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March 27th, 2005, 10:14 AM
Yup, you guessed it. =) This One-Shot is modeled completely after LilyPichu's Finality. Here's a link to her fic:

Finality (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=23466&highlight=Finality)

Muchos gracias on her part for allowing me to use snippets of her story in this one. =)

And now, I present to you, the sequel, Fatality.


"The world is going to die."

The words were spoken with a horrible firmness, definitively prophesizing the fate of life itself. It was an atrocious thought, but there was such seriousness in the steady tone, and the words resonated audaciously loud and clear throughout empty space, indicating the speaker's certainty in themself and the words that they had just stated.

Yet, there was a hint of amusement ringing in echo to the sentence, as if the speaker was half pleased with the idea, or had simply repeated the words in complete disbelief. Like a trance. But no, it was the former, for those elliptical auburn eyes, encircled in rings of charcoal, twinkled with a smug satisfaction, the owner fully aware of the superiority that they now held over me.

"Why do you say that?" I asked simply in response, staring up at the awesome bird-like form that towered over me. The body itself resembled a colossal phoenix with downy feathers of orange and scarlet, flaming brilliantly with ethereal glory. The figure was daunting, yes, but I knew I had to try and talk back to those foreboding words, to defend myself and what I now believed in.

The auburn orbs drew closer, slowly, staring at me intently, shimmering in the beams of light cascading from the scintillating points all around us.

"Because, Mewtwo, I will be the one to destroy it," the bird replied, the golden beak curling into another satisfied smile. The elongated neck attached to the head bobbed up and down, nodding in agreement to the spoken words. "Yes, if the humans cannot prove themselves to be good, if they are incapable of change, as I suspect they are, I shall destroy the world and end their suffering."

The explanation was a good one, I realized, for the great Ho-Oh was certainly capable of such a feat. But it was not exactly gratifying.

"You can't do that," I cried defiantly, mustering up the courage to look the deity directly in the eye. I knew such an act was disrespectful to a god, but I would not disappoint my cousin, who was down there at the time, warning people, trying to save them. And I knew I had to help her in any way I could, even though she'd quite plainly explained to me prior that I couldn't.

The bird leaned back slightly, reclining into a lax position. The auburn eyes flickered with dull interest, regarding me almost lazily. "Why?"

Why? Why? Why did I say such a thing? Why was I now on the opposing side, instead of agreeing readily to the idea? I would have embraced it not too long ago, but now, I felt bitter resentment to the words, because, I realized now, they were wrong.

"Because," I began uncertainly, then gaining assurance as I recalled the voice of my cousin, murmuring softly the correct response she would have given as if she were really there, whispering faintly, guiding me.

"Because, life is beautiful, and all living things deserve a chance to enjoy it," I concluded triumphantly.

I watched as the auburn orbs lit up in recognition, and they craned forward again, peering at me curiously. I began to tremble slightly under the penetrating stare, and waited anxiously for the uncomfortable silence to break.

Suddenly, the huge maw opened wide and emitted forth a bellowing laugh, a myriad of tones ringing throughout the dome like bells. I could only stand and stare dumbly, stunned by such an odd reaction. After a minute, the laughter slowly subsided, and the bird grinned again, leaning ever closer to study my form.

"Mew was right. You are just like her."

I blinked, trying to compose myself to comprehend the meaning of the statement. I decided I was not yet ready to admit to that, so I attempted to deny the claim. "N-no, I'm not like..."

The phoenix, however, simply raised an emerald tipped wing and waved it to silence me.

"Nevertheless, that does not change the facts. Mew's warning the humans now because I'm not happy with the way the world is now. Things changed. Too much of them. That's why I must end their suffering. That's why, they're all going to die, when the sun shines its gold for the last time."

The wings rose in a submitting stance at the last sentence, for emphasis, spanning far across the dome before lowering slowly back to rest at the sides.

I stared. I could see, in those auburn eyes, there was reluctance, but also determination and I understood. It was what had to be done. But still...

"Ho-Oh, you can't kill the humans. They can change. I know they can. Mew, she's helping them. She can save them. They'll listen to her, and she'll help them make the world good again. Don't you see?" I asked hopefully with such fake cheerfulness. And I thought it had work as the phoenix released yet another bright and almost congenial chuckle. The bells rang harmoniously, and my heart leaped for joy. Perhaps I had gotten through after all.

"How, though, would you know?" The auburn eyes stared at me expectantly, awaiting a response. Of course, we both knew I would give none. I really didn't know. My entire pitch had been based solely off the word of my cousin, for I had not set foot upon that wretched earth in ages.

The bird leaned back and exhaled a faint sigh, turning slowly to gaze ruefully at the shadowed world. "Mew's warning people," the phoenix muttered in a dark, frustrated tone, then said nothing more, as if forgetting completely to continue.

I waited for something to follow, but when nothing I did, I felt it necessary to resume the conversation myself. "Mew's really trying," I added, attempting to defend my cousin's actions.

The neck swiveled back and the bird smiled wryly at me, those eyes twinkling once again with complacency. "But no one listens."

I hesitated at that, and glanced at the darkening sphere as well, seeking confirmation. To my disappointment, I saw that indeed, the state of the world was not improving. Instead, it was worsening. Any shifting points of light that I discovered drifting across the surface were swiftly obscured by a layer of grey film, blotting it out completely within a matter of seconds.

"That's the world," the bird remarked, casting another grim look at the gargantuan orb, then turning slowly back to me. The auburn orbs regarded me with the same cool, uninterested look they had given me before, but this time they seemed to penetrate deep within my soul, trying to get me to understand the truth and desist.

"And you can't change that."

I blinked furiously, unable to tear my eyes away from the dismal world hovering below me. I listened to the sorrow, the heartbreak, the crying of the innocent. It was everywhere, killing hopes, dreams, life. And here that giant chicken was, telling me I couldn't change that? That I couldn't even try?

"No, no," I refused, repeating the word in my mind, "I can change it. I will change it," I resolved.

With that, I began descending to the earth, determined to at least make some sort of difference, no matter how trivial. But I halted at the sound of the bell like tones calling to me once again.

"Where do you think you are going?"

I swerved around, glaring at the phoenix with rage and vexation flaming in sharp violet eyes. "I'm going to help Mew save the world," I announced loudly in an uncontrolled craze, half-laughing at the foolishness in my own words. I marveled at the level of madness in my own voice, and I wondered if I had completely lost control of myself. "Whether you decide to join us or not."

The bird's golden beak only curled into another pleasant smile, and the eyes flickered once again with boredom, as if humoring me. "But hasn't Mew told you? You can't. It's not your destiny to do so. And you can't fight destiny."

I heard the tone of my own voice drop to a dark degree, and I answered slowly, calmly, surely, as if in a trance.

"You're wrong."

I stared up at the phoenix, handing over the exact same look of cold disinterest I had been given earlier. It was returned with a stern, seeking gaze, and for a minute, there was dead silence.

At last, a faint sigh exhaled from the golden beak, and it curled once again into a twisted smile. The lids of the auburn eyes drooped slightly, and a chuckle rumbled from within the throat.

"Believe what you wish, Mewtwo," the bird hummed, the colossal wings on either side rising once again to indicate the owner's submission. The orbs opened and peered at me indifferently, disapproval clearly shining through. As they did so, the wings rose and fell, exuding a shower of golden dust, easing into a steady rhythm. The mass of tangerine and scarlet feathers lifted off the invisible floor, and began rising higher, slowly, slower than a trance. As the two immense claws of ebony instinctively tucked themselves underneath the creamy chest for flight, the auburn eyes turned to survey my lone figure standing on the floor below one last time.

"Just remember," the bells rang, "You may stray from the course that fate has planned for you. But you cannot control which way the path will turn."

With that, the great phoenix turned and took flight, the familiar brilliant, blazing silhouette vanishing into the distance. Slowly. Almost like a trance. Except it was much slower than that. The last glimpse of a flaring tail flame flickered and faded into a single point of light, a star glinting faintly on the horizon.

I stood there for what seemed like eternity, staring off at that distant star, wondering. Those last words echoed throughout my mind, along with the beating of wings. The golden particles of dust still swirled and gathered before finally settling beneath my feet, but I hardly noticed.

Was it really true? Could I do nothing about the current state of the world? Was my future destined to be bleak and corrupt, as I have always been told?

Was there nothing I could do to change it?

I clenched my fists, frustration welling up within me. No, I couldn't let it be. I couldn't just stand by and watch the world be destroyed, by Ho-Oh and by me. I couldn't give up and let 'destiny' rule my life. I had to do something... for her sake.

I raised my eyes to the heavens, gazing at the myriad of silver stars dotting the dark sky overhead, sparkling with bright simplicity.

Just like her...

"I'm fighting it, Mew," I choked, "I'm really trying."

Then the thought of Ho-Oh's prevailing expression loomed over me like a shadow, discouraging me with speeches of fate, destiny. Was I to believe them? I wasn't sure anymore. I lowered my gaze once again, releasing the tension from my fist as I stared gloomily at the floor.

"But no one listens."

"Because that's the world."

I glanced about, startled, and my eyes fell upon her, her graceful feline form, hovering just a few feet away. Her bright cobalt eyes glistened with moisture, and she drifted nearer. But it seemed much slower to me. Perhaps even slower than a trance, but I doubted it.

She gazed at me momentarily; her blue eyes shimmering with such a sadness I had never seen the likes of before. She reached forward and tentatively wiped something away from the corner of my own eye, and I realized I was tearing too. She smiled wryly, and raised her own furry pink paws in that same surrendering stance.

"And you can't change that."

I stared at her. For a long time, I could produce no sound, so I simply waited for her to say something further. The corners of her mouth drooped down slightly, and she turned, slowly, as if to leave, lowering her head so that, if seen from the front her eyes would be cast in shadow. As she drifted off into star scattered space, she whispered softly back to me, so softly that I had to strain my ears to hear. But just as they had with the phoenix, her final words echoed relentlessly within my mind.

"No one can."

March 27th, 2005, 9:39 PM
I <3 it! =3 The ending was echoing through my mind too. xD

The air of sadness throughout the whole story was nice also. =3 Keep it up! xD

March 28th, 2005, 2:35 PM
I <3 it! =3 The ending was echoing through my mind too. xD

The air of sadness throughout the whole story was nice also. =3 Keep it up! xD

Wow, you liked it that much? 8D Teh OMG, 'tankies! *Supa Lolly*

March 28th, 2005, 9:44 PM
...wow. Now that's the best compliment I have given anyone so far...^_^! I like the way it's going so far, and how you write it so nicely in first person. I can't wait to read more!^_^!

March 29th, 2005, 12:38 PM
Congrats on the fanfiction of the week. =D Check the thread for more details. XD


March 29th, 2005, 4:37 PM
...wow. Now that's the best compliment I have given anyone so far...^_^! I like the way it's going so far, and how you write it so nicely in first person. I can't wait to read more!^_^!

8D Wow to you too then. Thanks so much. Wow again. 8D I can't believe people like it this much. *hands j00 a Supa Lolly*

Congrats on the fanfiction of the week. =D Check the thread for more details. XD


Liek, teh OMG. No way. =O

8D Eeeeeeeeeee!!! OMG! WTF! BBQ! I wub you Lileh!!! *huggletacklesquoozes to death and showers Lileh in Supa Dupa Ultra Omega Lollies*

'TANKOO!!!!!!! ~<3