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April 14th, 2005, 4:30 PM
Hello this is a comic I did with trap-door57.To continue Fairy Magic.
Tittle:Fairy Love
Lilly one day left Hillary with Saiko because she was going to hang out with Kyoko (the truth is Kyoko and LIlly have had a crush on each other since they met. But they dont tell each other.)Well befor she gets to his house her evil reancarnaded sister and her assistant Joyo plan a sceam to take Lillys power transforming crystal.So she desides to kidnap Saiko and Kyoko.



I hope u enjoy!

I love Inuyasha #1 fan.

Tokyo Spiritual Angel and Fairy Magic are both created by: trap-door57 and me, pink-tiger
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Color: Pink
Personality:Nice and cares about her friends.

Midori Chi
April 14th, 2005, 6:38 PM
oooh...This is ther one you and_________are doing...I'll join!

Sumomo & Kotoko
April 14th, 2005, 7:14 PM
You know, this sounds alot like Tokyo Spiritual Angel.

Midori Chi
April 15th, 2005, 4:40 AM
LOL ...Yeah...TSA was basically our greatest success...Besides...we creators love the "magical girl (shojou) series!"

April 15th, 2005, 4:49 AM
Raven its not really like Tokyo Spiritual Angel .It may seem like it first but its about one girl who will do anything to stop the evil from destroying the planet. Oh I did not said this in the plot but later she eventually will fall in love with some high school kid.

Mayby right now it does sound like it.

Midori Chi
April 15th, 2005, 4:54 AM
..I like it though! So..can I make up a character?

Looks:I'll telll you later..
Personality:sweet,caring,smart,protective of her leader

April 15th, 2005, 5:00 AM
Why ? trap-door its ...... and my comic. But if you really want to then message me to see how Ican fit yoy in.

Midori Chi
April 15th, 2005, 1:01 PM
No..you don't have to put her in the comic...It's only for the rp...

April 15th, 2005, 3:29 PM
No... Its ok. Just make your character and I will fit it in.

April 15th, 2005, 5:34 PM
Hey Raven so do you like my rp?

Midori Chi
April 15th, 2005, 8:03 PM
eh-em...here's a little rule for you,tiger..Never double post! Anyways...Why would (Raven) join if he didn't like it? Ofcourse he likes it! Also..make sure your posts are more than about 2 sentences..it's considered spamming for some reason if you do...

April 19th, 2005, 3:08 PM
OKay im really worried now.I still need a few more people to act the rest of the characters.

April 19th, 2005, 3:18 PM
ill join

name: Killi
age: 13
looks: blonde hair, blue eyes, green skirt, green top
personality: can be hyper, and very entergetic, but overall, shes nice!

April 19th, 2005, 3:38 PM
OK. UH r you saying you want to be Killi. If you do shes not a character.
If your not then chose witch one u want to be.Thanks for joining.^ ^ Hee...Hee...

Midori Chi
April 20th, 2005, 12:58 PM
tiger! It's called making up a character! Usually in rps,you make up ur own characters...and...now that another pep has joined..well...when should we start?

April 20th, 2005, 1:07 PM
OKay,I dont now how to start it.HELP......

Midori Chi
April 20th, 2005, 1:28 PM
*sighs* If it's so troubling..do you want me to start it off?

April 20th, 2005, 1:29 PM
ok, then can i be lilly? or the evil sister?

Midori Chi
April 20th, 2005, 1:34 PM
I believe pink-tiger has taken Lily..as for the evil sis..I don't think so..=D

April 20th, 2005, 1:35 PM
Uh is it ok if u can be the evil sist.I forgot to write that its already taken.And its by me.So....I hope you still want to be the evil sist.If not you can chose or make up your own character.You chose.

Midori Chi
April 20th, 2005, 1:35 PM
okay then! So..who do you want to start it?

April 20th, 2005, 1:37 PM
I want to start it .But dont we need more peps?Or is that ok?

Midori Chi
April 20th, 2005, 1:43 PM
hmm..I think it's fine...here's what you do...ic means "in character" and ooc means "out of character" here's an example below..

ic: Alissa got up and..(bla bla bla)

ooc: Do we need to (bla bla bla?)

April 20th, 2005, 1:48 PM
????????.........cONFUSE A LITTLE BUT OK
Oh Im wondering this is fairy love the contineus of fairy magic.shouldent peps be joining fairy m first or what.

Midori Chi
April 20th, 2005, 1:50 PM
ooc: nah...are we ready to start or what?

April 20th, 2005, 1:57 PM
Like i said in f.m. (fairy magic)i dont understand.

Midori Chi
April 20th, 2005, 2:09 PM
You mean the whole ic and ooc thing? It's really simple! I gave you 2 examples! So please can we start?

April 20th, 2005, 2:50 PM
I still dont know how to start.

Midori Chi
April 21st, 2005, 4:46 AM
I put this on Fairy Magic..but I'll do it again....ooc means out of character(when you want to ask questions like this) and ic means in character(when you want to rp)

April 21st, 2005, 4:40 PM
I know what they mean its just that i dont know when to use it.

Midori Chi
April 25th, 2005, 12:52 PM
ooc: *sighs* You use ooc when you want to ask what's going to happen next,a certain scene was funny,etc. You use ic to roleplay..

April 26th, 2005, 3:07 PM
Oh i understand really good.So now im going to say lets start.OhI foregot to said this is everybody else ready to start?

Midori Chi
April 27th, 2005, 3:06 PM
Yep! Let's start! As we get into rp-ing..I'll look around to tell some friends..^_^

April 27th, 2005, 6:07 PM
ooc:Okay let see how it will start.(Lightbulb).I know^^.
ic:Lilly goes out of the kindom to visite Kyoko.When she gets there she tries to sneake up on him.
ooc:So The pep whos playing Kyoko should go in right now.So.........

Midori Chi
April 28th, 2005, 6:07 PM
ooc: hmm...I'll go remind Forgotten_hope,okay? (it IS Forgotten_hope,right?)

ic: Saiko stared at the window to her bedrooom,in the castle. She saw Lily running,leaving to go to Kyoko's house. She made a deep sigh,yet feeling happy for her. "Sister..you know he's not royalty..will our family alllow it?" she asked herself. Someone was knocking at her door. She opened it. "Oh...mother? Hi" Mother: Where's Lily?! She has a meeting with the prince from Clerfore town!" Saiko: "Sorry..but she just left to Kyoko's!" Mother: *smiles* "Okay...I'll cancel the meeting.." Saiko; *closing door. "Okay!"

April 29th, 2005, 12:59 PM
ic: As soon as Lilly arived she hide in the most bigest storage room there was.Because when she came in she saw Kyoko coming,and she wanted to surprise him whit her apperences.
ooc:Okay.....whe cant go on without the person who plays Kyoko sooo..Is it Forgotten_hope?

Midori Chi
April 29th, 2005, 2:16 PM
ooc: I'm pretty sure! I'll go ask him! *runs..and...message too short*

May 1st, 2005, 6:20 AM
ooc:NO!I already pm him!He saids its Raven who plays Kyoko!
So we must reminde Raven that its his time to come in!

May 1st, 2005, 7:00 AM
occ: im evil sister. I know that. and every time you post, you dont need to put the ic sign. only when you are coming into text with rp from occ. if it dosnt make ANY sence at all, pm me. ill try to make it more understandable.

Midori Chi
May 1st, 2005, 9:17 AM
okay..thanx firefox..^_^ I'll go pm (Raven) then!

May 2nd, 2005, 5:11 PM
Raven i know ur in here dont log of me and u can continue this until trap comes in!

Sumomo & Kotoko
May 2nd, 2005, 5:12 PM
IC: Kyoko woke up, got dressed, and went out to the forest like he always does. "Every day is the same, I wake up and go out to cut wood. I wish I could do some thing else with my life then wood." he sighed.

Midori Chi
May 3rd, 2005, 6:39 PM
ooc: Sorry! I had to go to Irish Dacing! But now I'm back!

ic: Saiko looked back out the window. Lily was already gone. *Hmm..maybe I should leave the castle too..it gets offly boring* she thought. She started to tiptoe to her door,opened it slowly,and tiptoed the rest of her way to the main entrance. She was now outside. *Hmm..I think I'll go to the park* she thought.

May 4th, 2005, 1:03 PM
ic:Meanwhile:Lilly jumped out and said surprise!U didnt expect me to be here right!
Were wear u?I"v been waiting for u!

Midori Chi
May 4th, 2005, 3:19 PM
ic: Saiko scrolled through the park. Then, she saw someone on a bench. There seemed to be a weird shadow around the stranger. She walked closer, then.."What are you-" Then, Saiko woke up. She was in a weird bubble. She searched through her pockets. "My marble! It's gone! Where is it?" She strted panting,worrying.

May 6th, 2005, 7:27 PM
ic:Meanwhile!_____Huh!thinking:Somethings wrong,I can sence it!Uh......Oh no its Saiko shes in troble!Comunicating with Saiko!Saiko can u hear me?Were r u?Saiko answer me!I have to wait until she answeres me!Uh im sorry Kyoko!I have to go Saikos in troble!See u later!

Midori Chi
May 7th, 2005, 12:42 PM
ooc: Er...who's the villan?

ic: Saiko then looked over. Come to find out,her marble ws cased in a container,and someone was watching over it. "W-who are you?" she panted. There was a shadow off in the distance. "A-and...where am I? Why am I here?!" she shouted.

May 9th, 2005, 5:26 PM
ic: Meanwhile, Lily went in Saiko's room. She saw no one. " Saiko..where are you?" She then went to her mom. "Mom..dad..do you know where Saiko is?" Mom turned and said,"No.." Lily went to her room and started to look for Kaori and Hillary.

Midori Chi
May 12th, 2005, 1:02 PM
ooc: Should I be Kaori? Or is tohru-honda taking that job?

May 16th, 2005, 1:18 PM
ooc; tohru's taking it..

ic; 'That's it! Something wrong's happening here! I'm going to transform! Fairies answer my call! Give me my fairy powers,Release!'