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Ice Rabbit
April 2nd, 2005, 8:46 PM
Seven chapters expected. They might not all make it here though.
It was a dark, stormy winter night. The sky was dotted with stars. A crew of villains was in pursuit of a young girl. Luckily for her, they couldnt run fast, and she took advantage of this with the best of her ability. Although the girl had the advantage of speed, she couldnt run forever. Knowing this, she started looking for a place to hide. Unfortunately, there werent any nearby caves or alcoves. Finally, after ten minutes of running, she found a decently sized cave. What she did not notice was a small rock in her path along with a hole. She tripped on the rock, and fell into the hole, which was very deep.

Chapter One

When Luna woke up, she had no idea what time it was. She had lost her watch a long time ago. She really had no clue where she was either. She did know that she was in some underground cave. Dimly lit torches lined the walls, which were of some weird rock. Luna started examining the cave. The first thing she noticed was a large pool of water, which looked endless. She could not swim it. At this, she almost lost hope.

Until she heard a loud roar. Luna did not dare make a sound, but she knew there was now hope of escaping. She simply waited, for there was nothing else to do.

Then she saw what was making the noise. The ground started shaking. A Gyarados emerged from the water. Strangely, it did not move towards her. It simply stood there, staring.

Uh, hi, Luna broke the silence. Can you help me reach the other side of that pool?

Now the Gyarados started to advance towards Luna. It roared.

What did you say? Luna asked, forgetting what she was talking to.

The Gyarados roared again. This time Luna partially understood it. Gyarados was hungry.

I dont have any meat, but I have an apple. Will that do? Luna said.

The Gyarados roared again, and Luna tossed the apple. It missed. She was terrible at tossing things. Gyarados was ticked. It did not feel like going underwater to fetch the apple. At that, it went on a rampage. Luna knew she had to do something. With extreme dexterity, she jumped. She jumped farther than she ever had. She ended up on top of the Gyarados, which was moving wildly. She slipped almost immediately and held on to it. Now, she was helpless.

Again, something happened. Luna heard the fluttering of wings. Metal wings. A Skarmory flew into the cave. At this sight, the Gyarados went back underwater, and it flung Luna off first. Luckily, she landed lightly on the other side of the pool. The Skarmory flew towards her. It made a sound, and Luna understood it perfectly.

Youre so sweet! she said.

The Skarmory made another sound. Who are you?

Uh, my name is Luna, and, uh, thats all I remember, Luna replied, puzzled.

The Skarmory made yet another sound. Well, that seems bad. I was separated from my family a while ago, but I still remember everything.

Uh, whats your name?

I dunno.

Then I guess Ill call you Lucky. Were both rather lucky to be alive, arent we?

Luna and Lucky left the cave by a nearby exit. They were very surprised where they ended up.

Chapter Two
Luna and Lucky looked around, puzzled. They were in a long, empty hall. The walls were decorated with fancy lights and ugly yet expensive wallpaper. The floor and ceiling were of black and white marble. Questions filled Lunas mind. Where are we? Why did the cave lead to a building? Why is this hall so clean, yet empty? What is happening? As she shuffled through her thoughts, she remembered that she could not just stand here forever in awe of a cave leading to a building. Being able to understand some Pokmon, she was relieved to have someone to converse with, it wouldnt necessarily make it easy to choose where to go, but at least it was something.

The first thing Luna and Lucky did was look at the walls. There wasnt anything on them besides the ugly wallpaper, which was patterned with arrows pointing up, and the fancy lights, which had nothing peculiar about them. Next they examined the floor, which was decorated by arrows going one way then being sent in the opposite direction. Finally, they checked out the ceiling. It was decorated with arrows pointing right, but there were arrows pointing left scratched into it. Both Luna and Lucky were completely puzzled at first.

What are those arrows doing? Luna asked. She knew Lucky was probably stumped too, so instead of asking which way to go, she simply brought up something that could be helpful. What she said turned out to be very helpful, because they then started to factor in the arrows.

Luna and Lucky thought for a bit, until Luna came to a conclusion. Do you think we should go right? The walls are pointing up, and the ceiling was probably meant to point to the right. It sounds OK.

Lucky nodded its head before thinking about it. Luckily, Lucky thought quickly and started shaking its head furiously.

Huh? What? You say we shouldnt go right? Luna said as she noticed Luckys quick change of mind. Then she too took a second thought. Oh, I see what you mean. Left we go.

It wasnt that long until they found another door. It seemed like the only way to go, so they tried to open it, only to discover that it was locked. Inside, Luna was very annoyed by this, but she managed to hide her anger. I guess theres something we need to get from the right side of this hall.

At the end of the end of the right side of the hall, there were three doors. Confronted by another puzzle, they stopped to think. Suddenly, voices emitted from the far left and far right doors.

Hello, adventurers, said both of the doors.

Dont tell me this is one of those stupid puzzles where one door always tells the truth and the other always lies. I could do those in 3rd grade, Luna said impatiently. I dont want to hear your explanations, I want to get out of here.

You are incorrect. This is not one of those. This is different

Shut up, now, Luna said even more impatiently. The voices behind the doors were really annoying her. Youre both liars. Im taking the middle door.

So they did take the middle door. It turned out to be the correct one too. Behind it, there was a path leading to yet another puzzle.

A maze, Luna said. Theres even a map on the wall. Whoever designed this place probably wanted people to get through. Either that or they were complete idiots.

After a few minutes, Luna had solved the maze, while Lucky just stood there, waiting.

That was too easy, Luna said in a bored mood. Within a few minutes, they were through the maze.

In the next room, there was a cage with something trapped inside and a key, supposedly for the cage. Inside the cage was an Eevee, struggling to get out. Luna was very annoyed now. She picked up the key and unlocked the cage. That was far too simple. The small creature jumped out of the cage and attempted to attack Luna. She just caught the Eevee and carried it to a small hole in the wall she just notices. It went in, and came out with another key. It must be the key to the door on the left side of the hall.

When Luna, Lucky, and the Eevee were on their way to left side of the beginning hall, they encountered a man. He looked very similar to the villains that were chasing Luna the other day.

You. You will not get out of here, he said.

Shut up and go away, Luna replied in an even more bored mood.

Youll have to battle me first. I see you have two Pokmon with you, so why not?

Because you are an idiot who needs to go away before he finds himself paralyzed from the waist down.

Go, Caterpie! the man yelled as he threw a Pokball. A worm-like thing came out.

Lucky, deal with it.

The steel bird simply pecked the small bug and it fainted.

No, youve beaten me.

Good. Now go away, Luna said as she kicked the man in the leg.

Ow! You little brat! the man jumped back in pain. Luna, Lucky, and the Eevee were able to reach the door, unlock it, and climb the stairs to the exit of the building.

Lion Heart
April 2nd, 2005, 8:50 PM
Coming along quite well.

I have no idea how to review stories etc, but it's looking alright to me.

I have 1 problem though, you used the word "Luck" and alternative forms of it way to much.

Ice Rabbit
April 2nd, 2005, 8:53 PM
That's the whole reason Skarmory was named Lucky.

Lion Heart
April 2nd, 2005, 9:05 PM
Missed that bit, I had to do the dishes and lost where I was at.

So I re-read it.

It's soundig okay, you've described some areas of it fairly well though I think you could go into detail, like where you said the wallpaper was ugly and expensive, I think you could have thrown in what it looked like aswell..

What's with the dude throwing out a Caterpie?

April 2nd, 2005, 9:48 PM
it maybe of help to you if you read the huge sticky called "READ FIRST" which is the Pokemon Fanfic Writing FAQ... the other stickies will definitely help you too.