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April 2nd, 2005, 5:36 PM
description- blue flame, the ears tiped blue
personality- outgoing, rebelious, sweet,

All Analea could do was to watch her friends and family get captured by the horrible dioxys invasion. The small vulpix felt usless. Almost all were capured. THis war is real this time, Analea stated to herself. Real.... The vulpix jumped back, started somewhat at a mightly crash. The forest trees burst open and a race of the mostters plowed through her village. Analea ran, but her red tail was caught under the foot of a dioxy.
Analea awoke as if in a trance, then realizing what happened, shot right up. Millions of other tired pokemon floped on the floor, sighing emmencly in the cramped room. THe vulpix saw an offical peek in a small window in the door, then lean on it as if to gaurd them from escaping. But that was just it. She had to form a cult to escape.
-----mesege me to cont.------

April 2nd, 2005, 6:16 PM
Okay, a few problems here. OO;;

1) No plot, no RP, as stated in the rules. You need to have a plot for the RP to be allowed, since members won't have a decent of idea what's happening.

2) You need to create a better sign-up form, considering yours lacks detail, and it will be hard for members to sign up using that OO;;

So please, read our RPing rules before posting here. ^^; I'll have to close this now...