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March 28th, 2005, 7:46 PM
Well, this is where I explain the roleplay.
First, Hoshi has left the Pokemon center with her pokemon. She stops for a drink for her Pichu twins....and the rest is unexpected. A new Leauge, the Master leauge, is open to all participants of pokemon contests and gyms. Hoshi is a pokemon cooridinater(SP?), like Hakura. Satoshi and Hazuki battle for badges. The four travel together in hopes of entering the Master Leauge. There will be battles with Teams Magma and Aqua, Kyogre and Groudon awaken, and Hoshi's father comes back after 12 years!! Not to mention Team Rocket and their "traps" and rivals galore! Hoshi has her work cut out for her but, if she suceeds(sp?), her dream a master Coordinater(sp?) might come true!
Hoshi- Hoshi
Teams Magma and Aqua-
Team Rocket-
-Any blank spaces are open!! OCs are accepted, but look in the roleplay and PM me the form not in the roleplay! It will bug people!