They will be thinking on there own while I watch. Let the battle begin!" Matt yelled running away to the side and watch.

("You ready for it burn't doggie?") Inferno asked.

("There is no reason for talking!") Shadow growled.

("Have it your way,") Inferno said.

Thats exactly when Shadow and Inferno started running at each other, Shadow with Tackle and Inferno with Peck. But at the last second Shadow jumped over Inferno and started running from behind. Inferno who was suprised got Tackled from behind. Inferno got up though, looking even angrier and started running at Shadow full throttle with another Peck as Shadow just turned around and started throwing sand up in the air. Inferno who was expecting this, got out of the way just in time as he opened his mouth readying an Ember, which made Shadow run at him in a Tackle. It was to late though because Inferno had already released multiple little fireballs. Even though all the balls hit they're mark, Shadow still kept on running at Inferno sending him flying into the air.
As Inferno landed both of the pokemon were breathing hard, but not willing to let up anytime soon. Inferno started readying another Ember while Shadow started running at him as fast as he could. Inferno was ready though and jumped up into the air, turned around at the last second, and released the Embers. Shadow, who wasn't expecting Inferno jumping out of the way, started looking around for him. When Shadow finally saw him, it was a second to late before all the balls of flame hit him dead on. Shadow who was already exhausted, couldn't take anymore and fell over in defeat.

"Nice job Inferno!" Matt said.

("Told ya I was the best,") Inferno smirked.

"Ya you were right but you gotta admit, you both did great!" Matt remarked.

("Ya we both did, but i'm still the best!") Inferno smirked again.

"Alright I get the picture," Matt said as he returned a defeated Shadow back
to his pokeball.

("Good,") Inferno smiled.

"Lets keep going," Matt said.

As they continued through the forest with Inferno battling wild pokemon every chance he got, it eventually got dark enough for Matt to call it a night.

"Lets stop here for tonight," Matt said.

("Good I was getting pretty hungry,") Inferno said.

"Oh! That reminds me, I forgot about that Wurmple I caught earlier for my mom!" Matt remembered.

("Oh that pathetic pokemon?") Inferno asked.

("How about you just don't let it out and give to your mom to train into that "pretty" butterfly thing so I don't have to see it?") Inferno spat.

"No, it needs to eat to, and when it's out you're not going to say anything to it or look at it unless it talks to you. Then you will talk to it politely, got it?" Matt asked looking straight at Inferno and not blinking once.

("Fine, how about we get out of here first then?") Inferno said sighing.

"We're not near the exit yet!" Matt protested.

("Yes we are, look,") Inferno said, spitting out embers to light the path. Matt looked straight and he found out that the exit was pretty close.

"Lets go then," Matt said as he started to walk off again.

("Wait for me!") Inferno yelled as he jumped onto Matt's shoulder.

("It gets pretty tiring, walking around and battling all day.) Inferno remarked.

"Ya, defianitly for a pokemon like you," Matt replied.

("What did you say?") Inferno asked.

"Nothing," Matt smiled as he walked out of the woods.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------Matts party:
Inferno: Male
Poocheyna: Male
Wurmple: female
Mays party:
Mudkip: Female

April 4th, 2005, 9:59 AM
That last Chapter's interesting. It's pretty long, though. I liked it, but I know some people never bother to read long 'fics.

April 4th, 2005, 5:28 PM
Thanks..you think it's long? Tch that is one of my worst chapters I say. You will see what I mean soon. :D
Chapter Five: Distraction

As Matt left the forest behind and walked on with Inferno, he saw a good size shop with trees and a few flowers growing off to the left in what could be called, a small start of a garden. It read with bold red lettering, The Pretty Petal Shop with a red flower in the middle of it. Then to the left of that it had planted flowers, and to the right were trees that had been planted to the side of the shop. Matt looked around, and for once he noticed it was dark out.

"What the? How did it get dark so quick?" Matt asked in disbelief.

"You really don't know how to keep track of time. We were in there for a long time." Inferno replied.

"Oh well, maybe they have a phone in there," Matt said.

As he went in with Inferno sitting on his shoulder, he could smell the sweet aroma of flowers as he started to go off and look into the distance.

("It smells so nice,") Inferno said as dully as if he was in Dream Land.

"I know," Matt replied thickly.

Then all of a sudden Matt snapped out of it once he saw a young lady watering the flowers that were in there pots all over the store. She had a pink flower petal in her black ponytailed hair with a yellow skirt on. Then she had on old brown shoes as if she always did field work and kept on the old pair of shoes.

"Excuse me, but do you have a phone so I can call my mom, and a machine to heal my pokemon with?" Matt asked.

"We sure do. If you give me your pokemon I can go and heal them for you," She said as she smiled brightly.

"Thanks, that would be great," Matt said returning Inferno and handing her his other pokeballs with Shadow and Wurmple inside them.

"Also, the phone is right there in the corner if you wish to use it," She explained as she walked away.

As Matt walked over to the phone, he could see that it had a tube to send pokemon right next to it.

"This is great," Matt thought to himself sitting down in a chair waiting.

A few minutes later, the lady returned with his pokeballs, and handed them to him. Making it look like she was trying to not let them fall out of her grasp.

"If you don't mind me asking, but isn't it a little late?" The lady asked sweetly.

"I guess, what time is it?" Matt asked. "

"It's exactly 9:30," She replied.

"Oh ok not too late," Matt said relived as he took his pokeballs from her.

Then Matt went to the corner where the phone was hanging from a holder next to what looked like a tv screen. He then dialed his house phone number, then waited to get a ring tone. After a few rings Matt herd, and saw his mom on the other line.

"Why hello there honey!" His mom said happily.

"Hey mom i'm in a shop using they're phone to talk to you, and i'm calling because I caught something you might like," Matt said.

"Oh really?" His mom asked curiously.

"Yes it's a bug pokemon named Wurmple, but it can evolve into a Silcoon even though it's random, then evolve into a butterfly which I know you like," Matt said.

"Oh thats so sweet of you!" His mom smiled dreamily.

"Yes, i'm sending him over right now," Matt replied.

"Ok then i'm ready," His mom replied immeadiatly.

Matt chuckled as he put Wurmple's pokeball on the machine and pushed send, then watched as the pokeball got sucked up and then his mom opening the pokeball on the other side.

"Thanks hon," She said werily, as if something was wrong.

"Your welcome mom," Matt said.

"By the way, how does it evolve into a butterfly again?" She questioned.

"You have to train Wurmple and then hope that it will evolve into a Silcoon since it's a random evolution, then from there it will evolve into a Beatuifly," Matt stated.

"Ok thanks again and heres your dad," She said relieved for knowing when to train the red bug so it would have a chance to evolve into a Beautifly.

"Hey there son," His dad said cheerfully.

"Hey dad, how are you doing?" Matt asked.

"I'm doing pretty good, so what about you?" His dad questioned.

"I'm going to earn my first badge tomorrow!" Matt said happily.

"Thats great! Well, glad to hear your doing well and your mom says thanks," Matt's dad said.

"Tell her shes welcome and bye," Matt said.

"Wait just a second, what did you get for me?" He asked sternly.

"I'll get you something, how about a Magikarp? Matt grinned.

"Ha ha, very funny." His dad said as he rolled his eyes.

"I know, don't worry i'll find something for you," Matt said.

"Alright son take care of yourself," His dad said.

"I will dad and bye!" Matt yelled waving to his dad one last time.

With that he hung up the phone and watched as the screen blanked out. Then he headed back out of the shop, but not before thanking the lady for letting him use her phone.

"Inferno and Shadow come on out and eat!" Matt yelled as he grinned.

("I'm starving!") Inferno whined.

("Me too!") Shadow said hungrily.

"Here you go," Matt said, pouring some pokechow on the ground.

("Dude, you really need to get us some bowls,") Inferno stated as he started to eat.

"I thought about that, and i will once we get into Rustburto," Matt replied.

("Gowwehod.") Shadow said between bites.

"For me, Peanut butter with Coke...." Matt said happily.

("Whatever,") Inferno said rolling his eyes.

"Once your done, get some sleep you two," Matt said before he went to bed himself.

The next day, Matt was heading off for Rustburto and his first badge. After a few warm up Trainer battles and a trip to the pokemon center, he felt great thinking about how he was going to get his first badge. The next thing he knew there he was standing in front of the gym, ready to go.

"Hey, stop right there!" A girl from behind suddenly yelled.

"What!" Matt said turning around, and immeadiatly his face brightened.

"Hey there, I was starting to wounder when you would come!" Matt exclaimed.

"Ya it's me. So, do you want to have a pokemon battle before you challenge the gymleader here?" May asked curiously.

"Sure, two on two sound good?" Matt asked.

"Yes, lets begin!" May said eagerly.

"Come on out Shadow! Matt yelled.

"Go, Taillow!" May called.

Matt looked around and at May's pokemon, knowing instantly that they're was a field advantage as he pulled out his pokedex.

Taillow are very young and feed on wurmple. Even though Taillows are young they have the will to carry on longer than normal pokemon in battles.Type Flying/Normal

"Thats right, and your dog won't even be able to hit my Taillow while shes
flying!" May laughed gleefully.

"Shadow start this off with a Tackle attack, and quick!" Matt called.

"Taillow use your Peck!" May yelled.

As the two pokemon collided, Shadow hit the small blue winged bird in the chest, but not before he had been pecked on the head in return.

"Shadow use another Tackle!" Matt called.

"Taillow use Peck and this time HARDER!" May screamed.

The two pokemon started rushing at each other once again, as Shadow aimed for Taillows chest ready to strike and tackle Taillow to the ground.

"Quick Shadow jump over Taillow and Tackle from behind like you did when you fought Inferno yesterday!" Matt ordered just before the two pokemon collided together.

Shadow jumped over Taillow and started rushing from behind, Taillow turned around on its own and got slammed in the wing where she just flew around for a bit to try and get back her balance.

("Ouch!") Taillow cried as she fell to the ground.

"Now Shadow, Bite!" Matt yelled, hoping to end it.

"Quick Taillow Get out of there!" May yelled desprately.

Crunch! It was to late, Shadow had sunk his teeth into the defenseless poor bird. As Shadow let go, Taillow flailed around and finally stopped fluttering about as she fainted.

"Great job Shadow!" Matt said grinning while congratulating his pokemon.

("Thanks, can I fight the next one?") Shadow asked pleaingly.

"Sure you can." Matt smiled, hoping that Shadow could win the second round for a clean sweep battle.

"You won't be able to beat my Mudkip, go!" May yelled confidently as she threw out another pokeball.

In a flash of white and red light, the mud fish pokemon with the fin on its head was materialized right in front of May, ready for anything.

"Shadow use Tackle!" Matt called.

"Mudkip use your Water gun!" May yelled who started twitching a smile onto her face.

Shadow was suprised by this and just stood there, as he was flung back hard from the full force of the force of the attack.

"You alright buddy?" Matt asked worriedly.

("Yes, i'm fine,") Shadow answered.

"Good, use Bite!" Matt yelled.

"Mudkip, another Water Gun!" May called.

"Shadow dodge it and then use Bite!" Matt said hopefully.

Shadow dodged the water assault with ease, and bite Mudkip on the face and watched as the pokemon moaned in agony.

"Hang in there Mudkip, use Tackle!" May screamed hoping that it would work.

Mudkip had hit her mark with full body force. Shadow, who was already tired from his first match, fainted on the spot.

"Shadow, return!" Matt yelled grimly.

"Nice job buddy, you beat her first and helped Inferno with his, take a nice rest!" Matt said smiling to Shadows pokeball.

"Come on out Inferno!" Matt yelled as Inferno came out eagerly ready to fight.

("I can do this!") Inferno yelled to everyone.

("No you can't, we have an attack to take you out!") Mudkip shouted at Inferno.

("Lets see it then,") Inferno grinned.

"Mudkip, use Water Gun!" May said, thinking that Inferno would fall easily.

"Inferno dodge and use a Peck attack!" Matt said, hoping that Inferno would be able to dodge in time.

Luckily, Inferno had dodged the force of water just in time, and pecked Mudkip several times on the fin that was on her head.

"Use a Tackle attack Mudkip!" May screamed angrily.

"Try another Peck Inferno!" Matt called.

("Gotcha,") Inferno snickered as he rammed hard into Mudkip with his beak.

"Now, switch to Water Gun!" May said triumphantly.

"Inferno, watch out!" Matt said worriedly.

("I have a feeling that this is going to hurt.") Inferno said as he braced himself for it.

Wham! The water had hit Inferno square in the chest, blowing him back and over himself to land right in front of Matt..

"Come on Inferno, are you alright?" Matt asked worried for his pokemon.

("Yes,") Inferno said weakly as he tried to get back up.

"Good, I guess we'll just have to finish this in one move, use Ember!" Matt called.

"Water Gun Mudkip, drench him!" May screamed louder then Matt thought possible.

"Once your finished Inferno, dodge!" Matt called.

As soon as Inferno let the last tiny fireball out, he rushed away dodging in the nick of time. As Inferno watched most of the balls of flame hit Mudkip, he couldn't help but smile at his own handy work.

"Come on Mudkip, get back up!" May said pleadingly.

("I can do this, I can do this...") Mudkip gritted through bared teeth as she
got back up.

"You can do it Mudkip, Water Gun!" May called.

"Dodge it Inferno!" Matt yelled

"There is no winning for you this time!" May yelled as she cheered her pokemon on.

Mudkip, though with difficulty, got up and sent an icy cold jet at Inferno. Even though Inferno was strong, he was to weak and just swayed back and forth continussly.

("No, I can't lose!") Inferno whined.

Inferno was blown back once again and stayed down for good. As May stood there looking from Mukip, to Inferno, to Matt, and back again. Then her lips twitched into a smile.

"I won! We both won Mudkip!" May cheered, hugging her pokemon.

("I showed that smug chicken who's boss didn't I?") Mudkip asked jumping up and down.

"Nice job buddy, I'll get you all healed up at the pokemon center before we challenge the gymleader." Matt said smiling.

("Good,") Inferno said right before he passed out.

"Return, Inferno!" Matt said as he proudly returned him, in a flash of red light.

"Your pokemon are so strong!" May commented.

"Thanks," Matt replied.

"Your Mudkip was pretty good to,"

"Anyways, want to go to the pokemon centre together?" May asked hopefully.

"Sure," Matt said as he started walking with who could possibly be a new partner.

As all of the pokemon were being healed by Nurse Joy, Matt and May were having a nice conversation on what to do next.

"I was told from my dad that the gymleader here uses rock types," May said.

"Really?" Matt asked worriedly.

"Yes I'll be able to beat her though with Mudkip I think," May said staring into outer space.

"Anyways, do you have any other pokemon?" May questioned.

"No just Shadow and Inferno. What if I lose? My pokemon don't know any attacks to defeat a rock gym leader with!" Matt asked out loud.

"Well you should still be able to beat her even with a type disadvantage, heck you almost beat Mudkip!" May said grinning.

"Yes your right, I should be able to beat her with the disadvantage," Matt said as he cooled back down.

"Hey kids, your pokemon are healed now!" Nurse Joy yelled to the two trainers.

"Thanks," Matt said as he grabbed Shadow and Infernos pokeballs, clipping them to his belt as he walked out the door.

"Is it alright if I challenge the gymleader first?" May asked squirming.

"Sure I think i'm gonna go get some training in," Matt said walking towards the end of the city.

"Ok, I think that I will too. How about we meet in the pokemon centre in an hour?" May asked.

"Does this mean you want to travel with me?" Matt asked smiling.

"Yes," May said while blushing.

"Ok, see you later!" Matt yelled running away from her for some good old training.

"Ok you two, time for some training!" Matt yelled as he threw his pokemons' pokeballs into the air.

In a flash of white light, his pokeon materialized in front of him, eager to train.

"Alright you two we need to train up before we face the gym leaders hard rock pokemon, got it?" Matt asked.

("Yes,") they both said in understandment.

"We need to have a different training session instead of fighting wild pokemon so you two can get even stronger!" Matt said thinking hard about how they
were going to do this.

("How are we going to get stronger if we don't fight others?") Shadow asked puzzeled.

("Ya that is a good question, how?") Inferno asked, who was looking even more puzzeld.

"I don't know yet i'm thinking, give me a second. I've got it!" Matt exclaimed.

("What is it?") Shadow asked impatiently.

"You and Inferno can just keep on running into each other," Matt said.

("Thats supposed to help us how?") Inferno asked.

"Improve how many hits you can take without fainting in a battle maybe?" Matt asked.

("I guess that would work,") Shadow said.

(Well then, lets get started!") Inferno yelled eagerly.

"Ok you two, just keep on tackling each other until you get to tired or I tell you to stop," Matt said.

The two pokemon kept this up, ramming and ramming each other until about half an hour had passed. Matt all of a sudden walked in between the two and stopped them from attacking.

"I think theres a way to get something even more out of this," Matt said as he looked from one to the other.

("Like what?") Inferno asked curiously.

"Well, one of you will just stand there as the other keeps on hitting you again and again, then when I say switch whoever was just standing will then
attack," Matt said.

("Lets give it another go!") Inferno yelled impatiently.

("Yes, you start,") Shadow said.

With that said, Inferno started ramming into Shadow as much and as fast as he could. Matt could tell it was hurting his little bird, but he could see that Inferno had no intention on stopping no matter how tired he got as they progressed. For he knew that Inferno would do anything to get better, it was probably from the battle that he lost with Mays Mudkip.

"Ok you two, switch!" Matt called to them a little while later as he looked upon them smiling with his pokemon's progress.

Then Inferno stood there heaving, glad that his turn was over so he could catch his breath. Then, Wham! Shadow ran into Inferno as hard as he could, trying to get him to faint so Shadow would look the stronger of the two. Inferno realized this and just shut his eyes, trying to block out as much pain as possible. Shadow was enraged that to his greatest efforts, that the little bird was still holding on. After a while Matt could see that his friends had done enough training for the day and brought them to a halt.

"Nice job you two. Where done for the day, we can go fight the gymleder now," Matt said merrily as he looked at all the bruises on the two.

Inferno and Shadow just nodded, not wanting to show to each other how weak they felt at the moment with all the bruises covering there body. Even Inferno, who had bright orange skin, had black and blue bumby marks on him. Then both fell to the ground, but both got up in their own slow way.

"Return!" Matt yelled, and after clipping the pokeballs on his belt, he looked at his watch and did a double take. He had two minutes to meet up with May at the centre. He ran through the town and bumped into a few people every which way he went, but didn't bother to slow down and apologize to anyone until he finally made it to the centre where he burst through with his chest heaving.

"Nurse... could you... please heal my.... pokemon?" Matt asked with diffuculty as he walked up to the nurse.

"Sure," she said akwardly to him as she took the pokeballs.

"Hard training or something?" May asked walking up to him.

"Ya you could say that. When we finished I had two minutes left to get here," Matt said plopping down into a seat.

"Oh no wounder," May said giggiling.

"Ya whatever," Matt said rolling his eyes.

"Excuse me I don't mean to butt in, but here are your pokeballs," Nurse Joy said as she handing them two pokeballs each.

"Oh thanks Nurse," Matt said clipping them back on his belt.

"Time to go and watch me win a Stone badge!" May said eagerly.

"Yes, then me!" Matt exclaimed as they walked out of the Pokemon Centre together.
Matts party:
Inferno: Male
Poocheyna: Male
Mays party:
Mudkip: Female
Taillow: Female