View Full Version : Through a pokemon's view (Rated PG-13 for some ciolence and a perverted Pikachu)

January 1st, 2004, 5:47 PM
Stage 1

From the moment I was born I knew I was different from my family. My siblings and even my parents were a sandy-brown color. But I was not. I was something else. I looked down, straining my eyes through the dim surroundings of the den. I was shocked to find a black paw instead of a brown one, and even more suprised to see it was mine. I had no idea how much this small difference would affect my life.
As I grew, I became larger even than my father and more lean and agile than my mother. Golden-yellow rings began to appear in specific spots on my body. Sometimes I would stay up late and explore the forest at night. But one night, on the night of a full moon, my curiousity took over and I found myself lost deep in the forest in which I lived.

The forest was dark, lit only by the full moon, hanging high in the sky. Every time I looked up at that moon, I became more exited, and more eager to explore. I traveled further away from the den. I couldn't stop. I soon became nervous, and scared, unable to turn back. Every time I tried to return home, somthing convinced me to keep going. Little did I know, I had quickly wandered deep into houndoom territory.
A flash of red and black caught my eye. I looked around, trying to find it again. Another flash. I turned around, even more nervous now. Another, then another, and soon I was surrounded in a circle of large hounds, thier faces and stomachs were red, a bone collar around each of thier necks. Howls echoed through the forest as I ran. I dodged through the trees almost automatically. The hounds were on my tail. Suddenly I let out a burst of speed, and soon, I had lost them. but at a price.

I was alone now, nervous, cold, and scared. I looked around to make sure that I had lost the houndoom, my heart still pounding hard in my chest after the experience. Finding a safe place to curl up in a tree, I perched on a leafy branch and feel into a deep, exhausted sleep.

The next morning I awoke late. the part of the forest I was in now was a lot lighter than the dark forest from the previous night. I must have travelled farther than I thought. My home land was lush, green, and full of life. This part was empty and dull and had barely any pokemon living in it. There was a path to my left. the trees parted there, the grass was worn down and trampled by whatever had been travelling on it.
Soon, I heard a voice behind me, a hairless creature which I learned later was called a human, had spotted me. I didn't have enough time to turn around before I felt sothing slam hard into my back, and suddenly everything faded into darkness. It felt like I was bbeing sucked into a black hole. I struggled to escape, scratching and charging at the inner walls of my prison. I quickly became tired of this and drifted into a deep sleep, torn by the cold blow fate had dealt me.

I awoke to the feeling of flying. Soon I found myself standing on a battlefield. Two other Pokemon were standing a short distance from me, and they looked angry. The human behind me threw a strange round object and before I knew it, I was standing next to a creature like me. He was a little bigger than I was, and looked a lot stronger. He looked down at me with a wierd look on his face. "Ummm...why are you staring at me?"

Stage 2: Love at first sight