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Dragon Paw
April 14th, 2005, 1:15 PM
OOC: Fantasy: Dragons Paradise

PLOT: Back in medieval time, dragons existed on earth... But they were looked upon as evil creatures. Some were, but most werent. The many kinds of dragons were beginning to be slain. One day a dragon that new dimension magic, created a new dimension for the dragons. All of the remaining dragons fled from earth to there. In the new dimension, five elemental dragons created the new world. When the elemental dragons work was complete, they lost all their energy and turned into five gems.

Present day; the five gems are held at the dragon temple in the center of the main continent. Certain types of dragons with psychic prowess are beginning to become uneasy. They can sense a great change coming in the near future.

One day, humans were found wandering around a lone dragons territory. Along with them was one demon. As time went on, more demons, humans, and other mythical creatures were being found. Phoenixes, unicorns, and gryphons included.

Suddenly the dragons are finding it harder and harder to keep peace between the new races that have come to reside in their world. The dragons go about their normal business when a potential disaster arrives...

A dragon is born into the world and shows dark talents and hatred of the new races. This dragon, as he grew up, heard only of how bad the new races were. He began to train up his strength and become stronger and stronger until now...

Now he is ready to banish all of the other species on the planet. He plans on stealing the Earth and Fire gem to create a Hell to send the outsiders to...


if you want to join you can use this sign up sheet, you may have up to five characters and may create a team of a dragon and human or demon and dragon:
Sign Up Sheet:
And you may include past and personality.
RP Sample: I will judge wether or not you get in with this.

I'll post mine after we get some more sign-ups :)

April 14th, 2005, 1:18 PM
name : zack
black hair and dragon t shirtes where a dragon fang for a earying
nice very out going hyper

Dragon Paw
April 14th, 2005, 1:25 PM
latias45, you haven't even filled out al lthe information needed... I can't accept you until you do and provied a good RP sample.

April 14th, 2005, 1:30 PM
never mind me k

Kunoichi's Dragon
April 14th, 2005, 1:37 PM
Name: Shirotaka(-Dono)
Age: 311
Gender: Male
Race: Dragonian

History: Shirotaka is the lord of a fierce race, the Dragonians. Or the 'Knights of Time', as they would call them due to the inability to age. Originally the Dragonians were a group of humans charged with the crime and evidence of killing and drinking the blood of many dragons to prove their might. When the number of dragons slain was the same number as the amount of humans in this clan, they were immediately cursed. To make up for their sins, they were to each host the spirit of the dragon they had killed. Immediately, their blood broke from their veins, human blood dripped out from their very flesh as if it was crying tears of red! And for three days, a river of red liquid watered the plants around them . . .

After the three days of pain and purification, new blood was placed into their bodies . . . The very blood that they drank. The Dragons blood. Soon, their bodies mutated and evolved to have dragon like features upon them. Not even time could stand up to them now! Unfortunately . . . Due to their crimes, they could not do with this power as they wished. Instead, they had to serve the dragons to repent their sins.

Shirotaka, only twenty-seven at the time, was not the original leader of the clan. But after the three days of pain and suffering of his people, he slew the man. The original leader had intended to use his powers to fight off the dragons and post himself as superior. Shirotaka felt that his people had enough suffering, and sliced the monster's head off as soon as he found out and thus becoming the lord of this 'race'.

Description: Even though he was 311 (about 290 years ago when the incident happened), you wouldn't really know it. He still looks as young as he did when he was twenty-one! He was at 6'8" and had silver spiked up hair and red eyes. Shirotaka also bore the same scales on parts of his body as the dragon that he drank the blood of. So on his shins, the back of his hands, his back . . . all had dragon scales on them! He also has taloned dragon feet, so he didn't wear shoes or combat boots. Everywhere else that didn't have armored scales, he wore armor for. He Also had the power to fly, thanks to his red silver dragon wings.

Personality: He holds the knowledge that a man his age should have. He's also very kind and forgiving, and would never really attack an innocent person unless he was ordered to. When formalities are needed, he is known as Shirotaka-Dono, and usually gets very irritated when someone forgets the suffix.

Name: Shiranami
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Kitsune of the Kiyomizu clan
History: The daughter of the great Shirakawa, Shiranami had a lot to live up to in her life. Unfortunately, the people of her clan expected her to live up to it the moment she was born! And although she was moving up to that potential little by little as she got older, they were getting . . . rather impatient. So to see what the young kitsune really had in her, they set up a series of tests when she was fourteen, each with a standard that she had to meet.

Though Shiranami passed each one with a decent score, none of her final scores even came close to what they set up! So in annoyance, they yelled at her and ordered her to get better and meet up to her mother's (in reality THEIR) standards. In shame and fear, Shiranami took off into the wild.

And that was the last she saw of her clan. Because shortly after that experience, she got very sick. To the point where she couldn't even see the human hunters in front of her! Now normally, any kitsune could run away with ease. Unfortunately, she was very delusional when she met up with them and was easily captured.

Days later, Shiranami found she was locked in an enchanted cage in front of hundreds of people inside of what looked like a large theater. It only took her a few minutes to realize that she was being sold to the highest bidder! Knowing the outcome of this if she stayed put, Shiranami immediately tried everything in her power to get out- from melting into silver flames to escape, to transforming to her feral form and trying to ram the cage apart.

Adding to the fact that all her efforts failed, it awed the audience even more! And the bids rose higher and higher . . . The amount of money that was bid was enormous! Who knew that this world has such a large amount of gold?

Obviously not Shiranami, nor did she care. She was going to be sold to a greedy, filthy human . . . That's when he came in. Bidding three times what the last person threw out as if it was chump change, and considering how late it was in the auction the amount was so high that no one else could match let alone pass it!

Shiranami soon found out that the man who bought her was Shirotaka, lord and leader of the Dragonian race. After buying her, he gave her one chance to go back to her clan and be free . . . And she denied. Afraid to face the people of her kitsune clan, Shiranami agreed to serve Shirotaka for life.

Description: Shiranami has several different forms, being a mystical fox spirit. One was her miniature silver fox form, which she is often found in while sitting on Shirotaka-dono's shoulder or walking next to him. Another form would be her Feral form. In which her Fox like body would be slightly smaller then that of a horse. This allowed her to fight by her master's side, using her fox magic and her fangs and claws to aid her in battle.

Shiranami's final form, which she never reveals to anyone but Shirotaka (when he orders her to change that is). A slender woman with long silver hair, red eyes, and stood at 5'8". The kitsune would be wearing a white and silver robe with red ornate designs, and under that she was wearing a tight white shirt and grey, baggy cargo pants. Two notable features were the fox ears on her head and the fox tail that protruded from her butt.

April 14th, 2005, 1:47 PM
can you check my first post that i did i hav fixed it!

Dragon Paw
April 14th, 2005, 2:06 PM
latias45, I'm afraid I can't accept you. I've given you two tries to give me adequate information and you have failed those two times. I'm sorry, but you're out. Plus, the information you have given me tends to cancel out the need for an RP sample. You need more skil lat Role PLaying. I suggest you mosey on over to the RP academy -if its still alvie-.

April 14th, 2005, 2:07 PM
ok i am leaving

April 14th, 2005, 3:43 PM
Name: Skandranon
Age: 59 (He's a young adult by griffon standards)
Gender: Male
Race: Gryphon, though most other races call his kind "Griffons"
Description: Jet black, he is truly an intimidating sight. Large by even Gryphon standards, and jet black from heat to tail, thanks to ebony feather dye, the only bright parts of him are his beak and talons, which are both a dark gray.
Past: Unknown. There are rumors about 'the black griffon' who is looked upon as a war hero by others of his kind, but he's never elaborated if he was the same Skandranon...
RP Sample: I've been pardoned form this. ^_^;

April 14th, 2005, 6:53 PM
Name: Rey Schneider
Age: 41 (Appears 16)
Gender: Male
Race: White Tiger Demon
Description: Gold eyes; Dark hair streaked with white; Tiger ears; Fangs; Stripes; Tail
History: A member of a small clan, Rey was raised as a warrior. Showing unusual prowess at a young age, the demon caught the attention of a certain group within the clan. However, this "group" was corrupt and planned to throw the clan into a war they knew they would lose. As it was, the clan were guardians of a certain powerful object. Enemies who wished to steal the object had promised a reward to a number of the clan members in return for the power. However, when those who were corrupt attempted to include Rey in their plan, he refused to join them. Claiming that Rey was a traitor and a danger to the clan, they exiled him.

Bitter and in a dark fury, Rey shunned his clan and left. However, that night, the elders implemented their plans and started the clan's last battle. Under a sky of cold, ungiving stars, the clan was slaughtered--including those that had first betrayed it.

Rey never fully forgave himself for abandoning his clan--especially when they were in need. However, with no where to go and no purpose, he became a wandering fighter and a mercenary.

Personality: Relatively young for a demon, Rey lacks much of the knowledge and experience of his kind. However, recalling the cost of his previous brash actions, he has become far more tolerant and easy tempered. Though not easily angered, once his wrath has been fully aroused, he may become somewhat of a "berserker".

Both by nature and experiences, Rey has become somewhat independent and values his freedom and isolation. Despite his usually free nature, the demon does have his own "Code of Honor" that he would die before betraying.

RP Sample:

"No!" Rey snapped, turning his furious gaze over his shoulder to the object of his hate. "This is wrong, and you know it!"

"Wait. If you'll only consider--," the older demon stammered.

"--Consider what?!" The youth interrupted. "How can you be so corrupt? Your job is to protect this clan. What you're doing is destroying it!"

"Just give it time. Think about it," the elder pleaded. "I'm sure that you'll come to see it our way."

Silence was his response.

"It's a good offer," the elder added enticingly. "You're a warrior. You know the value of power. And if you simply agree to our terms, you'll never be in want."

There was a long pause. Outside, a faint breeze could be heard skimming across the surrounding field. Within the room, the flame of the single candle flickered as a warm breath was released between Rey's clenched teeth. "I'm nobody's pussycat," Rey hissed, his eyes narrowing dangerously.

"Oh?" The elder smiled slightly, his fangs glinting in the candle-light. "Well, that's a shame, little pussycat." His eyes smirked coldly as he snapped his clawed fingers. "Guards, it seems we have a rebellious child. We wouldn't want him to put the clan in danger," he called mockingly.

At the sound of approaching steps, the elder purred, "You are now exiled . . . consider yourself lucky."

April 14th, 2005, 7:08 PM
Race: Demon
Description: Kail stands about 5'8, had light blue hair and green eyes. Kail wears a white robe like Kurama's Yoko form. On his back Kay carries two katanas on his back both able to withstand the toughness of dragon scales. He was two foxlike tails that are both silver in color.

RP Sample:Kay watched the Charizard in the air waiting for a good time to attack. Shadow alos glared at it alomost in sinc with Kay. "Charizard use a takle attack!" The Magma member screamed again. the Charizard flew down tightening it's wings to pick up speed. " Shadow I want you to dodge at the right moment okay?Shadow nodded his head.and got ready to move. "Now!" Shadow dodged the attack jumping out of range. Charizard now put them in a Seismac toss. ." The Charizard rebounded and took Shadow into the air. "Shadow now use thunderbolt before he takes you up too high!" Kay yelled as the Charizard flew higher. Shadow quickly gathered it energy and unleashed it in a thunderbolt more powerful than the first. The Charizard now heavily damaged fell out of the sky with Shaaodw. Before hitting the ground Shadow jumped off and landed next to Kay.

Flygon trainer
April 15th, 2005, 1:57 PM
Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Species: not one anyone knows.
Appearence: First things first, she has the body appearence of an upright wolf, though her body is covered in hard pointed scales running down her body. Her eyes are glowing red, and her hands act like a human's, though are covered in scales and end in huge claws. Her tail is actually lizardlike, though only long enough to be able to drag along the ground, though it doesn't unless she is too injured or sick to keep her tail off the ground. her feet are wolf-like, and she does not wear shoes over them at all. On her back are a pair of humongous wings, simaler to that of a dragon's, that are powerful enough to lift thier host off the ground and fly. Her muzzle is also covered in the same scales, though smaller. Around her neck, she wears a gold necklace with a black diamond set in it.
Abilities: Flying, and when her internals heat up, and she opens her mouth, if it's glowing orange, run, because it normally indicates that she's going to burst out an enormous fire attack. She can also spit sludge all over her enemies, that acts as powerful acid, though it hurts her to use the attack and she must recuperate afterward. Obviously, her claws make powerful weapons, her strength is beyond anything short of an adult dragon.
Personality: Lonor, her past is unknown, other then the fact that she became vilont when her mate died. She will attack anything that intrudes into her wide territory, and those that live to tell the tale are viewed as idols.
RPing sample: I've been pardoned from this.

Dragon Paw
April 15th, 2005, 2:14 PM
OOC: Alrighty, we can begin. Anyone is welcome to join afterwards though. Also, if I say nothing about your sign-up, youre accepted.

Name: Kristen Frederick
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Caracal Demon
Description: At a height of 5' 1", she is rather short. She bares longer then normal fangs and claws. She has cat ears and a cat tail. She has pink hair and pink eyes. A pink jewel sits atop her forehead to show her decent from the demons of crystal springs. She wears pink and white robes

Name: Suisho
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Dragon
Description: She looks like an eastern dragon. She bares opalescent scales and iridescent feathery wings. Her eyes constantly swirl a rainbow of colors. She bears an opal on the top of her forehead. She has talons -five toed on the front ones- for hands and feet. She is about the size of a truck and a half -length-wise-.

IC: Kristen was in her full caracal form. She looked like a completely normal brown caracal. She padded through a forest, weaving in and out among trees out of boredom. She stopped upon coming to a clearing. In the center of the clearing was a dragon, curled up like a snake. She opened one pupil-less rainbow eye. She stared at Kristen. Kristen grinned sheepishly upon coming into the meadow.

"Oh don't you ever give me a day's rest?" came the dragon's voice. "You always seem to have something to show me." she said.

"Oh Suisho, someone is on your territory. I thought I must show you. Its a black dragon. He appears to be no harm but is flying over your small territory." said Kristen, putting emphasize on the word small to tease Suisho. Suisho only called a small piece of land her territory.

Suisho's eyes widened in shock. The dream she had had... Of a dragon coming over her territory. And then the dragon's trip to the shrine... Suisho shook her head. Suisho then remembered the rumors she had heard about a dragon with a great prejudice against the other races.

What did this dragon look like exactly? asked Suisho. padded next to Suisho and transformed into her normal form. She pointed a clawed finger at the sky. A black dragon was passing overhead. The only thing that distinguished him from any other normal dragon was the purple spikes on his tail and the purple claws that were faintly visible from the ground.

Its him... mumbled Suisho. Suisho uncoiled herself just in time to see the dragon to fade away. Kristen looked questioningly at Suisho. It was an illusion to throw others off... she mumbled. Kristen looked up at her for a moment before metally shrugging.

April 15th, 2005, 5:42 PM
Name: Evelon Athena Dufane
Race: Half War Fox Demon, Half Human
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Description: Tall and slimly built from her training. She has long, wavy black hair that reaches her hips when tied in its regular ponytail. Her eyes are deep lavender and slit like a cat's eyes. Her ears point nicely at the ends and her nails are strong, long, black, and more like claws. She can retract them at will. She wears a simple outfit of a black top that clings to her medium sized chest and ends at her navel. Her silver armbands showed at her sides, thanks to lack of sleeves. Her shorts cut low and end at her knees. She wears no shoes; her feet can take the beating. She wears silver loop earrings along her long ears, ankle braces on her ankles, and gauntlets at her wrists. She smiles, revealing her pearly white fangs.
History: Born from the relation of her demon mother, Queen Asuna, and her human father, Kind Jasade. They had married to show the human and demon races that their races could get along. The humans seemed to support the idea. The demons on the other hand...well, just five years after Evelon was born, her father was assassinated. They still don't know who did it, but to this day, the humans blame the demons and the demons blame the humans. In hopes of a good treaty between races, Asuna has been trying to raise her rebellious daughter properly and wants her to marry a wealthy, half-wolf demon prince. Evelon objected of coarse, and at 15, she ran away. So for years she's been traveling, looking for her true calling. That is...until she found Shaza.
Personality: Call her a girly girl, and she'll kill you. Blood thirsty and ready to fight, she's a true battler at heart. Careful not to get herself killed, she makes sure to think things through before attacking though, so she's not too head strong. Shes really sort of in the middle. As for friends, she hopes for more. Her father always taught her to be kind to humans, and she truly does, despite the demons that look down on her because of this.

Name: Kuro ???
Age: We have no idea, he must be pretty young though
Gender: Male
Race: Black Dragon
Description: A musculare, black scaled western dragon. A little larger than a horse. He has silver horns on the back of his head.
History: Like most dragons now days, Kuro is a mystery. He knows a lot of black magic though, so we might not want to find out his past.
Personality: Quietmaybe too quiet. Wise to a fault and kina secretly...fun...

(Team two)

Name: Arokh Roukyou
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Half Wolf Demon-Half Human
Description: Spiky white hair with a small rat tail in the back, bright blue eyes, muscular figure (though pale). He wears no shirt at all (which shows his silvery scares on his chest and back) and baggy black pants that possesses many rips and tears. He always carries his samurais sword with him wherever he can go, and like Evelon, he possesses long fangs, long claws, catlike eyes, pointy ears, and great strength. He's about 6'3" (a tall drink of water, eh?) and has just about no fat on him (I don't feel like describing him much...I'll change it later...)
History: Grew up as the Prince of a snowy kingdom in the mountains until he learned that his to-be bride had run away. He hated royal life as well, and now having nothing to look forward to, ran away too. Life was much better after he met Kuzumi...
Personality: A happy go lucky person. Nothing seems to bother him. His favorite pass times are fishing, relaxing, bother Evelon whenever they meet

Name: Kazumi ???
Age: Not sure but DEFINATLY young!
Gender: Female
Race: White Dragon
Description: Silky white dimar (furred) western dragon with golden, curvedy horns on the back of her head and gold fur on her belly.
History: Part of a mountain group, though we're not sure which. She met Arokh when he fell on her during a flying mission. That's what she gets for flying under peaks...
Personality: HYPER, HYPER, HYPER!!! Needs to switch to de-caff and hand over the sugar factory before she explodes. Her chibi form (which most dragons possess) is even worse, capable of annoying more that 100 people per second...

April 15th, 2005, 10:25 PM
Name: Rune
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Race: Dragon
Description: Silver body; two pairs of feathered wings--one pair smaller than the other; black marks across his body; black eyes; symbol on forehead that changes with the phases of the moon (assuming there is one)
History: Er, I may include it later.
Personality: :: motions toward above statement ::
Other: Rune's power is directly connected to the state of the moon. That is, while his power does not wane as the moon's light does, his abilities do change.

I will be including the above character in this post. If there is any objection to Rune, however, I am willing to change or remove him.]

"You're dead, Rune. You can't keep this up much longer," the Tiger demon panted, leaning heavily on his double-edged sword.

Tilting its head in a manner that mocked innocence, the dragon gave its monosyllabic reply. "Oh?"

"I know your tricks--and that you're at your weakest in the day time. And, I won't let you last until night." Rey wiped blood from his cheek, his grim expression broken by a fleeting smirk. "I admit, you're the toughest job I've had in a while . . . but, it's time to take you down!"

A white light flashed about the demon, setting his golden eyes alight. Then, Rey vanished.

Suppressing a soft growl, Rune's dark eyes closed, and the dragon fell still. Suddenly, with a beat of its wings the silver dragon burst upward--avoiding a slice of the blade from below.

He predicted my attack . . . guess I'll just have to do better next strike. The white tiger hissed before again vanishing.

April 16th, 2005, 11:32 AM
(( OOC: Eep! Sorry, DP. I didn't notice the little 'RP sample' thingy...I'll give one right now if it works... ))

"Ga! Where did that little bugger go?!" Evelon growled to Koru, who only replied with a low, deep throated rumble. "He was just here and I- OUCH!"

With a loud 'clunk!' Evelon was struck in the back of her head by an acorn, thrown from the highest branch of a nearby oak tree. By now Evelon's right eye twitched with agitation.

"Arokh! You come down here right now before I rip you a new one!!" she bellowed to the tree tops. The topmost branches gave a quick shake and out jumped Arokh, white hair and pale, bare chest gleaming in the moonlight. Then, out of the river beside them, erupted the white furred dimar dragon, Kazumi, giggling happily.

"You should have seen the look on your face!" teased both Kazumi and Arokh. Evelon sighed and shook her head, running her long claws nervously through her hair.

"When we're being chased by a band of demon hunters, I don't think playing hide and go seek is a VERY GOOD IDEA!!!" she shouted, hitting the both of them repeatedly on the head with a thick paper fan.

"Okay, okay, calm down. We were just messing arou-" Arokh was stating, while rubbing his head, when suddenly a noise came piercing through the dense forest. The sound of a horn...a hunters horn.

"Great, now the fun's over- AH!" Kazumi screeched as an arrow streaked through the woodland and stuck a tree, flying right between her swirly, golden horn.

"Looks like play time's over...," Evelon hissed, her claws quickly un-sheathing themselves to a full foot long or so, making the sound or ten swords being unsheathed. Arokh quickly did the same, changing from his happy-go-lucky self to a more serious disposition. Kazumi and Koru both growled loudly, showing their furious sides and long, pearly white fangs.

Slowly, too slowly, soldiers from village hunter organization began to show in the shadows of the forest, caring everything from long bows to swords and back again. Each one was covered, head to toe in thick armor, ready to do their worst.

"This is it, no turning back now," Arokh murmured.

"Right...GO!" Evelon ordered. No sooner than her words were out, Arokh, Kazumi, Koru, and she rushed forward toward the oncoming hunters as arrows began flying left and right-

(to be continued...not really...))

April 21st, 2005, 3:16 PM
Kail sat in his usual tree watching over the forest. Today was nothing out of the unsaul, he saw the same caracal demon run to her dragon friend who's territory was right below him. Kail glanced to the sky and saw a black dragon flying toward the shrine. Kail thought nothing of it because he occasoinally did see som dragons fly there and return with notihng out of the ordinary. Kail jumped from the tree landing next to the dragon and caracal demon and simply started to walk away.