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April 6th, 2005, 12:30 PM

I have been working on this fic for a long time, and I finally think it's good enough to share with you all on PC. Many of you are wondering, I'm sure, if this is the same as the fan-game I am working on? Yes, the game is loosely based off of this.

At times in the story, there will be violent conflicts. Therefore, I don't recommend this story to members under 13. When there are NEW POKéMON, I will post a picture of them along with their Pokédex info. I hope you all enjoy this fic, and as always post constructive criticism for that is the only way to improve.

Pokémon: The Jade Conference

5 years have past since Haruka and Brenden conquered Team Magma and Team Aqua in a fierce battle to the death in Hoenn. The region has been safe and at peace for the past years. A new evil has been on the rise. Groups of Egyptian Pokémon Trainers have been trying to pry into the secrets of the ancient Pokémon and take over the world through mass killings. When Toushii Yakamura rose and defeated them, all but 3 were killed. Now it’s up to a young boy living in the Sevii Islands, to put a stop to them and their wave of destruction.

Chapter I: Explosive Pokéball. Man in Suit Causes Pain!

“Hyyyaaannn!” a green chameleon screeched as it jumped onto a sleeping boy. The creature began to pounce back and forth. Its body was twitching while it licked the sleeping teen with its long chameleon tongue. He turned over and started to wake up, still tired. The boy scratched his eyes and sat up in his bed still hugging the sheets. Starring around his room he looked in awe of everything that was there. From his many posters from the Pokémon Gym Leaders in Hoenn, to the trophy signed by Karen Yami of the Silver Conference Games. He reached over to the small table next to his bed to grab his green headband. While he searched for it, he glanced over at the clock. The clock read ‘9:26’ and the sun was peaking through his thin glass window. Finally he grasped the headband and peered over to the mirror of his bed stand. A young boy of 15 starred back at him, with short black hair and a red scar in the shape of a ‘C’ was on his left cheek. He pushed back his hair and placed the green headband on his head.

“MAN! I can’t stand how the sun rises so late on this side of Island!” the boy screamed, scaring his large chameleon off the bed. “Sorry Kecleon, I’m really pissed right now!” Still angered from the previous week and argument with his father, he got out of bed stretching his arms as if he were trying to reach the sky. Struggling to regain balance from his slumber, the boy staggered over to his dresser. He stayed up until one in the morning to watch the fierce battle at the Cinnibar Island Stadium of Blaine and a girl from Pallet Town named Blu. The boy opened up the top drawer and grasped a red and white sphere, no bigger than a golf ball, and pushed the small button on the middle of it making it the size of an orange. He pointed the ball at Kecleon and a beautiful transparent light emitted from the button and Kecleon was engulfed within in it. “I’m glad I can keep someone in their Pokéball....”

A woman in her late thirties walked over to his door. She had short blonde hair that came down to her neck and wore a yellow watch shaped in the form of a mouse. At about 5 feet in height she was much smaller than the boy, but was still similar in facial features. Gently pulling the door open she said, “Glad you’re up Sosuke, there is someone here that would like to speak to you.” She smiled and Sosuke groaned. A look of exasperation appeared on his face as he pushed the button on his Pokéball making the size of a golf ball again. With a deep sigh, Sosuke reached for the tan bag under his bed and slung it over his shoulders.

“I’ll get dressed after I talk to him…why the heck does he need to come over now?” Sosuke groaned. He clipped Kecleon’s Pokéball to his belt and ran downstairs. Standing next to the stairs were two men in dark blue suits each with a single Pokéball design on the left pocket of their jackets. When he saw them notice him, his run quickly became a stroll.

“Sosuke! My, goodness it’s been such a long time, too long perhaps? I’m sorry that your dad is on a business trip, I really wanted to speak with him,” the man on the right said chuckling. Sosuke smiled and shook the man’s hand. Speechless, Sosuke just kept on grinning. The kind of smiling that made someone mad. “I b-bet you’re wondering w-why I’m here?” the man said stuttering. He nodded and rested his hands on his head.

“Well, I think it’s funny that you came all the way here from Fuschia City to visit me. But yes, I’d like to know what you’re doing here.” Sosuke sneered with a sharp tone in his voice. “After all, you deserted us to move to the mainland…”

“Ah, yes. Erm…well… my colleague Professor Rose is stationed here on Knot Island and I have decided to pay her a visit. It seems that she has discovered a meteor landing in the Eaki Region. The meteor may be holding secrets to what seems to be five new species of Pokémon,” The man paused for a second. “Well, I’ve also come to see if you would like to travel to the Eaki Region with us.”

Sosuke’s face lit up as he heard his uncle ask him to travel to a region where only the best Pokémon Trainers can go. “I dunno… I mean I thought that Trainers could only go to Eaki if they’ve conquered the Gym Leaders of Hoenn and the Gym Leaders of Johto. I haven’t even visited half of the Gyms here in Kanto. I only have one Pokémon and I’m not even a registered Trainer. All I can do is just raise Pokémon on a farm…I can’t leave that for just my mom and dad to do.”

The man next to Sosuke’s uncle spoke with a bit of a British accent. “This is truly an opportunity of a lifetime. Not even Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town visited Eaki nor Haruka of Hoenn. Toushii Yakamura of Johto has been in Eaki for three weeks now and I think has just received his first badge. That Trainer is truly a legend! You could get the opportunity to train with him. Such an honor it would be!” The man threw up his arms with excitement. Sosuke’s uncle chuckled.

“Besides, Sosuke. We could spend sometime together. I’m your only uncle, and this really would be a great opportunity to learn. You’d experience first hand what it means to be a Pokémon trainer,” Sosuke’s uncle said.

“Hmm…a year is an awful long time…” he began to weigh his options. Still, Sosuke was more excited than he had ever been.

A conflict between Sosuke and Sosuke was going on inside his head. “But I’d also like to be able to train in the greatest region! Where is Eaki anyway?” Sosuke asked his uncle’s friend. The man pulled out a small red oval and opened up a latch on top of it, folding it over to reveal a brightly colored screen. He pushed a small gray button and a Pokéball flashed on the screen. The man touched the screen and a menu appeared. When he chose the map option, a map of Earth appeared. He zoomed the map in so that it showed the Pokémon world.

“Eaki is located south east of the Hoenn Region. So there are many Pokémon that you’d find there, that you would never find here in the Sevii Islands,” the man started. He looked up and smiled at Sosuke. Sosuke managed to let a smile back. “As well as the new species of Pokémon. There’s also a rumor of a Pokémon that can alter itself. My how exciting! This is better than ‘Shark Week’ on the Discovery Channel!”

“Now, when were you planning on going to this…Eaki? I don’t know if it’s such a good idea…I mean him being on his own. After all, he would be out in the wilderness. No one could protect him. What if somebody robs him? Or…or what if someone beats up? Then what will happen?” Sosuke’s mom enthusiastically said. “I could never imagine what could happen to him…I would never forgive myself…”

Uncle Mike’s colleague folded his arms and looked into Sosuke’s mother’s eyes. “What if your son, brought glory to your family? What if Sosuke became the greatest Pokémon trainer in the world? It’s possible! From all the things Michael has told me, your son certainly has potential. Don’t you worry yourself one bit!”

Sosuke’s mom grinned and then put her hands on her hips. “You still didn’t answer my question. When are you leaving?”

With a grimace, Sosuke’s uncle stared at his feet and slowly looked up. At first he clenched his fists in excitement, but then he dropped them on his lap. “Well, we’re planning on leaving first thing tomorrow morning…but don’t fret Umeko…We’ll have a close eye on him at all times. There’s no way he can get into trouble in Eaki anyways. It’s the safest region for Pokémon training. Besides, I have friends in almost every single city! If something were to happen to little Sosuke, we would be notified in the blink of an eye,”

“Yeah...It does sound like a great opportunity. I could also send back the Pokémon I catch to the farm, and Professor Rose can study them here!” Sosuke was so excited he couldn’t hold it in. His mom walked in and winked at his uncle. She smiled and then went to the kitchen. “I’m gonna call Kai and Matt. Man, this is awesome. Thanks Uncle Mike, I can’t tell you how happy I am.”

His uncle smiled as the young boy ran out of the room. The two men sat down and conversed for a while, when Sosuke’s mom walked in. She carried a tray with a pitcher and three glasses. When she sat down she looked down for a second and then spoke. “Are you sure this is a good idea? I mean Sosuke has just a few years left of High School and he seems very happy here,” She her voice starting to break. “Although he’s a very good trainer. You should’ve seen him last week. He caught a Skarmory for Professor Rose. Oh, and the other day! Sosuke almost beat his dad in Pokémon battle. That Kecleon of his is pretty strong.”

Uncle Mike laughed. His colleague laughed as well. He motioned for him to hand him the red mini computer. The man did so. Uncle Mike pulled up the Eaki Region on the map of the computer. He sipped some of his lemonade and smirked. “If you look closely Eaki is close to Hoenn. Hanshi and you would be able to visit him when Hanshi goes on business trips there. It’s a ten hour flight on a plane, and by boat...it’s about.... nineteen hours. Hahaha, if you had a Dragonite you could be over there in three hours.” Sosuke’s mom giggled, and then sighed. She started to stir her lemonade with her finger.

A loud boom came from above them and caused Sosuke’s mom to drop her drink. The two men looked at each other worriedly. Uncle Mike clenched his fists, while his colleague listened to what was going on.

“What the…?” screamed Sosuke’s mom in fear. Smoke came pouring down the stairs along with another explosion. Uncle Mike and his colleague pulled a Pokéball from their belts and jumped off of the couch. Sosuke’s mom frantically ran into the kitchen, grasping the phone she screamed, “Yes operator…I…I think they’re back…”

The colleague shot out the back door and glanced around at the beauty of the wooden island house. With it’s beautiful two story structure and magnificent 19th century design, it looked like a painting from a book. Then smoke bursted from one side of the house. Thinking quickly, the man threw out his Pokéball as hard as he could at the side of the house.

“Go get ‘em, Wingull!” shouted Uncle Mike’s colleague forcing a small white and blue seagull from the Pokéball. The creature shrieked, spinning around in the air awaiting orders from his trainer. There was a large white truck with a big red letter ‘R’. The man cursed under his breath. He called to his bird Pokémon. “Wingull, use Steel Wing at the truck! If a man runs out, use Peck at his left kidney and do not let up until he begs for mercy...” He was taught to do this in Fuschia City, due to the high crime rate in his part of the city. The man’s laboratory was near the ghetto, so he had to know that a robber or thief would be rendered helpless if they were struck in the left kidney. "These jackasses are up to no good again! Bloody Hell! Why can’t they give it up?”

No man ran out of the vehicle, but it was obvious that there was one in there before. Due to the keys still in the van, and a backpack sitting in the passenger’s side, somebody was inside a few seconds earlier. The colleague peered around the corner. “Alas! There is nothing here. **** it! It seems that they have failed…”

As he said that, Sosuke’s mom darted around the corner. Out of breath, the frantic women collapsed in the colleague’s arms. He sighed and then ordered Wingull to keep circling around the vehicle, until something came out. “Such a crazy day this has been…”

By this time, Uncle Mike had already darted upstairs and saw Sosuke’s room up in flames. He threw his Pokéball at the ground and from the radiant red light, came a three-foot tall yellow and brown mouse standing on its hind legs. With its long tail with a lightning bolt shape at the end and two red pouches on its cheeks, it made a light squeak and flexed its tiny brown arms. “Raichu, run in there and grab Sosuke! Hurry! And if you have to, show no mercy for anyone who caused the accident.” Uncle Mike barked at the overgrown rodent. The creature nodded and dashed into the room on all fours smashing down Sosuke’s door in the process.

Smoke flooded the hallway and revealed a torn up room with a large hole in the wall leading to outside. A shady figure appeared through the smoke. He was on his knees coughing and pounding his chest. Another figure was seen battling Uncle Mike’s Raichu. This creature was large and seemed to have spikes protruding from all parts of it and an enormous tail. However, two large horns could be seen and it was able to stand on two gigantic legs. Quickly, Uncle Mike reached inside of his coat pocket and pulled out the red computer. He pointed the device at the beast and picture popped up with clearly showed what the Pokémon’s name was and what its base stats were.

“Raichu, hurry up! ****, I guess I got to do this myself!” Uncle Mike screamed to himself. His entire body flooded with warmth and anger. He glared at the ground and shouted.

“Nidoking, Dizzy Punch!” the cowering figure exclaimed from the ground. The beast tried to punch Uncle Mike’s mouse Pokémon, but it failed. Anger was pulsing inside of Mike. It was evident that Mike hated the man with a passion. Pulling out a pair of glasses from his coat pocket, he put them on and ran into the room. Uncle Mike pulled the man up by his collar and stared into his brown eyes. The man had a black jumpsuit on with a large red ‘R’ on the shirt. He wore glasses and had thin, short black hair. Uncle Mike still saw Raichu and what looked like Sosuke from behind.

“Go, NOW!” Uncle Mike shouted at the top of his lungs to Raichu.

The mouse nodded and pulled the boy with all of its might out of the room. “**** you Rocket! **** you!” Uncle Mike’s eyes began to change color as a new emotion began to arise inside of him. They became a dark and bloody red. He stared into the man and threw him down. The Rocket groaned and pulled out a Pokéball, returning the Nidoking to it. Sosuke ran into the room tiredly and threw down his Pokéball letting his green Kecleon out of the ball. Raichu followed in as well, standing next to it’s trainer.

Before Uncle Mike could say anything, Sosuke screamed, “I’m fine. Let’s take him outside!” He nodded and ordered Raichu to jump out the window. The mouse jumped and then landed on top of the thief’s van, forcing it to take the shape of Raichu’s lower body. Mike jumped out of the room as well and safely landed on top of the hood of the car. He used his hands and feet to land, and then he guided himself off the car in a most swift manner. Mike withdrew a Pokéball from the inside of his suit, just incase there was a threat of more danger. By this time sirens could be heard off in the distance, coming from the city.

Sosuke nodded and Kecleon shrilled. It shot a bright multi-colored beam at the man, forcing him to fly through the huge hole in Sosuke’s room. The boy ran up to the crater in his wall and stopped soon enough to not fall out. He heard three loud thumps. First the man hit a tree branch, which tore off a chunk of flesh from his thigh, and then he landed on top of the large truck. Finally, hitting the ground with a loud scream of agony bursting from his lungs. In extreme pain, the gangster glanced at the large wound on his leg. Blood began to burst from all directions. It was obvious that a main artery had been struck from the accident.

“Wingull, clear out the smoke!” shouted the voice of Uncle Mike’s colleague. His bird Pokémon did what it was told. With him at his side was Sosuke’s mom with a look of terror on her face. Nothing could describe her emotions at that point except horror. The tiny bird soared well over twenty feet in the air above the house and with a shrill, shot a steady stream of pressured water. A loud hiss came from the room as mist flowed from the cracks in the walls and the floor.

Sosuke peered out to survey the damage done to his island home. He frowned and then looked down at Kecleon, whispering something in Japanese. Kecleon immediately jumped down onto a branch and then waved at the increasingly loud sirens of an ambulance. A hand from within the ambulance waved back and then sped up, causing dirt and sand to fly from the wheels leaving a dark cloud in its tracks. From the sky a squadron of policemen and policewomen appeared riding on giant brown birds. One of the policemen stood up, without losing balance, and screamed into a megaphone.

“You are surrounded Rocket! Drop your Pokéballs and move away from the truck!” as the squadron got closer Sosuke could see more of the birds. He noticed they were brown with a white breast. The birds also bore brilliantly colored head feathers, as well as tail feathers.

As the policemen grew closer, they ordered their Pokémon to fly lower and then circle around the house. Once the police force was close enough to the ground, all of them jumped off simultaneously. Uncle Mike, his colleague, and Sosuke’s mom backed away from the scene as the police force entered in. Raichu jumped off the truck and stood next to Uncle Mike. Slowly, Sosuke made his way out of his room and climbed down the tree outside of his window.

A stocky woman with a red headset on her head shouted an order in Japanese and then shouted in English to the other members of the crew. She then spoke aloud to Sosuke and everyone else. “Back away from the man! Leave this to us.” Uncle Mike’s colleague took that as a hint to return Wingull to its Pokéball and he did so. Still, however, Uncle Mike kept Raichu out and so did Sosuke with Kecleon. Despite all that was going on, everyone stayed silent due to the fear of the policemen.

Each of them wore green uniforms with a yellow Pokéball and slash design on the left shoulder. Ready for anything, one by one, the squadron pulled out guns from their belts, aimed and started to circle around the man.

“Hold your fire!” the lead Policeman commanded. The rest of the squad still had their eyes on the man, with their guns ready.

The man moaned and glanced up at his possible killers in agony. He barely opened his eyes, when a red beam of light appeared behind his head. Smiling, a small red creature of about two feet in height appeared at his side. It had a long white tail that resembled somewhat of a bag. The Pokémon looked as if it were an owl, or a penguin.

“Rocket! Don’t do anything you’ll regret!” screamed the police chief. The Rocket looked up and slowly pointed his right hand up at the police chief.

“I’m not too worried about that!” the man spat between heavy wheezes. A smirk appeared on his face and he whispered something. “Delibird…”

“BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!” the red Pokémon screeched. It opened up the tail and threw a small bag with a large question mark design. Then, the bird shrieked and jumped in the air. It twirled around once, twice, three times! Finally, a bright blue light came from its beak as snow flew from the bag. The snow covered every policeman as they shielded their faces from the Blizzard attack. In an instant, an explosion emitted from where the ‘mystery bag’ was dropped. All that was left at the scene of the man and the red Pokémon was nothing…but a pure red Pokéball and a puddle of blood.

Please let me know what you think of it. I'll be posting Chapter 2 after I get enough feedback from Chapter 1.