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March 29th, 2005, 7:23 PM
Passed down through Legend:
The Origin of The GS Ball

Prologue: The Good of Evil

There was once a time when evil did not exist, while purity was promoted. At this time Ho-oh could be publicly seen in the tower of Ectruteak. Humans were no threat because greed did not fill their minds.

But the day when fate turned its back occurred. An evil organization, Team Dark, caught Celebi in a Dark Ball, a special Poke ball which when a Pokemon was caught in it, it corrupted their minds, making them evil. But Celebi was an important role of nature, and without it pure, the world could be destroyed.

Not coincidentally, simultaneously an other Pokemon organization, Team Power, abused their right to view Ho-oh by trying to catch it in a Mind Control Ball. Like a Masterball, this Poke Ball would catch Pokemon without fail, while changing its thoughts to match theirs. Ho-ohs Sacred Fire move was more than enough to protect it, but at the same time broke all of the bells and set fire to the tower.

As the current day Burnt Tower slowly disintegrated, Ho-oh wondered how it could have possibly made this world. It had thought it did good by making new life, but it turned out that life couldnt exist without greed and evil.

And so the day when evil arose in the world, Ho-oh disappeared not too far away but unseen. It would only show itself to those of full purity. In order to help its search Ho-oh created three legendary beasts, one of water, electricity, and fire. It ordered these three to roam the land and find people of purity and evil and immediately inform it about them. So Raikou was made to find evil, Entei to find good. But the third, Suicune, had a much more important job. Upon arrival of the Earth, it dissipated instantly to the Ilex Forest. It was to save Celebi and fix the forces of nature.


As the storm cleared and a seven-colored rainbow formed, a beginning trainer and his Pikachu looked into the sky to see Ho-oh flying above.

The prologue is basically just a bad copy of the fourth movie and the show...but the rest is original, I'm just setting up. Read, rate, and enjoy! and btw the other chapters will be much longer

March 30th, 2005, 8:57 PM
I don't understand . . . How did human became so evil and tainted? What possessed them to think such thoughts?

A good prolouge though. I love your explanation of how Burnt Tower came to be and how Ash and Pikachu in the beginning of the anime saw Ho-oh.
Ho-oh created three legendary beasts, one of water, electricity, and fire. Could just be me and my odd way of thinking but I think in this sentence your saying that only one was made up of all water, electric, and fire. Not one beast for each seperate element.

I do wonder, if Celebi controls that of nature, why the world isn't corrupt so far. 'Course, perhaps that'll be explained later.

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