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April 13th, 2005, 5:17 PM
The Devil's Arms, cursed weapons that had been locked away until a few years ago, before Tethe'alla and Sylvarant became whole once again. The heroes responsible for saving the two worlds were used by the man, Abyssion, saying that if they collected them all, he would seal them away.

In the end, Abyssion used the "Book of Nebilim" along with all of the Devil's Arms to transform himself to an incredibly strong, evil creature. Though the battle was long and the great heroes almost died, they eventually defeated Abyssion, who was never seen after that incident, the Devil's Arms to be sealed away after the merging of the worlds.

5 years later, the world's of Tethe'alla and Sylvarant have been living in peace, with the destruction of Cruxis, and the Desians, though something has gone amiss. The Summon Spirits, who take residence in the temples of the two worlds, have somehow become corrupted, and are destroying the Planet little by little. Most believe the heroes are at fault, since the Devil's Arms were sealed within the temples after the merging of the worlds, thinking those are what are corrupting the Spirits. Unable to give an answer appropriate enough to clear their names, the heroes went into hiding, the world left to fend for itself.

This is where you come in. Somehow, in the desert town of Triet, you wind up involved in this situation when you come across the Triet Ruins, home of the fire Summon Spirit, Efreet. What will happen afterwards? Will you explore the 2 Worlds? And if so, for what purposes?

Character Classes

Spellcaster (Attack)- Specializes in attack spells, utilizing all the elements, but is weak on physical attack. Uses some sort of magical item such as a staff to cast spells, along with some chanting. Slow reflexes.
Spells available for Spellcaster at first: Aqua Edge (Shoots a blade of water at the enemy), Fireball, Wind Blade (Blades of wind surround the enemy and slice them up), Stone Blast (summons rocks from below the enemy, and throws them upwards at them), Lightning, Icicle.

Spellcaster (Healer)- Specializes in healing and defense magic, also with a low attack. Very slow reflexes.
Available Spells: First Aid (Heals desired target slightly), Barrier (raises defense slightly)

Swordsman- Can use any time of sword, including twin blades. They are usually fast, and have their own skills that they developed themselves. They also have great reflexes.

Other- Got a class of your own youd like to use? PM me with the details.

Techs/ Spells:
Appearance: (If you need ideas, search for Tales of Symphonia on google, XD)
Personality: (optional)
History: (optional)
RPing Sample: (Required)

April 13th, 2005, 5:32 PM
Name:Jon Umezawa
Techs/ Spells:Omega Tempest,Raging Beast,Huricane Thrust.
Appearance:Tall,bright blue eyes,black hair,carries 2 swords,and wears a black jaket,and black pants.
Personality:He can act as goofy ,and is sometimes serious as.
RP Sample:"I'll go ahead!Now that I have the change card I can change into things!"I say right before I start to chant,then i jump off the bird,and transform into a bird,fly to the ground,and then turn into a cheeta,and run to the area,where Chi And Koutaro are."Oh no!"I say as i turn back,and summon my other card
from Card Captors:A new Beginnig

i love ToS and this is a great idea.

April 13th, 2005, 5:34 PM
Uhh... Its only been 5 years, so I dont think Lloyd would have had a son by now, and I'm trying to keep everyone unrelated to characters from the game ^^;
I'm also gonna tag an RPing sample onto the form, since I forgot. It was my bad >>

April 13th, 2005, 5:41 PM
oh ok sorry i'll edit my post.lol i'm so uncreative.lol.

愛Forgotten Angel愛
April 13th, 2005, 6:34 PM
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Class: Werewolf
Techs/ Spells: Fire Ball and Icicle
Appearance: She has pointed ears and long, crimson hair. She has very light skin, and wears a cut-off buttom up shirt on top of her black sweater. She wears embrodered jeans as well. In her wolf form, she has a crimson coat and a blue belly. She is larger than most wolves, and she has a scar across her snout.
Personality: She remains quiet and is very harsh. She enjoys being by herself, in fact, she hates company most of the time. Her favorite topic of conversation is death.
History: She grew up in the wilderness and was taught not the be afraid to spead her mind. This knowlage was banished when she was adopted by humans after her pack was savagly killed. Soon after, her human parents were killed. It was at this time that she became interested in what exactly causes death, and she is still searching for that answer.
RPing Sample: I don't know how to find this. Help please!!

April 13th, 2005, 6:53 PM
ummm yeah what is an rp sample...like an rp i have been in?

April 13th, 2005, 7:35 PM
That, my friend, would be suited better for a private message, but I'll try to answer anyway. A roleplaying sample is basically what you would make as one of your regular posts, or one that you've already made, to prove that you're skilled enough for the roleplay you're joining.

Name- Kiara
Age- 17
Gender- Female
Class- Spellcaster (attack)
Techniques and spells- Aqua Edge, Wind Blade
Appearance- I'm feeling lazy, so here (http://img216.echo.cx/img216/5742/girlchickxd8jj.jpg).
Personality- Usually very shy, Kiara is quite a sweet girl, and is always looking to brighten someone's day. She's also very outgoing and venturing.
Sample- I distinctly remember providing a sample in .hack//OBLIVION, and you approved my join request there, so there's no need for me to type out a sample. o_o

Dream Illusionist
April 14th, 2005, 2:19 AM
Name:Shadow (True name unknown)
Class: Spellcaster (Both attack and healing and also status effects)
Techs/ Spells:
Appearance: A shadowy person with a long purple cape, and a mask in his face.
Personality: Timid, Individualist
History: It is yet unknown....
RPing Sample: It was late night. The person he was looking for, was down in the street. "It's time to do it."-he said to himself.
He then jumped, and fell in the street, and then ran to the target. Too late. He had already been killed.
"Now what? My mission was to protect him...."

April 14th, 2005, 1:50 PM
((OOC note: because i refer to Kid as a him does not mean that's what it really is))

Name: Forgotten
Handle: Kid

Race: Half demon

Age: looks 10-13, difficult to tell

Gender: Difficult to tell, holds both masculine and feminine qualities due to age. Even with his voice, it's not easy at all.

Class: Samurai
Weapon: Ridged katana- Designed to tear flesh, not simply cut it, effective with disarmaments when weapons collide
Skill: Moderately high

Magics: Hand afire, Weapon afire, Nimbus, Resistance to fire, Firewalk

Appearance: http://www.dod-page.de/~painmaker/yugi/beyblade/cara/cha_kai01.jpg

Additional equipment: A gauntlet which he wears on his left arm, used for deflecting sword blows and a shoulderplate for that same arm, also on occasion he wears a breastplate when he feels things are going to turn ugly.

Personality: Kid is shy at first, having had a few rough experiences a few years back, he's not too trusting when it comes to strangers, it takes some time for him to warm up to people. The amount of time could vary from days to years, but that won't stop him from doing what he can those he has sworn to help for whatever reason.

History: Forgotten, even to Kid. He forgot his past because that was his own choice. After a year of doing almost nothign but trying to forget, he succeeded.

RPing Sample: Kid was wandering the streets of a desert town, his hands folded behind his head. Simply put, he was bored, more bored than he'd ever been before. He couldn't forget he was here to repair his gauntlet as it had been badly damaged a few weeks earlier and it looked like it was about to break. Kid wanered the sandy aisles, a sudden gust churning up and throwing sand into his eyes. Though it bugged him, he pressed on, wiping sand from his eyes and muttering obscenities. It was during this period when he hit something, some large, hard object. Kid didn't know what the hell it was and he didn't feel like looking, so he felt his way around it and pressed on, shouting obscenities at whatever he'd run into. Once his eyes were clear, he sighed in relief, but then he saw something he didn'tlike one bit.

Kid froze where he stood, his scarf and hair blowing in the strong wind that had just kicked up a few moments before, the same one which had gotten the sand in his eyes. He looked left, then right, nothing it had gotten dark, but everything else seemed to be light.. He looked down and noted a narge shadow looming over him and from the looks of it, it was raising his arms. He could feel the motions going on behind him and could feel the friction made by drawing a sword... As quickly as he could, Kid ducked low to the ground and brought his left leg out to his left side. Judging by the length of the shadow and the distance of the disturbance, the attacker was a few inches off, so he'd need topush back to connect... not easy

As the blade of the attacker came down, Kid pushed back a little with both his right arm and bent right leg, giving him the inch or so he needed. As he swung his left leg back, he lifted his right arm to shield himself from the oncoming blae with his gauntlet, but he knew it was a gamble as the metal was weakening and he didn'tknow how strong the nemy was or how sharp his blade was, so he tried something new.. He turned his arm upward a bit to catch the blad ein one of the overlapping layers, these were the areas unstressed by normal combat. His kick had landed perfectly, his knee caugh the attacker's shin and thus he bent his leg and pulled back toward him, tripping the person, sending him/her flat on their back and groaning in pain.

Wasting no time and being the somewhat passive person he is, Kid got up, grabbing the sword which had fallen near him, and ran as fast as he could. He didn't understand why he'd been attacked, but he was filled with joy in the fact he'd come out of it unscather, though his gauntlet was in desperate need of repair, it had been for a week. Kid grinned, snatching an apple from a nearby fruitstand and, despite the yells of the shopkeeper, he coninued onward, ready to face the rest of the day.

April 15th, 2005, 2:41 PM
Name: Okita
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Class: Swordsman
Techs/ Spells: Hunting Beast, Tiger Blade, Fierce Demon Fang, (rest later)
Appearance: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v465/SpiritGirl/illu17.png Navy hair and gold eyes. No pole but a masamune at her side and a headband. Also her ears are sort of pointed like an elf's because she's a half elf. I'm still deciding on the colors.
Personality: Calm and quiet most of the time. Though she doesnt talk much she is friendly. She is intelligent and a good problem solver. She is brave and is always willing to make sacrifices for her friends.
History: (optional)
RPing Sample: The dark forest was earily silent as Okita walked along the well known path. The light of the setting sun drifted through the trees and cast strange shadows across the ground. But Okita wasn't worried. She had traveled this path many times before. The last rays from the sun vanished and the mistical glow of the bright moon appeared. But even so Okita did not stop. She had to get home soon. But as she continued to on a cold chill creeped down her spine. She looked around casausly and quickened her pace. Anything could be hiding in the dense thicket of trees on either side of her. Her hand moved to the hilt of her sword and her gold eyes darted here and there. All at once there was a low moaning sound. Okita stopped every sense on alert. The sound came again but louder. Goose bumps crept up her arms as she turned. Though she couldn't see anything, she knew that something was standing on the path a few feet away. Her sharp eyes scanned the darkness trying to catch sight of what was there. But it was too dark. The minutes slipped by. Okita's hand never left the hilt of her sword. Then without warning the creature bolted. Okita only had enough time to draw her sword before the creature was upon her. A razor sharp claw as long as a dagger ripped through the air. The sound of metal hitting metal rang through the night as Okita swung her sword to block. The creature lept backward then attacked again. It swiped with it's murderous claw again and again and each time Okita would block and counter with her sword. The battle grew fiercer and fiercer until both Okita and the creature wer exsauted. The creature lept backwards into a pool of moonlight. Okita's eyes widened as she saw what it was who had attacked her. Her sword fell to the ground with a clang and she stepped backwards in horror. "Senora?" She whispered in a shaky voice. (Was that too long? I think I got carried away. :P)

May 13th, 2005, 10:57 PM
Name: Sanami

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Class: Spellcaster (attack)

Techs/Spells:Fireball, Icicle, and mostly Lightning.

Appearance:Black shorts and vest over a purple top that looks a bit like Colette's, tall, dark green boots, and long black gloves. Has soft bright skin from staying indoors. She has her curly black hair tied up in a short braid and wears two purple ribbons in her hair. She wears gold bracelets and necklaces, with a swallow pendant on her necklace. She has green eyes. She carries a small light staff with a bright purple crystal in the center, that floats there.

Personality: An outgoing person with a sharp wit and keen attention to detail. She always seems quiet at first but after she has been traveling with people that she trusts, she really opens up. She is a good supporter that you can count on.

History: (optional)

RPing sample: Lloyd and I finished packing kind of early, so we decided to take a little walk...We started walking out of the hotel room and I told Lloyd to hang on for a sec. I walked over to Ueste and said 'hey, did you maybe wanna perform later to get some money?' I guess we had kind of run out...I had plenty of money, maybe too much, but this kind of money was useless in this dimension...Ueste sprung up at the thought 'really? okay, when? When?' 'how about right before we leave?' 'okay!' She grinned. I walked over to Lloyd and I showed him at a closer angle the lake carving that Ueste and I made. 'wow, this is cool...' 'mm-hmm, isn't it Lloyd?' He looked confused 'uhh, what're all those empty spaces for?' 'oh those are for everyone else, so if they come back, then we can carve them in too!' We both had thoughtful looks on our faces as we imagined how it would look like...I imagined Kratos with his arms folded, tuning out, and then Genis fooling around with Colette, and Raine reading a book, or in her 'Ruin-mode', and Presea staring into space, and Regal looking thoughtful and wise, as he always does, and...I looked over at the picture. Lloyd and I were standing next to each other, smiling...oh, I almost forgot, there's also Zel--...I frowned 'what's wrong, Sheena?' 'umm...do you ever miss Zelos?' He thought for a sec, and walked closer to me 'well, yeah, but, what's wrong? Do you really miss him?' I looked down 'umm, yeah...I mean..' My voice wavered and I stood still 'why-did-we-have-to ...kill... him anyways??' I threw my hands to my face and tears started pouring out of my eyes..I didnt want Lloyd to see me like this, how can I break up like this?? He had a concerned look on his face and walked up to me. I walked over and he hugged me as I cried into his shoulder. 'I...dunno...but...he lived a good life...and...he wouldn't want you to grieve over him like this, now, would he? You gotta cheer up, and go on with life...at least that's what I think.' I tore my hands away from my face for a second and looked at him 'hm, you're right...I guess we just have to put it behind us, but we won't forget him, right?...' He smiled 'that's right. Now, cheer up, can you smile for me?'...woah, I got REALLY carried away...that was a post that I did on another forum, it's really messed up, like a cross between Cardcaptors and Tales of Symphonia, and other stuff...don't ask..-_-

May 14th, 2005, 12:50 AM
(Dai! I love you! *Glomps....anyways, mes sign up!:)

Name: Reicheru

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Class: Draken

Techs/ Spells: Rising Falcon, Talon Strike, Omega Tempest, Cyclone.

Appearance: Reicheru has long flowing locks of Royal Blue hair and Emerald green, reptilian eyes, and her skin is lightly tanned with multiple freckles splashed across her slender face. She wears a pair of black baggy trousers which flare at the bottoms to cover large boots, which are torn at the tip to allow great dragon like Talons to penetrate through. A black crop top which shows her slender stomach, though her arms are covered by a waste length black jacket, a black bandana wraps itself around her neck and black sunglasses sat perched in the long flowing hair to keep bangs from falling into the emerald orbs. Navy blue wings sprout from her back and pointed canines draw blood at the lip.

Personality: Reicheru has a very calm and collected nature, but even she has limited control over her temper. She is sarcastic and has a rather dark sense of humor, but when trouble flares, she is caring and protective over her comrades. She prefers to sit back and allow others to learn from their mistakes and guide them only in voice rather then aiding them time after time.

History: UngI would do this.but Im just too lazy at the moment XP

RPing Sample: You can just check my Dragons of Acroven thread Dai XP.

Drakens: Draconic creatures, with the characteristics of Humans but multiple characteristics of Dragons. They have the power to fully transform into a Dragon (But that will be at a later stage XP Reicheru is still a youngster in terms of Draken's)

May 14th, 2005, 5:46 AM
What, you haven't started calling me Yuki like everyone else? XD

Name: Dia
Age: 15
Gender: Female (kinda, XD)
Class: Healer/ Attack Magic, but knows how to use a sword as well.
Techs/ Spells: First Aid, Fireball, Wind Blade, Icicle, Sword Rain
Appearance: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y39/Daiaki711/normal_aikira02.jpg
History: Not too long ago, (I'm thinking like 2 days ago) Dia was a travelling warrior named David, and was cursed by an unknown monster in his travels. His curse changed him into what he is now. He found he had become weaker with this, and could oddly use magic, but could only barely use the sword.

May 14th, 2005, 7:03 AM
OMFG! I've gotta join! Yuki always makes the best RPGs!

Name: Rin Takamatsu
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Class: Archress (I think you would call her that. I shall PM you)/ Elf (if that counts)
Techs/ Spells: (There aren't any archers in the game, so I'll just have to make some moves up) Raining Arrows, Flaming Shot, Ice Shot, Lightning Shot
Appearance: http://img154.echo.cx/img154/6199/1110932299h252520bow3vf.jpg (http://www.imageshack.us)
Personality: Quiet, caring, intelligent, strong (mentally), and independent
RPing Sample:
Rin stopped shooting her arrows, when she noticed a young man (I think Genis would be 17 now).
"Oh, hello Genis," she said, softly. Genis ran over to her and smiled.
"Hey Rin, do you think you could help me out with something?" Genis asked. Rin set her bow down.
"I think so. Tell me your problem."
"Well, I've just realized that it was Presea's birthday. The problem is... her birthday was two weeks ago. How could I possibly apologize to her!?"
"Hm... all you need to say is 'I'm sorry'. That makes any girl feel better."
"Really?" Rin nodded.
"Thanks!" Genis got up ran to the forest.
Rin sighed and picked up her bow again.

Zero ex
May 14th, 2005, 10:51 AM
Hey i want to join,
Name: Kyo
Age: 17
Gender: male
Techs/spells: Sword rain beta,stalagmite, shadow illusion , hunting beast.
Appearance: In black clothes, wearing a band in his head.
Personality: Happy, and pervert.
History: ?
RPing Sample: As i heard the voice of sheena, i became happier than ever. Oh sheena! You are such a beauty, i said. After i said that she she kicked me. It......hurts......Sheena, I said. Suddenly i saw a Monster, Shenna there are some beasts behind you! i said. So i start fighting them, using my shadow illusion i became to Kyos, I exclamed to my shadow, Use the stalagmite, suddenly i changed my voice to a serious voice, Shenna you go i will kill them, this is for your beauty. As my shadow started to make the stalagmite, I run to where the monster was and make my sword rain beta tech.....

May 14th, 2005, 7:52 PM
Name: Keiko Tachibana
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Class: Fighter//Swordsman. She knows a limited amount of spells, but she hardly knows how to use it.
Techs/ Spells: Rising Dragon, Perpetual Assail, Raging Beast, Tiger Rage

Appearance: :3 (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v75/3monica6/onna.png) Mari ish lazy too. XD

Personality: Always accomplishing reckless actions without any regards to her health, Keiko's deeds are what audacity represents. She has this inclination to act tough around others and mask her uncertainties with her positive grins. She also tends to be quite hot-tempered. She still has a child's heart, though, and believes that everything will be alright, no matter what the circumstance is.

History: Having merely vague, almost no, memories from her past, Keiko struggles to recollect her childhood memories; or at least learn when her birthday occurs. Her most recent reminiscence was about being found in a foggy, lifeless, forest by her master almost unconscious. Ever since then, she had been with her master, traveling through dangerous paths, hunting, fighting, and collecting. He had taught her everything she knows and treated her as his own.

Alas, he encompassed a strange illness during their voyage and was required to stay in a small town until he recovers. He left Keiko alone to continue her travel, saying that this was a part of her 'special training'.

RPing Sample: :3~? I don't need to, right? XD;

Erm, ish this alright Dai~Yuki~Davey-chan? X3

May 14th, 2005, 8:01 PM
hey can i join?

Techs/ Spells:Omega Tempest,hunting Beast,double demon slash
Appearance: white with black coat and black lents
Personality: rare, sarcastic and calm
RPing Sample: ray have been traveling in the desert, and know tire is in his way to triet, i have an extrange feeling of something

May 15th, 2005, 3:44 AM
It seems this has picked up again... i suppose it will go on then. If i may be allowed to participate, i'd like to note i've re-done my character above as i sort of lost touch with the previous one after the sleeping period this thread went through.

May 15th, 2005, 5:43 AM
OOC: Okay, I think 13 members will do, XD chrno, though, you need to add more to your sample. I can't judge you off 1 or 2 sentences. Same goes for you Zero_ex. Now, I guess an opening post should be made, so...

IC: "Did you hear? Archeologists that have been studying the Triet Ruins have been mysteriously disappearing!"

"Is that so? I thought they were trained to handle any monster in there?"

"Guess not. it must have been pretty big to take out an entire archeological team!"

That was the conversation I was hearing in the marketplace of Triet. I was intrigued, since nothing major had come up since Tethe'alla and Sylvarant became one 5 years ago, thanks to the heroes of course. Without them, we would've died. Not that I was much better off as it stands... All I can really recall from 5 years ago was how the colour of the sky turned green. I watched up at it the whole time from my house in Palmacosta. That, is what inspired me to travel.

My condition as it stood however, was pretty bad. Lets just say never piss off a monster who can curse you...

May 15th, 2005, 7:51 AM


Yo, Reicheru!

Wha? What?!

A girl sat at her side, arms folded in annoyance across her chest Havent you been listening to me?

The younger girl grinned sheepishly and scratched her head apologetically Sorry, I must have zoned out there, I have had a lot on my mind lately, what with dad wanting to send me to that Palmacosta School. He said that it was up to me, but Im not sure you know

The older nodded I can understand what your going through, must be a hard decision. On one hand you could get an amazing education and it is a school for the extremely gifted, but then on the other hand, you will have to move away from here She sighed But only you can make the right decision

Reicheru lowered her head Yeah.but anyways, what were you saying Aisha?

The older took a while to think of what her previous words were going to be, before they sprang back to her mind Oh, yeah, havent you heard? Archaeologists that have been studying the Triet ruins have been reported missing; my bet is because of all the monsters there. Those Archaeologists claim to be able to stand up to them all, but their nothing but talk

Reicheru seemed to be in great thought and sighed Hmm, but still, disappearing, they have been fine for the last five years, why is it only now that they are starting to disappear, there must be something more behind it all, Aisha. They cant just up and disappear its not possible and they have been fine up till now

Aisha shrugged Oh well, its not my problem, at least its not me She got to her feet Anyways, Ill see you after, Rei, dad wants me to help him about the shop, ill come and call for you later

Reicheru nodded OK, Ai

Aisha smiled at her friend and made her way down the steps. Reicheru was left pondering over the situation at hand Disappearing, eh?

May 15th, 2005, 8:11 AM
Kid was sitting on one of the tarps of one of the market stalls, watching the people beneath him pass by. He was bored to say the least, as a matter of fact the only reason he didn't fall through was because the beam he was sitting on was just right to hold his balanced weight. He just sat there cross-legged, hands in his lap, his hair and scarf blowing freely in the wind. He was watching all the people below him pass by when he too overheard the conversation that was going on beneath him, though he paid it little attention. Then again... the way they were talking sounded pretty urgent, so he figured it just might be worth a listen, thus he did so.

Leaning a little closer to the conversation and holding his sword out to his other side to balance his weight, Kid could hear a little better.. He heard a bit of the conversation, then suddenly a call rang through the streets... Instantly, Kid knew it was directed at him. "STOP THAT LITTLE THIEF!!!" The call sounded from a bit down the lane and Kid swerved to get a look, almost falling in the process, he had to flail his arms to keep balance. There, he saw an old man glaring at him and then he noticed them.. armed guards in the alley. How'd he know with all the people? They cleared a path. Kid suddenly remembered the apple he'd stolen earlier and for some reason this guy was really pissed about it.

Kid immediately jumped up and bolted off down the narrow bars, but they soon came to an end and Kid had to think fast. He leapt from one side of the alley to the other since it was kind of narrow, executing a flip in midair. It was there his eyes landed on Dia and he could swear their eyes met, but then again maybe his eyes met everyone else's too, he was being stared at. He felt something was up with this girl, but couldn't place it. Getting caught up in his thoughts almost caused him to fall again when he caught the other beam, a perfect landing which he seemed to do withoutt hinking, but balancing was his problem, again he had to flail his arms to remain steady.

Kid turned away and jumped onto the dolid roof of the place and turned to see if he was still being followed. The guards were closer than ever now, but for some reason his eyes were drawn back to Dia immediately. However, he had no time to think about this here and so he turned again and bolted off, moving very quickly, even for one so small. After jumping a few rooftop gaps, he checked back to see if they were stil coming. Bad move on his part. His foot caught the edge of a fall itno an alley and this time he couldn't regain balance. He fell, but lucky him he landed right in a garbage can... Great... he thought as he pulled a banana peel from his hair, then he noticed something.. no one was around. He quickly took advantage of the situation and yanked a nearby lid over his head and waited patiently for the danger to pass...

May 15th, 2005, 8:20 AM
For an instant, I felt like someone was watching me. As fast as it came, it went away, the sound of someone falling off in the distance. I continued walking through the streets of Triet, until I tripped over someone's leg, and was basically trampled over by the crowds.

When I got up, I was slightly dazed, and wandered into a nearby alley. My hair, along with the yellow ribbons on my hat, blew in the light breeze, and my nise picked up a foul odour. Garbage... Meh, it wasn't the time to be choosy. Following this, I collapsed beside the garbage disposal with a thud, hoping I'd snap out of my daze. To ease my soul, I took my horn-like instrument from my bag, which was now set on my lap. I had never found out what the instrument was called however. I started to play it as I sat there.

May 15th, 2005, 11:29 AM
Reicheru walked with her hands in her pockets towards the Oasis at the centre of the desert city to try and coax the Oasis guardian into giving her a flask of water, of course it would take some persuasion and some gald for him to give in as Water was precious in these parts and very rare and therefore not very easy to get more than your worth a day.

As she approached the Oasis, she found that old man that guarded the liquid was no where to be found. Reicheru took a swift look around and unclipped her flask from her belt. She was faster than the old man of course.probably faster than most of the Triet population, if she was caught, it would be no problem.

She approached the edge of the Oasis and stooped down, dipping the cream coloured flask into the clear liquid. She did not stop looking around in till the bubbles stopped flowing from the flask tip at which she lifted it from the water and corked it shut. She clipped it to her belt once again and stepped away from the edge, only to be met by the old mans ice cold stare from the shop door.

You conniving little thief, put that water back right this instant! He yelled from the shops entrance, many passers by had no turned to observe the goings on, but Reichreru remained calm, hands replaced in her pockets I really have no idea what your going on about, Old Man.

The man did not take lightly to this and his face turned an unusual shade of Red How dare you! Guards!

Now this surly was a time to run as heavy foot steps could be heard coming from the centre of the desert city. Reicheru snarled at the old man and turned in the direction of the Oasis, with all paths blocked by onlookers, she had no other choice It was only a flask, Old man, its nothing special and besides Im going on a journey, I think I deserve it

With that said, she dived into the Oasis, swimming her way across to where the multiple stalls lay. The Guards had arrived at the seen and Reicheru looked over her shoulder only to see the Old man pointing off in her direction. This only caused Reicheru to pick up the pace and lift herself out of the water, soaking multiple passers by doing so.

There were shrieks as a group of women were soaked by the excess water and men snarled at the youngster as she ran on by towards the Triet exit, a instrumental sound caught her attention as she neared the citys exit.

May 15th, 2005, 11:44 AM
After I had regained my usual condition once more, I removed myself from the sand coated alleyway street, and beganto head down another back alley that lead right for the exit. Probably wasn't a smart move on my part, since the thieves and villains of Triet hid back there. With my luck, it definately wasn't smart at all...

No sooner had I entered the shady darkness of the new path, then had I been hit by the end of whip on my shoulder, sending me to the ground. "Hey ther' girlie. You coul' probly fetch me a purdy penny!" Ugh... you had to be kidding me. Generally, this is the kind of filth that was left behind from the Desians. They still attacked the defensless, only they did it in secret rather then openly like before. I had lost my mom and dad to the Desians 6 years ago, and my little sister went missing without a trace. Another reason for my adventuring... was to find her.

I went to make a break for it, when I was suddenly shocked by from behind... Darnit, they had some of the old equipment lying around. This sent me to the ground once more, only this time I couldn't feel my right arm, since it had taken so many whip lashes. The material had torn off the shoot, and cuts and other wounds were visable, bleeding.

I made another break from, only this time I grabbed a nearby pole and used it to trip the attackers. After running for what seemed like forever, I ran into something turning the corner by the town exit, sending me flying to the ground, my left hand covering the wounds on my right shoulder.

May 15th, 2005, 11:56 AM
Just as the exit came into view, a shadow came out of nowhere and rammed into Reicheru, causing her to skid across the floor, burning her flash and ripping into the skin causing an unpleasant sensation. Her eyes clamped shut and she let out a strangled yelp as she made contact with a brick wall. Blackness over came her for a few seconds before her sight was regained and she could make out the faint outline of another.

She clung her head with her right hand and glared at the sprawled out figure. She had almost made it, she had been in reach of the exit with her flask full of water and this bozo had to collide with her, she had half a mind to driver her blade through the unmoving figure on the ground, but though against it as another shadow appeared out of the alley way.

It was a man resembling that of the Desians. He was in a rather drunken state which made Reicherus stomach churn unpleasantly, she even grimaced. Looking in the direction she had come from, she could see a herd of angry city dwellers make their way towards the fallen pair and the yells of the ever angry water guardian.

Reicheru growled and took her twin blades out from their sheathes, pushing off from the ground and landing up right, she aimed one steel bladed sword at the filthy being making his way towards the fallen girl and another towards the angry city dwellers, of course this would not hold off such a big herd for long.

She nudged the fallen girl with her foot and hissed angrily Get up unless you want to be trampled on, girl

May 15th, 2005, 12:02 PM
I grunted slightly. I sign that I was snapping back to reality once more. Reality, however, hit me all at once as I suddenly felt an undescribable pain in my right shoulder and back area. Right... i had just been whipped to death, I forgot. I finally opened my eyes, and heard someone telling me to get up, so I did. I couldn't see very clearly. Everything was blurry, so I studdered to the left slightly before regaining my balance again.

I made my way away from the Desian who had attacked me before, who was looking at the newcomer with a twinkle in his eye. However, suddenly he passed out and landed flat on his face. guess he had one to many to drink. I then ignored everything else, and began making my way to the exit once more, still holding my right shoulder, and still in pain.

May 15th, 2005, 12:44 PM
The girl fumbled onto her feet and gave the drunken attacker a stare before he tumbled to the floor unconscious, no doubt because of the amount of alcohol he had consumed, Reicheru rolled her eyes at this and grunted a laugh as the man appeared asleep at the feet of the other girl, who did not give any sign of thanks to Reicheru before making a wild dash out of the desert city.

Reicheru followed the girl with her eyes He-hey wait, you cant leave me to deal with these on my own, I saved you, come- argh! She growled and turned her attention to the angry mob of people which had grown a size or two since she had last seen it. They all glared at her menacingly, some even held weapons in their hands Surly you dont need to go as far as killing me

The Waters guardian snorted and crossed his arms across his chest Water is precious to us and even the slightest drop could save a life one day, you have had your share for this day and yet this is not enough for you!? His rage had flared and Reicheru took a small step away from the now tomato red man.

Easy, Old man, this is going to a good cause, Im going on a journey that could well save a few lives, now if youre telling me that am not worth it then there must be something wrong with you. I know the value of water in these parts and its importance, but I need as much as I can get to last in this desert and wouldnt it be better for me to leave?

The Old man, huffed and seemed to change a shade paler Fine then, you leave here, but you can no longer call this place a home in till you repay us for the water you stole

Reicheru grinned wickedly No worries Pops, Ill do something, it will be life changing, believe me, Ill save you from death some day, no worries

I will believe that when I see it. Now leave on this adventure of yours, whatever it may be, at least we will be rid of thieves like you The crowd had begun to brake now and had begun to head back to their previous doings. Reicheru turned her back on the old man and made after the girl whom she had saved No worries, Pops

With that, she went on her way, leaving the city behind her for now to catch up with the girl and find out what was behind the mysterious disappearing of the archaeologists.

Yo, wait up!

May 15th, 2005, 12:52 PM
I had put quite a bit of distance between the girl and myself as she settled her little dispute with the townspeople. The sun... it was so hot. Even with my hat shading my head, it was WAY too hot. I shouldn't of worn suck heavy clothing all the way out here... The desert seemed like it went on forever.

The heat just helped multiple the pain I was feeling from both me right shoulder, and the center of my back. Basically, I was wandering without a cause. Beatings like those of which I had just gained... How many people died because of those?

"Yo, wait up!" I heard from behind me. I slowly turned around. I was pretty sure it was that girl, but didnt know for sure, since I was now dizzier then before. I gave a small smile before collapsing to the ground on my stomach, my hair and ribbons lifting in the air in the breeze like they were trying to leave me forever.

Zero ex
May 15th, 2005, 5:44 PM
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May 16th, 2005, 8:30 AM
Reicheru smiled as the girl came to a stop, apparently to wait for her, but the week smile that was returned told her otherwise. She stood there looking weekly at her from a distance, before her legs gave way and she slumped to the floor unmoving. The heat had gotten to her and it was no wonder seeing as the foolish girl had run such a distance without water.

Reicheru gasped and made her way hastily over to the girl, kneeling down at her side and running a hand over the girls forehead Burning up, just as I thought She sighed, removing her hand and un clasping the flask from her belt and uncorking it, bringing it to the other girls lips.

She tilted the flask somewhat so that the clear liquid rolled down the girls throat, some spilt own her neck and her cheek in the process, but this didnt matter as Reicheru splashed some of the cool drink over the girls forehead, hoping that she would wake up.

She then took a swig herself and corked it back up again, replacing it at her belt, crossing her legs and waiting for any sort of movement from the girl. The amount of trouble I went through to get this water and I go and waste it on this foolish being. Humans are all alike, they dont think.

She picked at her canines and flossed them with her slightly pointed talons She had better wake up soon, I need to get a move on before sun down, this place isnt very smooth when the sun sets and dark shadows come out to play

May 16th, 2005, 11:35 AM
After I collapsed, I saw nothing but darkness. Was my fate to be left alone in the darkness for eternity? Or was my fate something much more significant? I was put to ease as I felt cool water falling down my throat to the pit that was my stomach, easing the burning in my throat. After I felt a splash on my face, I snapped back to reality again, my eyes opening slightly to see that girl from earlier.

A tear rolled down my cheek, though it was almost entirely disguised by the water. "You.. couldn't have just let me die?" I asked, coughing occassionally, "Life doesn't have... much of a meaning to me right now..." I glanced over at my shoulder, and noticed it was still gushing blood.

May 16th, 2005, 3:46 PM
Rin stopped off at a small villiage and shopped for some food and water. She packed her bag, and started to leave. She overheard some people talking and listened. She couldn't make out entirly what they were saying but it was about the Devil's Arms. She shook her head and continued of of the villiage.

Rin ran across a field thinking back 5 years ago when half elves weren't free. She stopped and felt the breeze touch her.
"Such a dark time," she whispered to herself. She heard rustling and whirled around. She touched her bow and was ready to nock an arrow.
"Who is there?" she asked. Nothing appeared. She relaxed and darted off again.

Rin stopped once more to catch her breath. She didn't feel safe. She rubbed her eyes and looked around.
"Why do I feel so strange. It's like the same feeling I had 5 years ago, when the Desians were about." She looked torwards the sun and looked forward. Once again, she took off.

May 16th, 2005, 4:08 PM
Sanami stumbled out of the Ossa Trail, with bruises on her knees and a small rash collecting on her arms.

"Hmph, I hate mountain climbing, or any kind of wilderness stuff in general.." She began mumbling to herself. It was true; She was a person who had spent most of her life indoors, due to her frail condition when she was a child. She vividly remembered that day 5 years ago when the sky turned purple for a while..

I was sitting in bed, and my uncle was constantly watching me, hoping I would get better. I sat up from her stuffy bed and took a glance out of the window. "Uncle, what's that?" I pointed at the strange sky. He glanced and said "It is time for a new world I suppose." I looked at him curiously "A new world?" He smiled at me "Yes, a world where we may finally know peace. I believe soon you will get better and will be able to travel. Then, you should go on a pilgrimage. I believe it will help you." I looked down thoughtfully "A pilgrimage, huh..."

I tried to shake the memories from my head, but I was unsuccesful. This pilgrimage, its reason was for more than just journeying for salvation, it was also to escape. To escape from the humans who treated me, my uncle, and my mother so badly, just because we were partly half-elf! My mother was a half-elf, and she became a Cruxis Crystal research subject. I missed her so much, though I hardly knew her. She was taken away from me when I was so young, and then I had to mostly hide in Mizuho with my uncle. We were safe there, but just to be sure, we thought it would be better to run, to pilgrimage. And if we ever found Sylvarant, then we would be safe. Half-elves weren't discriminated here.

I smiled as I looked back and stuck my tongue out at the horrific Ossa trail. I conquered it, and soon enough, I had another hardship to encounter: the desert. I heaved a sigh as I groggily took a few steps into this dry wasteland. I glanced back at my pack, where my miniature staff lay, and noticed my full canteen. I smiled; it was a good thing I didn't empty this thing through the Ossa Trail. After all, this desert seemed to go on forever...

May 17th, 2005, 5:23 AM
Kid remained in the trash can, a hand clenched tightly over his nose to keep out the very unpleasant smell. He couldn't believe he'd done it again... gotten into trouble and landed in some undesirable place to hide.. it happened often to him, though he wished it didn't. From inside, he heard the noises of the drunken desian and the girl and his face twisted in disgust... Desians were still about causing trouble. However, he was in no position to help right now and thus he just stayed put. He heard a few more noises going on outside and began patiently humming to himself very quietly, waiting for all the noise to die down so he would know it was safe to leave.

After what seemed to be forever, Kid raised the lid of the can and peeked out from under it and made sure the coast was all clear. Quickly, he hopped out and grabbed a spare change of clothes from the pack he carried with him. Quickly, he changed right there in the alley, but he was very careful about it, using the can to keep him hidden. Once he'd finished changing, he discarded the reeking mass and stretched, taking in a full breath of fresh air. "Ah, feels good to be outta there at last!" He almost shouted, he was so glad to finally be out. He gave one last look around and casually walked out of the alley, arms folded behind his head and whistling a merry tune to himself. It was time to leave, he figured, so he headed toward the city's exit, not noticing the beet red old man he'd stolen from earlier, exactly as Rei had done except he hadn't exactly been as nice about it... three canteens he'd taken, plus his fill aside from that. The most amusing thing was the thing that had gotten him caught was gargling.

As Kid passed by the old man, the old guy stared at him for a moment while he walked casually toward the exit. Feeling eyes on him, Kid stopped and turned around to face the old guy. They stared at each toher for a moment, then Kid suddenly remembered something, though the old man didn't seem to recognize him for whatever reason. Kid uttered a small "uh-oh", then he bolted off, pushing through the crowd of people and running at top speed through the exit. He turned back to watch the now shrinking city and grinne dot himsef, then he hit somethign and hard. He trippe dover whatever it was, though it felt like a person. He went a fair distance and slid through the sand on his right side, cursing as the sand cut his shoulder in various places and got into the wounds, causing them to burn even worse. After he stopped, he sat up, cursing loudly for a few moments, then he turned and looked at what he'd tripped over. He noted the two girls who were there and he glared at them, wondering what the hell they were doing just sitting there. "Hey, what's the big idea?!" Kid shouted at them as he stood up, holding his now slightly bleeding right shoulder.

May 17th, 2005, 8:59 AM
As Reicheru splashed the cold liquid onto the girls face, she jerked awake and Reicheru could only just notice the tiny tear the slipped down her cheek, she frowned by thought against saying anything about the lone tear, she instead cleared her throat and helped the other girl sit up.

You... Couldnt have just let me die?" The girl asked, coughing occasionally "Life doesn't have... much of a meaning to me right now..."

Reicheru laughed lightly at this and crossed her legs on the sandy ground, some grains slipping their way into her trousers You sound suicidal, believe me kid you dont want to go giving your life up like that, its not worth it and you certainly wont gain anything, you only have one chance at life and even though you may have your downs, you should always make the most of it

The girl took a glance at her bleeding shoulder and Reicheru ran a hand over her face You should also make sure you look out for any danger around you, wont get far if you dont Unfortunately, Reicheru had nothing to heal the gash with and she certainly wasnt wasting any more of her water on meaningless things. Sorry kid, I used my last apple gel on a dog I found back at Triet. Come on; lets get a move onwhich brings up another-Oomph!

Something from above collided with her and she had been too caught up in the moment to notice the nearing footsteps. Her wings flared in a last minute attempt to protect herself and sent the other flying a fair distance, she then pushed herself up from the ground hastily and drew her swords, her eyes had turned into fatal slits and dared the foe to make any wrong movements.

The other stood from his position on the floor cursing loudly and brushing himself off before turning to the two girls "Hey, what's the big idea?!"

Reicheru flared her nostrils and growled We merle sat as we were, you were the one that tripped over me, we did nothing wrong, you on the other hand, should have been watching where you were going. Now if you have no further business with us, please just leave us, one of us has business in the Triet ruins

Dream Illusionist
May 17th, 2005, 10:11 AM
There he goes again, she was already mad about the strange characters in Triet Ruins... And Now finding an entrance..It was enough to drive one completely crazy (like Raine).

He entered, just to find that there was monsters inside.
"Oh, great, monsters! Well, better stay a while outside, to get ready to enter." When he left the ruins, he saw people in a distance .One seemed down.

May 18th, 2005, 6:17 AM
Rin finally found her destination; the Ossa Trail.
"I have finally made it," she sighed. She made her way to the top of the mountain and took a break for some food. She reached into her sack and grabbed an apple. She slowly bit into it, tasting the juicy goodness.

When she finished she put it into and small bag, and then into her sack. She darted down the mountain and suddenly tripped. She fell onto her back and slid all the way down. She finally stopped when she hit a rock.

She was terribly tattered, cut, and bruised. Her back ached like mad, and her bottom was sore. She slowly arose and noticed another torn up girl.
"Excuse me, but do you know where Iselia is?" she asked, rubbing her back.

May 18th, 2005, 8:52 AM
Kid muttered a few inaudible curses, still rubbing his right shoulder, but as soon as he noticed that Reicheru had drawn two swords, he immediately took the katana from his back and held it in his right hand, but his stance was not an attack stance, it was a defensive stance. He did not want to fight this woman as she had done nothing to him except for throwing him a bit, but that could be overlooked. Other than that he had no reason to fight her, but if she attacked him, he would not hold back. Despite his appearance, he was fairly dangerous with his weapon, he is not to be underestimated.

((OOC: Wasn't much action to be taken... sorry))

Dream Illusionist
May 18th, 2005, 10:09 AM
They held weapons.
"I better stop this now."
He ran in their direction.
"Hey! You two! Stop it already!"
He then stopped near them. This is no time to be fighting! Don't you see he's weak because of the sun? We should take him to Triet!"-he said to them.

May 19th, 2005, 8:08 AM
Reicheru growled as the other drew his swords and got into a stance that at first Reicheru would have thought to be an attack stance, but to her surprise, he did not take on any such stance, but held is sword tightly in his right hand and took on a defensive stance. Reicherus eyes softened but she still held her head high and her swords loosely in her hands just in case the situation took a change for the worse.


She was cut off almost immediately as a boy came in between them with arms spread and a determined look on his face Hey! You two! Stop it already

Reicheru looked at him with amused eyes and returned her swords to the sheathes at her belt What I was going to say, is that I do not wish to fight, it is obvious that is not your intention She said looking to the one that had alarmed her earlier So if that is your wish, then blood need not be spilled at this point in time

The other boy, the one that had interrupted her then went on This is no time to be fighting! Don't you see he's weak because of the sun? We should take him to Triet!"

Reicheru rolled her eyes, were all humans this weak? Look Kid, Im not going back there, I was run out, I can go back, but I wont be welcome and I dont plan on going back any time soon anyway, if you really want to go back there, be my guest, but Im off to the Triet ruins

She looked at the weakened girl she had met earlier and waved her hand at her Take her back with you as well, she is in no condition to travel in the state she is in, the inferior being shouldnt have come out here in the first place with out the right supplies with her, she didnt even have a flask of water believe it or not She snorted Now if you will excuse me, I have work to do

She then began to walk off.

May 19th, 2005, 3:01 PM
Rin realized the the girl couldn't here her, so she shrugged ran into the desert. She suddenly felt the intensified sun rays beam down on her. She slowed down from the sand. She saw Nova's Caravan and decided to stop off there.
"Excuse me, may I stop here for the night?" she asked, kindly. The people looked at eachother, and finally nodded.
"Thank you," she thanked. She sat on a rock and took out her map. She traced her finger across it. She then started mumbling to herself.
"You might want to take this route," a man said.
Rin looked up and saw a man smiling at her. She started to blush and nodded.

That night as she slept, she dreamt of this odd looking bow. It looked like it was entangled with some black mass. It was quite creepy. It felt like it was calling to her, oddly. The calling got so loud it awoke her. She jolted up, and realized that it was twilight.
She still decided to leave. So she took off.

May 19th, 2005, 4:39 PM
I was way too tired from my climbing through the Ossa Trail to realize that someone was trying ot talk to me. I just shrugged off the little noises and closed my eyes, shuffling through the desert. It seemed like some gigantic frying pan, like there was no escape. For fun I did some math problems, calculating about how long it would take to reach Triet, when I tripped. All the fine sands of Tiret began to irritate my skin, I noticed as I brished off the sands. I really didn't like tripping, because my skin was sensitive, and every little thing made it react. I started grumbling out loud as I reached my pack and took a drop or two of water and rubbed it on my forehead. I sighed and continued dredging along this wasteland, until I finally noticed a small speck on the horizon. Knowing geography well enough, I knew that I was close to Triet. But I decided to steer away from that, and head northwest, to Iselia instead. I knew that water was scarce in Triet, and they wouldn't take too lightly someone just taking their water. I assumed that the Iselia people would be much better to get along with. And in Iselia, I can stock up on water before I go to the Triet Ruins. I started deciding in my head whether or not to just go all the way to Iselia, or to go to the House of Salvation on the halfway mark there, or to rather not go to the northern part of the continent at all, when I began to get the weird sensation that someone was following me...

May 20th, 2005, 6:11 AM
"I'm... fine..." I said as I got to my feet once more, and reached into the pack on my back. I pulled out a small staff that looked like it belonged to a toy. It was thin, and navy blue in colour, a golden orb on the top. With my left arm, the arm uninjured, I threw the tiny staff into the air, and felt it land in my hand again, only it was now the size of your average staff. "All I need is some energy and I should be able to heal myself..."

I glanced up at the sky soon after. Dark clouds were on the horizon, and the banging of thunder could be heard in the distance.

May 20th, 2005, 6:15 AM
Rin finally saw the end of the desert.
"I hope it's not a mirage," she said to herself. But it was the end, she noticed a House of Salvation, and then knew she was going the right way.
She passed by it quickly, and arrived at Iselia. She slowed down and started to pant. She walked forward and saw a huge crowd huddled around the mayor.
"What should we do about this!"
"I say we destroy it!"
"Nah! Give it to some warrior who needs it!" they were shouting. Rin tried to see what was going on, but there were to many people in her way. Finally she shoved her way in.
On a platform, was a devilish looking scythe. It looked almost as if something was growing around it. The blade had one eye on it, that kept twitching. It was a disgusting thing.
"Hey! New comer! Do you know what this is?" the mayor asked. Rin shook her head.
"Mayor this is an elf!" cried one of the citizens, pointing to her ears, "She should know!"
"Excuse me, but what does being an elf have to do with knowing what this thing is?" she asked politley.
"It doesn't, but what ever. I guess we'll have to leave it alone," sighed the mayor. The crowd then broke up.

May 20th, 2005, 11:54 PM
"I hate this!" Keiko cried crossly. Her feet was already going to die, actually, she was going to die.

She had managed to stumble out of the Ossa Trail just a few days ago, and now she was aimlessly meandering through the desert. She was in desperate need of water, as she accidentally forgot to fill in her flask before. She grunted. She was simply ordered to go to the Triet ruins, to find more about the incident occurring, but she had to be all daring and just had to climb up a mountain. Smart.

Rolling her eyes, she continued on walking, her vivid russet optics staring at the sky. Dark clouds were starting to form, and she could hear vague claps of thunder. "Great."

She spotted a girl, seemingly weakened for some reason, ahead. She touched the sheath of her sword before cautiosly walking towards her. "Hey, you," She called with a forced firm tone, "...let me come with you!"

Keiko mentally kicked herself, she knew she just lost her chance to get help. All because she was being her normal, always acting tough self. She hardly saw the girl--who appeared not so well to begin with--and now she was asking to come with her, how quaint. Of course she'd trust you know. Especially since you are so stinking blunt. Shaking her head, she glared at the girl and huffed quietly. "Or can I at least have water?"

She was being too demanding again, but she protested to believe that it was because she was afraid.

May 21st, 2005, 1:41 AM
Reicheru looked back over her shoulder at the recovering girl and smirked You act tough, but deep down, your just another common human, you wont survive, I mean, come on, you even forgot to leave with a full flask of Water, in the desert! She laughed loudly Just go home Kid, its not worth it

She then looked to the other who had nearly challenged her earlier You coming? She asked Im heading to the ruins, we could make a good team, and what do you say? She then looked off to the one who had interrupted the battle that had nearly occurred earlier You can escort, little miss back to Triet, youre the one who suggested going back there anyway

She lifted her arms and placed them behind her head Either way, Im leaving now, some strange things are going down in the ruins and I aint going back to the run down city, I might as well find out whats behind all strange goings on there, should be fun She then turned on her heal and began to walk off towards the nearing ruins, with company or not, she was determined to find out what was going on.

May 21st, 2005, 2:18 AM
Kid had been lost in a daze for a moment, he'd forgotten he'd even had his sword out. Quickly, he sheathes it and listens to the people talking around him. He hears the loud girl as she asks to come with them, then asks for water, all in a somewhat demanding tone. However, Kid is feeling generous today, but as he is aobut to toss her a flask of water, he hears Reicheru ask himif he wants to tag along.

He thinks for a second, there wasn't much else he could do anyway... so he shrugs and tosses one of his flasks at Keiko's feet, giving her a little wave before he runs after Reicheru, yelling "Hey, wait for me!"

Dream Illusionist
May 21st, 2005, 5:31 AM
"Well, I'm taking her back to Triet, for her to rest, and be careful! You won't want to bother Efreet..."
I grabbed the girl, and took her back to Triet.
I asked the innkeeper to take good care of her, and I payed him a lot. Then, I left for the Triet Ruins.
"I will study those ruins, and make sure that they don't wake Efreet up..."- I said, while leaving Triet.

May 21st, 2005, 5:35 AM
Reicheru smirked as she heard her newly acquired companion yell for her to wait up. She did so and came to a halt next to a shattered rock which seemed to have been a victim of many monsters as she could see from the multiple scratch marks engraved in its ruins, but since when did monsters attack the un-living things. She shrugged at the pointless argument and gazed upon the approaching comrade.

Glad you decided to join me She stated, giving a genuine smile rather than her trademark smirk Two heads are better than one as they say, specially when dealing with monsters and ruins She brought a thoughtful finger to her lips as if she were in deep thought You remind me of someone, but I cant quite place it, someone who was once close to me

She shrugged But whatever, lets get a move on to the ruins before it gets to dark to see She looked back at the two they had left behind and noted that they were still stood there, she found they had better not follow, they are to nave, they would never last against Monsters and that pitiful staff of hers would do next to no damage

She snorted loudly and carried on in the direction of the ruins. Finally an adventure.

Dream Illusionist
May 21st, 2005, 5:10 PM
After a long walk, he finnaly made it back to the ruins.
"Oh, why did I leave the door open?"-he commented seeing thet they were nowhere to be seen.
"Better hurry up!"-he said, while entering.

May 22nd, 2005, 1:06 AM
"..huh?" Sanami was getting so tired of this desert that she was about to start sleeping while walking, but a voice brought her back to her full awareness. She glanced back and noticed a girl who looked like she was about to die. She thought about whether to help this girl or not; to save a life, or let it dry up. C'mon, help this poor person! If you were her, you would expect the same thing, right? Her subconscious always told her the right thing, and, as always, she listenend to it. Sanami slowed down to a stop and waited for the girl to catch up. Sanami reached back to her canteen and handed it to the girl. She figued that the canteen wasn't THAT important, she could stand well dehydrated....at least, she HOPED so...

The girl happily gulped a few sips of the canteen then handed it back. The girl showed a smile of pure thanks, Sanami could see it on her face. Sanami wasn't one for taking thanks or compliments "ummm.." Sanami said. Jeez, is that all you can say?! Sanami thought in her head. She looked at the girl, and could tell that she wanted to say something, but was restraining herself. Sanami sighed and decided to ask, "Did you want to travel with me?.." The girl looked up and a smile spread across her face. I guess so, Sanami thought. "Well, where are you headed?" Sanami asked.