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April 5th, 2005, 6:14 PM
Team Rocket is back and to their old selves. Trying again to take over the Radio Tower. The Kidnapped The Gym Learders in Johto and are stealing Pokemon. It is up to a group of trainers to fight the grunts through out the Radio Tower and the administrators through out the way.


looks:tall,long blonde hair,and blue eyes
personality:nice,sweet,kind,caring,and loyal

Al Duit
April 5th, 2005, 7:32 PM
name: Alisha Duit (nicknamed Al for short)
age: 17
team: golem (name Quaker), green raichu (Plug), Alakazam (Pocus), politoed (polite), smoochum (Ic'em), and sunflora (Soldance)
looks: Only 5 foot tall, and 100 pounds. Shoulder-length curly black hair with a green bandana that has a pokeball embroidered on it holding it back. Brown eyes. Dark brown skin. Wears green leather tank top, light blue leather jacket w/ rhinestones along the collar and her pokemon (listed above) embroidered on the back. Green leather pants, and light blue leather biker boots.
personality: A-t-t-i-t-u-d-e ;) But beneath the attitude really cares about pokemon, and is compassionate.

April 6th, 2005, 3:57 PM
Name: Rey Schneider
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Team: Absol, Delcatty, Skarmory, Flareon, Jolteon, Espeon
Looks: Dark hair, green eyes
Personality: Generally reserved, calm, relaxed, level-headed, confident though not brash

April 13th, 2005, 5:35 PM
name:Alexander Dillard....(Alex)
team:Blaziken (Blaze),Dustox (Dusty),Breloom (Weedy), Swellow (Tippy), Gardevoir (Nuthing), and Umbreon (Shadow)
looks:tall, long black hair, dark green eyes, wears black pants and shirt. Long black trench coat.
personality:lone wolf

April 16th, 2005, 5:16 PM
a couple more people

April 17th, 2005, 12:03 AM
Name: flare
Age: 15
Gender: male
Pokmon: Blaziken (blaze), Typhlosion, Charizard, Flareon (flare), Vulpix, Houndoom.

Personality: he is intelligent and quiet. He is friends with his pokemon but pushes them to train harder. Both my parents died in a car crash and all I have of them are their pokemon, who are all in my team except Blaziken who was my starter pokemon. I am a loner and my main aim is to be a powerful pokemon trainer.

Description: dark blue eyes,black hair,fair skin. I have blue jeans and a black t shirt.i am quite strong and run each day. i wear ninjas clothes over my normal clothes and a ninjas cloak. my pokeballs all have the symbol of flame on them.

April 17th, 2005, 8:28 AM
Name: Dracola
Age: 10 (little kid, big Pokemon)
Gender: Female
Pokemon: Charizard, Blaziken, Typhlosion, Salamence, Flygon and Dragonair.
Personality: Energetic and creative, forgetful and friendly.
Description: Tall and skinny with raven hair and light skin, brown eyes. Wears a strange shirt and pants set that appears to be made of red dragon scales.

April 21st, 2005, 5:44 PM
sorry i will have to leave

April 21st, 2005, 7:01 PM
name: Kyle
age: 15
gender: Male
team: Charizard, Feraligator, Bulbasaur, Noctowl, Blaziken, Pikachu
looks: Tripp Cargo Pants, Black T. and Vanz
personality: Lonesome and quiet, but brave.

April 21st, 2005, 7:28 PM
i figure i could use some practice may i join?

Name: Nick White
Gender: Male
Team: Murkrow, espeon, Blastoise, Flareon (cuz real men on ly need four pokemon XD)
Looks: Nick is a scrawny person, mainly likes to keep to himself, he is a very emotionless person, only strong things upset him.
PErsonality: Anti-Social

April 22nd, 2005, 3:19 AM
I haven't RPed in ages (since my regular forum's offness...) Do you mind if I join?
name: Keiran
age: 13
gender: Male
team: Arcanine, Dragonair, Pikachu, Absol, Metagross, Tropius
looks: Quite shrimpy for his age; has short blue hair; green eyes; normally wears baggy jeans, white short-sleeved shirt, blue sleeved-vest and only sometimes, a white, blue polka-dotted bandana.
personality: Shy to stragers, but increadibly loyal and kind to his friends and family.

April 22nd, 2005, 9:51 AM
Team:Camerupt, Donphan, Salamence, Foretress, Seadra and Steelix
Looks:Messy brown hair, navy eyes, wears red t-shirt black arm guards and navy trousers
Personality:tends to keep to himself, not the most sociable person but will always help anyone if they need it

Al Duit
May 10th, 2005, 5:41 PM
OOC: So, when do we start?