View Full Version : Hiya:) i just got here yesterday and i forgot to introduce myself;)

April 8th, 2005, 8:16 AM
Im Lisa 14 years old:)
How are evryone else today?

April 8th, 2005, 8:35 AM
Hi and welcome to PC^^
I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here^^

April 8th, 2005, 9:24 AM
Hi there, and welcome to PC!!!

I hope u have a wonderful time posting here and remember to follow the rules.

If u need any help or if u want a freind then just PM me :D

P.S Im feeling great thanks for asking

Danke Hote
April 8th, 2005, 10:08 AM
Wasabi. I kinda new too, but my prof. is only about 6 or 7 days old and I don't think I have A good reputation here. Although I hav'nt met a lot of people yet. Hope to see yu soon or read from one of you posts.

April 8th, 2005, 10:39 AM
Welcome to the PC family. Stick to the rules and stay cool. Pm me if you want ot be my friend-
Name- Rahul
Im- [email protected]
You can also call me RAP(my intials)

April 8th, 2005, 11:48 AM
Welcome to PC! If you have any questions or want to be friends then PM me.

Team Magma Girl
April 8th, 2005, 11:52 AM
Welcome to PC.
Have fun and post alot.
PM me if you want to be friends. ^_^

April 8th, 2005, 6:54 PM
Hewwo Lisa. ^^ My name's Kelsey, it's a pleasure to meet you. =3 I'm doing wonderful today, thanks for asking. <3 How about you? ^.~ Well, we here at The PokeCommunity would like to welcome you to PC. ^^ Please abide by our rules and have a great time! :3


April 8th, 2005, 7:02 PM
Mwar! New meat person! Welcome, I am Porygon the Insane! *points to title* fear the Dragon smilie!

Ninja Retsu
April 8th, 2005, 7:42 PM
Im Lisa 14 years old:)
How are evryone else today?
Hello. I am great. Thank you. Welcome to PokeCommunity. My name is Blue Jasmine. If you need,have any questions or have any problems,feel free to ask me. I will try my best to help you. Please follow the rules and read the FAQ. I hope you will be active,have a lot of friends,have fun and have a great time.

Shining Mew
April 8th, 2005, 7:52 PM
Im good today ^^ Welcome to PC! I hope you have a lot of fun and stay really active ^^ See ya around the forums!


April 14th, 2005, 5:07 AM
Hi, welcome to PC, hope to see you round!