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March 31st, 2005, 3:57 PM
Hmm, I was suddenly struck with an urge to post this. So, for your pleasure, or whatever:

Dual Fronts
Rated G

"The rules of the match are as follows," called the blond, blue-eyed boy on the sidelines. "The challenger has to defeat both of the Gym Leaders and their Pokemon. The winner will be whoever manages to defeat the opposing party. There are no other rules! Are both sides ready?"

"Ready!" yelled one of the Leaders, a tall, muscular man in his forties, with gray hairs just starting to creep into his jet-black hair. His black eyes and black overalls wouldve given him almost a sinister look, if it werent for the excited smile on his face.

"We are ready." Said the other Leader, a long, lean girl of about twenty. Her green eyes were serious; estimating and calculating where her opponent was weakest. Her bright red hair was caught up in a ponytail that swished through the air whenever her head moved.

Their opponent just nodded. His snow-white hair and ice-blue eyes, along with a scar running from eyebrow to eyebrow gave his young face an intense expression. His dark blue, hooded sweater and his black jeans, not to mention his holstered knife, helped with the first impression of a mercenary, and a professional.

"Very well," said the judge, raising his hands. He held a flag in each one, green to his left towards the Leaders, red to his right toward the challenger. He raised both flags, then dropped them with a shouted "Go!" He promptly ducked into a small room with a window overlooking the Gym floor and prepared to watch another victory.

The Leaders sprang into action, the male leader dodging to his left, towards a large pool, while his female counterpart ran in the opposite direction, toward a section of the concrete floor that was covered in rocks. Both threw their Pokeballs at the same moment.

"Go, everybody!"

"Lets go."

All twelve of the red-and-white spheres opened in streams of red light, releasing their contents. Two flashes of blue heralded the arrival of the twin Gyarados. With long, massive serpentine bodies, steel-hard scales, and the ability to fire Hyper Beams from their mouths combined with a voracious temper, the dragons were considered of old to be the "Terrors of the sea". That the most powerful Gym in Tsidas had them was really no surprise.

Another two flashes announced the arrival of two more opponents. A large, bull-like creature with chocolate fur and a smaller, white-black-and-pink cow shook their heads and lowed. The larger beast was known as "Tauros", while the smaller cow was called "Miltank". Both creatures, as is customary of Pokemon, used their names to "speak".

More flashes faded to reveal four more monsters. One was a large, purple-scaled beast with a mouth full of fangs and a long, muscular tail known as "Nidoking". Another was the female counterpart of him, green-scaled and with fewer fangs and a smaller tail. She was called "Nidoqueen". The third and fourth were dragons, one with reddish scales, a long tail ending in a live flame, and a pair of batlike wings; the other with a gentle expression, a bulky body, and two frail-looking wings. Charizard and Dragonite, respectively.

The final four were an Arcanine, a Ninetales, a Raichu, and an Alakazam. Arcanine was a large, red-and-black dog; Ninetales was a smaller, orangish dog; the Raichus mouse-like body sporting orangish fur and a long, thin tail ending in a thunderbolt; and Alakazam was a purple-and-tan creature, with a fox head and two spoons, which it used to focus its psychic abilities.

A marked contrast to his opponents, the challenger didnt move an inch, other than to throw his pokeballs.

"Okay, boys and girls, this is it," he called. "Do your stuff, while I do mine."

Bursting one at a time in red light, his Pokemon presented themselves as if they were performing for an audience. A large green bug sporting blades instead of hands and twin pairs of wings popped out, spinning and climbing into the air. It suddenly dove, braking with its wings mere inches above the concrete floor. Smiling demonically, it called a challenge in its native language.


Another flash heralded the arrival of a star-like creature. It resembled two five-pointed starfish glued together, with the one in the front bearing a multicolored jewel in its center. It spun swiftly through the air, shooting into the pool to the boys right, then twirling its body, utilizing its mental powers to create a water cyclone around it.

"Star! Mie!" Its call reverberated through the building.

"Kabutops!" came the reply, as another Pokemon burst from its ball. Its head resembled a shellfish, while its body was lean and rock-hard. Twin blade-arms, like those of the Scyther, finished the picture of a carnivorous water beast. It sped toward the pool, diving in and, almost the same second, shooting out at the far end. It flourished its blades and spun to face the approaching Pokemon.

"Heracross!" roared a large, horned beetle as it fluttered into the air.

"Saaabblleeeyye!" came the hoarse answer, as the ghost crept its way over to the rocks.

Then, in a burst of light and a loud roar, the last of the challengers Pokemon burst forth. Fire leaped from the lean wrists, and the beaklike mouth opened in another roar. A wing-shaped head of hair and long, powerful legs ending in clawed, three-toed feet finished the picture of the Blaziken. The rest of the team answered, then suddenly disappeared.

The challenger smiled faintly, then strode to the middle of the room. Planting his feet firmly, he beckoned his opponents forward.

The Leaders, meanwhile, were trying to marshal their Pokemon after the abrupt disappearance of the challenging Pokemon. The girl was ordering her Alakazam to use its mind to locate them, when it suddenly flew back and hit the wall. Crying out, she ran over to it.

"Bender, what happened?"

"Alaaa," came the weak reply. Its eyes widened, then it pushed her aside just before a stream of fire struck it, knocking it out cold.

The girl spun around, but her partner was already yelling out orders.

"Fang! Destro! Fire your Hydro Pumps in the direction that that Flamethrower came fr- Ughhh!"

The exclamation was wrenched from his lips as the boy shot forward, driving his foot into the others stomach. The boy somersaulted backwards, then shouted several orders into the air.

"Claymore! Scimitar! Slash those cows and the dogs guarding them! Starbolt! Creeper! Blast those Gyarados! Star! Clutch! Hit the Nidos and that mouse! You and I, Clyde and Sarah Nordink," he continued, turning back to the girl and her partner, who was just getting up. "Were gonna play patty-cake for a while."

He shot toward them, almost a blur. The girl shot her foot straight out, clipping his ear. He barely turned, ramming her down and turning around for another pass. Behind him, Sarah could see her fathers Raichu knocked back against the wall by the Heracross. It didnt look like it was going to get up anytime soon. She jumped up, sparing a look at her father. This wasn't the way their battles normally went!

Her fathers shout was the only warning. With a whisper of movement, she ducked and spun, her hands raised in a defensive posture. Stars exploded in front of her eyes as the punch clipped her temple and sent her sailing back. She was stopped rather roughly when she collided against the wall, and she slid down shakily.

Clyde Nordink was shocked. This kid was altogether too good. Hed have to take him down, hard. He slipped behind the boy and delivered a full-power kick, sending the boy across the room, where part of the wall collapsed on him. The man paused to catch his breath, sweeping his gaze across the room just in time to see the two Gyarados catch the Blaziken with a dual Hydro Pump.

When the boy attacked the two Leaders, his Pokemon followed. The Scyther had been using its incredible speed to remain invisible, while the Kabutops had dove to the bottom of the pool faster than the eye could follow. Now, both shot from their hiding places, the mantis appearing in front of the two cattle, while the dinosaur had exploded from the pool and dropped in front of the two dogs. The bugs slashing jump had opened a gaping wound in the side of the bull and had just barely missed cutting the cow seriously. Spinning around, the bug tore at the cow, knocking it out rather severely. The shellfish had done similar, except the Ninetales had been grievously wounded, while the Arcanine had used its legendary speed to shoot out of the way. Turning, the massive dog fired a stream of fire at the shellfish, which countered with a stream of water. Both were about equal at it, and if they had been left alone, they wouldve attacked till they were exhausted and still have done nothing to the other.

The Blaziken, after blasting unsuccessfully at the electric mouse with a Flamethrower, had spotted the trouble that the Kabutops was in. Leaping to where the Heracross was wrestling with the two Nidos, he grabbed the Nidoqueen and, spinning around to gain momentum, threw her at the large dog. Both creatures ended up in the pool. Spinning around again, the giant bird grabbed the Nidoking and jumped, giving the beetle a clear shot at the Raichu, which was dueling with the Starmie. Clutch the Heracross sped across the room and nailed it head-on with a Take Down attack. The mouse hit the wall hard.

Star the Blaziken, meanwhile, had succeeded in flattening the Nidoking with a Seismic Toss, and was looking around the room. The Gyarados, following orders, were the only ones to get off an attack that landed. Star was swept across the room, where it crashed against the wall. Thinking their opponent finished, the dragons turned to finish their duel with the ghost and Starbolt the Starmie. Imagine their shock when a Flamethrower hit them hard enough to turn their heads. Clyde started, then stared. Star was back on his feet, albeit rather shakily. No Fire-type had ever withstood even one Hydro Pump from the Gyms Gyarados, yet here was one who had taken two attacks, and still had enough energy to fire a mediocre Flamethrower. It defied belief. His attention was dragged from the giant bird by a flickering. The starfish was firing off a Thunderbolt attack. This isnt happening! Nobody I know of has Pokemon like this! He watched as first one dragon, then the other, fell to the electric attack.

His daughters yell dragged his attention to the Trainer, just in time to receive a foot in the mouth. He flew back, landing near Sarah. The boys head showed itself, the light from the glaring Gym lamps framing his head.

"Do you yield?" Clyde nodded weakly, his eyes tracking several black dots that were floating around the room.

"Wise of you. Okay, guys," the boy said, turning to his Pokemon. "Shows over, return."

Holding out each pokeball one at a time, he recalled his Pokemon in flashes of red light. Turning, he saw that the Leaders were shakily getting to their feet. He grinned at them, then held out his hand. Clyde smiled ruefully back and handed him the knife-shaped badge of the Tiannian Gym. The boy nodded to him, then bowed to Sarah and walked towards the door. Sarahs call stopped him.

"Before you leave, could you tell us your name?"

"And how you got so good?" Clyde chipped in.

Chuckling, the boy shook his head and walked to the door. Releasing Starbolt, he turned to the father and daughter.

"I am Dealio Tucker, of Niatnuom." The two Leaders looked at each other. "Captain of the Guard of the Emperor Natchos house." He grinned widely. "And three-time champion of the Ridden Free-for-all. Good day."

He hopped on his waiting Pokemon, which promptly shot off to the east, leaving behind two rueful-looking Gym Leaders.

Notes: This is mainly just supposed to establish two of the new countries from the upcoming series, and to show a little of the spirit of the times. For example, the toughest Gym in Tsidas is basically a free-for-all. I also wanted to check my descriptive powers.

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